Crowdfunding Collection #44

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #44, which includes every tabletop project started between 20.06 till 26.06.

Within this collection you’ll find three projects from Germany that don’t require any foreign language knowledge. Two of those should be of interest for those creating dungeons whether its laying out tiles or printing buildings, the third is a poker deck that did impress me.
Next to those you’ll find a fresh role-playing take on the story „The Yellow King“, a project celebrating the 90ties and the newest gamebook by Ryan North. DSA is about to get its first English supplement and there are tons of cool adventures, dice and other project.
The list has one of the rare dutch tabletop Kickstarters, aiming to translate „No, Thank you Evil“ by Monte Cook and a fascinating french „Beer & Pretzel“ RPG.
Though,… see for yourself:

 German Crowdfundings

2 Tiles & Terrain Projects
1 Deck of Playing Cards

Englisch English Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
1 Gamebook
1 Supplement
3 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
1 Music Project
1 Game Aid
1 Role-Playing Game Comic
3 Other Games (Storytelling Game, Hybrid, TCG)

niederländisch Dutch Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game

Französisch French Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game
1 Book Project

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star Indicates that I backed the project.

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red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

German Crowdfundings

Tiles & Terrain Projects

Saga World Builder: Modular tiles for tabletop and D&D games Create maps for pen & paper, role-playing, DnD and miniature games Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +hundreds of objects! ‚Dwarven Paper‘.
The project promises various tiles as described, that are able to be linked to create a floor plan. Next to that it aims at creating objects that might be used to decorate the floor plan further.
The tiles are quite solid and wipeable, enabling to you to make notes. The object range from loot to furniture and will stick once placed. Though they might as well be removed.
From my perspective the concept does look quite handy, has a cool design and is quite affordable.
It offers a basic box at €29 which includes about 250 pieces. Of those 100 are classic tiles, 160 are various objects and you’ll get 2 inventory tiles.
The complete set with about 500 elements is available at €49. Offering 200 classic tiles, 320 objects and 5 inventory tiles.
It is one of the few „tile and terrain projects“ where I myself feel tempted to back it. Thus I do give it a heartily recommendation.

Ages of Pirates Printable Tabletop Terrain Print your own terrain for your tabletop Pirate game.
The projects offers backer files for various terrain objects to be printed. For which a backer will need a 3D printer. I think the idea is reasonable and the creators are quite experienced. Attracting more than 100 backers so far.
I do recommend having a look, that is if you’ve got a 3D printer.

Deck of Playing Cards

star Englisch
Air Deck – The ultimate travel playing cards The world’s first truly travel optimized playing cards. Premium, waterproof, compact, lightweight, and durable.
While playing cards are used within some role-playing games I tend to not care about them at all. Yet, thanks to the fact it’s located in Germany, I gave it a chance.
I do like the design of the cards, their look, the fact the cards are durable and water resistant. Next to the general idea of having a travel set.
The sets do come in three colors and are in essence a normal poker deck. The price is, at least in my opinion, quite reasonable. Hence I did back it and do recommend the project.

