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Since 28.04 the pre-order for the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade (V5) via the Modiphius website started. I’d like to use this article to explain and show what you can get, offer advice and answer potential questions.

If you prefer to read the article in German, just click the link to my blog WODnews.

Table of Content

  • Which products for V5 are offered?
    • Role-Playing Game Books
      • V5 Core
      • V5 Anarch
      • V5 Camarilla
    • Role-Playing Game Accessoires
      • Storyteller Screen
      • Dice Set
      • Notebook
      • Slipcase Set
    • Special Edition Books
      • Deluxe Edition
      • Luxus Edition (limitiert)
  • Which bundles for V5 are offered?
    • Neonate Bundle
    • Ancilla Bundle
    • Elder Bundle
    • Methuselah Bundle
  • Frequently Asked Question
    • Are there alternatives to a pre-order at Modiphius?
    • How can one save money (at Modiphius)?
    • What about PDFs?
    • How can I pay?
    • What about the foreign currency?
    • Where are the shipping costs?
    • Oh my god, the shipping costs: Help!?
    • When will the pre-order stop?
    • Will it be translated?
    • Quick,.. about the System?
    • Quick,.. about the Setting?

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