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A while ago, in the context the World of Darkness Berlin Fan Festival (11.05 – 14.05)P|D|A in cooperation with VEKN did announce that convention attendees will be presented with on anthology set for the Vampire: The eternal struggle card game. Following the enthusiastic response they offered the opportunity for, ticket owners, to pre-orders several decks.

The pre-order will conclude upon the third of march and thus within two days of writing this article. One set costs about 20€, roughly 21 USD, and you can get as many as you like or can afford.

The cards are mostly produced and designed by the Vampire Elder Kindred Network (VEKN).

Which are players who took quite a big liking to and interest in the game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES). They’ve got players engaged, provide a lot of material and help for people who like to get started and do organize an annual, European to international tournament. The European championship for 2017 will take place during the WoD event and registration is still open.

The blog article The Unmasking – Exclusive Limited Edition V:TES Cards Revealed! does cover all the new and reprinted cards that come along in the 100 card set:


  • [reprint] Enkil Cog
  • [reprint] 3 x Ashur’s Tabletscao
  • [reprint] The Unmasking
  • [reprint] Monastery of Shadows
  • [reprint] Carlton Van Wyk
  • [reprint] Liquidation
  • [reprint] Heart of Nizchetus
  • [reprint] Unleash Hell’s Fury
  • [reprint] New Carthage
  • [reprint] 4 x Eyes of Argus
  • [reprint] 4 x Deep Song
  • [reprint] 3 x Target: Vitals
  • [reprint] 3 x Shroud of Absence
  • [reprint] 3 x Summon History
  • 4 x Zephyr
  • 4 x Instantaneous Transformation
  • 4 x Spiritual Guidance
  • 4 x Legacy
  • 4 x Field Training
  • 2 x Under Siege

Subtotal: 50 cardsmonica


  • The Line
  • Vivienne Géroux
  • Hamid Mansour
  • Laura Goldman
  • Weirich Waldburg
  • André
  • Apolonia Czarnecki
  • Aisha az-Zahra
  • Anne-Marie Bourgeois
  • Joseph Fischer, Sabbat Guru
  • Styles Margs

Subtotal: 11 cards


  • [reprint] 2 x Anarch Convertomer
  • Gold Pan Dan
  • Dark Selina
  • Alex Camille
  • Synner-G
  • Mimir
  • Badr, Shadow of Grenada
  • Pearl
  • Skulk
  • Gerald FitzGerald
  • Ludmijla Rakoczy
  • Karif al-Numair
  • 2 x New Blood
  • Masika ADV
  • Omer
  • Flavia, Avenging Angel
  • Cao Nguyenludmijla
  • Shahara al-Rashwa
  • Sarrasine ADV
  • Dhita Choudhair
  • Dr. Lawrence Mayhew
  • Domenic Giovanni
  • Salvatore Giovanni
  • Inyanga
  • Matasuntha
  • Brunhilde ADV
  • 4 x Valkyrie
  • Appolonius ADV
  • Salvador Garcia
  • The Medic
  • Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian
  • Monica Chang
  • Louis Fortier ADV
  • Alabástrom

Subtotal: 39 cards

Grand total: 100 cards

As shown by the list there won’t be just 15 reprints amounting to 30 cards, but a lot of fresh material. Sporting references in regards to the End of the Line as well as the Enlightenment of Blood Larp.

The anthology card set is a supplement to the game, thus to actually play you’ll still need a starter set. As VTES is out of print since a while the organizers will try to offer some Startes up for sale during the event, though it might be a good idea to bring ones own.

While I do personally consider the anthology well worth adding to ones con package and the ’standard gift‘ of one set that comes with the con badge.
At the one hand because I do love the idea that they included the Larp events and characters. I might be biased as I played Laura in the New Orleans run, well still I fancy it.
At the other hand because I do like the designs and would like to support the awesome work and energy the people of VEKN are putting into the project and game.
Thus I will get one or two additional ones, despite not being a VTES player, lest not yet.

You’ll finde some more information about VEKN, the cards as well as the tournament in the blog article Limited Edition V:TES Card Set for All WoD Berlin Participants to Celebrate European Championships. Along with an ‚3 question interview‘ of of Ginés Quiñonero.

The WoD Berlin blog does as well present the original announcement: V:TES Card Update: Rejoice, Faraway Friends!. Providing some information what will happen to the reminder of the print run that doesn’t get distributed during the event (they’ll be sold afterwards).

Thus I conclude, have fun, get the cards (or don’t) and maybe we’ll meet in Berlin.

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