Crowdfunding Collection #201

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #201, including every active tabletop rpg project up to 10/23.

Following an a long pause, due to no time, a vacation and reallocation, the collection finally returns.
Considering I can’t honestly cover two months, I decided to just includ all current projects, resulting in a list of almost 200 projects. Which, for the first time, include BackerKit crowdfundings.

You find many cool projects, just browse them:

Englisch English Crowdfundings

4 Roleplaying Games
3 80er Nostalgic Roleplaying Games
2 Anime-Style Roleplaying Games
8 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
7 Horror Roleplaying Games
3 Survival Horror Roleplaying Games
5 Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
3 Narrative Roleplaying Games
2 Superhero Roleplaying Games
2 Universal Roleplaying Games
5 Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 (Weird) West Roleplaying Games
3 Solo Roleplaying Games
2 Gamebooks
1 Gamebook History Literature
1 Setting
9 D&D 5E Settings
5 Magazines
8 Sourcebooks
3 OSR/OSE Sourcebooks
5 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
3 D&D 5E Sourcebooks (About Classes)
2 D&D 5E Sourcebooks (Tactics)
7 D&D 5E Sourcebooks (Quasi Settings)
6 Adventures
3 OSE/OSR Adventures
10 D&D 5E Adventures
4 D&D 5E One-Shot Adventures
4 D&D 5E Horror Adventures
1 System-Neutral Adventures
10 Dice Projects
4 d6 Dice Projects
2 Glowing Dice Projects
4 Unsual Dice Projects
1 Coin-Dice
2 Dice Towers
3 Accessoires
3 Portraits and Artworks
2 Decks of Cards
2 Decks of Map Things
3 Map Projects
2 Digital Map Projects
2 Apps
2 Notebooks
3 Coin Projects
2 Enamel Pins
4 Various RPG Projects
2 Dungeon Crawler
1 RPG Related Game

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

2 Roleplaying Games
1 Sourcebook
1 Adventure

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

5 Roleplaying Games
2 Solo Roleplaying Games
1 Magazine

Französisch French Crowdfundings

3 Roleplaying Games
1 Solo Roleplaying Games
2 Sourcebooks
1 Adventure
1 Dice Project
1 Web-Series

 Italian Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed a project, would it offer an option to ship to Germany.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

The tiny pile

Is an emoji to flag projects I personally consider abysmal. Whether it is due to aspects of theme, structue, copyright or other reasons.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 The project is, in my opinion, bad (a piece of dung)

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Roleplaying Games

Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme

The extremely officially licensed Monty Python tabletop role-playing game.

red Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes – TTRPG

red Englisch
A sticker-fueled post-apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game. Misfit outlaws fight tyranny in a rock-n-roll retro-dystopia.

Chaos and Magic

The Tabletop RPG that will let you explore the amazing world of Chaos and Magic with a unique original system and setting.

Lex Arcana – ‚Britannia‘ and ‚Mysteries of the Empire II‘

The Roman RPG and setting that blends history, mythology and legend, expands with two new titles! Roleplaying in Ancient Rome!

80er Nostalgic Roleplaying Games

Pine Shallows

Pine Shallows is a tabletop roleplaying game in which the players play kids solving mysteries and going on adventures.

red Dark Places & Demogorgons for Old-School Essentials

red Englisch
The OSR hit RPG Dark Places & Demogorgons, and The Cryptid Manual, get a conversion to OSE. It’s retro Roleplaying in a 1980s setting.

Kids on Bikes: Second Edition

The kids are back… in this adventurous, pick-up-and-play, all ages role playing game.

Anime-Style Roleplaying Games

Black Paper Moon

A rules light tabletop RPG, where dark themes mix with mystical powers and whimsy. Core gameplay involves a „Die Tower.“

redred Valor: the Heroic Roleplay System Reprint

redred Englisch
An Anime-inspired Tabletop RPG in its second printing.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

red InkSouls – Chronicles of Athereon

red Englisch
A strategic positional role-playing game that mixes some elements of classic TTRPGs with the dynamism of a new combat mechanics.

red Crossroads – A Tactical and Personal TTRPG

red Englisch
A personal and tactical TTRPG that motivates players to explore, experiment and create their own paths and playstyles!

