Crowdfunding Collection #33

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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 22 Feb to 07 Mar.
Sporting no less then 51! crowdfunding projects with a great amount of actually cool ones that I backed or nearly backed, making it hard for to make a selection.

Thus I’d like to point towards the interactive art project from Austria, which I consider interesting from a Nordic Larp perspective. At Arcidia a Sword & Sorcery game that actually did lure me into backing. Towards the Demon City Patreon by Zak S. As well as Innocentes, a translation of a game by Nosolorol. The newest Era game called Hitman, … the universal RPG Solpistry that tickled my fancy, … the cool game book, … ah well, take a look for yourself :)

English Crowdfundings

4 Fantasy RPGs
3 Urban Fantasy RPGs
5 RPGs powered by …
2 Universal RPGs
1 Gamebook
2 Interactive art project / LARP Event
4 Supplements
5 Adventures
4 Dice projects
5 Dice accessoires
3 Video Projects
4 Various Projects
3 Maps, Terrain & Counters
2 Party Games

French Crowdfundings

3 RPGs
1 Campaign

red The Red Dot System
Currently Kickstarter is doing a „make a 7 day project“-campaign. Leading to a number of projects only having less then seven days or even hours left to go on.
If a project is within hours of completing I’ll put two dots in front of the language flag. If its within a week of completing I put one dot in front of it. I hopes that helps.

English Crowdfundings

Fantasy Rollenspiele
Arcidia: Flesh & Bone is a new, cooperative Sword & Sorcery tabletop RPG project by the creators of the Galaxy Incorporated RPG.
The world of Arcidia was once rich in many gods. Bigger deities who had a broad following, smaller gods who walked among men, ancestry spirits and more. Yet alien creatures invaded the name, those who’d be later known as the Loctus Lords, they invaded Arcidia and slew the gods, murdered them an took their place.
Years passed on and as the gods lay fallen, decaying. Their decay started poisoning, corrupting he lands.
Only a few chosen ones survived being touched by the decay. Becoming tainted and elevated to be the „Blooded“. As they managed to gain a spark of the fallen gods divinity. Those who are touched like that and survived have a chance to stand up against the Locust Lord threat, to defeat them. Those are the characters the player will direct!
In a world terrorized by monstrous insects, the fallout of decaying gods and the quest for survival they’ve got to band together to stand a chance!
… Which is the setting in my words. In an attempt to portray how much I fancy it. The Kickstarter does present it slightly different, by native speakers, and I would suggest that you read it. Specially if my attempt wasn’t convincing.
In regards of it’s System Arcidia uses d8 as well as d6 and d10. Characters got three base attributes, 6 derived attributes as well as a numebr of abilities and feats. Next to health levels for body, mind and spirit. As displayed on the character sheet.
I do really like the system as described on the project side and am a bit excited about it. One of the authors goals is to manage to achieve a stretch goal to add a conversion towards D&D 5th. Which is my favorite D&D edition.
Usually I don’t take any interest in Sword & Sorcery stuff. Yet this project totally convinced me of giving it a chance and got me excited about it. To a point where I gladly backed it.
I do totally recommend the project. Check it out, it’s great, imho.
Gatekeepers RPG is a card based RPG which addresses some common challenges in quite a surprising fashion.
The setting will see the player characters in the position of Gatekeepers. People who inquire about secrets try to solve riddles and mysteries, that might have been better left alone. Equipping the characters with the means available in a story of the high fantasy Genre.
Yet the aspect where Gatekeepers truly shines is the system.
Which is focused on three design principles.
The first one a combat approach following the KISS – Keep it simple, stupid – concept. Enabling players to focus on creative action opposed to rule and strategy pondering musing about rule x.
The second principle is to keep the preparation required for the game master to a minimum, enabling GM’ing on the fly.
The third principle is to avoid to design rules that motivate cheating. An aspect that they did resolve with quite some creativity in regards of the stealth challenge. Usually one has the issue that the game master knows way more than the NPCs. Making the decisions whether they spot a sneaky PC, whether they start rolling or search certain areas, laden with the de facto knowledge. If the information is withheld from the GM the challenge is that the player might feel inspired to stated stuff like „Of course my character isn’t in the place you’ve looked! Right behind you that’s where you find the char stabbing the NPC!“.
The challenge has been addressed by creating a token based system that puts the players in a „double blind“ situation.
In general the system utilizes cards, tokens and a small bag full of d6. The character are build with cards, the tokens signal status effects and conditions and the dice get rolled.
The whole system has a quite interesting description on the Kickstarter page and one can get the 23 page spanning rules preview.
The game is presented in a neat bos. Containing a rule book (96 pages HC), 150 tokens, 150 cards, 17 playable races and 18 d6.
The reward prices are quite attractive. You might get the digital edition for $9 or the game for $35 to $39. The only ‚gulp‘-part appears to be the shipping to the EU.
I personally really do fancy the project, feel tempted and thus enthusiastically recommend the project.
Voidlight is a fantasy RPG that sports a reactive combat system as well as a magic system of its own.
The setting proposes that there are two kinds of magic in the world. One coming from the Void, related to undead creatures, and usually viewed as corrupting and evil. It’s contrasted by Light magic, which can be used to fight the Void magic and quell the corruption. There are classes present like „The Knight“, „The Ranger“, „The Bounty Hunter“ (Rogue), „The Guardian of Light“ (Paladin), „The Keeper of Light“ (Cleric), „The Void Mage“ (Warlock) und „The Beastmaster“ (Ranger with Animal). Which provide another hint at the setting.
The system is described as featuring a defensive roll and offering a level system with elements of point buy.
The project is done with quite some heart, thus I recommend taking a look.
Empires and War RPG is a tabletop RPG project that likes to over a game with rules for leading a nation, political intrigues and military conquest.
The description is spread over four images, written in a kinda eccentric font in black on a grey background and didn’t really reveal much when I read it.
Based on that the game might as well be a variant of Risk, Stratego or another strategic boardgame.
Considering the presentation even a price of $10 for the PDF won’t see me recommending the project. It just hasn’t got enough meat on its bones, even with a kinda nice project picture.

