Crowdfunding Collection #40

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #40, which includes every project started between 22.05 till 31.05.

This time around I managed to do the small writeups, I used to make. In general, the collection holds two really cool cthulhu RPG, a fresh Western game from Sweden, as well as three fascinating story games. Next to various other cool project that are quite interesting..

Englisch English Crowdfundings

4 Role-Playing Games
2 Cthulhu Role-Playing Games
3 Story Games
1 Setting & Supplement (D&D 5E)
1 Adventure (D&D 5E)
1 Dice Tower
1 Dungeon Tiles Project
1 Podcast Project
1 LARP Project
1 Community Portal

German Crowdfundings

1 Supplement

Französisch French Crowdfundings

1 Setting

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Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Role-Playing Games

Western – the Roleplaying Game Western is coming! An award-winning game set in the wild west with balanced game mechanics, 300+ illustrations and loads of scenarios.
The project by Åskfågeln aims to fund the translation of the tabletop role-playing game from Sweden. The game looks absolutely beautiful, is well tested, in its fourth iteration and manage to cash in on no fewer than seven Swedish game awards.
Settingwise it’s Western, as the name says. Pure Western, without any big shenannigans like walking dead or other (weird) fantasy aspects.
Systemwise it has hit locations with a „target overlay“ system and appears to be somewhat on the crunchier side of classic tabletop RPGs.
The illustrations are done by Lukas Thelin, and again, they just look fantastic. The writing crew does not only sport Swedish authors and designers, but as well some international ones, among those Kenneth Hite (who just recently was revealed as a the lead designer for the new, fifth edition of Vampire: The Masquerade).
I do really like the concept and am in love with the artworks, yet I do consider the pricing a quite challenging to my budget, thus refrained yet to grab it. The creator appears as well to have had faced some challenges in their previous two projects.
Still, the project does strike me as competently made, intriguing and quite fresh, thus I do fully recommend it, and have star’ed it for myself.

Triten Gaming System The Triten Gaming System is a fun and innovative new framework for tabletop Pen & Paper RPG’s designed to be simple and robust.
The project description of the Triten Gaming system does nicely explain what the project is about. It offers a role-playing game framework to play. At first for Fantasy games, later on other genre like Science Fiction.
The system utilizes d10 which is rolled along two values, from what I understood an attribute and a talent. With the values being between 1 and 10.
I do like the illustration, the project gives the impression to be well made, and thus I do recommend it.

star Englisch
RPG of the Month Club, vol. 2 You’ll receive a new role-playing game PDF every month for a year for only $1 a month when you join the RPG of the Month Club, vol. 2.
The project aims to deliver one tabletop game a month to the backer for the span of a year. The games are quite varied:
Classical fantasy, FBI agents fighting eldritch horror, a spy RPG, one about pirates, a Superhero RPG, one post-apocalyptic Mad Max style, a Vampire & Werewolf apocalypse were one plays hunter (who eat the monsters for their powers), a space opera SF RPG, one set on Mars with evil corporations, a RPG that sees characters as criminals in a „tower city“, one where forest robots try to fight mechs and one where you are basically playing X-Com.
The whole bag of games is available at $12. White it might be difficult to believe that the author succeed, he apparently managed to do so in his first run.
I am intrigued enough that I backed it, even though somewhat hesitating, and to recommend to check it out.

Blood & Bones: Tabletop/PC Role-playing Game Think D&D meets Whitewolf meets Battletech but with digital character sheets.
The d30 system offers and suggest an excel spreadsheet as character sheet. Which, in face of at least 14 visible tables plus character overview, going by the video, almost seems reasonable.
The game will have three settings. Tolkien inspired Fantasy, a modern day setting with added space travel and a post-apocalyptic setting where the radiation caused magic.
Parts of the Kickstarter money should go to the funding of a Playtest and the actual writing of the game.
I don’t see any ressemblance to a White Wolf project and would be quite surprised if this heartbreaker will be created, even if the funding goal gets achieved.

