Crowdfunding Collection #31

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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 30 Jan to 06 Feb.
This time featuring an RPG set in the Sherwood Forest, an intriguing mini game book, very cool dice trays and many more interesting projects.

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

4 New RPGs
2 Game Books
2 Supplements
1 Campaign
5 Adventures
4 Dice ürojects
1 Music project
1 Various projects
4 Various Games

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings

1 Adventure Path

Französisch French crowdfundings

2 New RPGs

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings Englischsprachig

New RPGs

Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood is a tabletop RPG from the creators of Baker Street.
The genre covers, as told by the title, is swashbuckling adventures set in Sherwood Forest while Robin Hood and his band of merry men roamed the woods. To take from the rich, to give to the poor. Thus I would describe it as a solid medieval setting with a good dash of adventure and heroism in it, with rather low magic.
The genre will be carried by a system that required all action, whether attacks, defense or general undertakings to be named and improved when used. The pool mechanic is based on the use of various traits and abilities and their integration into the story.
Thus, for example, your character sees his friend ambushed. You’ll decide that your character scales a close by tree, adding a d10 to the pool because your good at climbing. You add another d10 because the characters happens to be skinny & agile. Another d6 follows as protecting your friend is for sure courageous. Then you name the thing you are about to do.. „Death from above!“ and as its the first time you add 2d4. Another d6 is added as the GM allows for a decent rope to be around to help your stunt.
The dice will be rolled and the successes counted, the winner obtains the right to narrate the outcome.
Usually another icon dice will be added. A d6 where 4-6 are covered by symbols for Robin, Mary-Ann and the sheriff. The roll might modify the successes.
Another, rather brief, subsystem allows to simulate witty banter.
I really do dig the system. It seems sleek, quite dynamic, propel the story and I do think it is a perfect fit for swashbuckling adventures. The material as shown does look solid. As well as the setting, which I do consider surprisingly fresh and rarely used. The reward design is okay.
Thus I do really recommend the project. Like a lot. I do feel tempted myself and got the project starred. Maybe I’ll back it.

Cold Shadows – Narrative Espionage Roleplaying is a tabletop game set in the atmosphere and location of the spy stories by John le Carre and Robert Ludlum (Bourne Identity).
Which does imply somewhat action packed stories with a thorough personal focus during and involving the cold war in England or Germany. I got to admit that I don’t know the stories by le Carre or the stories by Ludlum and I am consequently bedazzled when it comes to pinpointing the atmosphere to expect. I do assume, judging by the artworks, that it’s something totally different from what I get from the TV show „The Americans“ – which I love. Maybe just that, opposed to Russian agents one plays other ones? Maybe more action, maybe less about America? Maybe a lot more Noire judging by all the black & white art and the fact that The Americans is clearly set in the more colorful eighties.
Anyway, the system will be a mix from Blood & Honor (John Wick) and World of Dew (Woener Wunderwerks). Thus you’ll likely be getting a very narrative system that employs d6. Based of pooling enough dice according to character advantages, traits and gimmicks one might obtain the ‚right‘ to narrate the result of an action, or save some dice for getting it in a later situation.
Further mechanics for cover, trust and assets should grant the players a feel for their characters and core concepts, fleshing the character out. The designer do apparently put a lot of distinct effort in to empower players.
The narrator will ‚only‘ be there to provide an overarching plot and to present outside influences the characters will experience.
The creators are experienced and did projects like „Tiny Frontiers“, for which I commend them. I do still trust in the publisher „Noctural Media“, though I would really love to see some of their project actually coming to fruition. … … I look at you Aquelarre, … and Hellywood and Prince Valiant you, too!
Thus I do recommend the project, specially if you happen to love story games and (or) Fate.