Urban Fantasy RPGs
Zak Sabbath is creating Demon City is a Patreon which enable to support the creation of the Demon City tabletop RPG.
Which differentiate the project from the other tabletop RPG projects. As a backer, a patron you won’t be getting a book, not even a PDF, but just financially support the author in regards of creating the game. Okay, you’ll get a mention in the book to come, yet the focus is on enabling Zak to free enough time to realize the book. The Patreon should enable him to create the game without the constraints and concessions a publisher might during such a project.
What, actually, is Demon City?
To quote the Patreon directly: „Murder, corruption, death, whiskey, hate, night, darkness, noise, summoning, possession, car chases, claws, disorder, firearms, glass shattering, bathtubs filled with blood, devoured corpses, tentacles, neon, broken men, fear.
Well and to put it in other words Demon City is a new, contemporary Urban Fantasy game, along the Genre of modern noire, crime and horror. The game should contain everything one reasonably can expect, classes, demonic creatures, rituals, advice on running a horror game, tables and tips for a urban horror game and so on.
In regards of system and mechanic it introduces the idea that the horror genre is less interested in the margin of a loss or a win, but who actually loses or wins. Thus the idea is to resolve conflicts with an opposed roll of a d10. The higher number wins. If one of the participants has a higher skill, it will grant another d10 to be rolled along and the player may chose the result. Dice like this might as well be earned by fictional positioning.
If you need more information, Zak did do an extensive blog post Playing D&D With Pornstars – Demon City which explains the setting and system better than I just did. Plus it has a lot of lavish artwork to set the mood.
Other designers might be involved later on, though those are yet to be announced.
Up to now I really liked the works of Zak. Whether it’s been A Red and Pleasant Land, his contribution to Vampire: We Eat Blood and All Our Friends Are Dead or the art prints.
Thus I overcame my hesitations in regards of Patreon and took part in it.
I do honestly recommend to take a look at the project and support it!

Innocents, a truly terrifying roleplaying game is the most recent project by Nocturnal Media.
Innocents will offer the backers a small, but nice, originally Spanish RPG. In which grown up people play children characters, who’ll have to face their fear in this Horror tabletop.
The system is rather narrative and token based. In essence you create your character and assign an age. A higher age will see your character being more capable, a younger one will provide you with some more creativity and creative possibilities. Tokens can be expended to raise a kids age temporarily.
I do fancy the idea, the illustrations are nice and the price tag enticing. Next to offering a cool small RPG is project does act as a small „thank you for your patience, sorry for the wait“ towards the Aquellare backers. Where I do respond „Oh, how quaint, pleasure to accept.“
In regards of hesitations as the RPG bears the same as „World of Darkness: Innocents“. The Spanish RPG „Inocents“ got released one year ahead of the World of Darkness book. Next to the aspect that it’s way more slender and uses a more narrative based system.
It might as well be more narrative than „Little Fears“. Having enough room to own all three books.
Considering its only a buck and already done I really do recommend it, given you have some interest in the genre and theme. Specially as there are stretch goals based on the number of backers.
Satanic Panic is a roleplaying game which has the players assume the role of government agents, who head out to apprehend satanic, dark occult rituals performing tabletop RPG gamers.
To fit the setting and reference the game is set in the 70ties to 80ties. The time period where, in reality, the rampant fear that games like D&D corrupt the young was on fire. The game does basically assumes it is real and pits the players against evil gamers. Tasked with ending the evil deeds and avoid a spread of the panic.
The whole thing is like a doubled does espresso meta commentary on something that happened  and, I’d say, a quite unique setting.
The project doesn’t go into to much detail about the setting. Unless one listens to a whole OneShotPodcast episode. In broad strokes there appears to be a panic scale on the one hand that needs to be contained. At the other hand there’s a circle of mission -> collateral damage assessment -> budgeting / reward -> shopping for mission gear -> mission.
I do like recommend the project to you, if you are a story game enthusiast and don’t mind, maybe even cherish, the meta-commentary aspect.

