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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 07 March till 13 March.

Back on its regular schedule with a smaller set of fresh projects. Among those two projects from Germany, one fresh tabletop RPG from Hong Kong, a fascinating book about FFGs game books, a brilliant post-apocalytpic setting for DCC next to the first adventure KS for the Monkey RPG, two cool card games and more,…  see for yourself …

German Crowdfundings

1 Interactive Performance Installation
1 Music Project

 English Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying System
1 Secondary literature
1 Setting Project
3 Supplements
3 Adventures
2 Dice & Coins Projects
2 Dice Accessoires
1 Music Project
2 Various Projects
2 Various Games

The Red Dot System
The red dots in front of the flags rely the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within seven days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

 German Crowdfundings 

Interactive Performance Installation

RETURNING HOME is a immersive and interactive Performance Installation that continues the previous installation YOUR HOME IS WHERE YOU’RE HAPPY.
The project will see participants returning to Berlin-Neukölln. Where they may experience a continuous, three day spanning, performance installation of a ‚living community‘ in the style of the sixties to seventies. While it is a continuation of the first performance no previous experience is required.
The setting and mood is explained via the project description and offers a more solid insight, paints a vivid picture of what to expect than what I am able provide.
While the art installation hasn’t got any game elements and appears to provide no workshops I do feel it does resemble Nordic Larp a bit. In regards that it is interactive and that it tries to communicate a none-fictional message.
In regards of language, the project might be experienced either in English or German.
I do recommend the project, which I still consider quite interesting and fascinating, to people interested in interactive art, theater or rare approaches to Larp.

Music Project
Silverstream is creating Instrumental Music is a Patreon by the composer and songwriter Silverstream.
He does release a song every wednesday via his YouTube channel. As you may see and hear the pieces are instrumental and a perfect fit to be used to provide the background sound for a fantasy tabletop session. Thanks to YouTube the songs are free for non-commercial use.
The Patreon should provide Silverstream with some support. Enabling him to e.g. buy better equipment. As a thanks for the patronage Patrons receive exclusive information, early access up to royalty free jingles, based on their support.
I do like the music, the project and heartily recommend it.

 English Crowdfundings 

Roleplaying System
Honour RPG 2nd Edition is a project by gamers living in Hong Kong  to finance the second edition of the Honour RPG.
The game places the player characters into a near future Hong Kong. They’ll start as normal Hong Kong citizens –  which given the multi-culture flair of the city might include and ethnicity – and will likely be slowly introduced to the ‚Shadow World‘. A place ‚inbetween places‘. Filled with demons, mythological creatures, chaos, adventure and more. Which should make sure that even tasks as simple as to save a cat lead to cool adventures.
The Urban Fantasy setting is powered by a d12 based system. Thus if one aims to attempt a certain task a target number has to be achieved. For example 14 for a challenging task. The player got various thing to add upon their role to achieve such a high number. Like their skill value, modifiers from traits, general modifiers or by the expenditure of chi points. The combat system refrains from classic dice rolling and utilizes cards. Trying to ensure that every action taken will be dynamic and meaningful.
Dream Build itself is a new crowdfunding platform, which appears to match Kickstarter in most aspects. With a second financing phase, that starts after the initial goal is achieved. Where people can back in late into the project. The platform does look legit, I find it more trustworthy than IndieGoGo, even though I personally am not yet convinced by the two phase system.
The tabletop project does look very solid. The project creators haven’t got previous projects, though if I understand it correctly they are among the platforms 20 first projects. They did apparently were successful in creating the first edition of the Honour RPGs, thus got experience in RPG design.
The incentives – Dream Builds rewards – are nicely price. Though I do wonder whether or not there are shipping costs involved. A question I addressed to the creators.
I do think it’s a cool, trustworthy and interesting Urban Fantasy tabletop game and recommend having a look, to give it a chance.

