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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects #35 part two of two, covering projects started between 14 March till 20 March.

This time round including an RPG that merges cooking with tabletop, two brilliant game books, a fascinating Patreon, the first supplement for Blades in the dark, a map (software) project I almost missed and many more, …

 English Crowdfundings

2 Fantasy Role-playing games
2 Science Fiction Role-playing games
3 Family-friendly Role-playing game
2 Gamebooks
4 Supplements
3 Campaigns
1 Map Project
1 YouTube Project

How does a project join the list? (Call for Projects)

At the one hand I do quite regularly check the links from my Crowdfunding-Projekt Suchliste page for rpg tabletop projects as well as various other platforms. The page is German though the links are language neutral.

At the other hand, specially for platforms like Patreon, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and similar, I do have to rely upon some to notify me. Either as a consequence of the platforms not offering any option to look up freshly started projects by search terms or because I didn’t knew about the platform.

Last but not least, I do rely on suggestions for map and miniature projects and only include those on my own when they stand out to me. Of course not because I want to be mean or disrespecting but rather as I have little to no expertise in either area and thus find it difficult to come up with a description blurbs that feels right.

Thus am always happy to receive suggestions for new projects, projects you like or pointers to those I might have missed. Am always glad to consider aspects in the description blurb you feel I missed or described incorrectly.
I can be contacted via posting a comment under a share of the collection in various social media or forums or their respective messaging system as well as via mail or twitter.

The Red Dot System
The red dots in front of the flags rely the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

English Crowdfundings

Fantasy Role-playing games
Castles & Crusades Players Handbook #7
should enable Troll Lord Games to finance the seventh edition of Castle & Crusaders.
The game was intended as an alternative to AD&D within the d20 games. A goal that indeed has been achieved, thanks to a solid support of quality adventures and supplements, forming an enthusiastic, loyal following.
The system is based on SIEGE, a system based just on primary and secondary attributes. Which provides games with one central mechanism to serve all needs – opposed to the plethora of subsystem in games like D&D 3rd edition. The target number for rolls is 12 for primary attributes and 18 for secondary ones, add the difficulty subtract the character level and you’re good to go.
The system is quite open and can be custom tailored to ones needs. It is easy to integrate the advantages and disadvantages concept of D&D 5th edition. Well or have Jeannie, the magician, use Intelligence to swim in a world were mind over matter holds true.
The system has proven itself and the books are of fine quality, supported by nice illustration. Those who are looking for a bread and butter system for OSR-alike fantasy should take a lot and see their needs fulfilled.

Shattered Dawn Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Shattered Dawn Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a game that aims at graphical opulence and a story driven system approach.
The biggest strength of the game is, in my eyes, the setting. Which offers a detailed, dark fantasy world developed with quite some enthusiasm and presented in greater detail within the project description. You’ll find three defining eras, various important personalities and insights in the various races and people. Which is illustrated with nice graphics.
Systemwise it’s d% save from combat situations. A character should be able to be created within just 15 minutes and isn’t subjected to any class restrictions. The player will have the possibility to level their character using traits.
The project has a certain style to it and might be worth a look by fantasy enthusiasts. To whom I recommend it. Though I do like to mention that I found the random half-naked guys in the video irritating.

Science Fiction Role-playing games
Wormhole Tabletop RPG is a science fiction system with a focus on trade and the exploration of the milky way,… plus it got a race of space sharks.
The settings offers aliens, strange powers and unpractical designed spaceships – am not dissing those are the words of the creator – and thus rather in the space opera genre than hard SF. If my understanding of the description is correct the setting isn’t elaborated on in detail but rather explained implicitly. With the races – according to the picture including space sharks – and the crunch doing most of the description. Though 13 major star systems will be described.
The system uses a pool of d6 and one mostly will attempt to get a four or higher value to count as a success. The most interesting part appears to be the ship combat. Which will see the crew acting as a union and is further detailed in a Reddit discussion.
The project is kinda charming, cheap and the author apparently invested a lot of heart blood in it. Which might be enough of a reason to check it out, … oh and space sharks.
Diary of the Apocalypse – Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG is a d100 system inspired by the Fallout series.
In terms of setting it started as a Fallout hack and developed in a thing of its own. While the inspiration is still notable the creators mixed in some punk elements, changed this and that and designed it to be global. Offering three different timeframes to play in, 10, 150 and 250 years after the war.
The various elements are described in detail in the Kickstarter and I recommend the lecture if your interested. Even though there are elements I find rather strange, like the replacements of Fallouts caps with trading cards.
As mentioned the system is d100 based and modulare. The project offers an example for using a pistol in a fight:
Weapon: Dependability 65, Skill 15, (Overall) State 20, Durability 50% Character: Skill 33
100 – (65 + (15 x 0.33) + (20 x 0.5)) = 15% chance to miss
Which, despite the reassurance by the author, that there’ll be easier ways and formula sees me in a kinda shocked fashion impressed. Not only because the actual result would be 20,05%.
It might still be worth a look if your a die-hard fan of post-nuclear settings or fancy kinda complex d100 systems.