RPGs powered by …

red red
Become a super-powered assassin in Era: Hitman! enriches the Era tabletop line with another entry.
The twist to playing a super-powered assassin in Era:Hitman is that not only are the players super-powered, but the targets and their security got super-powers of their own. Which has me picturing the game as a kind of very high-octane, not at all subtle, „Spy vs. Spy“ thing.
In regards of the system it utilizes the d10 poolsystem as comes with the Era system. A free quickstart offers further, more specific insights.
As the project is set within a Kickstarter event it only offers a digital edition, at just 5 GBP.
I couldn’t resist and backed it, I do suggest checking the project and do recommend it.
The Golden Guard: Book One – Columbia Rediviva Comic & RPG twould like to create first and foremost a superhero comic.
One who would fit into the golden age and picks up at the concept of „Legacy“-Heroes. Thus having one focus why and for which ideals the heroes fight, instead of egocentrically introspective. The other focus being of passing on ones identity or taking up the cape from a predecessor. Like for example with the old Phantom comics and TV series. Where, when one Phantom died, another guy would take the place.
Next to the comic, which has some really nifty illustrations, for example the legacy print of „Americana“, the project would like to create a tabletop RPG. At least that’s what I think. Am not totally sure whether it’s a campaign for Mutants & Masterminds or a real standalone RPG. In either case, the first installation of a series that comes along with the comic will be covered over 16 pages.
Another, confusing aspect, at least to me, is that there are no plans at all to make the comic available beyond the project.
Despite the uncertainties, where I did wrote the creators a Kickstarter message, am enthusiastic about the project and recommend to check it out.
Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-Playing for 5E would like to create a game based on the 5th Edition D&D SRD.
The setting will be focused on heroic SciFi, including Esper-Character and thus basically a got chunk of space magic. Though it should be able to be used to create various other SF settings of different styles.
The design approach was to avoid converting to 5th to science fiction but rather attempting to take the genre and do it with 5th edition like rules. Which I consider reasonable. The game has been excessively playtested since GenCon 2016, the claim they’ve had about than 300 famers participating has me impressed, I like that.
The testimonials are encouraging and the Kickstarter design is well done.
Backers will get three books roughly equal to the classic spread. The first one is The Esper Genesis Core Manual, basically the Player Handbook. Second one is The Master Technician’s Guidebook, basically the Dungeon Masters Guide. Concluded with The Silrayne Threats Database providing a Monster Manual.
The project appears to be legit, the presentation is charming, and thus I do recommend it.
Mighty Tiny: Tales from the Old Empire the Role Playing Game is a game based on the comics by Ben Dunn aufsetzt and using the OneDice system.
The setting of Mighty Tiny is the far future. Humanity bit it and mice as well as rats experienced quite some development. They walk like humans, wear cloth, got a society, are technically advanced enough for Zeppelins and engulf in war. Judging by the optic I would have placed the game somewhere in an alternative World War I timeline, though it appears to be geared rather towards lighter adventures.
The OneDice system uses just one d6. A character got three attributes, some skills and if a roll is asked the attribute get added to the skill in question with the dice roll on top, to beat a target number. In short, its a really light weighted system.
The book is set to have about 160 pages, b&w illustrations on the inside and a colorful cover. The project creator, Battlefieldpress, has a ton of experience with fulfilling Kickstarters and creating RPGs.
Thus I heartily recommend the project.
THE CODE OF SHŌJO AND SHŌNEN would like to create a light-weighted, fast Anime & Mange tabletop game based on the „Code“ system.
The game offers a character creation system that aims to get you started in five minutes, combats that can be handled in ten minutes, accessible mechanics and hours of fun. The system is 2d6 based and uses multiplication to offer a wide span of possible results.
The author, Simon Burley, did use the system to power his other three games. „The Comic Code“, „The Code of the space lanes“ as well as „The Code of Steam and Steel“. The main argument for this project is that one won’t have to do a conversion, that it comes with an adventure and has some genre specific tweaks. The book will be about the size of a tradeback, feature b&w illustration and cover 150 pages.
The project is quite charming, 5 GBP is a good price and thus I gladly recommend the game.