Secondary Literature
YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 is a Kickstarter by game book author Jonathan Green, to celebrate the anniversary of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.
The book is in essence a supplement to its predecessor. The first book covered the history of FFGs game books from 1982 till 2017 and presented the information in an accessible way. Spanning from the backgrounds of the founders, various authors, the publications, the development up to iPhone apps and more.
The new book should extend upon the information provided. Offering more interviews with various authors. Talk about further developments of Fighting Fantasy, Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, which happened after the first book. Examining elements like FFGs broadcasting history, game book comics and the like, that didn’t make it into the first book. Presenting all that alongside drawings and motives from FFGs book.
The author isn’t just well versed in meticulously observing the history of game books, but a capable game book author in his own right. Like for example with the creation of „Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland“, which was a Kickstarter I took part in, and enjoyed the book that, iirc, got delivered in time, as expected.
Thus I do fully recommend the project if you got any interest in regards to the history of FFGs game books. The project is well worth having a look and gets a more than solid recommendation from me.

Setting Project
The Umerican Survival Guide enriches the DCC RPG with a (gonzo) post-apocalyptic setting that originated from the Crawling Under a Broken Moon Fanzine.
The book should fill round about 200 pages and offers about a dozen new or redesigned classes, 9 of those unique to Umaerica. Among them are are: Clerics of the Wasteland (incl. new rules for sacrifices), The Cyborg, Feral Urchin, Fossiorian, Grays, Mutant, Petrol Head, Robot, Scavenger, Technologist, Wasteland Warrior and Wizards of the Wasteland. Which are presented on the Kickstarter page and fitted with a small, fun description.
Next to those mutant character got the option to happily mutate about. Along mutation types like: Bestial, Botanical, Aggregate, Altered Biology, Weaponization, and Freak-Abilities.
The game offers a piecemeal amor system, fitting the post-apocalyptic need to stay alife for a few more moments. Thus including fancy stuff like damage resistances.
An vehicular creation and combat system, covering rules for chases and mass melees, should secure to scavenge the wasteland at full throttle. With rules for bikes, cars, trucks, semis, trains, boats, planes and mechs. Including stats and the possibility to enhance a savvy heads luv.
Clerics and so inclined will get a whole bag full of gods to choose from. Whether their lawful, neutral or chaotic.
There are as well a lot of places. Like the Citadel of Scrap, which is like the biggest place of all. Sprawling into 8 vast district. Along there are less big places, which you may see and die, .. or survive. The Citadel does prove as a good point to start ones adventure from or maybe to explore upon itself.
Oh and the games has tables. Lots of tables, random tables, tables for everything you need and probably more [..]
The project is great. I had fun reading it and it really got me charmed and engulfed. Am tempted to get DCC and back the hell out of it. Like, going by the description, it might be the setting that gets closes to Fallout, without some „meh“ attached. Like its post-apo, gonzo, fun and yet self-reliant that you don’t glance over to your game collection and wonder why ya ain’t reinstalling some PC game.
Not only is it a cool, evocative post-apocalyptic setting, it has a nice price tag as well.
Thus I do suggest you to check it and back it, it gets a more than solid recommendation.


red red
Savage Worlds Sector Asgard Kappa would like to fund a supplement as well as plot point campaign for the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion.
The book, that should end up somewhere around 120 pages, will introduce 36, inhabitable worlds within the Asgard Kappa sector. Including a more detailed description, the aliens that inhabit the planet, along with their culture and secrets.
Three of this planets, Larraintzar (a police state),  Bergljot (spaceyard) and Menderjaga (desert planet), got a small introduction within the Kickstarter description and are nicely illustrated.
I do think, the plot point campaign „Brotherhood of Logic“, should make the Asgard Kappa sector a bit more palpable for players and GMs. The campaign includes a total of 15 adventures as well as some story seeds. Which sounds promising (to me, the SW noob)
The project creator seems to be experienced in creating Savage Worlds products as well as handling projects. Thus I do gladly recommend the project, specially to Savages.
Mythic: Ennam & Saduri for Savage Worlds is a supplement for the Mythic setting fir Savage Worlds.
The supplement adds two new cultures, along with their mythologies, to the setting. At the one hand the Ennam culture, inspired by Mesopotamia. At the other hand the Siduri culture, inspired by Vedic India.
The cultures come fully equipped with their respective gods, demons ans mythic beasts. Of which there’ll be a bestiary including 25 monsters.
The book should outfit the group with all that’s needed to create a character from Ennam or Siduri as well as equip the players with rules for summoning and binding of demons.
I do recommend the project to Savage Worlds fans.
Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte Basecamp Setting (Pathfinder/5E) would like to extend the Dark Obelisk setting by a supplement focused on propping up a city.
The author himself outlines, as a positive aspect, that the original town of Berinncorte, is basically, a generic enough fantasy town, that the 500 pages supplement tome, might be used for any city.
The book shall offer so inclined backers a dozen maps, 59 extensively described character – some from a Dark Obelisk adventure, some original -, a mini bestiary of its own – including stat blocks for various CRs – a handful of villains and some adventure to fit in.
Supporters of previous Dark Obelisks campaigns may not have to pledge to get the book.
In general PFRPG or D&D 5E may have a look and it might be worth checking it out. Though I personally don’t fancy it.