Z-LAND | Extreme Survival Horror

Z-LAND | Extreme Survival Horror is an Australian tabletop RPG based on the The Sigil System (available as PWYW at DTRPG).
As hinted by the name Z-Land offers a Zombie setting, which for a change it divides in three different points of time.
„The last day“ starts right after things went downhill, focusing on the imminent effects of the virus and the ensuing chaos. Maybe a bit „Fear the Walking Dead“ style.
„A decade later“ focuses on the survivors, who are focused more on fighting themselves and other groups, with Zombies being a threat on the fringe. Probably from style and feel like the series „The Walking Dead“.
„A new Genesis“ takes another step into the future after the nuclear reactors melted down and turned the world into a hostile place in which Zombies might not be the most important threat. I guess a bit „The 100“ style.
The systems has three additions and points of focus to fit the setting. „Survival“ as it will be a challenge to find enough to eat, to drink and acquire enough sleep. Offering consequences for skipping on those needs. „Environment“ will focus on nature hitting back. Whether its with hostile environments, weather challenges or problems thanks to wounds or infections. „Infection“ is the last major topic. How to handle zombies, how to fight of an infection of a character and the hard consequences to follow up on (mostly by former comrades) when it won’t work.
The three aspects are detailed according to the three periods. Next to that the rules offer stuff for character creation, faction design (on the fly) as well as base building.
The Sigil System is d100 based and will be included in full in the core book.
The rewards are quite affordable, specially considering the NZ$ conversion and the project is nicely done. I did really enjoy the video, even as it is almost exclusively a scene within the setting .
I do recommend to take a closer look at the project.

Savage Worlds Zombie Squad is a project to create a game for Savage Worlds, that has been originally developed for the Apocalypse Engine and the D20 system.
Opposed to my association based on its name the game is not another thing about Zombies but a science fiction RPG in which players assume the roles of members of, basically, a „Suicide Squad“.
The characters are ex-military waiting on death row to meet their end, when pulled out and made an offer either to die or join the squad. Which will have them send them on dangerous mission with bad equipment, resulting in such a high rate of fatalities among the team that the squad members are said to be the ‚walking dead‘ and form the titular ‚zombie squad‘.
The game offers strange alien tech stuff, stranded ships waiting to be explored, cybermen and killer robots, lost planets and even space pirates. All set in a vast universe with hundreds of worlds and locations.
To accommodate the Savage Worlds conversion the project offers typical accessories like Bennies. A number of stretch goals have been met already.
Even though I haven’t heard of the project creators I do recommend Savages to have a look at the project.

Game Books

Pick Your Path likes to create 3 short, eight pages pocket game books.
The game books cover the themes „Zombie Apocalypse“, „Science Fiction“ as well as „Fantasy“. The game books might be small and short yet the description is interesting.
There is an option to get the book(let)s printed and ready to play or back the project for a PDF. The author does offer a YouTube video which shows how to fold the printouts, cut them like twice, and make a game book ready to play.
The adventures can me played traditionally or by throwing a coin.
I do consider it very charming, the idea of a mini game is cool and 3 GBP for the all PDFs as well as 6 GBP for the three books, shipping included, is a nice price.
I am in for it my self and do heartily recommend taking a look and to take part.

The Prisoner of Reddit Choose Your Own Adventure is a game book which leads the gamer character, a reddit addict, through the platform.
Thus proving whether he manages it with success or succumb to obscure clickbait tactics, like fishing or get lost in the darkest shoals of sub-reddits.
The creator and author to be describes the whole thing in two short sentences and doesn’t instill my confidence in his abilities or project. Thus a hesitant recommendation to take a look at, from my side, at most.


Gods and Goddesses: a 5th Edition Supplement would like to create a supplement for the D&D SRD, which presents 10 real world gods  to be used in fantasy campaigns.
The Chosen ones are: Freyja, Ishtar, Fuji, Nyneve (Lady of the Sea), Shiva, Inti, Tengri, Shango, Hekate and Apollo.
The gods and goddesses are outfitted with histories, stats for themselves as well as their avatars and a colored illustration covering a whole page for each. Clerics will find 10 new domains to choose from and Paladins 10 new oaths.
I personally am a bit torn. At the one hand the presentation is top notch, the creators experienced and the price totally fine. At the other hand  am not sure whether I would like to have god and goddesses, who might actually still be worshiped, included in a fantasy campaign of mine. Yet D&D did offer stats for Jesus in the past, and mostly everyone was fine with it.
Thus I recommend to take a look and form an opinion of your own. Plus the illustrations are quite pleasing.