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Role-Playing Games

star Englisch
The Yellow King Roleplaying Game from Robin D. Laws Written and designed by GUMSHOE master Robin D. Laws, YKRPG takes you on a brain-bending spiral through multiple selves and timelines.
As suggested by the title the game focuses on the mythos introduced by the popular short story anthology „The Yellow King“ by Robert W. Chambers.  The game uses a new edition of the Gumshoe System, which will be provided with its first book.
The game itself spreads out over four settings. Which might be used for campaigns of the players own imagination or within one, quite big campaign. The settings are:
) Paris, set during the Belle Epoque. The player characters are american art students delving into the Absinth soaked demimonde. Being confronted with mysteries involving Gargyles, Vampires and other creatures.
) The Wars, set into a big, European conflict in 1947. The player will assume the roles of bogged down soldiers who will struggle to stay alive in a weird and eerie battlefield that offers supernatural mysteries and occult machinations.
) Aftermath, set in North America 2017 as an aftermath to the war. An insurrection toppled the dictatorial regime and the player will assume the role of former partisans. Adjusting to the new life, building a society on the ruins of the civil war and confronting the idea that not all monsters might be banished.
) This is the new normal now, is set in contemporary 2017 as we know it. The world is only subtly permeated by supernatural beings and maddening reality conflicts and the player might assume the role of ordinary people banding together, getting a glimpse of their past lives, and ending the menace once and for all.
The setting is not only extensive, but will see the release of a supplement Absinthe in Carcosa, detailing the Paris in 1895 in a player facing fashion.
The creator Pelgrane Press is quite experienced in the handling of Kickstarter Projects as well as creating of role-playing games (both proven by „The Dracula Dossier„) as is Robin D. Laws.
While I am usually not such a big fan of all things Cthulhu I am very intrigued by this project. Enough to actually straight up back it.
I do very much recommend having a look at the project and to consider it.

Damn the Man, Save the Music! A roleplaying game about music, growing up, and dreaming big in a world that wants to make you small.
The newest project by Hannah Shaffner addresses the lifestyle of the 90ties, the love for music and for classic record stores. The players to assume the roles of characters in line with movies like „Empire Records“ or „Clerks“.
The game system used is Questlandia and the playing experienced should be along the line of a story game. Hannah did create other games based on the system before, like Noirlandia. A project I did gladly partake in.
I feel a little bit tempted to back this one, yet I am to young (’80) to have lived through this specific timeline and don’t harbor nostalgia for the period.
Yet I do still fondly recommend the project.


star Englisch
SHAKESPEARE PUNCHES A FRIGGIN‘ SHARK… and/or other stories Kickstarter Gold: the greatest works OF English literature, in the greatest format FOR English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
This is the newest project by Ryan North, author of game books like To Be Or Not To Be as well as Romeo and/or Juliet. Making another gamebook based on English literature.
I did took in the Kickstarter project of „To Be Or Not To Be“ and way very satisfied with the quality of the product and handling of the project.
As I like the idea of a shark punching Shakespeare I am yet again on board and recommend the project to you.


Englisch (
Warring Kingdoms – The Dark Eye RPG Adventure in the strife-torn lands of Andergast and Nostria in the first full regional supplement for The Dark Eye!


Breath of Gorr: Complete Tabletop D&D5E & Pathfinder Module! The Breath of Gorr is a Complete Digital D&D Module for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons & for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

Kickstarter Gold: Table Titans Fallen Veil Adventure Set Kickstarter Gold Exclusive Edition with two Table Titans Adventure Modules for Dungeons & Dragons, Game Tokens, Maps, & DM Screen!

The Folio #15, 1E/5E Format Adventure Module Creating an old school ‚forbidden island‘ adventure in 1E & 5E formats, for novice to experienced gamers.

Dice Projects

The ‚Spirit Of‘ Dice Range By Critit Introducing The ‚Spirit Of‘ Range of Dice by

The „Crit“ d20 Dice in new Colors This is a must-have die for any gamer. The Skull graphic on the „20“ face and a pile of poo on the „1“ face. Help us unlock more colors

Hardwood Hand-Crafted Dice Hand-cut. Hand-crafted. 100% Handmade from Select Hardwood. Unique One of a Kind Dice Sets.

Music Project

Vivat Imperium – The Ultimate Imperial City Soundscape Pack 116+ soundscapes set in a fantasy imperial city to bring your table top games to life – including an awesome Imperial War Pack!!!

Game Aid

The Game Master’s Journal A beautiful hardwood journal crafted specifically for tabletop gaming, that transforms into privacy screens & more. Custom Options!

Role-Playing Game Comic

Thieves Can’t – A meta comic book about tabletop gaming We’re making a LitRPG comic about tabletop gaming. We want to put physical copies in people’s hands, and in bookstores.