Family-friendly Role-playing games
Cooking with Dice: Classic RPG with a Delicious Twist combines classic tabletop RPG with cooking.
In a manner that one may not just please the needs of hungry players, but see cooking – as an actual action – integrated as an elementary part of the game. Like as part of the adventure and stuff the adventurers do.
Having the players not only use their charactersheets, skills, dice and other traditional stuff but put them in a kitchen. Preparing meals to please a pair of acid dragons. Which will see the recipes, that are partly generated in random, being kinda acid based.
The acid aspect, in this case, isn’t intended to kill or spoil the players, but as a fascinating manner of cooking. Like doing pickles or having stuff heated up with natural acids, … like citrons or vinegar I guess. In theory one doesn’t need a stove or microwave; though both appliances may shorten the meal preparation time noteably.
The Kickstarter offers tasty pictures of the meals that may result from the cooking endeavors as well as an example receipe. Making me hungry. The project does as well take into account that people may have (in)voluntary diary restrictions and offers variations.
The games, does offer eight character classes. Which do as well merge cooking and gaming. Like you’ll have the Rotissier, a human knight that specialized in roasted, grilled and fried meals. A Saucier, a human wizard (or sorcerer?), who’s good with sauces. Or a Glacier, a frosty dark-elven mage who’ll prepare cool desserts.
The idea is very original and the presentation is quite pleasant and suggest the creators do know what they are doing. The rewards are quite fair and I think it deserves support.
Thus it gets a clean cut recommendation, go check it out. (And uhm,… now am hungry)
Dungeons & Delvers is a fantasy RPG which aims at being fun for beginners as well as veteran gamers.
The system offers four attributes which are might, agility, intellect and grace and currently sports 15 skills. A test is generally done by rolling two dice against a target number, where various class, equipment and other elements may allow to roll more dice and select the two with the highest number. In regards of dice d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12 are used.
The system is neatly illustrated with paper-standups and does look simple as well as intuitive. Though I am a bit concerned that very young players lack the addition skill.
In regards of races it offers Cambions, Dwarfs, Elves, Frogmen, Human, Ishim and kobolds. The classes are Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer and Wizard.
The Kickstarter offers quite some illustration which are pleasant to the eye (imho), a charactersheet und additional inforomation about the system.
I would compare it somewhat to a light version of either D&D – in style – or Savage Worlds – in regards of skills being linked to different kind of dice.
It certainly got some charm and I recommend to give it a chance.
Heroes Cove is the second attempt to fund a family-friendly fantasy RPG with prominent boardgame elements.
The game sees the group heading out to Heroes Cove to partition the legendary gladiator Kaira to take one in and mentor the adventure to be. Yet upon arrival they are forced to notice that they aren’t the only ones with the idea and do actually have to compete to get a spot.
Thus they need to take care of the various problems of Heroes Cove, amassing favor points with Kaira to end up being trained by her. With the twist that she’ll only train one person.
A session is meant to keep 2 to 5 players busy for about 40 minutes.
Am not totally sure if it qualifies as an RPG, yet it might be worth a look.

Pick Your Path: Action Packed Micro Gaming Booklets is the second attempt by the creator to finance his three mini gamebooks (C:C #31).
The gamebooks are Fresh Meat (genre: zombie / horror), Moon Unit (genre: science fiction) and The Ringbearer (genre: fantasy). The booklets are described with a bigger illustration displaying the first text as well with a brief description.
One may choose to play the games in a traditional fashion, making decisions or to leave it upon the spin of a coin.
I do consider the project design quite charming and am intrigued by the concept of mini gamebooks, which might even be folded by oneself. The price of £3 for the PDF and £6 for the books is quite reasonable.
Thus I gladly recommend the project again and backed it.

SLAUGHTER AT MASADA! The Ultimate Sci-Fi Adventure Gamebook is a not so traditional approach to Gamebooks, basically doing them yet as a video game instead of a book.
Usually that would see the project end up in either the „various“ or the „other games“ category, maybe not mention at all like the visual novel stuff. Yet the game is so close and faithful to the core concept of a game books that it deserve to be up here.
The player got quite a lot of text to enjoy and read, the possibility to make choices of direction and explore different path and even roll dice. Thus, imho. it is a game book in all but paper.
Next to the imho quite brilliant design it presents intriguing illustration and a exciting science fiction story with horror elements placed on mars. The creators are quite capable in doing such a project and created five games that are kinda like this one.
I personally fancy the application design and backed it upon discovering the project. Which wasn’t a tough decision given the price tag of about $5. I even feel tempted to go to the play store and try those other games. While I do use android the app is as well available for iOS devices.
The ulitmate Sci-Fi Gamebook does receive an equally ultimate recommendation.

