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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects #35 part one of two, covering projects started between 14 March till 20 March.

As quite a few projects are on a clock I decided to split this collection. Thus the second part, containing at least 16 projects, should follow soon.
In this one you’ll find a do-it-yourself dice set, a two dice universal RPG, a LARP on a battleship, a lot of Cthulhu stuff and quite a few other, interesting projects.

 English Crowdfundings

1 Role-playing game
4 Dice & Coin Projects
3 Dice Accessoires
4 Maps & Stuff Projects
5 Various Projects
2 Other Games

 French Crowdfundings

1 Role-playing game

The Red Dot System
The red dots in front of the flags rely the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within seven days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

English Crowdfundings

Role-playing game

red red
Pair O‘ Dice Role-Playing Game would like to fund a versatile, modular and rather light system, fit for the various genre one might like to play in.
As hinted by the name, the game only requires 2 six-sided die for all rolls. The author does regard the game as being designed with an intentionally traditional approach in mind. Thus one will see character attributes, skills, combat as well as good ol‘ dice rolling. Basically none of the story game approach.
Though the core book is kinda rules lite as it does cover everything within 48 pages. With the self-understanding that its rather a guide book than a rule book. Offering guidelines rather than hard rules and thereby enabling the players to adapt the game to their liking. From my understanding it might be described as rulings than rules.
The game itself is available for just $2 bucks for the PDF. If one does decide to go in for $6 a ready made setting called POD Fantasy will be added on top.
The author and Kickstarter creator appears to be experienced and the project well done.
Thus I do gladly recommend it.

Battleship – a Vietnam era larp on board the USS New Jersey is a project who aims to fund a LARP spanning four days and taking place on an actual, real battleship in Philadelphia (PA).
The LARP is scheduled to take place from 2th to 5th of November and organized by Imagine Nation (Dystopia Rising) in cooperation with Dziobak Studios (College of Wizardry, Fairweather Manot, Convention of Thorns).
The experience is set in the historical background of 1967, with the battleship heading towards Vietnam to partake in the war. While the game will be heavily influenced and directed by the historical setting, its more intended to be a background for personal drama and various other topics opposed to being realistic.  Thus enabling non-male identifying players to take up roles within the military personal as well as not addressing racial discrimination of the time. Basically keeping the game open and inclusive to people from all orientations and walks of live.
The game experience aims to offer the possibility to be immersive and really do assume the role of another person. To experience the different perspective, the character up to even an transformative level. Without a pre-generated script and the like, enabling the player to do co-create the game.
Given within the admission price player will get everything they need. A fitting, historical costume, a place to sleep, three meals a day, a custom tailored character with relationships and support by the LARP organizers. Including aspects like getting in and out of character.
The ticket price of $800+ might appear a bit steep at first glance, yet I do consider it worth for what one gets.
Thus I do like to recommend the project to those interested in LARP.
The Dating Game is a project that aims to finance a Live-Action-Game.
Basically the player should be granted the opportunity to lead their character through a date. Acting akin to a „date doctor“. Both the character and the date will be played by actors. Well and the character who dates will be controlled by a player.
To be frank, my first thought’s been „WTF?“. A second look did clear up some confusion and made it look a bit more reasonable. Like an interactive art installation and somewhat akin to the projects of Realm Pictures. Which did produce stuff like Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version) as well as Real Life Hitman.
I do still got some open items like „How about the timezone challenges“, the aspect that the ticket isn’t exactly cheap and the tone of the description does appear some what strange, yet its interesting, imho.
Thus I do recommend having a look.

Dice & Coin Projects

red red
Constellation Dice – Voyager Edition – Papercraft is a project which likes to enable its backer to build dice from paper.
Thus, for just 3€, round about $3.5, one gets a papercraft manual how to fold a dice set. From paper, extra big. Though I guess one might choose to just downsize the measurements and fold up cute little dice. That, provided with the right print, do look great.
I really do like the project and actually backed it.
Which is why I do recommend to you. Though you should be fast. It has less than 15 hours left till it concludes!
Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Set by Q-workshop & Chaosium would like to get some stylish metal dice and coins out, among the Cthulhu enthusiasts.
The intricately decorated dice are quite an eye candy and available in the common sizes required for roleplaying (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12 and d20). They do get complimented by a medallion of Ithaqua, a set of golden Innsmouth conis as well as a graphite suede dice cup.
Despite my personal doubts that those gems are actually balanced they are officially approved by Chaosium. Next to that, the Kickstarter description does offer the measurements.
The shipping is quite EU friendly, though the actual prices for the various items do address either dice or Cthulhu (or both) aficionados.
I do consider it a visually pleasing project and do recommend it.