Universal RPGs
Solipstry: A new approach to tabletop RPGs is a universal system that aims at enabling players to create their own world using just one, single rather slender book.
With the focus of indeed creating ones own world, opposed to remodeling existing ones, which than would require the players to read another book. One shall be enough.
The game does offer a an easy to learn system aimed at creating a fast and fun game experience. Character development is bound to the successful use of skills opposed to an kinda arbitrary number of experience points. Thus it will happen along with successful dice rolls. Those might be boosted by ‚luck‘, coming from a fan-mail mechanic.  Character creation is based on skills, rather than templates.
The creators do grant insights into character sheets, sample character, play recordings via their web page:
The project does offer a creature supplement PDF along to the system. The creature supplement is in no way, totally no way, required to enjoy the main game. Which is praised as being a book that can be used without any other book, ever.
Yet it does look really, really, really cool. Like so cool that I joined the Kickstarter mostly based on the looks of the creature supplement. It like one of the coolest supplement design I’ve ever seen.. … … well that might be a bit over the top but it is damn cool.
The project is quite affordable, $10 gets you the game and $5 on top the creatures. The book itself at $25 is fine, yet sadly Germany ain’t on the delivery list.
I usually don’t especially like or back universal system as I have no desire to create a world of my own. Solipstry changed my mind.
Thus I totally recommend checking it out!
Pip System Corebook, Family-Style RPGs from Third Eye Games is the newest project by Eloy Lasanta.
The Pip system corebook would like to take the rules used in various games like Mermaid Adventures or Infestation, and clean them up, streamline them and assemble them to a generic, cohesive and easy to learn system in it’s own right. Enabling players to create diverse, family friendly games supporting various styles of play.
The mechanics are based on different colored d6, usually black and white ones. A players rolls as many white dice as granted by their abilities, along with as many black dice as determined by the challenge rating. Successes, all dice showing 4, 5 or 6, get counted and the black ones from the white ones deducted. É voila, one got the result.
In regards of settings the book will offer a conversion of Mermaid Adventures as well as Infestation. With further, new settings possibly unlocked via Strech Goals. Among those are Wild World, Super Sentai and even a Lowlife conversion.
I do consider it a charming project and the project creator is quite competent in regards of tabletop design as well as Kickstarter handling.
Thus I do of course recommend the project.

Midnight Legion: The World Reborn would like to fund a game book for 1 to 2 players.
The book is the second part of a series that will concluded as a trilogy. The first part has been financed via Kickstarter, Operation Deep Sleep, and apparently got delivered.
The game offers combat, strategy, puzzles, diplomacy, stealth and tabletop RPG elements. Basically aiming at offering an ‚advanced rules‘ approached compared to game book series like the ‚Lone Wolf‘ one. The two player version basically has one player reading the text, the other making decision and rolls for their character.
The book does, apparently offer a lot and colored illustration within the book.
The setting is earth four centuries after the atomic apocalypse. The player character is a member of the ‚Midnight Legion‘, an agent tasked with keeping the world live and reinstate a new civilization. A task that got increasingly different when another agent got a head start and is set on ending life on earth for once and all.
Thus one tries to avoid that ghastly fate, hunting after the traitor and discovering strange, mutated, new creatures, lost technology and the like on ones way.
I do consider setting and system quite interesting and gladly recommend the project.

Interactive art project / LARP Event
Meet Diana Danko – an interactive vampire tale is an art project from Austria.
The idea for the project came to be as the creators of the project, the artists, got somewhat increasingly annoyed with the current state of interactive art and theater experiences.
At the one hand the concept is, at times, difficult to explain. As people might have a more traditional understanding or art, artist and spectators and won’t see how the divide might be bridged. At the other hand projects that attempted to offer participation did, somewhat, ended up falling kinda flat and leaving the audience kinda behind.
The creators did think a lot about the issues at hand and do attempt to resolve it by introducing game elements into the theatrical setting. Attempting to draw the audience in for real. The idea has been tested with „Diana Danko in Concert (German)“, where they performed a theatrical piece with direct and meaningful interactions with the audience.
This project tries to build onto this experience and take a step forward in regards of attempting to integrate an online audience.
To realize it one artist will be assigned the role of the protagonist, wearing a head camera and thus transporting the audience directly into the play. The protagonist will, of course, be involved in the play and recognized by other performance.
The participation will be done by a chat cloud. Where the audience will be able to write the the ‚thoughts‘ of the protagonist. The various chat entries will be formed into a cloud with highlighted terms and the artist act accordingly. The design is further explained in a technical concept document.
Oh, and while I do wrote about the audience, … well the goal is to bring the audience into the role of a contributing artist.
I do consider the project quite exciting and interesting. Not only because it is a vampire story / play, but as well from the perspective of viewing it from a Nordic Larp / Chamber Larp background.
I do, very much, recommend the project!
Requiem For Greece: Grand Elysium VI would like to financially support a LARP event in Greece, bringing players from several cities together.
The setting for the Larp is Vampire: The Requiem and it is around since 2014. The campaign has more than 70 players from Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion. The game focuses on a „poltical horror“ experience.
The event is set to take place from 29th to 30th of April in Thessaloniki, in a Jewish Inn. The money raised should cover the base cost, complementary drinks and a photographer.
I do recommend backing the project. The event seems quite cool, the expenses are reasonable and it would be great if they were able to finance the game Einrichtung stuff by achieving the Stretch Goals, offering some insights to those who can’t go. Thus, go and check it out.