Aether: A Heroic Fantasy RPG

A fully realized card based heroic fantasy tabletop role-playing game.


Explore the land of Androtha and experience a unique SOLO fantasy RPG game hex crawl, dungeon crawl, inn and tavern crawl, and the city state of Androtha in an epic 1e OSR fantasy roleplaying game campaign in 4 parts. Products include: OVERLORDS – a 1e SO

The Dread of Night

A new, combat-oriented Powered by the Apocalypse system, written as a love letter to various Dark Fantasy titles.

red Vervewalkers: Spoils of War – A Hero Questing Tabletop RPG

red Englisch
A hero questing fantasy TTRPG, with unique playable species and mechanics, including levelling up via chapters and sabotage actions

You Meet In A Tavern, You Die In A Dungeon

A procedural dungeon-crawling RPG where all the Dungeoneers are destined to die.

The Gallivanter’s Guide to Zepharia!

A one of a kind, open world, TTRPG adventure that comes with everything you need to play regardless of your previous D&D 5e experience!

Horror Roleplaying Games


Monsters is a horror TTRPG. 18th century: a monster claims victims in an isolated forest town. Find it or you will be blamed!

Breach: A TTRPG Adventure

A horror themed TTRPG that is beginner friendly and designed with replayability in mind.

The Longest Rest: a tabletop roleplaying game

A fantasy horror game about a band of travelers who seek shelter in the maw of a monster.

Home: The Haunted House Map Building RPG

Some Doors Should Never Be Opened


Surreal play-to-lose horror ttrpg for 1-6 players · Face your obsessions & phobias until only one survives!

Nevermore Roleplaying Game

A Tabletop Roleplaying Game of American Gothic Horror.

Fear of the Unknown – Zero Prep Horror Mystery Roleplaying

Every game is a horror film. Solve mysteries, encounter horrors, face peril, and see how that changes you as a person.

Survival Horror Roleplaying Games


Shipwreck survival horror RPG set on a tropical island full of danger and mystery.

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game

Stranded on a mysterious woodland planet full of fearsome critters from North American folklore, you feel you’re somehow being watched.

Thrive to Survive – Modern Zombie Apocalypse Tabletop RPG

A Modern Zombie Apocalypse tabletop RPG. Bringing the aspects of survival, combat, and crafting to pen and paper.

Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

FinalHorizon Core Rulebook + Sandbox Module!

An epic science fiction tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) with a light ruleset and deep mechanics…

Cowboy Bebop – The Roleplaying Game

The official tabletop role-playing game of one of the most famous anime series ever

red Code Warriors RPG

red Englisch
You’re a program living in a computer world. The computer is crashing. Will you survive?


A shameful reimagining of Mörk Borg in which players take on the roles of spacefaring humanoid pigs!

Psi-Kids: A Dark Coming of Age Science Fiction RPG

Can you survive? Can you control your new abilities? Can you escape the Dark Ones? Can you uncover Elysium’s secrets?

Narrative Roleplaying Games

Starsworn: Write Stories Through Play!

A story-telling adventure game that teaches reading, writing, and collaboration for all ages!

The Crowned – TTRPG

A genre-blending, narrative-driven game where players step into the role of characters gifted the mantle of godhood.


A narrative, deck-building tabletop RPG about the Final Battle

Superhero Roleplaying Games

See Issue X

A solo or multi-player roleplaying game about superheroes and their complicated backstories.

Simple Superheroes #1: The Experiment RPG adventure

New Carthage part 1—a supervillain seeking revenge, an experiment sabotaged, your heroes caught in the middle.

Universal Roleplaying Games

The Session Zero System

A game designed to help you build deeply connected backstories that blend with others at your table & the adventurous world around you!

Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook

A Universal RPG System using d10 dice pools that supports any genre. With hundreds of options, create any character you can imagine.

The Secret World

Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games

The Secret World for 5E. Explore the Secret World! Illuminati, Templar, or Dragon, who will you follow?


A witchy little ttrpg about doing magic, drinking wine and dealing with family.

