Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #195

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Es gibt eine frische Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #195 (Zeitraum: 13.03 bis 24.04).

Die Übersicht ist zurück mit einer großen Anzahl an Projekten, da ich was länger brauchte. Ich persönlich bin sehr von „The Dark Quarter“ angetan. Es ist im Kern ein Spielbuch in einem Brettspielformat.

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings

6 Rollenspiele
3 Contemporary Rollenspiele
6 Fantasy Rollenspiele
3 Cyberpunk Rollenspiele
2 SciFi Rollenspiele
2 Kartenbasierte Rollenspiele
1 Hybrid Rollenspiel
1 Larp Regelwerk
2 Settings
2 D&D 5E Settings
5 Ergänzungsbände
5 System Specific Ergänzungsbände
4 D&D & X Ergänzungsbände
8 D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände
6 Abenteuer
3 D&D & X Abenteuer
3 D&D 5E Abenteuer
3 System Agnostische Abenteuer
6 Würfel Projekte
1 Münz Projekt
3 Würfel Accessoires
3 Accessoires
5 Kartendecks
3 Karten Projekte
2 Apps
2 Soundboards & Klangwelten
1 Podcast
1 Artbook
2 Plüschies
3 Weitere RPG Projekte
1 Fantasy Podcast

spain Spanischsprachige Crowdfundings

1 Ergänzungsband

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings

3 Rollenspiele
1 Abenteuer

Beendete & Abgebrochene Projekte

13 Projekte

Das Sternchen
star Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützt habe.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, hätte ich mehr Geld.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, würde es zu mir liefern.

Das Rot-Punkt System
Ist ein System zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen:

redred Das Projekt hat nur noch Stunden bis zum Abschluss
red Das Projekt hat 7 Tage oder weniger bis zum Abschluss

Die Angabe gilt jeweils ab Veröffentlichung der Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht und wird nicht nachträglich ergänzt.

Das Häufchen
Ist ein Emoji zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten, die ich persönlich schlecht finde. Dies kann thematische, rechtliche oder strukturelle Gründe haben.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 Das Projekt ist meiner Meinung nach Mist (Schrott)

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings Englisch


FAST Core Rulebook – Multi-Genre RPG System

Expansive Settings, Cinematic Game Play, Infinite Genres

Misspent Youth: Fall in Love, Not in Line

Teenage rebellion in a messed-up future! Play the only kids that can stop the adults from ruining what’s left of the world.

Littlebox Journeys: Story games to take you far from home!

No-prep RPGs that will transport you, in neat little boxes you can take on your own journeys! From the award-winning series.

Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game

A roleplaying game of the Green, the Dark, and things even more ancient.

Children Of UMA

A cinematic storytelling post-apocalyptic adventure RPG from 3,2,1…Action!

Escape from Teddy Bear Island 2nd edition

The Flufamancer is back!

Contemporary Rollenspiele

Ma Nishtana: Why is this Night Different?

A Passover tabletop roleplaying game where players tell their own version of the Exodus story


A Bad Time Game about the painful experience of being a retail worker

Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights

A Story Telling Role Playing Game with music at its very heart!

Fantasy Rollenspiele

Toon’s Legends (English Edition)

A brand new game system that blends RPGs with gamebooks to make you live and experience new adventures with your friends!

Emerald Templars

A dark fantasy TTRPG where the Emerald Templars fight to defend their lands from the threat of chaos magic.

red Dice-Free Dungeons: Quickstart Guide

red Englisch
A 40 page Diceless TTRPG booklet. Players use Effort Points to invoke skills, items, and abilities.


It seems important to mention that Minibx already has a hack by Guax (BX Kids) and its draft inspired the rule set that Tiago used in NUMA.

Swords & Chaos

A roleplaying game of savage swords and secret sorcery. Inspired by the works of Karl E Wagner, Robert E Howard, and Charles Saunders.

Stories of Wonder

A ttrpg, originally inspired by Pathfinder, with some aspects borrowed from TCGs and tactics games and a heavy focus on customizations.

Cyberpunk Rollenspiele

red Shield Maidens: A New Viking/Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG

red Englisch
Become a Shield Maiden tasked to prevent Ragnarök in this sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game!