PathBreaker a D20 System Rules Supplement is a supplement for the D20 system. Aiming to make character creation more customization.
The thing has been created during a school project and the money raised will be invested into charities. Which are not named.
I personally do consider the project seriously lacking in information. Which is why I would only recommend a wary look, if one has to. At last you could directly donate the $4 to a charity of your choosing,..

Adventurer’s Tome: Farador’s Folly would like to create a massive, system-generic fantasy tabletop RPG campaign to be used with the InfinitasDM application.
The campaign should span several regions and is described as ‚open world‘. It spans a continent, two additional planes / mini worlds, four regions, five cities, nine different peoples with their own culture, native races, social hierarchies, history and problems. With the tech level being somewhere between high fantasy and sword and sorcery.
The project offers a quite extensive description of the setting and it will be available as PDF text with JPG maps as well. To be used without InfinitasDM.
InfinitasDM appears to be a kind of „Map Tool“ for tablets and is a result of Atomic Games previous Kickstarter. They did actually manage to develop the application in time and the user based appears to be happy using it.
I do think its a solid project, with a nice application and cool campaign, thus I am happy to recommend it.


The City of Sands for 5th Edition and Pathfinder! would like to finance the second part of an adventure series.
The City of Sands is made for 7th level character of either system who, after ten to twelve session, end up being level 9 by the end of the module. As implied by the name the character will follow up on their adventures in Domes of Ishaq-Zahur by entering the desert city of Archensheen.
The city offers a variety of challenges to pass, adventures to prove ones mettle and the opportunity to take part in the maze of intrigues. Which will decide the fate of various factions, whether they gain influence, take control or diminish maybe perish before becoming relevant. Offering the players a solid influence in regards of the development of the setting. The creators came up with some (light weighted) mechanics to actually facilitate a fluent, handy handling to track the factions and influence spheres so that it doesn’t get to messy to handle or handwavy.  At least according to the very engaging video.
The module is completed with maps and everything one needs. Including tokens and cards for online platforms like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. Even fitting background music!
The project aims to finance the digital products. Which are offered at $15 for the PDF and $15 on top for the whole set. The same for the first part of the campaign. Which, by the way, does prove the creators experience.
I feel most compelled by the project and consider backing it. Thus I heartily recommend you to take a look.

The Claws of Madness (a Pathfinder adventure module) offers to convert an adventure that has been previously funded for D&D 5th Edition finanziert to the Pathfinder RPG.
The adventure offers material for first level characters and leads them into a dungeon crawl propped up with cthulhoid horror. The book spans 40 pages and features high quality illustrations, neat maps and everything else one needs to play.
According to the reviews and ratings of the 5E modul on it the adventure actually is successful in pulling of the mix of fantasy and eldritch horrors.
Thus, I do really like to recommend the project for pathfinder players who are curious about Cthulhu and vice versa.
[Fun fact: I featured the D&D 5E project in my first entry of the German crowdfunding collection series]

The Folio Digital Quarterly #2 would like to finance a Folio for D&D 1st and 5th edition that focuses on the „The Gun Kingdoms“ setting.
It addresses groups with characters of level 3 to 5 and offers nice illustration as well as an expansion of the setting. The Kickstarters misses out to highlight the lavish 3D maps I associate with Folios yet the creator is experienced and the setting charming.
Thus I recommend to give it a chance and take a look.

Slave New World – 10 Level Pathfinder D&D 5e Adventure offers an adventure in which the player characters lead a slave revolt.
The game takes places on the secret island of Akasha. To which some ex-slaves retreated from the approaching hoard of Malcrum. These creatures with a hell like appearance hunt down humans to enslave them, breed them and eat them. The characters are tasked with the organisation of a resistance to free friends and family. To achieve it the players characters get some stat bumps to reflect the background of being an ex-slave.
The main challenge of the project, next to a maybe somewhat insensitive approach to slavery, is that at very least one of the two pictures got lifted from Guild Wars (thanks to nkelis for the comment on the German version)
Thus I can’t recommend the project.

Dice projects

The Dragon Tray offers a variety of dice trays as well as some dice sets.
The dice offered within the project might just be a ’side product‘, but I really like their design, specially the „Black Ice“ set. Plus they are quite affordable.
The dice trays are offered in 20 different, intricate designs, made from high quality woods and with a big variety to colors to choose from. They might be a bit pricey but do look really excellt.
Thus I recommend dice enthusiasts to have look.