(star) ink

(star) Englisch
Battle your way through the spirit world in ink, a new tabletop roleplaying game from Snowbright Studio. Rejoin the lost souls of departed characters as you travel dangerous waters and treacherous isles.

Fey Earth

A world of magic and folklore set in an alternate 19th century Earth where the Fey live alongside humanity

Scion: God

Scion: God brings Scion stories to their latest chapter with all-new rules for players and guidance for Storyguides.

(Weird) West Roleplaying Games

The Few and Cursed Roleplaying Game

An immersive tabletop role playing experience based on the Weird West comic series, expanding the Maximum Apocalypse RPG system.

Western Tails

An Anthropomorphic Old West Tabletop RPG

Solo Roleplaying Games

Koriko: A Magical Year

A tarot-driven story game of novice witches, urban exploration and teenage drama for one player.

Witasy Express is a tabletop roleplaying game about exploring and experiencing wondrous sights while boarding a cruise-like train. Uses a standard 52 card deck. For 1+ players.


A comedy-horror game for solo journalling & group play. Comes with a spooky 13 sided dice!

Witasy Express: A Solo Journaling Game


red Choose Your Adventure – A Fantasy & Artwork Book

red Englisch
250+ pages, 250+ unique pieces of fantasy artwork, and 1000+ story paths! Hardcover, full color, high quality printing

You Nameless SCUM

A quick and brutal gamebook, inspired by MÖRK BORG.

Gamebook History Literature

YOU ARE THE HERO – 40th Anniversary Edition

An interactive history of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks celebrating 40 years of Jackson and Livingstone’s The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


Dysparea: A Shattered World

Dysparea: A Shattered World is a system-agnostic, surreal horror fantasy setting for tabletop RPGs and collaborative story-telling.

D&D 5E Settings

Medieval, Tales from Europe

A realistic and historical D&D 5e setting in the Middle Ages

Surf & Sabotage: A 5e Compatible Homebrew Campaign Setting

Welcome to the Opal Coast – the beating heart of magic and arcane discovery in Kylas, ruled by the mighty trading guilds

red Starseekers‘ Guide to Draken Star

red Englisch
Starseekers‘ Guide to Draken Star is a 5E Science Fantasy Campaign Setting set in the far future of the world’s most popular TTRPG!

Songs of Chaos, A DND 5E Setting and Supplement

Based on the international bestselling Songs of Chaos books by Michael R. Miller.

red Rūgzieme: An Evocative 5e Low-Fantasy Setting & Adventure

red Englisch
An engaging and evocative adventure book, paired with a richly detailed and grounded source book.


by Illusionary Press

Torrents of the Spellhoarder

A high-level DnD 5e adventure and setting in the underwater kingdom of A’rvanshy and the dragon Isles of Xantharos.

red Hex of the Hag Queen: A 5e campaign setting for D&D

red Englisch
In a world where a Hag fooled the Divine, treachery becomes a tool for power and control. Who can you trust along your journey.

red Darkness Reigns (Chronicles of Shadaryn) Campaign Setting

red Englisch
An RPG setting in a world of dark-fantasy, touched by arcane science and shadows from a world beyond. Works with 5e.


The Gas Station TTRPG source book

68 page softback magazine style book

red Zine of Wondrous Power Issue 03 – Relaunched!

red Englisch
Issue 03 of Zine of Wondrous Power, a tabletop roleplaying games zine featuring game material and essays. Now improved!

redred The Valley Out of Time for S&W DCC MCC Part 5&6 FINAL!

redred Englisch
The Valley Out of Time is a series of ‚zine-sized adventures borrowing heavily from classic dinosaur art, books, and movies.

red Halloween RPG Bundle

red Englisch
Attend the court of the Undead Empress: Visit Hell, the Shadowlands and even a Necropolis.

10 Secret Rooms and Encounters Zine for DnD5e

Ten Highly Detailed, Hand Drawn Battle Mats with Descriptions and Encounters


The Creators Guide to Epic Locations – Nature

Quick on the fly reference tables and step-by-step creation tips, tricks and guides for every type of natural location imaginable!