Montréapolis : a cyberpunk TTRPG

A love letter to cyberpunk animes, movies, books and french rock operas in the form of a game!

TOKYO : OTHERSCAPE – A Mythic Cyberpunk RPG

A tag-based cyberpunk-fantasy roleplaying game in a megacity of tech and myth, powered by City of Mist.

SciFi Rollenspiele

SAINTs & Synners (TinyD6)

In the SAINTS & Synners roleplaying game, you get to experience a high-action, cinematic science fiction universe created by Brandon Verhalen and gorgeously presented in full-color detail!


A table top role playing game with a vast world to experience and explore using a unique D12 system.

Kartenbasierte Rollenspiele

Parselings Nominal City

A deckbuilding TTRPG with a focus on collaborative word magic.


A Role Playing card game that serves as a quick pick up and play introduction to Table Top Roleplaying Games.

Hybrid Rollenspiel

star The Dark Quarter

star Englisch
A cooperative narrative game exploring The Dark Quarter of 1980s New Orleans

Larp Regelwerk

DiceKnight Adventures v3.0 Printing Drive

We are DiceKnight Adventures, the festival wide RPG experience, & we’re finally ready to print our Version 3.0 Rulebooks & Skill Cards!


Bones Deep

Tabletop RPG of Skeletons Exploring the Ocean Floor.

red Kingdoms of Hârn: Rethem Hardcover

red Englisch
Third in the series of „Hârnbacks“, hardcover editions of the Kingdoms of Hârn.

D&D 5E Settings

The Rift to Rhymorra: A Guide to the Spirit Realm (5e)

Featuring a new class, over 30 new monsters, 40 magic items, and an adventure module!


An otherworldly campaign for Fifth Edition. Adventure after death!

Nejavina – Slavic 5E Setting and 3D Printable Miniatures

A full-fledged RPG setting, rooted in Slavic Folklore and Mythology, with a set of 3D printable STL miniatures!


red In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard

red Englisch
A brand new ‚zine featuring cutting edge, curated content for old school role playing games, plus great art and fantasy fiction.

Ascoleth: The Last Great City

A system neutral zine toolkit for weird science-fantasy city roleplaying.

Forsaken Past – Hollow Adventures

A system-neutral supplement for any RPG. Hand-drawn B&W fantasy tabletop maps. Random adventure tables. Homebrew items. NPCs.

Haunted Witch Hill – Hollow Adventures

A system-neutral supplement for any RPG. Hand-drawn fantasy tabletop maps. Tables. Homebrew items.

red Daddy Devlin’s Den Of Delights

red Englisch
A TTRPG zine to take your table to the world’s greatest goblin gambling den…

System Specific Ergänzungsbände

SVMP: Swamp Crawl in Mörk Borg

A 3rd party supplement to the TTRPG Mörk Borg. Explore the stinking swamps with new monsters, tables, original artwork and more

Knights Codex (and background audio music)

Roleplaying Supplement

redred Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions 3

redred Englisch
Experience a new dimension to the epic Sci-Fi RPG with a new wave of expansion books!

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 3 “Monsters of Myth”

An Ancient Greece themed monster manual for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

Ponyfinder: Bestiary of Everglow

Monsters large, small, friendly, and not to visit your PF1,PF2, and 5E games!

Swords of Cthulhu

Bring Lovecraftian horrors to your old-school RPG with this rules expansion

D&D & X Ergänzungsbände

red The Oracle RPG Magazine Issue 22

red Englisch
Stuffed full of RPG goodness for all fantasy systems including 5e.

Dragnarr’s Dungeon Puzzler

Puzzles, maps, monsters, and assets for any fantasy roleplaying game. Create custom puzzles for your campaign. For 5e or any ttrpg!

RAVENSROOK: The Black-Winged City of Bandits and Brigands

An old-school grimdark CITY SUPPLEMENT befitting classic to 5E play.

redred Pipeworld – Tabletop RPG Monster Manual Zines

redred Englisch
Inspired by your favorite retro video game – Available in 5e, System Neutral, and SURVIVE THIS!! rules formats.

