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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #150, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/31 and 09/20.

Following some personal challenges and the godawfulm bad new WordPress editor, I am back with none fewer than round about 100 new rpg projects. Let’s get to them.

I personally took a fancy to the game Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants. The game puts you in the role of human hunters, who with the help of Fae, take actions against undead, vampiric tyrants who are a blight upon humanity. The castlepunk setting is intruiging and I do like the Forged in the Dark system, which is why I backed the project enthusiastically. Take a look for yourself. If you like to design the setting you’ll be playing in yourself, you might want to check out The BOLT RPG. Upon backing the project, you’ll be getting access to a prelimary version of the rules. The Best Left Buried rules light rpg offers a preset fantasy horror game, with rules that seem rather unobstrusive. Maybe you are interested in the American Revolutionary War, and having an OSR game set in it? In this case Freedom Flag should be right up your ally whereas Laser Ponies offers a fun game for the whole family.
There are as well some games, with rather contemplative topics, for example Hero Too: Super Edition. Which addresses messy trans experience with an added challenge by being superhero powered. It uses the ARMOR system. Providing a solo-game experience in which you do some journaling. Sounds cool & I would recommend having a look as it needs more support. Epitaph on the otherhand is a GM-less game that explores the life of a person after they passed on. Which is as intruiging a topic, as it is ~ in my opinion, somewhat heavy. I still recommend having a look.
There are of course quite some fantasy ttrpgs as well. For example the 3rd edition of Open Quests, which offers an update to the d100 system game. Then there is Darkest Days, which took the radical-Christian comics as inspiration to create the game, that tries to spread ttrpg as much as possible. Cool. If you like a d20 game, check out Fires of Athelen. It highlights the realistic system based around locations and a cool approach to sorcery. Next to looking nicely. Fans of Monte Cook should check out the Diamond Throne RPG. It provides you with the titular setting and realizes it with the Cypher System. Then there’s .dungeon, which bridges science fiction and fantasy by offering a Shinsekai setting. Thus you play in a fantasy world of an MMO – essentially a setting within a setting.
Thus, bridging over to SciFi games, Light Strikers is a game inspired by anima and Saturday morning cartoons. I feel that Heavenscape: Exordia sports a similar colorful universe, or rather multiverse, despite the project being black and white. It does use „normal“ dice from d4 up to d100. The same as the ttrpg Planetbound does, which calls its system EDGE (Every Dice Gets Exercise). The characters end up stranded on one planet, coming from various universes. It looks interesting, and is funded, just take a look.
If you like cardbased games, check out Wretched. The game in zine form, has a science fiction setting, and appears to be somewhat close to the horror of Alien and similar works. Then there’s Parselings, a setting that combines near future with fantasy element. It has an interesting presentation and while it is played with cards, the GM might roll dice. Last but not least there is Atma, a card based rpg in a box, which offers fun 2 hour sessions. From the looks of it, it combines superhero elements with near future aspects.
Then there are some games that are either hybrids or storygames, that I still think do fit. Like The Sickened, in which you curse people with illnesses and try to save your own. FUTURES is a storybased, narrative game about imagining a better, well, future. Then there’s Everbane, a card game with some rpg elements.
There are of course plenty more noteworthy elements, like the Into the Dark zine with a lot of tipps and advice. Scion: Demigod does offer a 3rd setting for the Scion universe, in which the player play half gods on their way to full godlyness. There are really cool sets like the Fancy Pride Stone Dice or the Handcrafted Sharp Edged Dice. The Spellbound GM Screen looks really fancy, and I could not resist the Reckless Deck: PSYCHE set of cards. They are a brilliant tool for (N)PC creation, and I highly recommend the project. There are nice notebooks like the Refillable Leather Notebooks For Gamers & Geeks and soundscape for Vampire and Victorian Gothic Horror.
You’ll find these, and many, many more here:

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