Cthulhu Role-Playing Games

star Englisch
The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth Roleplaying Game A satirical Lovecraftian horror tabletop roleplaying game set in a children’s theme park using the Apocalypse World engine.
Rarely did a project instantly amaze me as much as „The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth“. Resulting in a leading to me expressing my joy in a Facebook post at the midnight hour zu:

Cthulhu! Powered by the Apocalypse! Kickstarter! Happiness! Horror!
Irgendwie bereitet mir das Projekt gerade absurd viel Freude

My happiness did remain when I kept on reading the project and giving it a closer look. The idea of a satire game, creating a cthulhoid theme park and play in it, does resonate with me.
The PbtA system ideas, like the integration of the park or the flexible system to create playbooks, are interesting.
Die PbtA-System Ideen, wie die Umsetzung des Parks oder das flexible Charakter / Playbook System, finde ich interessant.
Next to that the project does give a competent impression and the price is very charming.
Thus I backed it and recommend you do the same.

Cthulhu Dark Cthulhu Dark is a tabletop roleplaying game of cosmic horror, with stripped-back rules that drive a bleak and terrifying story.
The project by Graham Walmsley aims to create a new, rules light tabletop game to experience cthulhoid horrors.
With rules light being literally just two pages of rules, that are free to download. The whole book, that will clock in at about 200 pages, will elaborate on the rules, detail and explain them, yet won’t add any significant new ones. At least to my understanding of the description.
Next to the rules the book will offer extensive advice to the Keeper (the GM), how to run a game of Cthulhu Dark. The project offers the start of the Keeper chapter to provide backers with a first impression.
To enable a group to basically start from the get go, the book comes with 4 settings and a scenario for each. London 1851 comes with a free preview and will have the scenario „Screams of Children“. Next to London there’ll be Arkham 1692 (Scenario: The Doors Beyond Time), Jaiwo 2017 (Scenario: The Curse of the Zimba) andMumbai 2037 (Scenario: Consume). Offering a broad variety reaching from witch trails, the industrial revolution, to modern day Africa up to Cyberpunk in India.
The books are already written and only need to be edited and layout. Backers may get the raw version as „Cthulhu Dark Zero“ soon after the project finishes.
I do consider the price of 15 GBP for the PDF quite challenging but within limits. Yet 32 GBP plus 15 GBP shipping for Germany are very tough. Specially for a project from England.
I am still temped to back it and do recommend the game.

Story Games

High Plains Samurai An action-heavy tabletop RPG of gunslingers, samurai, gangsters, barbarians, steampunk, and superpowers on the brink of destruction.
The project would finance The Wardens next role-playing game after Killshot.
High Plains Samurai offers an interesting Steampunk setting with some apocalyptic aspect mixed in as well as a very varied selection of characters.
The system used is based on ScreenPlay. Thus offering a GM, dice while working from a cooperative approach. As one of its twists dice won’t be focused on success or failure, but on imposing complications on the opponent (with death being the ultimate complication).
I do like the setting description and the system reads intriguing. Which is why I do recommend you to give the Kickstarter a chance.

The Storymaster’s Tales: The Dark Fairytale Deep Immersion soundscape gaming experience, designed for candlelight play. Unique Co-operative adventures in a Grimm world.
I find the concept of Storymaster’s Tale quite intriguing and unique. The game comes with a track list offering narration as well as soundscapes. Which will lead the players through the game. While it has three ready-made scenarios that might be played as standalone or a campaign, it offers the possibility to create ones own adventures or inject ones own descriptions into the existing ones.
Thus I do imagine it to be a bit like the boardgames from the 90ties which required a VHS player, just adapted to tabletop role-playing games.
The game does have a GM position and the ideal group size ranges from three to twelve players. With the recommendation to set the moods with candles and stuff.
The Kickstarter does offer quite some videos, as well as sound sample, to provide backers with an idea about how it works.
I do consider it a very intriguing and exciting project that I do recommend and did star for future backing consideration.

Planet Crashers: Galactic Boogaloo Edition A comedic tabletop RPG about being Cliche Characters in an over the top Sci-fi Television show.
The game is the second project by Sproutli Games, after their first one has been delivered successfully and smoothly. Planet Crashers did originate from a 48-hour design challenge and is available for free.
The players assume the roles of cliche heroes and characters, act along their genre tropes and try to best the foe or villain. The setting is quite colorful, light and offers some humor, without giving me the impression of forcing it to much.
In regards of mechanics its apparently card based and uses a token based gambling system. I do consider Planet Crashers a quite charming project and recommend to check it out.