The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Ending the World

Pinebox Middle School & The Horror Companion Double Feature

Two great horror products for the award-winning Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying game. Back for one or back both!

Nightmare Fuel

Three new bestiary volumes for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG! Terrible slithering things, creepy-crawlies with their skeleton on the outside, or no skeleton at all, and a selection of awful green things. Three books filled with Nightmare Fuel!

Secrets of the Golden Throne

A supplement and a campaign for Against the Darkmaster, the Epic Fantasy tabletop RPG

Forest Story: A Mausritter Campaign

This is a unique adventure for Mausritter.

Welcome To St. Julian’s

WELCOME TO ST. JULIAN’S is a supplement for Liminal Horror by Goblin Archives set in a Catholic school.

Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night

A villains supplement for Blood and Justice, using the Prowlers and Paragon system.

OSR/OSE Sourcebooks

The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg

The secret arts of the Dungeon Master, the 2nd oldest RPG dungeon ever created, and an essential source book for any fantasy campaign.

red Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles

red Englisch
An old school roleplaying supplement for warriors and fighting folk

Fane of the Fly God

A fly-themed tome filled with deities, locations, spells, NPCs, and a bestiary.

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

Dungeon Starters: D&D Tools for Players and DMs

Help new players make characters and Dungeon Masters stay organized and inspired with these custom illustrated PDFs.

The Spellbinders Tome: A D&D 5e spellcasting supplement!

Give your 5e players new ways to cast their favorite spells. Flavor, story, devastation and ingenuity is hidden within these pages.

red Tallith’s Guide To Fantastical Fungi – D&D 5e Supplement

red Englisch
Tallith’s Guide features over 50 fully illustrated magical mushrooms to add some fun to your Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition games!

red Terrible Treasures & Frightful Fables For D&D 5E

red Englisch
Trinkets and adventures for your D&D 5E Halloween sessions!

Noval’s Cabinet of Curios: Expanding 5e Like Never Before

In the first 5e supplement from Dichotomy Games, dig through Noval’s Cabinet of Curios to find something you never would have expected!

D&D 5E Sourcebooks (About Classes)

red Primordial Classes and tools for 5e D&D

red Englisch
Play in the distant past or ruined future with classes and systems designed to survive and build a future in the wild.

The Quintessential Fighter

A series of optional rules for your 5e Fighter, including feats, weapons and archetypes.

Rule of Chaos – Demonic 5E

Ever wanted to play demons in 5E? We bring you an exciting way to play powerful demons of all shapes and sizes with fun new challenges!

D&D 5E Sourcebooks (Tactics)

Masters, Minions and Tactics: a 5th Edition Supplement

A revised & expanded version of Masters and Minions, featuring new Masters and a focus on tactics. Made for GMs by GMs!

The Fifth Edition Gamemaster’s Survival Guide

Expert tactical guides for Fifth Edition from Dave „DMDave“ Hamrick

D&D 5E Sourcebooks (Quasi Settings)

Grimoire of the Grave – The Ultimate 5E Guide to Undead

Undead PCs, NPCs, monsters, world building, and more – Everything there is to know about undeath in 5th Edition!

Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives

320+ pages! 100+ illustrated NPCs paired with voice-acted monologues. Includes stat blocks, magic items, side quests, vtt tokens, more!

red Under the Harvest Moons: Horror Options for 5th Edition

red Englisch
A gorgeous softcover book filled with new lore, archetypes, creatures, and more to haunt your 5th edition worlds.

red Riftborne: Champions of the Multiverse – a 5e Supplement

red Englisch
Bringing Boss Battles to 5e. Defeat the Invaders, Solve the Mystery, and Close the Rifts

red SLIME – a 5e Splat-Book

red Englisch
SLIME is filled with new 5E races, subclasses, spells, monsters and more! Great for players and gamemasters.

The Neptaverse

D&D 5E Compatible Source and Adventure books of Epic Fantasy and Galactic Realms. Visit for all the lore.

Dr Dhrolin’s Dictionary of Dinosaurs

A paleontology-themed sourcebook for table top roleplaying.