The Diminishing Knight Die transform the idea of the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to a six sided dice.
The dice portray the knight with a varying number of appendices still attached, counting down from 5 and the grail as the sixth pip.
I do consider it a nice idea and the fitting dice bags are good as well. The dice might be used as hit dice? Or just to collect ‚em. Thus, I recommend a look.

Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck – A Game of Dice & Chance is a small and fast dice game that uses six-sided dice as well as tokens.
I do personally like the six-siders with their western styled motives and do assume they could be used in a tabletop game, as well as of course the tokens.
The dice game itself does appear to be fun as well and hence the mention and recommendation to have a look at it.

D6 Shooter: 2nd Chance for Kickstarter Pricing! is another dice games, with a few cards and six-sided dice.
The game offers a Western stile and the dice are designed to match the four suits of a card deck. With a joker and a skull for the remaining two sides.
The game is small but fun and I do like the design of the dice. Thus it gets the mention and a recommendation.

Music project 

DEEP MADNESS Horror Soundscapes by Darkraven Europe offers soundscapes with a focus on cthuloid horror within the deep depth of the sea.
The soundscapes are complete composition with an extended runtime, offering a continued and varied background sound. Opposed to music loops as offered in other projects.
Next to the deep sea horror aspect offers a variety of other pieces focused on the horror topic. Like other Cthulhu themed pieces or more general urban horror sounds. One might choose a sound entertainment ranging from 4 1/2 hours up to 70 hours. Even investing as little as a dollar offers 8 pieces of musik.
Darkraven is a household name in regards of Kickstarter music projects and does offer on their project page some demo pieces to check whether on likes it or doesn’t.
I do heartily recommend the project.

Various project

Elite Poker Chips – Solid Copper & Silver Poker Game Coins offers a variety of three poker chips, made of precious metals.
They do look really fancy and solid. I do assume they might be re-purposed as Bennys, Fate chips or initiative markers. Well, or in a decadent game of poker to indicate who is the dealer, who got to set the big blind and who has the small blind.
Thus I recommend it to poker players as well as coin / token interested tabletop players.

Various Games 

Englischsprachig & Französisch
Dungeon Mini is a hybride game that combines a classical dungeon crawler board game and tablet games.
It is meant to be a single player experience, at least for starters. The player will try to navigate his or her character through a dungeon with about 60 rooms. Fighting three kinds of enemies, solving puzzled and surviving the environment.
To make the game a bit more solid the creators do offer figures. For starters to of them. Like two, real, miniature figures that can be painted and stuff. The miniatures got a soft bottom, probably made of the stuff used by tablet pens, with whom they can be placed and moved across the tablet screen.
Next to the software and miniatures, which are required, even though one might replace the miniature with a style, the creators offer a rule booklet and cards to support and create a better game experience.
The idea is nice and the presentation pleasing.
Yet when I think about it, … I don’t see the value add compared to a game like Exiled Kingdoms. Which is about 4€, offers way more than 60 maps, includes dungeons, has more monsters, way more character and a lot of story quests. The aspect that the character doesn’t cover like one-sixth or one-eigth of the screen is a plus and characters in Exiled Kingdoms can change attire, at least a bit.
Thus, I would recommend having a look, and than maybe give „Exiled Kindoms“ a chance (to be found at the Play Store / App Store). It got a free demo with 15 maps + some dungeons available.

The Shared Dream is a board game with some (light) roleplaygame elements that utilizes miniatures and is based on the tabletop RPG „Of Dreams and Magic“.
In regards of the setting, apparently the real world and a nightmarish dreamworld did somehow merge and made earth a less pleasant place. Various ‚Dreamers‘ connected by a ’shared dream‘ are able to use magic, battle some nightmarish creation and try to achieve goals, pursue dreams of their own.
In regards of the actual game its a cooperative boardgame. The players may chose from one of 6 ‚Anima‘, which are character concepts with their own unique skills and magic dream doppelganger. The games comes with 4 different scenarios to choose from as well as cards to create different citiescapes on the fly. With the scenarios player characters will be fleshed out with a „reflection deck“ which will create little, personalized story arcs and provide motivations.
I do think its an interesting game and recommend to take a look at it.

