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Crowdfunding Collection #149

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #149, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/17 and 08/31.

At first I want to point out an original German roleplaying game, that is being funded. After the Moonfall offers a tabletop RPG experience in the world of Tsukuyumi, which you might recognize from the boardgame by the same name. It offers an unique, narrative Story-Tag-System and I would describe the setting as Neon Genesis Evangelion, with quite a dose of Miyazaki; well or maybe one of the end scenarios of X/1999. I think it is cool, and well worth checking out, especially as the creators are considering doing an English edition down the line.

Back to the English game, I will start with the Arium RPG. The game is presented in two zines, one for the creation of the setting (Create), one for exploring the created world (Discover). The system is a rules-light d6 setting, with four attributes and six derived descriptors. If you got a likinging for world  design, check it out. Locus is another game that comes in two A5 books. Though it is more focus on exploring the mysteries of a horror setting and dealing with monsters which are formed from dark aspects of the characters. The system offered is bespoke, allowing for quite some consensual immersion and the funding sponsers the payment of people like sensitive readers. Cool! If you are looking for some straight forward action, maybe take a look at the post-apocalyptic game Residuum. It offers aliens, mutants, survival and more, including quite some options for creating characters and cinematic battles that don’t require hex cards. Though I am a bit confused if it uses d6 (as shown in the video) or d20 (as mentioned in the text).
If you are fans of the Hellboy comics, there is no way around the Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game. Same goes for fans of action oriented urban fantasy settings. You take on the roles of BPRD agents, kicking the ass of various threats to humanity. The game rules are based on the 5th edition of Dungeon & Dragons and should be mostly compatible with the boardgame. I personally got, and like, the boardgame (though it proved a bit complicated without the guidance of someone who knows the rule). If I were a bigger fan of Hellboy, I would grab it, hence I recommend it. If you like manga like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or videogames like the Persona series, check out Over Arms. You’ll be playing person that possess an „Anima“ and thus got supernatural powers at their hands. The system appears to be quite interessting and it is worth having a look.
Fans of fantasy and celtic lore should take a look at Legends of Avallen. The card base game has you create characters, which aim to become legends in a Roman occupied basically Britain. In a twist to other games you will start as sheperds, smiths, scribes or in a similar mundane profession, as you venture out to meet various cultures, mysteries, the Otherworlds and more. Next to the interesting system and setting it’s quite beautifully illustrated. If you enjoy playing villains as well, check out the second edition of For Coin & Blood! You will play assassines, cult leaders, blackguards, necromants and all kinds of various fiends, trying to achieve their darks schemes. I backed the first edition, I am quite happy with it, and thus consider backing this one too. Check it out for yourself, it is neat. Then there is Forges of Byron, a normal fantasy rpg, with a european base setting. You can form the setting to your liking and the Byron Dice system features special d6.
If you like science fiction games, you should take a look at Orbital. The game that uses the „No Dice, No Masters“ system, has you create a neutral space station within a war torn system, along with a crew who aims to defend their station, The game doesn’t use dice but PbtA style moves, is played without a designated game master, and presents itself in the zine format. I consider it well worth having a look, and checking it out. Just like Lowlife 2090 which induldges in cyberpunk & sorcery. The game has a cool punk style and features a d20 system with „roll low“ and „roll high“ elements. Combat should be short and deadly, given that there are no hitpoint sponges. Plus it has systems for hacking, sorcery, vehicles and everything one may need in a cyberpunk game. All in one book. Take a look, it’s nifty.
Following so many roleplaying games, Edgar Allan Poe – The Horror offers a gamebook, that is based on the poems by the titular poet and captures a rather eerie atmosphere. Very cool, especially with the approach event of Halloween.
There are more projects. Lost Lands: Tehuatl expands the setting by Frog God Games to a mesoamerican area and with A Travellers guide to the Candy Realms you’ll get a truly saccarine D&D 5E setting. The Enneagram / Mosquito in Amber RPG Dice are very impressive as are the Metallic Tabletops Game Dice which I cherish because they sparkle #(^.^)#. You can get a Adventure Journal to keep track of D&D adventures, enjoy the soundscapes offered in the Valhalla Darkraven project and support your game with the Stat Trackers Friends & Foes DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons. You’ll find these, and many, many more here:

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1 Roleplaying Game
1 Twitch Show

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3 Roleplaying Games
2 Comic inspired Roleplaying Games
3 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
1 Gamebook
3 Settings
2 Sourcebooks
2 Adventures
5 D&D Adventures
7 Dice Projects
2 Coin Projects
3 Accessoires
2 Decks of Cards
1 Notepad
1 Soundscape
3 Enamel Pins
2 Online Platforms
4 Various RPG Projects

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