The Cross Stitch

The Cross Stitch is a complete, stand-alone adventure for MÖRK BORG that can be played as a one-shot or part of a campaign.

Cats of Rahtlü – DCC RPG module

An investigative sandbox filled with HP Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith mythos mood and a fine sprinkling of Hüsker Dü.

What Lies Beneath: Fantasy Roleplaying in a City of Secrets

An urban campaign and city sourcebook for the Age of Ambition roleplaying game

In Golden Flame Act 1

A Campaign for Lancer

red Shipwrecks of the Astral Sea: The Gilded Molly

red Englisch
A Spelljammer dungeon for astral travelers level 4 to 6. Great for a one-shot or as a dungeon to explore.

red Campaign City Supers for Savage Worlds

red Englisch
A super set of spandexy adventures written for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and Super Powers Companion.

OSE/OSR Adventures

Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 11 -for use with- OSE

16 monsters for use with Old School Essentials. Lots of lore + Adventure seeds. Paper minis. VTT tokens. #DnD #OldSchoolEssentials #OSR

Wandering Dungeons II

Have your dungeons come alive in part II with a set of 8 separate dungeons (levels 1-4 and 5-10) culminating in a single megadungeon.

The Fettered Factory

An Adventure for Character Levels 4-6

D&D 5E Adventures

red Undying Corruption: A Korean 5e Adventure

red Englisch
Explore the land of Danguk as shamans and exorcists. Face off with creatures seen only in Korean folklore in this 5e hardcover!

The Wolves of Langston: A 5e Murder Mystery Solo Adventure

Embark on a DnD solo adventure that you play with any 5e character. Be the hero of a story where your choices have consequences.

One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air

High Octane Adventuring for Fifth Edition and Advanced Fifth Edition! Easy to use vehicle rules and tokens for your games! Oct 4th!


A Weird Fantasy Sword & Sorcery Style Adventure Module for 5E

Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy (5e)

A Book with Three Fantasy Adventures set in the Wild. 160 Pages Filled with Exciting Quests, Dangerous Beasts and Unique Lore (DnD/RPG)

Dungeon of the Wizard Lord Keraptis: A 5E D&D RPG Campaign

Heroic campaign set around White Plume Mountain and your attempt to defeat Wizard Lord Keraptis. Campaign for 4-6 players, levels 7+.

The Mad Lab, a steampunk monster D&D 5e Adventure

The Mad Lab brings a mash-up of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Island of Doctor Moreau to your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

red Book of Deadly Dungeons & Adventures for D&D 5e

red Englisch
Printed 120 page book of Deadly Dungeons and Adventures for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

red The Threat of the Swamp

red Englisch
STL miniatures + 5E illustrated RPG adventure, all you need to start your role playing game campaign

D&D 5E One-Shot Adventures

Twelve Trials of Til’Reath

A set of one-shots for Dungeons and Dragons 5E ranging from 1st to 12th level to round out your campaign.

Tome of Terrors – Horror Adventures For Fifth Edition DnD

A spooky sourcebook of pulpy Halloween oneshot adventures, new monster options, and magical items for 5E

One-shot Dungeons for 5E – Vol.3 (2€)

A mini campaign of 5 ready-to-play one-shots, full of poems, bravery, broken hearts, and nostalgia.

5e: Tales of the Deepwood

A collection of Dark Fantasy inspired one-shots for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

D&D 5E Horror Adventures

Corrupted Flesh: 5e, 3e & STF RPG Campaign

An unprecedented role-play centric gothic horror sandbox style TTRPG campaign.

redred The Willowdale Horror: $1 Holiday Adventure for DnD5e

redred Englisch
A Creepy Holiday TTRPG Adventure for DnD5e ONLY $1!

red Marshy Village a DnD 5e Short Dark Fantasy Adventure

red Englisch
A Perfect Halloween Adventure for DnD5e for 3rd to 5th Level Pg.

Trials of the Bell Witch

Book 1 of the Bountiful Sorrows Series

System-Neutral Adventures

Mystery of The White Trout

System agnostic adventure module for use in Tabletop Roleplaying Games suitable for both in-person as well as virtual games.