D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände

Beasts of the Dissonance – 5e

A dark fantasy bestiary of 40 core monsters, an all new class, 5 subclasses, 5e stats, lore, compelling art and 15 matching STLs

Tessa’s Guide to Pickpocketing and Pilfering for 5e

Over 600 mundane and magical items at a five finger discount. A tool for larceny in 5th Edition.

red „Flee, Mortals!“ – The MCDM Monster Book for 5e

red Englisch
What if the normal monsters you’re already using were more fun to run and more fun to fight?

Creed’s Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners (5E)

A 5E supplement to bring your character concept to life. Brand new summoning class, spells, feats, gear, convergent magic, and more…

Emery’s Log of Legendary Eminences

A 5th Edition Toolkit that will evolve Legendary Resistances at your table. Contains 36 dynamic and narrative Legendary Eminences.

Ultimate Treasury: 1001 DnD 5E treasures, monsters, & magic

Legendary 5E hoards with magnificent magic items, guardian monsters, alchemy, technology, spellbooks & more! PDF, book, & card decks!

The Arclander Zine (5th Edition Compatible)

A new quarterly Zine from the Arclands Universe full of classes, origins, Spellforging, a mini campaign and more

Vault of the Ivory Queen, A D&D 5e Compedium

Over a hundred new assets to add additional fun (and complications) to your 5th Edition D&D games.


redred HST.3.33, a Third-Party CY_BORG Musical Interlude

redred Englisch
Two tracks by One-Trick Phony and Philip Reed plus an NPC and encounter hooks for use with the CY_BORG roleplaying game.

The Oceans Are Endless on Meridian

On a newly colonized ocean planet, the floodgates open to a thalassophobic mystery. A module for the MOTHERSHIP horror sci-fi rpg.

Station XENO – A Sci-Fi Horror RPG Module

A suspenseful SOLO/CO-OP adventure in a dangerous research station, made for the Death In Space Sci-Fi Horror RPG

The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests 6 and 7, Two New Adventures

Two micro-adventures for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game!

Rat King’s Sewer

A rat ate a jewel. Who has the jewel? Who has the rat?

The Time-Lost Citadel

An MCC and DCC Compatible Adventure

D&D & X Abenteuer

QuarterShots ™ – Zero Prep adventures for any fantasy TTRPG

Your back-up plan for when sessions go awry!

Age of Ancients: Like Rats

Our premiere adventure module for our Age of Ancients line of fantasy role-playing game books.

Mini-Adventure #1: Shadow of the Necromancer 1E/5E & Box Set

Mini Adventure Modules for D&D 1E and D&D 5TH EDITION or adapt to DCC, Pathfinder or OSR role-playing games! 1E Box Set Available!

D&D 5E Abenteuer

Shadow Under Hardflint Hall – RPG Adventure for 5e

A stand-alone adventure for 5th edition, giving tier 1 adventurers the chance to uncover the mystery in the depths of Hardflint Hall.

BEOWULF: The Trials of the Twin Seas for 5e

A beautiful full-colour hardback book collecting all the published BEOWULF Age of Heroes 5e adventures.

Lairs & Legends

A plethora of professionally designed 5e adventures and game master resources for the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

System Agnostische Abenteuer

The Ballad of Johnny Candle

The Ballad of Johnny Candle fingers is a murder ballad pointcrawl set in a dustbowl / weird & wild western town. It’s a simple adventure that you can run in one or two sessions with minimal prep.

red Tabletop RPG Fantasy adventures

red Englisch
problem-solving, story driven, system agnostic

red Lake of Abominations Hexcrawl Compilation

red Englisch
A compiled and expanded hexcrawl set in the world of the Populated Hexes Series

Würfel Projekte

Meteor 2 Ultra Transparent Dice

Here comes the ultra transparent dice set with sharp edges, a debunker of tradition!

Regal Rollers‘ Premiere Dice Collection – Sharp Edge Dice

Handcrafted dice made to resemble iconic scenes, themes and inbetweens using striking inclusions, mist injection and a touch of royalty

Dragonheart: Hollow Copper Dragon Dice for D&D + TTRPGs

Beautiful hollow metal D&D dice for TTRPGs. Hand-finished with copper & featuring a dragon head on each face. LAUNCHES MONDAY.

