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In my last Actual Play a few questions rose and they have been answered.
As maybe a few of you might be curious I’d like to share the result and my thoughts.

Question 1

Is it possible during the creation of the crew, to assign a Tier 1 faction standing that exceeds -1 or +1?
It is indeed possible.
The players do assign their standing separately and are thus able to raise the faction standing to a -3 or +3.
It is as well a possibility that one player does negate the standing another player has establish. If it occurs the best approach is to talk about it, to communicate, which might serve as an indicator how well the players do get along.

Question 2

Is it possible to stack up setup actions to gain a bigger bonus in the end?
No, it isn’t possible.
The player who acts next on point has to follow through on that action and take the bonus offered. It is well possible that he does setup the next character on point.

I do figure that its a natural process and basically achieves the same means with a different approach as the event clock will tick down anyway.

Question 3

Is it possible to overcome any danger with an effect roll?
Yes, it is possible.
It is something which, as I feel does as well rely on the player acting to the benefit of the fun of the whole group.

Question 4

Is there a way by the Quickstart rules to handle negotiations for a better payment?
No, there isn’t.
This one wasn’t phrased as much as a question yet gladly it got picked up in the discussion.
If it occurs I will likely use a small hack suggested via the Google+ stream:

Haggling over the Job
Crit: Masterful negotiations. +1 level of Effect to post-score Development roll.

6: +1 level of Effect to to post-score Development roll but you’ve tapped their goodwill and/or funds to offer scores or help for a while.
(<short description> danger 0/4 lasting effect to recover from)

4/5: Take it or leave it, otherwise the deal is off!
Abandon or try again by taking a bigger risk and making an even more Desperate move
(<short description> danger 0/6 lasting effect – increasing on next tries)

1-3: The deal is off! -1d to post-score Development roll and you abandon negotiations with the faction or try again by taking a bigger risk and making an even more desperate move.
(<short description> danger 0/6 lasting effect – increasing on next tries)

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