IN TENEBRIS LUX is a dungeon crawler for 2 to 4 players and an estimated game duration of 45 minutes.
In regards of the setting it offers victorian horror and drops the player characters as adventures into 19th century Rome, where some Capuchin catacombs are in need of some scavenging.
The game system is card based and has some PvP elements. The Kickstarter offers the beta edition of the rules to form an opinion.
To be honest I am not totally sure why I selected the game for presentations. Probably thanks to the nice picture and neat presentation and maybe because I’ve featured another dungeon crawler with Dungeon Mini. Thanks to the pretty looks and as it isn’t expensive or offensive I had it remain.
If you are a board game enthusiast I recommend to take a closer look.

One Drunk Night… is a card game which aims to motivate players to create stories based on inspirational cards.
Differentiating itself from games like Cards against Humanity and the like by offering a structure. With a Start, several middle parts and an End. The other players apparently don’t compete for the most absurd or offensive outcome but select some strange twist.
I do consider the concept neat and a nice idea for a party game, so go have a look.

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings Deutschsprachig

Adventure Path

Pathfinder: Was Ewig Liegt – Cthulhu in Golarion! aimes to translate the PFRPG adventure path „Strange Aeons“.
Similar to the approach in regards of „Eisengötter“ (Iron Gods), Ulisses likes to test the waters how well the German roleplayers will open up to the unusual Genre mix of a high fantasy RPG and eldritch horrors. Though from my understand the six part adventure path will be released anyways and the campaign serves to finance the deluxe edition.
As suggested by the APs title it will focus on cthuloid themes. Offering something fresh for Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu fans alike. I suppose the adventure will offer a „less heroic than normal“ approach, though am not sure.
In regards to the mythos the AP highlights the city of Carcosa as well as the „yellow king“, who apparently is something different than the „king in yellow“. I am, as you might have guessed, not very familiar with all stuff Cthulhu.
Ulisses Spiele is totally trustworthy in regards of crowdfundings. I’ve participated in eight of their projects and wasn’t let down once. Thus I totally recommend to have a look at the project and consider backing it.

Französisch French crowdfundings Französisch

New RPGs

Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a project by Black Book Éditions to translate the outstanding OSR RPG Lamentations of the Flame Princess into French.
And boy do they add value. They won’t stop at the core book but do include A Red and Pleasant Land, Vornheim, Qelong, Death Frost Doom, Scenic Dunnsmouth and „Blood in the Chocolate Factory“? They do showcase the Deluxe Edition in regards of A Red and Pleasant Land on top. „Maze of the Blue Medusa“ will be added when the stretch goal is achieved.
The whole package as displayed on the picture is available for just 45€.
I wish my French would be better and do think that’s a brilliant example for an enticing crowdfunding.

Fragged Empire is a project by AKA Game determined to translate Fragged Empire to French.
Something that did struck me as quite fascinating was to compare the German crowdfunding as well as the English Crowdfunding with the current French one. As its covering the same books with the same illustration, yet is presented in quite a distinct fashion. In my humble opinion the French crowdfunding is about a league ahead of the other editions. It’s just more pleasing to my eyes and does stir up some interest. The English crowdfunding comes in second, with the German one in last. Though at least so far my taste isn’t represented in the achieved goals and I didn’t participate in either project.
In regards of Fragges Empire, … I would recommend checking the French page or the other twos for more comprehensive information than I can provide. You’ll find quickstarters for the game, a description of the system as well as the science fiction setting and other interesting stuff.
The only aspect that strikes me as a bit odd about the French version is that, apparently, the „Protagonist Archive“ book is missing. While they still use artworks from it to illustrate posters and stuff. I asked AKA Games, though am not sure whether they will respond to my (rather bad) French.

Other crowdfundings

GoFundMe project

Englischsprachig Deutschsprachig
Please help repair my car Molly is a somewhat different project as it’s not a roleplaying game crowfunding and a bit out of the timeframe.
Yet an facebook friend experienced an accident that resulted in a quite damaged car, which won’t drive any more. Even though the car is quite needed the money for the repairs ain’t there. Hence the request for support..

Discussion at the RSP-Blogs webboard

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