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I had several runs of the V5 Pre-Alpha planned for, and promised to, various groups or people.  Thus, after the first one completed, I started organizing the next one on the German tabletop RPG Forum Nerdpol. Which eventually happened on 20th of July.

This article will describe how the game went, which challenges we encountered, as well as my thoughts regarding the scenario and rules. It is the second of a series of four actual plays. I will try my best to recall the game correctly, though I didn’t took notes during the game and things might get mixed up.

I will express my comment, thoughts, thoughts of players in block quotes.
You will experience spoilers in regards of the scenario „The Last Night“. Specially if you are a player of mine, planning to play in another run.

Printed V5 Pre-Alpha Documents (Rules + Scenrio)

My two V5 Pre-Alpha books

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Zornhau stellt das Karnevals-Thema des Monats vor: Western in anderen Genre
Da ich gerade in Blog-Laune bin, unter anderem wegen der interessant gewählten Fragen, aber auch weil Clawdeen darauf hinwies, mag ich mit diesem Artikel dazu beitragen.

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