[V5] Online Dice Tool for V5 (PHP based)

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Update 13.01.2023: The tool wasn’t working because of some sloppy php code that made the script fail as the server became more strict. It is working again. I will update the zip file in a new post.
I played V5 online in four games via G+ Hangouts and noticed the lack of a dice roller. We made due with the roller that comes with the chat, which did work.

Yet it did motivate me to dust of my old dice roller and create a version that applies the new V5 rules:

V5 dice roller: Zip-File „v5dice2.zip“
V5 dice roller demo: https://hfuss.home.ktk.de/V5DiceDemo/

V5 Dice Tool – Entry Form

„Character“ and „Situation“ are texts for keeping track who rolled it and why.
„Difficulty“  should contain the difficulty of the roll.
„Dicepool“ should contain the total of the dice pool (e.g. attribute+skill, willpower).
„Hunger“ should contain the current hunger value.
„Speciality“ should be checked if a speciality is used, it will add one dice to the pool.

A click upon the „würfeln“-graphic will roll the dice.
A click upon „the log“ next to the graphic will bring you to the dice log.


V5 Dice-Tool – Result Pane

If you choose to roll the dice, the results should be displayed as in the graphic above.
The blue section does denote all information entered.
The dice graphics are self explanatory, the hunger dice are marked by a red frame.
The last line denotes the total number of successes, the the total number of criticals within those successes as well as the result.

You can reload the page to roll again, use the „back“ button, to return to the entry mask with your previous values or click on „würfeln“ to get to a fresh starting screen.
A click upon the „onto the Log-O-Mat“ will open the log.


V5 Dice Tool – Log

The dice tool uses PHP and the design utilizes some CSS.
It was written in Notepad++ and tested with RunPHPOnline.com.

Feel free to download the dice tool, use it and/or adapt it: V5Dice2.zip

You’ll find that the dice tool requires „cmd 750“ folder and file permissions to function properly and create the text file storing the information. The PHP should be compatible with most versions of PHP.

I do got some ideas to enhance the dice tool:

  • Option to re-roll dice according to the willpower rules
    • Bonus: Being able to select dice to be re-rolled
  • Better looking dice icons
  • Better looking design
  • Improvement of Log maintenance
    In regards of maintenance, given the Log has reached a certain size, my guess is somewhat inbetween 100 to 200 entries, it will take relatively long to load. It can be solved by renaming or deleting „wuerfel.txt“

My PHP, CSS and graphic skills are limited. I might implement some of the enhancements myself, given I find the time and obtain the skills to implement it.

If you got comments, suggestions, noticed a bug or got some advice, just shoot.

  1. Ep sagt:

    This is fantastic.

    I would really, really love to purchase an iOS version of this – iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch (watchOS) options would be great.

    • Teylen sagt:

      I am sorry, but I know nothing about programming for mobile apps and I would need to get licensed to great an iOS or Android V5 dice roller.

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