Tod Foley is creating the UbiquiCity Project is a Patreon that would like to finance a short story anthology as well as a GM supplement focused on a cyberpunk / trans-humanist city.
The city offered is a medium-sized metropolis in the early century who’s referred to as UbiquiCity. As of recent the city got upgraded to the public and commercial services, at least the business districts and wealthier parts. Which links every city, street, building, appliance and control system to the Internet Of Things.
The setting includes self-driving cars and trucks, the skies are filled with drones, robots are in charged of various tasks that previously needed human worked, everything from the phone, appliances, traffic lights up to the wc is connected and the CitySystem AI takes care of recycling. Thus most of the citizens within the Ubi Zones got a fine live, … most of them, not everyone.
The anthology will be focused on (imho) classic cyberpunk / trans-humanistic topics. Like technology and its effect on society.
The supplement should enable a group to include the city into their science fiction campaign. It will be system neutral, though do provide some numbers in regards of various aspect. Along with conversion tables for common system like 2d6, 1d20 or 1d100.
If you like to learn more about it you may check out the Patreon, the Facebook page, the Google+ collection or the Google+ community. Der Patreon itself looks decently setup.
I do like the project and gladly recommend it.

red red
All in 1: A Parliament of Supplements offers a supplement for Blades in the Dark as well as several other powered by the apocalypse systems next to some enticing stretch goals.
At the core are three works for three different games.
The first one is a starter scenario for Blades in the Dark. Focusing at another city district than Crow’s Foot, which is explored in the core book, and aiming at providing new groups by getting their game started.
The second one is a supplement for Monsterhearts. It will offer a new city along with a starter scenario. Next to the obvious benefits it does as well pay respect to the impact Monsterhearts had on the creators game.
The third one is an amalgamation of various hacks for the World Wide Wrestling game. To enrich the game whether its inside the ring, outside and in all stuff related to wrestling. Enabling players to create a more enticing wrestling RPG experience.
Next to those core project the stretch goal for a Urban Fantasy hack for Dungeon Worlds had been achieved and various other Stretch Goals are within reach. Like a PbtA game inspired by the TV-series Into the Badlands or hacks for Stars Without Numbers.
I do like the project, actually somewhat consider it (alas my budget), and gladly do recommend it. Take a quick look, the project is ending soon.
Heroic Fantasy & Barbarian Conquerors Collection is the newest project by Autarch that would like to fund two supplements for the Adventurer Conqueror King System and similar games.
The first book, Heroic Fantasy, spreads over 160+ pages and spans about 8.5″ x 11″ in site. The colored cover is accompanied by a black and white interior illustrations.
In regards of the heroic fantasy genre the creators do attempt to achieve it by distilling the commonalities between the works of JRR Tolkien and Robert E. Howard. Assuming that if the differences between high fantasy and sword & sorcery are removed it will be what remains.
The approach is explained in a, somewhat longer, paragraph and offers more arguments as given by my paraphrasing of the initial thought. Painting actually a quite good picture of their design progress.
Along with the genre description the Kickstarter elaborates upon the three fresh magic systems (eldritch, ceremonial, spellsinging), promises 155 new spells, 10 new classes and befitting expansions of the rules.
The second book, Barbarian Conquerors, spreads over 144+ pages and spans about 8.5″ x 11″ in site. The colored cover is accompanied by a black and white interior illustrations.
In regards of barbarian fantasy it aims to unify the genre of sword & sorcery up to pulp fantasy including some science fiction elements as are common in e.g. the Barsoom books.
Like as with the fantasy book the creators do go into quite some detail regarding their interpretation of the genre and I do suggest to read it. It does as describe what will be found in the book. Like a description of the land of Kanahu, including cthulhoide creatures, dinos, giant insects, crazed wizards, barbarians, city-states, aliens and more. Alongside 15 new classes, a bestiary with 45 fresh monsters, super-scientific technologies, a gazette and more.
I do like the description of the splats and do recommend the project to ACKS players as well as fantasy aficionados.
Michael Surbrook’s Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems would like to fund a supplement for the Hero System, Savage Worlds as well as Mutants & Masterminds which focusses upon darkness dwelling creatures.
The book works the best with a setting either being the roaring twenties or contemporary and focuses on the actual origins of most of the creatures; though some cinematic Hollywood-isms are included.
It will detail classic creatures like vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts, wights and zombies, yet include more obscure one like the witikos or old hag as well. Next to some infamous characters like Dracula, Jack the Ripper, the beast of Le Gévaudan and the like.
The book is structured in 9 different chapters which are nicely explained in the Kickstarter description.
The project ist well done, the rewards are fine and the topic interesting. Which are some of the reasons why I recommend it.