red red
Kaigaku RPG: The Ruined Kingdom ist an adventure campaign for the Kaigaku RPG and might be used with other OSR games.
The adventure is inspired by Asian tales and do lead one or more characters through the dangerous plains of Kherin, the desert Achaem up until the dying city of Tianshi. Having proven their mettle against the dangers of the travel, which includes mutated beasts, characters might face an unpleasant surprise awaiting them at their destination.
The book has been originally intended as a supplement for Kaigaku, yet should be compatible with OSR games like White Hack. The title illustration does look good and I do like the maps presented.
I do think its a solid project and recommend OSR fans to take a look.

The Mandate of Heaven would like to fund an epic adventure for the Monkey RPG.
The adventure should show case three famous places of the original story the RPG is based on. Thus the player should be able to experience the Western Heaven, ruled by the Jade emperor and Queen Mother. They might experience Chan’an, the capital of the Tang empire. As well as dive into the ten courts of hell, ruled by King Yama.
The Kickstarter describes the places more extensively and vividly and I recommend to read their description.
The players will experiences quite the freedom of choice, facilitated by the system which is quite narrative and empowering. Though there will be a raising and somewhat escalating threat. Ensuring that the lighthearted game will see some epic action.
The adventure can be used as a nice One Shot or as a stepping stone for a campaign.
Next to the adventure you might get the Monkey RPG itself, for a good – read quite low – price, if you maybe missed out on the original project.
I am charmed by the project, convinced it is more than solid and grant it my mandate,… err my recommendation.
Dimgaard Vol. XVI – 5E DnD Adventures is the newest adventure series project by Dan Haas, offering two story lines in its 16. incarnation.
On the one hand it will continue the original Dimgaard campaign. Having one to eight level 16 characters mettle with the Tofarian empire through the course of four modules. With the project offering a name and small description for each module.
At the other hand it will contain the start of the „Fey Secrets“ campaign. The campaign will consist of 21 modules, leading characters from level 1 to level 20. This project will present the players with the first four entries. Seeing the characters as level 4 by the end.
The project does offer a name and small description for each module of the Fey Secrets campaign as well.
Dan Haas has experience with 20 previous Kickstarter and thus is basically a crowdfunding and adventure creating veteran. Who did deliver his projects faithfully.
Thus I recommend D&D 5th Edition fans to have a look.

Dice & Coin Projects
Solid Silver & Copper Dice -The Ultimate RPG Metal Game Dice offers up to seven designs for solid, six-sided dice.
The dice are either copper or silver plated and come in a fancy small case. One might chose to add a nice leather-mat, to roll those pricey metal dice without hurting ones tables. Though there is no information how balanced the dice are.
The joy of owning silver plated dice does cost a solid $15, plus shipping, for one dice and $25 for two. Which is why I would recommend the project for dice enthusiasts with a bigger budget.