Dice Projects

WIZARDS LAB: Resin Dice with Spellbook Rolling Box

Beautiful and readable hand-crafted dice with your very own Spellbook rolling and storage box

Reliquaries of Fortune – Matching dice vault and dice set

Level up your TTRPG experience, with a curated collection of sharp edge dice, matched with a one-of-a-kind artisan resin dice box!

D&D dice&Coins& Boxes, a brand new adventure

43 types of dice in 11 series,D&D 5E sharp edged resin and gemstone dice, crystal coins & Boxes for RPG game

red Muse’s Gift: Heaven’s Dice Collection

red Englisch
Inspired by the colors of the sky, RPG dice with sharp edges and a shiny core.

Double Double – Want some cheesy DnD ?

Giving out a full set of dice to thank you.

48mm Dice Of The Giants Series 2

Dice Designed To Crush Your Enemies!

red ORACLE DICE: Sharp edge Resin and Gemstone Dice

red Englisch
A collection of shimmering sharp edge resin dice and real gemstone dice!

The Fortification Dice – 3D printable dice set with stand

A stunning 3D printable STL dice set and stand for any tabletop, RPG, or wargame!

The Hedron Oracle

The Hedron Oracle is a dice set and guidebook created for modern mystics in search of spiritual and psychological guidance.

Retro Dice Gen.2

8 unique styles of 7 segment display font dice – available in 7pc rpg configurations

d6 Dice Projects

KOLOR – Instant Customizable Metal Dice Set

Snap together the colors of your choice and get rolling

Sneak Attack dice: D6s by Arcanist’s Armory

Roll Sneak Attack in Style with these custom logo d6s! Get your 1″ rogue player coin for backing.


Set de 20 D6 16mm dados personalizados al estilo del imperio tau, los colores pueden ser personalizados

3Dice Series 6 – Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Our Polyhedral, D6 Dice Sets and Singles will outshine your opponents.

Glowing Dice Projects

LED Elemental Dice & Electric Roll Tray!

These LED Dice are powered directly from the Roll Tray. They NEVER need charged & contain no batteries! Non-stop glow in the tray!

The Isotope Die

Inspired by science to spark curiosity.

Unusual Dice Projects

(star) red d120 and 120-sided d20 Dice

(star) red Englisch
Two kinds of dice: d120 and d20 (120 sides but numbered as a d20). 53mm, machined from solid aluminum or steel.

Ascendice: The Most Epic Levitating D20 Ever Created

For gamers that are tired of the standard D20! Ascendice defies gravity with magic & magnets. Game night will never be the same

HexaCube Dice Company Returns: Let’s Make Some Oddlings!

The second KS will raise money to make fair, symmetrical and comfortable odd outcome dice, along with new colors of standard HexaCubes.

red Fortune-telling Runic RPG Dice : Balanced and Unique

red Englisch
Affordable runic inspired d6 and d4 with beautiful gold numbers. A dice collection for the dwarfs and nordic folklore lovers.


red FlipDie: The World’s First Dice You Flip Like a Coin

red Englisch
A 7-dice coin set; Made out of metal; for RPG, Tabletop, or just for fun! All sets are available to any pledge tier.

Dice Towers

Pay What You Want – Skull Bases STL

Bring your tabletop figures to life with these 10 hauntingly unique skull bases. Bonus large skull dice tower included!

Barrel Dice Tower STL 3d Printing

Monstrous Dice Towers – STL files

These Monstrous Dice towers will be a great set piece at your next TTRPG, Orc head, Zombie hand, Dragon Head, and many more


Game Space: Lift, Pause & Organize your games

Install Game Space on any surface and just play. Indoor & outdoor. Lift any game during the party. Magnetic borders with card slot

Mythral Artifice: The Cartographer Gaming Table

Immerse your players in every table top rpg session with technology

Goblin Tray: Foldable & Magnetic Storage Tray for Board Game

Works with any Board Game. Both game cards and components can be stored. Save messy table and cure your cleanliness.