red red
The Tavern Companion is a system agnostic supplement focused on the one placed integrated in many gaming session, … the tavern.
The book does provide the backer with 25 names for taverns next to a nice fluff text. A load of 100 adventure hooks that might be used as background noise or choosen by a W% roll to over a kind of sidequest in an existing campaign. There’ll be 10 fleshed out NPC to outfit ones tavern neatly. As well as a list of beverages to be ordered from the bar, as it’d be a dry experience without.
The PDF is available for just a book, $1 and there’s little reason not to pass on it.
Thus I recommend to take a look.
Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion brings the pirate town of Freeport to the Shadow of the Deamon Lord game.
Freeport is a pirate nest. Filled to the prim with orcs, monsters, gangs and cultist and thus rich at blood, carnage and madness. The setting of Freeport was original developed to be system agnostic (see The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport) and has been adapted for Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, C&C, Fate and other systems.
With this project it will get it’s spot in the World of the Demon Lord. Placed neatly at the edge of the know world and among more than 120 SotDL supplements.
The companion will, of course, offer SotDL specific goodies. New ancestries, expert & master path, spells, equipment and new rules for underwater action and ship fights are just some examples of what can be expected.
To make it short: A project perfectly fit for Shadow of the Demon Lord players. A clear recommendation. Check it out.
Perilous Vistas: Two New Environment Books for Pathfinder is the newest Kickstarter campaign by Frog God Games attempting to do not one but two supplements.
Both books will span 225+ pages, are black and white and should offer adventure or a start for a campaign. Both supplements are well researched, to offer an experience that feels real, even as it takes place in a Fantasy world. As an example, they did consult with a mountaineer to create rules for climbing that got a good grip in reality.
The first book is called „Mountains of Madness“ and talks about all things mountainscape related. It does take place in the Stoneheart mountains of the Lost Lands campaign setting and comes along with four, interconnected adventures. Leading characters from level 3 to level 9.
The second book „Marshes of Malice“ offers a take of the wet land of the Lost Lands campaign setting. It comes along with three standalone adventures.
Both books offer natural and human hazards, feats, equipment, components for alchemy, magical items, spells and archetypes. Beautifully illustrated.
The description sounds exciting, Frog God Games know what they are doing and thus I do recommend the project in full.

Merchants and Markets, an RPG Supplement does basically the same like the Tavernen Companion, just with merchants and markets.
The investment of $4 gets one 12 generic and 12 named merchants with different enterprises. Including fluff to their place (village, town, city) and what they actually sell.
Named shops are provided with a shopkeeper and similar employees as well as a background.
The project isn’t as fancy as a tavern companion, yet not bad. I personally feel its quickly assembled to fit the current Kickstarter theme, though it does seem legit. The creators are Kickstarter savvy and reliable.
I do somewhat recommend taking a look.


Fosc Anansi – RPG Adventure Module – 1E & 5E likes to fund the reprint of the classic adventure module für 4 to 6 characters of level six.
The adventures focuses on spiders, a lot. Thus I recommend arachnophobia to scroll onto the next project.
Every one else may enjoy an adventure packed to the prim with spiders. Smaller spiders, bigger spider, poisonous spiders, spiders of the size of a pony, spiders even bigger than that. Including a spider goddess casting a shadowy net through interdimensional stuff.
Next to spiders there are gnomes. Dark gnomes of all. Who try to make a profit from strange  interdimensional substances sane people would leave a alone.
As well as elves, dark one of course. Who are likely evil and in cahoots with the spiders.
The adventure is done, the creator experienced and the PDF is available for $7.
I do feel seriously tempted to entangle myself in some spidery RPG good stuff and recommend the project honestly.
Trinity of Awesome Returns! is the freshest project by Venger Satanis which aims to finance three PDF adventure scenarios spanning over 10 pages each.
The first scenario is „The Stairway of V’dreen“. I would describe the style as ‚graphical horror‘ and propose a comparison to Silent Hill. Though way more over the top. As the project picture should grant an impression of the adventure. Systemwise its written for Crimson Dragon Slayer and O5R compatble.
The second scenario is „High Stakes Q’uay-Q’uar“ a retro SF adventure für Alpha Blue. Which means that it is somewhat comparable to works like Barbarella or Flesh Gordon – not Flash Gordon. The characters will take part in a gambling tournament. The system used for the gambling is explained in the YT video: Q’uay – Q’uar (Purple, Yellow). The cover art as demonstrated on the Kickstarter page is not safe for work.
The third scenario is „His Flesh Becomes My Key“ for the game The Outer Presence. A pulp adventures that, going by its description might be a good fit for Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green. Like the second adventure it is illustrated with a not safe for work picture.
Venger Satanis is an experienced tabletop and adventure designer and did several Kickstarters successfully. You will enjoy his work if your into the themes.
Thus I do recommend the project to those with an interest in raunchy adventure as well as horror scenarios.

