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In one of my former articles a discussion arose that Vampire: The Masquerade offers a multitude of approaches in how it can be played in regards to genre, style and theme. It’s an aspect of the game that Martin Ericsson discussed and explored in his panel „White Wolf – 50 Shades of Darkness„.

The conversation I had was focused on the aspect that it does occasionally appears as difficult if not impossible to agree beforehand and that thus the game might turn into a disappointment.

In this article I’ll address the topic and aim to provide aides.

  • Different Ways to Play
  • The stance of Vampire: The Masquerade
  • How to Play the Game
  • Talking about It
    • Mind the various legitimate ways to play V:tM!
    • Communicate directly, not through the game!
    • Talk about it before the game (in moderation)
  • Take a Note from V5 (Approaches)
    • First Note by V5: Chronicle-Tenets, Convictions
      • What does the System actually Do?
      • What is the Consequence of the Analysis?
      • How can previous Editions be Adapted?
    • Second Note by V5: Coteries
      • How can previous Editions be Adapted?
    • Third Note by V5: Relationship-Map
      • How can previous Editions be Adapted?
  • When Things goes Awry! Because of different Styles of Play!
  • Conclusion

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