Setting & Supplement

Book of Exalted Darkness: Evil Adventures for 5E In a holy decopunk world where goodness reigns supreme you are an agent of evil—sow rebellion, destroy order, and make your game vile!
The newest project by the makers of „Mists of Akuma“ as well as „Hypercorps“ offers at the one hand a decopunk campaign setting (think Rocketeer, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) as well as a supplement to play evil characters in D&D 5th Edition games.
Interested backers are offered a free setting preview as well as fitting character sheets complete with an adbenture. Next to a well made description of what to expect in the Kickstarter.
My personal experience backing Mists of Akuma was good and the creators fulfilled the project to my satisfaction, thus I do recommend this project.


Dimgaard Vol. XVIII – 5E DnD Adventures 8 5th edition adventures comprising 2 story arcs & 2 supplements: Arcane Archer CR0-20 & 18th level Encounter Gallery/Side Quests.
The newest project by Dan Haas, brings him back to Kickstarter, and enables his supporters to fund the continuation of the Dimgaard saga.

Dice Tower

Solid Oak Dice Tower / Box / Tray An *affordable* hardwood dice tower / tray / box solution for your gaming needs – D&D/Pathfinder/RPG or boardgame!
The newest project of DonKay would like to fund the production and sales of reasonably priced dice towers made of hardwood. With one tower costing about 35 GBP with 7 GBP shipping to Germany.
While the towers do look nice, it’s outside of my budget for such an gadget.

Dungeon Tiles Project

Axolote Tiles 3: Fantasy Realms Make every dungeon look like it should with architecture and textures from many fantasy races!
As given with the description and pictures the project creators would like to fund a variety of tiles. The tiles are fit to create nice looking rooms and one might choose to add on some beasts, to go along.
I do consider it an interesting project from Mexico.

Podcast Project

TERMINATION SHOCK You get four 90+ minute podcasts of a new science fiction game, TERMINATION SHOCK.
The newest project by Greg Stolze aims to finance a podcast in which the new game „Termination Shock“ will be played (tested).
Given a certain stretch goal is met the core book of Termination Shock will be made available to the backer, even as it will be in a very, very raw format.
I do consider it an interesting idea and its the first podcast project I observed / notice that apparently faces no challenges getting funded.

LARP Project

Weekend Warrior A Cinematic Experiential Event where ordinary people will join in on an extraordinary adventure.
The Larp Weekend Warrior aims to finance is supposed to take place at the „Mountain Run Winery“ in Virginia (USA) from 29 of September till 01 of October. The organizers got a spot with about 25 acres of land and tried to choose a timeframe with a high likely hood of nice weather.
The players are planned to be presented with an opulent setting, fitting cloth as well as weaponry and food. The over night stay apparently happens in tents were one has to bring their own bedding.
It might be of interest for fantasy Larpers.

Community Portal

The Geek Initiative is creating inclusive content about women in geek culture
The project should make sure that the page persists and keeps offering articles. Geek Initative covers a broad variety of Geek-Topics, among those tabletop rpg and LARP.

German Crowdfundings

Pathfinder: Monsterhandbuch 5 und 6 Noch viel mehr abgefahrene Kreaturen und Konstrukte für Pathfinder, die sich auf dem üblichen Wege nicht umsetzen ließen.
The most recent crowdfunding project by Ulisses Spiele would like to check whether there is enough demand to publish the PFRPG monster manuals 5 and 6.
The manuals sport rather exotic, uncommon monsters. The illustration given in the project do see me somewhat curious.
With just 12 days remaining it’s a rather short project and I hope it does not only met its goal of 4.000€ for book number 5, but as well the 7.000€ stretch goal for book number 6.
Ulisses Spiele has proven over and again that they are very reliable in regards of crowdfunding projects.
Which is why I do recommend the project for everyone interested in PFRPG. Maybe its even worth considering if your interested in other fantasy settings and looking for inspiration.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch


L’Armée des Veilleurs 
Autour d’un univers narratif mêlant Histoire et Fantastique qui se déroule dans la Bretagne du haut Moyen Âge à l’époque des invasions Vikings, „L’Armée des Veilleurs“ propose une expérience Transmédia inédite. Aidez-nous à financer le site internet, pivot de ce projet !
The project aims to adapt for and present to the medieval world „L’Armée des Veilleurs“ various media, including being a tabletop setting. If the stretch goal of 9.200€ is met a fitting tabletop game is announced to be written.

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