The Folio: Taux Bonus Digital Content offers two bonus adventures for the Taux trilogy.
The adventures should each contain 10 encounter point and be seemingly integrated in the campaign. In regards of rules they are targeting AD&D classic and D&D 5th.
While I am usually all in for Folios the project sees me irritated. It doesn’t look as great as usual. It seems to me to be done in haste. Well, and isn’t it a bit unfair to those who thought their Taux trilogy complete? I might be totes wrong and maybe its just my „7 day KS project fatigue“ speaking.
While they don’t meet my Folio expectations, I do think they are a good catch for Folio enthusiast and do recommend the project.

Human Prey: 20 Level Pathfinder and D&D 5E Adventure is an adventure very obviously inspired by the Predator and Alien series.
In regards of the setting and setup the players assume the role of people native to the area and terrorized by Predator like creatures and Xenomorphs. Which is why player character venture out to search the jungle as well as ancient ruins and off the threat.
Am not sure whether the adventure is meant vor level 1 to 20, is a 20 piece thing or sports 20 stages. The story has been outlined in just two day and, should the project come to pass, the author may get drunk on 24 packs of bear.
I considered the idea sooomewhat charming, … till I eyed the reward levels. Thanks to those I won’t recommend the project. Next to the aspect that I would assume the pictures are liberated and don’t think the shout „For a fans love!“ gives one a pass on using an IP like that.

Dice Projects
Elder Dice – Lovecraftian themed dice for all tabletop games offers three different colored dice set. Having one side of each dice sporting an elder sign. Next to that it gets one a nice book like dice box.
The dice are available in red (Kraken head), green (Leaf skeleton) and blue (Star eye). The dice boxes, styled after an ancient tome, fit the color of the dice set and look quite cool. A set of dice contains three d6 and one d4, d8, d10, d00, d12 and d20.
The dice as well as the bos are made available at just $19 a piece, respectively $44 for the whole three set. Offering a shipping that, even though it’s an American project, is quite low.
I do heartily recommend the project to Cthulhu fans, dice enthusiast and consider myself tempted.
Halfsies Dice – The World Tour is the restart of a project I introduced in my last Crowdfunding Collection #32 article.
It is still a two step project that, having their first already concluded. Which was to send out 50 dice prototypes to be photographed all over the world.
The second one is this project, where project can choose which prototype will become regular dice and produced in bigger quantities. The dice themself are two colored and one might get a set of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20.
In regards of the vote there’ll be 5 categories with separate introduction videos and videos per dice. Currently the phoenix as well as the gamma set are available.
I do think its a very inspiring imitative. The creators are successfully attempting to create a positive community, offer a direct form of interaction, the dice look their part and the creators are nice and competent as they did it before.
In regards of the restart the reward levels, stretch goals did got reworked as communicated with their previous supporters. While the prices did appear to have been lowered its still in a frame that appears solid.
Thus, it still gets a clean cut recommendation from me.
Ortery Lumi: Scifi Aluminum dice with glow in dark feature is the second Kickstarter by Ortery.
This time they are determined to finance futuristic looking, sixsided dice made of Aluminium. Which glow in the dark. As the title states.
The dice come with the choice of a silver or black ground color and milky-green or red pip filling. As demonstrated with the picture.
The dice look solid and the creators are experienced. I recommend taking a look.

Modi Dice Quick Reference D6 offers black and yellow, sixsided dice that got the modifiers from +1 to +4 displayed at each side.
At the one hand I do like the actual choice of color and design of dice. At the other hand my math skills are solid and I find the idea a bit, … slightly insulting to my skill. Though maybe it’d be a nice idea for children? Dunno.
I still do recommend the project for dice collectors.

Dice Accessoires

Dice Base: Player Core Vault – Organizer – Rolling Surface offers a dice container as well as a rolling surface for dice.
The idea is neat, the design sleek and the reward price ain’t to high. With an affordable amount asked for shipping.
I do like and hence recommend the project.
Chain Mail Dice Cups by Queen Designs offers, as the title states, dice cups made from chains. Like a chain mail, just in form of a dice cup.
The project offers solid insight what one may expect the cups to look like and what’s on the table. The video demonstrate that the creator has the skill to do it, and at least to me show cases the effort one cup apparently required. Visually explaining the amount asked for a cup.
Thus I recommend checking the project. Though it might be a better fit for a platform like Etsy.