red red
Dragon Scales Coins – Wave 2 – Knights and Daemons offers various coins to be used for RPG or LARPs sessions.
The coins are made from various metals, are available in various forms and do look solid. Which, given the measurements of 25mm x 25mm with a thickness of 2mm is likely ture.
Next to the size I do fancy the varied, detailed engraving.
I do consider the project well worth a look, even to just please ones eyes, and do heartily recommend the project. Specially as the price tag of about ~15€ is, imho, very fair.
Software Excuse Dice offers six-sided dice with spontaneous excuses for IT personal.
The idea is quite simple and the design nothing fancy. Offering three different colors (red, blue and green) and excuses like „Crashes“, „Variable Not Set“, „Copy/Paste Error“.
The dice are actually quite cheap, and those who spent a bit more will get an engineer excuse dice.
I did wrote the project as „doesn’t get a pic“ off at the start, yet for some reason I don’t understand it got quite some love. Thus I do recommend to have a look. Maybe you’ll see something I missed.

Dice Accessoires
Dice Towers – Dinosaurs Exclusive Edition is the newest project by my favorite dice tower creators e-Raptor.
Who basically do live up to their names and will create, given the project succeeds, dice towers in a fancy Dino-design.
The dice towers will be made from high quality Plexiglas and be colored with a UV print technic. Which, according to the many pictures and videos the Kickstarter presents, looks great. The backer may choose from two different T-Rex Dinos, one Raptor and a Triceratops. With every model showcased quite vividly and provided with the measurements.
The project creators are reliable, experienced and did dice tower projects before. My one and only dice tower is a e-Raptor one and am happy with it. The project is shipping friendly towards most regions. The Dinos may appear maybe a bit pricey, with $50 for one and $80 for two, yet I think they are worth it.
Thus I do recommend the project. Be it just to ogle at cool Dino Dice Towers (maybe they’ll make a nice present for roleplaying kids?).
Dice Tower is supposed to fund the 3D print of a tower as pictured.
The dice tower does look nice, though given its just a print, it isn’t exactly cheap and the over all goal is quite high. Thus I do somewhat doubt that it funds.
Maybe it’s still worth having a look. Though I do would advice to ask for shipping before you pledge. At least if you don’t live in the US.
Destiny Dice Vault would like to fund a dice storage as shown.
It does offer a big box, that may hold up to 160 six-sided die, or a small box which just holds up to 30 dice plus 30 double sleeved cards and some tokens..
Despite the project being intended for the Destiny Dice game, I figured it might be of interest for dice enthusiast in general. That’s if you live in the USA, as it doesn’t ship abroad.

Maps & Stuff Projects
World Engine: An Online Map-Making Tool for Tabletop RPGs aims to finance an easy to use tool to create stunning maps on ones own.
Judging by the graphics as shown in the Kickstarter description it will deliver on the promise to enable one to create jawdrapping pictures. The handling and user interface of the tool do indeed give an intuitive and simple impression. Leading me to believe that even I could produce something nice with it, probably.
The creators do as well actually got experience with successfully developing a RPG related tool, as proven by the d20Pro project.
Thus I do recommend to have a look and give the project a chance. It basically prompted me to include map projects in this overview.

Meanders 2: New Terrain Maps for RPG offers terrain maps that might as well be used in VTTs.
The very evocative, realistic looking design of the maps does offer the opportunity to use several maps as tiles to create a bigger landscape. That might be changed by rearranging and turning the various tiles.
In regards of themes the project offers snow, desert, jungle and one tavern set.
The creators did run a similar project, which I featured in a previous article (CF:KÜ #16 German). While the project apparently didn’t went as splendid, they did learn from their mistakes.
Thus I do gladly recommend it.

Outdoor RPG Battle and adventure maps 2$ each offers, akin to Meanders 2, various terrain maps.
The maps do look quite realistic and zoom close in. I do feel somewhat reminded of a map tutorial by Affendämon Tsu (a German roleplayer / YouTuber) who’d describe how one may use a rock covered in snow and transform it into a cool map.
I do recommend the project. That’s If you are less inclined to go rock hunting or are interested in stuff like the river or the urban area.
Fantasy Maps, Floorplans & Art Pack for RPG games and 5th would like to finance a set of interior tiles along with graphics to outfit a room.
The room tiles as well as the stuff to put into the room do look decent and the creator is experienced.
Hence I recommend to have a look, if you are interested in maps.