1UP-Dice II: The Revenge

Fueled by ’80s video games, steroids and 1.21 gigawatts of pixelated power; these 8-bit themed dice sets are back for revenge!

Luminous Ages Dragon Dice, Comic Books, RPG & More

Metal Hollow Caged Dragon Dice, Spherical Dragon Dice, Limited-Edition Dragon Gaming Mat, and more.

D420 Dice sets

It’s a D4 on a D20. It rolls nice. Sold as sets.

Münz Projekt

red „Now or Never“ Decision Maker Coin – By Zero Fucks Coin

red Englisch
Can’t decide what to do? Flip this badass coin and let fate decide!

Würfel Accessoires

DICE TRAY & GLOW DICE-Multifunctional Set for DnD board game

Storage Dice with Reusable Cards and a unique Marker, combined with a Collapsible Tray, make the Arsenal indispensable for RPG players

red Heirloom Vault ♦ RPG dice box of fantasy heraldry

red Englisch
Free full-size engraving ♦ Dice tray ♦ Foam inserts ♦ Rich colors ♦ Natural odorless finish ♦ Hand-made in EU ♦ 45% off retail price

red The Initiative Towers

red Englisch
Highly thematic 3d-printable initiative trackers for your tabletop RPGs (STL and physical models)


Snap & Stack Adaptable Miniature Base System

Track conditions and more for 5e, Pathfinder, Gloomhaven, or any other tabletop boardgame or RPG!

red Lost Tome of Monsters

red Englisch
A Fantasy RPG Mystery Loot Containing pinatures, metal D20s and matching encounters! 18 designs!

The Prometheus Modular Gaming Table

A Modern European-style Tabletop Gaming System Crafted from Advanced Materials Used to Manufacture Private Jets and Superyachts


The Deck of Many Quests – Gothic Horrors

Create thousands of unique horror adventures with this expansion pack for The Deck of Many Quests.

The Deck of Useful Things!

A 5E compatible deck of unique item cards to supplement your favorite TTRPG games and encourage creative roleplay with your players!

RPG StoryMaker

A fun tool for creating TTRPG scenarios by association of ideas !

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Reference Card Set

Tired of picking up the PHB every time you forget a ruling? Well, check out this 54 card deck filled with D&D reference information!

red Infinitum Monstera

red Englisch
Infinite Monsters, Infinite Possibilities.

Karten Projekte

Immersive Terrain Tabletop Theory Book

A book explaning and exploring the theory behind many aspects of tabletop terrain crafting.

TileForge: software to batch-generate mapping tiles

This software for Mac & Windows PCs will create batches of custom geomorphic tiles for use in creating top-down battlemaps for RPGs

Maxi Mini Maps 3D for RPG systems – Big Box

Solid maps for dungeon-based games! Made of HDF not paper, comes with a storage solution.


Let’s video your role-playing adventures, just like a movie

It’s e-act! A New Entertainment. Table top RPG into VR will make this possible. Player wearing the VR device also becomes an actor!

Adventure Group Finder Mobile App

A mobile app that allows people to find others in their area for table top gaming such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Soundboards & Klangwelten

Tabletopy – Soundboard for immersive RPG campaigns

Friendly audio software for Windows that brings beautiful sound and ambient music to tabletop games.

Plate Mail Games 10th Anniversary Audio Collection

A huge collection of professionally created audio tracks for your TTRPG games.


red BIOJACKED: A Biopunk RPG

red Englisch
BIOJACKED is a weekly Biopunk TTRPG livestream and podcast.


red The Creature Collection – Volume 4

red Englisch
Another artbook full of silly, cute and weird creatures.


Tentacle Kitty: Campaign Critters

Cats, tentacles, super cuddliness. What more could you want in a plush? TABLETOP CRITTERS?! OWLBEARS, KOBOLDS, COEURLS, DICE & MORE!

Kobold Plushies

Kobold plushies inspired by fantasy tabletop gaming.