Other Games (Storytelling Game, Hybrid, TCG)

WritersBloxx Storytelling Party Game & Writers Prompt Tool WriterBloxx challenges individuals and groups to create stories using six or eight randomized word prompts. Millions of possibilities

Broadsword: A Game of Legendary Heroes and Epic Adventure A high fantasy adventure game of Heroes on an epic Quest, infused with modern design principles and a shiny new veneer.

Dimensions: The Arena – An RPG-based Single Card CCG/TCG Dimensions: The Arena is a collectible card game that you only need to collect one to three cards to play the game.

niederländisch Dutch Crowdfundings niederländisch

Role-Playing Game

RPG voor kinderen : Geen Monsters onder m’n Bed We brengen een fantasiewereld naar kinderen in het Nederlandse taalgebied. Tijd voor rollenspel ( RPG ) in Storia.
The project aims to finance the translation of the tabletop rpg „No, Thank you Evil“ by Monte Cook into Dutch. I do hope they’ll make it.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Role-Playing Game

red Französisch
Raôul Rendez hommage au jeu de rôle de l’été (qui sent sous les bras)
The game is a new, french tabletop rpg by Casus Belli and Black Book Editions. The game claims to be „Powered by the Apérocalypse“ (Schnapps-O-calypse) and the player assume the role of Raôuls.
Raôuls are a certain kind of person, drinking beer, eating sausage, sporting a schnauzer and wearing stuff like colorful, bit to tight t-shirts and strange hats. Owning something like a big but old BMW and being somewhat provincial. Reminding me of days of my youth when comedy movies like „Manta, Manta“ or „Werner –  Beinhart“ were a thing.
The whole project banks in on the comedy aspect of the idea and stretching the boundaries of taste by using the dreaded Comic Sans font a lot – a novelty for a French tabletop RPG project, which are usually more fancy.
I personally love the idea and style. It genuinely amuses me and I do recommend you to have a look at this Beer & Pretzel (well or rather Aperol & Baguette?) game. The crowdfunding spans only 7 days in total, so if your interested you shouldn’t wait to long on it.

Roman Projekt

Qualhiryann, volume trois Voulez-vous aider les Elus à retrouver leur souvenirs ?
The project aims to finance the third entry to a series of books based on a fantasy tabletop rpg campaign the author played.

Discussion at the RSP-Blogs Forum

  1. Hal Burdick sagt:

    I’m Hal Burdick of Invader Films. My two passions are filmmaking and gaming. Gaming came first, films came second.

    Invader Films efforts have been to blend what we think is cool about gaming with what we think is cool about filmmaking.

    For the bulk of those efforts, it has been about making films inspired by games.

    This time around we’re making a game inspired by horror films.

    We call it Graphic RPG.

    Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of Graphic. (

    We’d love for you to write a review of the game or talk about the game on a podcast.

    Would you like to Skype in and play a session with us to get the gist? We would send you a free copy of the rules, but they are still in note form and won’t be made ready for publication unless the Kickstarter funds.

    As game makers, we have successfully produced an RPG for kids called Atlas Kings.

    As filmmakers, we have produced three feature films (Voidfinder, Lights Out Rowan, and Neptune and Me), a web series (The Dangers of Daggermore), and several short films (The Drow Ballet, Newlywebbed, and 67 Fortunato).


    Hal Burdick

    • Teylen sagt:

      I Hal, I am sorry for the delayed reply. At first I was kind of occupied and than I caught a quite mean cold (where I still have a small aftermath going on).

      In general thank you for contacting me. I did include your RPG and it is currently first in the „Urban Action“ category.

      I am currently finalizing the next collection, though I doubt I’ll find time for the blurbs. There are like 14 tabletop core-book projects out there, and am not that well.

      I will likely as well lack the time to read a longer text, play or do a formal interview. Though you can contact me at, or in Skype via my nick Teylgran, my ICQ # is 6366123.

      Kind regards,

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