Historical medieval metal coin for your games is a project that aims to offer tabletop gamers as well as Larpers with medieval coins.
The only coin set available for now is names „silver aged“ and apparently inspired by French coins. The design is nice, yet it doesn’t appear to be historical. According to my limited „coin google-fu“. Stretch goals might unlock other designs.
I do consider the project of relevance for gamers interested in coins or tokens and recommend having a look.

Dice Accessoires
Dice pouch for your pocket! offers a dice bag in the form of, basically, a small portmonnaie.
Thus one can get a small dice pouch, with a zipper to avoid the dice flying off and a print to make the pouch a bit more dicey. With the small Twist that the logo to printed might be chosen freely by the backer.
I think its a nice, small firstling project and do recommend having a look.
Though I might be inclined to ask some questions regards the print, how it works. If I were to pledge for it.
Boffin’s Beneficial Battle Box: Decks, Dice, and other stuff would like to fund a box to stuff (tabletop stuff) in.
The box offers four slots, of which three can be filled with smaller boxes. That needs to be added to ones pledge separately.
One might chose between up to six different kind of woods, depending on ones pledge. As well as up to four different colors for the inner lining.
While I do like the box better than the one from the previous crowdfunding collection, I do consider the price kinda steep. Specially with the shipment to Germany. Though I still think the project might be of interest and deserves a look.

Music Project
The Adventurer’s Collection Tabletop Soundtrack doesn’t just aim to finance an ambient soundtrack for tabletop session, but would as well like to create a nifty web-interface to select music pieces on the fly.
The musician does offer two YouTubes videos as a peek into which kind of soundscapes a backer might expect. At the one hand there’s „Wanderer into the wildness“ at the other hand one might listen to „Temple of Fragmented Dreams„. Those videos are accompanied by another sample provided via the Kickstarter description.
Yet the actual selling point, in my opinion, is the creation of a webpage, where one might select fitting pieces by scene (desert, forest etc.) and add a mood selector (boss fight, ambiance etc.) to quickly, on the fly outfit scenes that may come up during an RPG session. The website can be previewed at and the video – in the second half if its runtime – does offer a demonstration of the interface nicely.
Backers will of course still get the soundtrack without the nifty interface, to use with their traditional methods.
It’s the first project of the musician, yet it looks competent and feasible. Leading to me recommending it fondly.

Various Projects

Gaming Paper Dry Erase Gaming Tiles offers four, quite useful tiles.
The tiles are apparently of the size of the D&D 5th Edition manual and sport a checked pattern. Being dry erasable one might paint a dungeon, swipe the tiles, and do a new one.
The concept is super simple but kinda genius and the project creators are experienced.
Thus I recommend the project.
Students Do Fantasy – A D&D Adventure Brought To Life would like to finance a radio play.
The base is apparently a D&D campaign. Though the story will be written and reworked to fit into a proper script usable for such an endeavor. The result should be available at YouTube. Along side custom made music and illustrations.
It’s a small, pleasant project by gamers and I do think it deserves a chance.

Various Games
Grimslingers: The Northern Territory is a card based dueling game, set in a weird west setting with sci-fi elements.
The game can be played solo, cooperatively or in a competitive mode and it comes with a core book as well as the Northern Territory extension. The core rules have been revised and the campaign offers several linked scenarios with a play time for 60 to 90 minute for each.
There are some tabletop elements like the character skills, the opportunity to level ones character or opportunities for randomized combats. Though, at least for me, not enough to put it up under the ‚full role-playing game‘ umbrella.
Yet still I do like the setting, the visuals and the game mechanics. Which is why I do recommend it.
Clash of Steel: A Tactical Card Game of Medieval Duels is a small, fast card game for two players, with low luck involved in the game mechanics.
I stumbled upon the game while window shopping on Kickstarter and the evocative art drew me in. Upon a closer look the card game is about two fighters trying to survive against their opponents.
The game mechanics don’t employ random mechanics like dice or card draws. Instead the player may create their hand and strategy from a given set of cards. A more extensive review is available and it does sound quite entertaining to me.
I think its a cool game, which does speak to me, and which I fondly recommend. Specially considering the rather low cost rewards.

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