Bloodlines & Black Magic is an Urban Fantasy campaign setting for Pathfinder based upon the Occult 7 supplement.
The setting sees the players assume human character who are influenced by belonging to a magic bloodline that grants them certain supernatural abilities. Which will prove essential to stand up to various threats presented by other vile people or creatures as they got entangled within conflicts unbeknownst to the rest of the world.
In regards of the bloodlines backers will find Fey blooded, Infernal Blooded, Dragon Blooded, Jinn Blooded, Seraphic Blooded, Shadow Blooded as well as Spirit Blooded described within the projects description, including their original as well as capabilities.
While comparisons to certain White Wolf games might seem natural I do consider the setting, as presented, surprisingly self-sufficient and distinct.
The system will see unique options like „Encounter Arcana“, which are concepts that may grant dice in certain situations, as well as „Breaking point“, a system to track mental exhaustion as well as stress, which will unlock hidden powers. Last but not least it offers a point buy system to have several e.g. „Spirit blooded“ that still are distinct. The whole setting is considered low-magic thus the spells are usually capped at level 3 with some rare exceptions for level 4 spells.
There’ll be as well two campaigns to accompany the setting, called „Whipsers & Rumors“ as well as „O7 Episodes“. The campaigns are planned to be formed by regularly released adventure containing 7-11 pages each. The release circle should be a year and the modules should offer new monsters, NPCs, places, secrets and encounters.
I do really like the campaign and would consider backing it if I’d play PFRPG. Thus I gladly recommend the project.
Symbaroum: Karvosti – The Witch Hammer would like to enrich the swedish rpg by a new entry to its epic campaign.
Karvosti is the 152 page thick continuation of „Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden“ that offers the option to be played on its own and will be followed by five more episodes.
The overall campaign will explore the various regions of Ambria in-depth as well as take a look at Davokar and beyond. Including optional rules as well as crunch. Whether it is new skills, (monstrous) traits, strange powers & rituals, rituals, creatures, artifacts, elixirs and more.
Karvosti, the second entry of the series, will focus on the cliffs of Karvosti and the (ages) old thingstead of the barbarian high chieftain who’s located deep within the Davokar forest. The Kickstarter description paints a vivid picture of what to expect by the campaign and its structure.
Another strong aspect of the campaign are the stunningly opulent illustrations, the luxurious design of the book as well as enticing accessories like fancy dice and more.
The campaign is available at a decent price and the project offers the opportunity to get the core book at a nice discount of round a bout $16.
Thus I do recommend the project, whether you are already a fan of Symbaroum, interested in fantasy settings or lay your eyes upon something beautiful.

Ravensberg (Pathfinder Mini Campaign Setting) would like to fund a 64 pages spanning campaign setting for Pathfinder.
The book sprang off a student university project within the course „Writing Narrative for Tabletop Roleplaying Games“. The project was originally done by six students and four do plan to edit, rework and illustrate the book so it can be distributed.
The project includes the description of a town called „Ravensberg“, inspired by the German town of Ravensburg, 16 characters, 4 places of interest and 4 adventures. The setting is filled with undead, vampires and lycanthropes and befittingly located within the horror genre.
Ravensberg looks solid, well build, and thus I do recommend it to PFRPG fans.

Map Project

red red
MapForge – battlemap creation software for tabletop RPGs is a project that almost slipped by my attention, if it weren’t for a pointer from an user.
MapForge aims to create a software to enable people to create maps for their tabletop games. For which it does offer templates, designs and effects.
To be more specific it will help with designing battle maps, with a 3 to 5 feet grid. Opposed to country or world maps. It won’t just be a tool to layer some template graphics, but will provide lighting effects, day/nights filters and similar more advanced stuff that usually does require some advanced skill in photoshopping.
The creators are experienced as proven with the Battlegrounds Software project and got a demo version ready to download.
I do heartily recommend the project and advice to check it out fast, as it is within less of 24 hours of funding.

YouTube Project
Pathfumblers YouTube Channel is a small project by the people of Pathfumblers to upgrade their channel.
Which includes upgrading from a single, normal USB microphone to something decent, fit to record several participants.
I did notice that the Kickstarter does offer options to interact with the project in a kind of new way. Instead of just spending money on rewards you’ll find two call for help when you scroll down the brief amount of rewards.Where you might offer advice on which microphone or webcam to get or maybe offer a spare one. It’s the first time I’ve seen a project use the help request option, which is currently in a beta state, and am intrigued.
The project looks okay, and I’d recommend a look if you either want to see the help-system thing in action or want to support some fellow hobbyists.

Discussion at RSP-Blogs webboard

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