Portraits and Artworks

Curated Fantasy Stock Art

For all tabletop RPGs. Home and commercial use licence included

1000 RPG Character portrait

Put a face to your characters and NPC! Thousand of illustrations of elves, dwarves, humans, demons, orcs, and more!

I will draw your D&D or any other RPGs groups or characters

Your own Dungeons & Dragons; Pathfinder, D and D 5e, Warhammer, White Wolf, Shadowrun, or any other RPG character illustration.

Deck of Cards

NPC Helper: Face Cards for Pen & Paper (D&D, Pathfinder)

Printed Character Cards for Pen & Paper Games like D&D to use in your game. They come with a full backstory and evil twist!

red D&D Dragon Inspired Playing Card Decks and Card Set

red Englisch
A new nerdy way to play your favourite card games with friends.

Decks of Many Things

red Deck of Many Things – The Colours of Magic!

red Englisch
A legendary item, compatible with all D&D and Pathfinder games! Twenty-two fully illustrated cards in a deluxe box or velvet pouch.

The Deck of Useful Things: NPC Edition!

A deck of diverse character cards that you can use to fill your favorite tabletop role-playing game worlds!

Map Projects

red Endure The Dark – The Occult (€1)

red Englisch
5 fantasy Dungeon battle Maps for your tabletop RPG with mini random adventure. Usable on virtual tabletop platforms and physically.

Into the Wilds Battlemap Books

A series of 6 customisable biome themed TTRPG battlemap books to bring your games to life!

RPG Map Pack 2 The Land of the Dead

A collection of 10 more maps to use with your favourite TTRPG. Complete with encounters, traps and treasure. In PDF and JPEG formats.

Digital Map Projects

Cthulhu & Lovecraft inspired Virtual Tabletop Battle-MAPS

TEN (10) new Cthulhu/Lovecraft inspired Virtual Tabletop Battlemaps for any Horror Tabletop RPG game in 4K, 6K and 8K digital files.

Astral Maps – PNG, WEBP, VTT

A set of astral maps for your tabletop gaming pleasure!


The initiate’s Codex

A notebook for all role-players

Dragon Book – Endless Reusable Tactical Character Notebook

A unique designer notebook for desktop role-playing games DnD 5E with laminated sheets. Complete with a non-permanent marker


red Tavrn: Find Your Game

red Englisch
A tabletop RPG social media app to find friends and groups based on how you want to play the games you love.

Dungeons Misrolled: An TTRPG App To Unite!

We at Dungeons Misrolled want to create an experience. A place to rejoice and collaborate our passions for Tabletop RPG.

Coin Projects

red Indifferent Universe: Cthulhu Mythos Coins

red Englisch
A high-quality metal coin, inspired by the legend of Cthulhu, a must-have RPG prop

Frank Frazetta Coin Collection

Large metal display coins based upon the legendary artwork of Frank Frazetta. Officially licensed. Each coin comes with a stand.

redred Tarot Coins redone , budget priced metal coin deck

redred Englisch
Round 2 redesign of our metal Tarot Coins, newly redesigned for a lower cost

Enamel Pins

Ace Dragons – Enamel Pin Set

A pin collection of ace dragons with dice. Classic Dungeons & Dragons.

Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

A collection of enamel pins focused around DnD and cats. Come witness their adventure!

Various RPG Projects

red Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 8 & 10

red Englisch
Satisfy your sense of adventure and love of dice with one of our fun countdown calendars! 55 all new custom polyhedral dice await you!

D20 Dice Ties

A classy range of ties to add a crit to your outfit.

red Painting Pack: Kolinsky Sable & Wolf Bristle Brushes

red Englisch
High-grade natural brushes great for any kind of grey miniature prey from DND to Warhammer. Free 5e adventures, STLs and more unlocked!

Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits

A high-quality, modular, collectable staff that will save you from Nat 1’s! Forged in glass-infused polypropylene & DM tears.

Dungeon Crawler

Warcrow Adventures

A narrative app-driven dungeon crawler game based in the new fantasy universe by Corvus Belli.

Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood (2nd Edition)

A Grand 1-4 Player Dark Fantasy Board Game. Epic Story, Brand New Mechanics and Giant Monsters.