Various Projects
Cthulhu Mythos Book Badges offers to outfit Cthulhu fans with badges.
The choice is between five different pins, as displayed by the picture. Thus one might express their dedication to the books „Necronomicon“, „Unaussprechlichen Kulten“, „King in Yello“ or „Cultes des Goules“ or adorn oneself with a „Cthulhu Cultis“ pin. Basically a cultist membership badge?
The small treasures are about 26mm high and 18mm wide.
I do think you should check it out if you’re a Cthulhu enthusiast.
RPG coasters 2: Cthulhu offers Cthulhu themed coasters. For RPG players.
Following dice and pins now we’re down to coasters. Which do look quite nice. Though, the amount of Cthulhu paraphernalia does sees me a bit bedazzled. As I don’t particularly fancy the great old ones or Lovecraft. Yet, given it was V:tM themed and not Cthulhu, I’d be totally in into it.
So, back to the topic, the coasters are elegant as well as shapely. The felt at their bottom will be pleasant to the table or surface the coaster is used on. A backer may choose from various woods (Black Walnuss, Cherry or Hard Maple) and thus various colors.
The creator are experienced in all things Cthulhu merchandise and do offer add-ons like dice boxes and wall coasters.
I do heartily recommend the project to Cthulhu enthusiasts.
Send James Spahn to NTRPG Con is a project to enable an author who worked on projects like Swords & Wizardry , The One Ring RPG  and White Star to get to the NTRPG convention.
The charming campaign has been set up by an artist friend of James Spahn, and supporters will receive various ‚thank yous‘ if they contribute $5 and more.
I do consider it a nice, small campaign worth taking a look at..
Annals of Game Night: Catalog every game night! is the third in line of a series to fund notebooks to record ones game. (I covered them in CC No 27, CC No 32).
The concept remained the same. This its the sample simple page design, including some Memes. Though with this take the projects does offer a better look at the book.
I do think it might be worth having a look. Even though it doesn’t quite match up to my taste or expectations regarding a notebook.
In The Works: Art for „Mountains of Meykloria“ would like to fund the artworks for an RPG or board game.
The actual game is described within one paragraph. Which does reveal that its a fantasy setting and players will start from their respective home zones (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) to head and slay the dragon of Uranthyla. For which they need to level. The game does require miniatures, three different set of cards and a six part RPG dice set.
The description does see me wondering if it is actually something I consider an RPG project, hence the category. Next to the aspect that I do still ponder some questions and don’t find the description evocative.
Though maybe its worth having a look to support an new game designer and the artist? .

Other Games
NecronomiCards Vol 2 – Lovecraftian Card Game Expansion would like to finance a card game and card game expansion.
The games sees the player aiming to obtain cards that feature symbols they already got. Once they’ve got a symbol twice, trice or more often they might summon a lovecraftian creature to their service. Trying to obtain a total of 7 points before their fellow players.
NecronomiCards 2 can be used as an expansion to the core game, introducing some new, cool mechanics with up to 8 players, or played as a standalone game with 2 to 3 players.
The game concept sounds fun, the summoning cards do look really cool and the game isn’t expensive.
I do recommend the project if you like card games or fancy all things Cthulhu.
Ludoversity: A Spanish Adventure is a video game project from the Netherlands, that hasn’t got anything to do with RPG. [Safe from their being cool Spanish RPGs that one might like to be able to read]
The video game is developed and being designed to teach people Spanish, up to the A1 level as well as address some Spanish history along the way. Basically offering a more captivating, long term fun approach than even Memrise provides.
I personally do aim to learn Spanish and am fascinated by languages in general. Thus I am always on the lookout for good tools, apps and games that can help. Ludoversity is one of the few video game approaches that do look like the people got an actual, feasible plan and the capabilities to realize their vision.
Which is why I do recommend to check the project, give it a chance and maybe support it. I am already in with a pledge.

French Crowdfundings

Role-playing game
FENG SHUI 2 is a project by Game Fu, who’d like to translate the game to French.
At the one hand they do highlight that the game did score three Ennies, at the other hand that they’ll be including the Errata. Last but not least they do offer backers the options to get a new setting, to get their game started.
I do think its well worth having a look, if you’re French speaking.

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