red red
The Out-House Dice Tower #All in 1 offers a dice tower that’s modeled after an out house.
The tower is made from solid wood, has a small rack to hold some dice and comes with a tray. Thanks to taking part in the current Kickstarter incentive thing the number of rewards is limited.
Dice enthusiast should check it out. Even though the shipping might be a bit steep.
Hardwood Storage Solutions / Deck Boxes / D&D / Board Games offers boxes to put your stuff and dice in.
I don’t really fancy the design. As I consider the boxes to big and the imprint doesn’t impress me. Though the creators are experienced in such projects.
So I recommend having a look.
Dice Kub – toothbrush and pen organizer made from marble offers a 10 square centimeter dice cube.
The cube is a decorative bath room item that can be used to arrange toothbrushes, makeup stuff and the like. Probably one could use it to store pencils and stuff.
Maybe a project that dice enthusiasts may fancy? For tabletoppers looking to decorate their home? I am not totally sure about the thing, … though I think … Hm. Why not. Take a look, it doesn’t look to shabby.

Video Projects
Opening Animation for Winter’s Edge: Grand Company is a Swiss project that would like to fund the creation of an intro for their upcomming Lets Plays.
The campaign by the name of „Winter’s Edge: Grand Company“ will be aired at the YT channel APGamingReal. Where one might take a look at the previous part of the campaign.
If the goal of $300 is met there’ll be a 30 second b&w animation, if the stretch goal of a $1000 is reached it will be in color.
As something extra the campaign offers its viewers to partake in the plot by a play by post game running adjunct to the Lets Play. Offering the possibility to influence what’s going on. You might gain some more insight by checking the Discord as well as the lore document.
I consider it an interesting and charming project that’s well worth a look.
Terror at the Table would like to finance a YouTube series focused on actual plays of various horror RPGs.
The whole thing is planned to be done by working with their local tabletop shop and set to be published on the creators YT channel Paranormal Encyclopedia. Which, while not delving in it personally, appears to mostly feature lengthy discussions of paranormal topics.
The project seems to be okay, even though am not enthusiastic about it. Maybe because I can think of nicer YT channels.
Yet I would assume that it is worth checking out if you are a really engaged YouTube enthusiasts or among those who’d just like to support a fellow gamer?
Warhammer show based off book Neferata by, Josh Reynolds would like to finance a pilot episode for the show.
The show is set in the Warhammer universe and the script inspired by the book „Neferata The blood of Nagash“ of Josh Reynolds. Though the creators got neither the rights to the book nor to the Warhammer universe and plans to contact Games Workshop after making money of their IP.
Which is why I would recommend you to stay away from this project.

Various Projects
Owlbears – Fantasy RPG Themed Designer Plush attempts to fund super-fluffy owlbear plushies.
Which, basically, is about it. Currently it offers one, super-cuddly, cute owlbear. The brown one sporting a fireball on it’s tummy. For $30 plus, depending on location, shipping.
I do consider them very cute, even though my favorite is the grey one. With the d20 on it’s tummy. The creator does actually got Kickstarter and „plushy creation experience“.
Thus I do heartily recommend the project.
Gamer Deck 2 – Theme offers a 52 part card deck for gamers as well as game designers.
The cards hold various information. They got their poker deck value, a letter, the words underlined by three different colors, one of four symbols (Meeple, Square, Hexagon, Pawn), an ongoing number and various amounts of dice.
Thus inviting gamers to use the cards for inspiration or game development.
A project I do fondly recommend.

Creatures & Cards Poker Deck Game would like to finance a poker deck, sporting fantasy illustration and offering a dungeon crawl game.
The concept is straightforward, the design nice and the creators are Kickstarter savvy and reliable. While the cards are just offered as PDFs, a project for the physical should follow.
I do think the project is worth taking a look at.

RPG Initiative & Condition Tracking Cards [1-Hit Wonder] offers a set of cards to easily track initiative as as well as conditions during sessions.
It should be compatible with most systems, though Savage Worlds, D&D 5th and Open Legend are named as system that got specifically considered.
The cards should aid players and game masters alike. Telling by a quick glance who’s turn it is, whether a character is active or reading an action and which effects apply. It does so by offering 13 initiative cards as well as more than 20 for various conditions.
The card design has been done with color blind gamers in my.
I consider it a cool, little project that I do gladly recommend.
LARP Voyage – Trading Card Game is an Australian project that aimes to fund a TCG based on its local troupe.
The card games has references to their setting. Pitting ‚The Vanguard‘ against ‚The Iron Legion‘ and using local game characters as inspiration for the card design. The game is apparently focused on controlling ‚land‘.
As it is a trading card in deed the Kickstarter offers only boosters, sporting 16 cards. While not explaining how many cards are planned in total, how many are needed for a game or much of anything.
The project is only available to Australia. I would advice some caution if you do still like to consider it.