Weitere RPG Projekte

Dice Advent Calendars: Fey & Frost

Bringing unique designer dice to your table in a fun way! Countdown to the holidays or your campaign with 24 days of dice surprises 🎁.

red Friend Folio: A Fiendish Apparel Collection

red Englisch
A mini collection of iconic, friendly fiends from our favorite roleplaying games featured on shirts, pins and stickers!

Dungeons Of Coasters

🚀4/3 Explore treacherous dungeons, craft endless labyrinths, and protect your tables with Dungeons Of Coasters! 4X4″ battle grid tiles

Fantasy Podcast

red The Dadbod of Destiny

red Englisch
A podcast fantasy/comedy where a doughy dad is hurled into a magical world of adventure, prophecy, danger, and a chance at redemption.

spain Spanischsprachige Crowdfundings spain



Condenados es el primer suplemento del juego de rol Medievo Oscuro donde se amplían sus posibilidades e incluyen un sinfín de aventuras.

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings Französisch


Tribute – Le jeu de rôle à narration partagée

Oserez-vous jouer au Blackjack avec le Diable ?

Les Chroniques de Pargate : Cueilleurs et Esprits

Et si on se racontait une histoire ?

red The Caravan JDR

red Französisch
Jeu de Role Dark Fantasy Poétique


Guide de l’architecture

Je vous présente ma nouvelle campagne de financement participatif sur le guide complet d’architecture pour rôlistes.

Beendete & Abgebrochene Projekte

LEGENDS: The Superhero Roleplaying Game

Channel your inner hero with this exciting new Superhero Roleplaying Game, featuring a brand new d20 system by Matchplay Games!

Rituals of the Elder Gods

A horror adventure role playing game set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future, where alien god-like creatures attempt to invade earth.

Investigate! Relics and treachery in Anderas

Investigate a disappearance, follow the rumors, and give your DM a break

EPIGONI: a Mythpop RPG

The tabletop RPG of unworthy scions of Deities, Legends and Incarnations of ideas: defy Fate and discover who you really are!

Soulburner RPG

a scorched post-death exploration / a stand-alone bridge between MÖRK BORG & Necronautilus ttrpgs

Storyteller: A Pixel Art Role-Playing Board Game

A fusion of tabletop RPG’s and traditional board games creates an endlessly replayable experience.

Kamon: Japanese Fantasy Setting for 5e

Kamon is a Fantasy Setting based on the Japanese Feudal Period for the 5th Edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.

Marza’s Magical Collection

A collection of 50+ Magic Items for D&D 5th edition, all in pixel art.

Priestess Of A Legally Distinct Spider Goddess

A character class for 5e.

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Tome of Adventure Vol. 1

A convenient hardcover compilation of seven incredible DCC RPG adventures!

Mithral, Rattlesnakes, and Dwarven Whiskey

A scavenger hunt adventure for 5e and OSR

Art: After Dark + Map Packs!

NSFW + SFW character art for YOUR campaigns, both personal AND commercial! With bonus map packs for any of your tabletop games!

Torg Eternity — L’Empire du Nil

Aidez-nous à financer le cosm de l’Empire du Nil pour Torg Eternity

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

Über die Aufnahme von Projekten

Es gibt zwei Wege wie Projekte in die Liste kommen.

) Ich versuche aktiv alle neue Projekte zu finden. Unter anderem über meine Crowdfunding Suchliste, aber auch durch die Beobachtung von Gruppen, Communities, Foren, Newsletter und dergleichen mehr.

) Ich bin darauf angewiesen das Ihr, die Leser, mir mitteilt wenn ein neues Projekt startet, das in die Liste passt. Beispielsweise weil ich manchmal Projekte übersehe oder sich Plattformen (Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, …) schlecht durch suchen lassen oder ich sie nicht kenne.

Das Projekt sollte etwas mit Rollenspiel zu tun haben, schon gestartet, noch nicht erwähnt und zur nächsten Veröffentlichung noch am laufen.

Wenn man mich anspricht, nehme ich auch gerne Projekte auf, die normalerweise außenvor bleiben (z.B. Veranstaltungen oder Miniaturen bezogene Projekte).

  1. Banjo sagt:

    Neues Itchfunding: We Deal in Lead

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