RPG Related Game

7th Sea: City of Five Sails Expandable Card Game

An evolving tabletop card game set in the 7th Sea world of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, for 2-4 players

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Roleplaying Games

Fräulein Bernburgs Pensionat für junge Damen

Ein spielleitungsloses Rollenspiel in den 1950er Jahren um das zwischenmenschliche Drama in einem Internat für Töchter aus gutem Hause.

(star) red Ring of Silver – Ein Dark Urban Fantasy Tischrollenspiel

(star) red Deutsch
Ring of Silver ist ein Rollenspiel in einem Urban Fantasy Setting, in welchem ihr Geheimagenten eines okkulten Ordens darstellt


HeXXen 1733 – Im Bann der Dämonen

Die Hölle ist auf Erden angekommen! Bist du bereit, die Heerscharen des Urbösen zurückzuschlagen?


Waldgeschichte: Eine Kampagne für Mausritter

Dies ist ein einzigartiges Abenteuer für Mausritter.

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Roleplaying Games

(star) 1984: Thoughtcrime

(star) spain
El juego de rol oficial de la novela de Orwell „1984“. Un survival psicológico en un ambiente opresivo y distópico.


Juego de rol para principiantes ayuda a identificar y gestionar emociones y conflictos de forma creativa y asertiva. De 3 a 10 años.

Las Crónicas Olvidadas de Agarath: El Despertar del Alma

Juego de rol lleno de dioses, héroes, villanos y criaturas míticas. / RPG full of gods, heroes, villains and mythical creatures.

Agonía: La Horda

El juego de rol de supervivencia post-apocalíptica. ¡Enfréntate a una horda de zombis e intenta sobrevivir!

Traveller 2300 d. C.

La humanidad alcanza las estrellas en esta excitante ambientación con las reglas de Traveller

Solo Roleplaying Games

BOLTA LINE 02:: Juegos de Rol en Solitario::

Segunda entrega de nuestra nueva línea de juegos de rol en solitario: PACK Primal Quest+Run.

redred W – Juego de rol en solitario

redred spain
W es un juego de rol de diario donde explorarás un bosque mágico en una emotiva e inspiradora aventura en la que la naturaleza te cautivará.



red spain
Akuma Studio y GKG presentan la 2ª y 3ª entregas de Tiny Aventuras ¡Y NO VIENEN SOLAS! ¡Tiny Piratas se prepara para surcar los mares!

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Roleplaying Games

ROLETIME • Le jeu d’aventure

Incarnez un bourdon druide ou une guêpe chasseuse pour sauver Aristée !

REFLETS de l’aube et du crépuscule

Le jeu de rôle fantastique contemporain

Blades in the Dark : retour à Doskvol

Seconde édition, revue, corrigée, augmentée

Solo Roleplaying Game

La Forêt Infestée | JDR Solo

Une aventure dont vous êtes le héros!


Les Oubliés – Félons

Félons, supplément pour les Oubliés, et les decks de carte magie

Bourgs & cités mémorables, un fabuleux générateur de villes

Bourgs & cités mémorables, le nouvel ouvrage traduit par Kobold Érudit, est le guide ultime pour créer des lieux fascinants pour vos aventures et vos campagnes.


Oméga – Livres scénarios

L’enjeu est de financer l’édition de 2 livres scénarios de 144 pages chacun, couvertures rigides, dos carré cousu.

Dice Project

Pré-commandes Dés artisanaux: Set Radagon.

Pré-commander vos dés pour Noël !



Une websérie sur le jeu de rôle, centrée sur le récit et la narration, imprégnée des codes du cinéma pour une immersion accrue !

 Italian Crowdfundings

Roleplaying Game

L’ora più buia – il gioco di ruolo (the roleplaying game)
Il gioco di ruolo ufficiale della trilogia vampirica dei romanzi di Claudio Vergnani – The official TTRPG of Claudio Vergnani’s novels

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included.

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext,, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

  1. Anonymous sagt:

    Danke für die Erwähnung von Ring of Silver :-) Es freut mich, wenn es Interesse geweckt hat! Beste Grüße Jens

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