Maps, Terrain & Counter
Pedion URBAN handpainted Terrain Tiles for Wargames & RPGs offers modular, lightweight tiles.
I do consider the tiles really, very impressive. They had me starring at the pictures and videos for quite a while, wondering „Are those super cool 3D effects? Are those real textures“. Which had me kinda fall in love with the project.
The tiles are available as sets of 2×2, 3×3 und 4×4. It is possible to design multiple terrains by arranging the tiles differently. In regards of theme the standard appears to be „Urban Battlefield“, with more themes that might be unlocked by stretch goals.
I do really recommend the project, even as I can’t back it myself.
The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) would like to fund a collection of more than 100 maps for tabletop purposes.
The maps are made available as graphics, with language neutral notation, and can be integrated in VTTs. I do like the idea and the maps sport a nice SNES-retro-design theme.
I do recommend the project to online games as well as map enthusiasts.
Death Counters : Dice Templates for Miniature War gaming offers bases for minis.
The special trick is that the bases got a little thing at their side that holds one to two counter dice. Avoiding that dice get lost, kicked away, confused and stuff.
Which I consider a really neat idea. Even as I wonder if war gamer really do roll their dice were the figures are. Like not only did they push off dice, they even moved the minis. Isn’t that quite unwargamey?
Anyways I still think they are useful and do recommend a look.

Party Games
BaRPiG – The Adventure Party Game mixes tabletop roleplaying game, card game and party game.
The RPG aspect is basically covered with every player receiving a card character that sports various level based abilities as well as bar & sober points.
Dice will be rolled and a cards be drawn and played, which should cover the card game aspect.
The cards offer challenges that rely on players creativity, are interactive and kinda physical, introducing some party game fun.
While I do consider the game to little of a roleplaying game to list it up at the top, I do still thinks its a nice and fun idea that should be taken a look at. A clean cut recommendation.
Murder Most Foul – Game and Hot Sauce is basically a ‚crime dinner‘. With the twist on the traditional „Who dunnit?“ set up that the murder will do the vile deed during the game.
The game offers up three general roles, the host who’ll be the victim, the detective who’ll try to solve the case and the guest who’ll have a murderer among them and will try to avoid being framed and framing each others.
Thanks to the setup each play through, even with the same players, should be different and engaging.
The game offers five scenarios, along with recipes and a hot sauce which can be used to poison the host. The hot sauce thing is the only aspect I dislike about the game. As I consider it seriously uncool to spoil someones food with a hot sauce for real. Even if it’s not lethal, specially not during a dinner.
Yet I still think the project is worth taking a look at.

French Crowdfundings

Chroniques Oubliées Contemporain is a project by Black Éditions and Casus Belli themselves.
It would have actually belonged in my previous collection, yet the description challenged my understanding of French and am not totally sure if I got it a 100%.
Chroniques Oubliées (The forgotten chronicles) is a roleplaying system developed by Casi Belli (an tabletop magazine) in its beginning. The system was well received and thus various settings got developed. Spanning from Fantasy, Urban Fantasy / Contemporary, Superheroes, Vampires, Angels up till Space Opera ones.
The project is set at creating a Urban Fantasy standalone edition of the game, taking from 20 years of setting material. Naming the project „Chroniques Obliées Contemporain“ (The forgotten, contemporary chronicles) shortened to COC. To avoid presenting the backers and fans with just some old wine in new bottles, the material has been worked at, revised and a classical roaring twenties take on Cthulhu added. Somethin I consider a playful take on the abbreviation of the game.
As to be expected the illustrations are top notch, even though a bit scarce and the creators seem to be legitimately engaged. I recommend it.
Colonial Gothic : A l’Est d’Eden aims to finance the translation of the „Colonial Gothic“ game and moving the focus towards the French colonies.
The game is set in an alternative history, during the seven year war for Louisiana, before Quebec was lost to the French. Set in colonial times the system does enrich the world by adding quite an amount of magic and strange creature. Offering the players a choice to engage in politics, war intrigue or venture out and take a look after the strange and occult.
In short I imagine it to be a bit like the Sleepy Hollow TV show minus the contemporary part.
The mechanics are build upon a d12 and adapted by the translator. Thus they won’t be compatible with the English version.
The artwork is done by E. Roudier and looks splendid. The book shall receive a silkscreen treatment by a Spanish printer.
I think it looks cool, the description is engaging and its for sure worth taking a closer look.
The Sprawl is a project to finance the translation of the Powered by the Apocalypse game The Sprawl.
If I understood the project correctly it will as well offer new illustrations and create a supplement focused on Paris.
I do recommend giving it a chance if you speak French.

Les Masques de Nyarlathotep & Le Jour de la Bête would like to fund the translation of the Call of Cthulhu campaigns „The masks of Nyarlathotep“ and „The day of the beast“.
The project offers an amount of material, books, supplements and handouts, which is quite impressive. For a Call of Cthulhu campaign as well as for French crowdfunding projects.
Thus I recommend to take a look, … if only to see something pleasant.

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