Custom character sheet PDFs for V5 (New and Updated!)

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Fans developed character sheets for playing V5, offering formfillable PDFs for everyone to use. In this article I will presented an updated version

Markus W. created a new version of the character sheet PDFs I previously featured. They feature an improved structure, the selection of drop down menus has been extended and various other aspects got adapted. I like the sheet, and it is the one I am using for my Hecata character whos exploit I describe in the Hecata Diaries on
Though, let’s get to the stars, the character sheets::

V5 character sheet PDF

V5 character sheet PDF (formfillable)

If you are looking for the first version of this character sheets, you can check my previous article on the topic.

Nerdbert created very cool, brilliantly designed character sheets which allow for customization regarding your prefered style elements and clan, by the use of layers:

V5 character sheet PDF

V5 character sheet PDF (formfillable)

You will find the most recent state of the character sheets in his VtM5e folder at Google Drive. The sheets are available in 8 different languages. If you like to see them in action, watch the video Vampire: the Masquerade – How to make a Character (V5 Workshop) by The Primogen.

Nerdbert does as well offer character sheets with a fan translation of the V5 sheet to German:

V5 character sheet PDF (German)

V5 character sheet PDF (German, formfillable)

It’s based on a previous edition, though he is working on improving the English version and then updating the German one. You can chose to get all his German V5 sheets by browsing the subfolder in Google Drive.

If you wish for various other languages, like Polish, Spanish, Portuguese or others, Nerdbert would love to get a glossary or like original (extended) sheet to offer the sheets in various edition.

Pedro Stein Guerro created character sheets for non-player characters! They aren’t formfillable (yet?), though they are available in English and Spanish:

V5 NPC character sheets – English

V5 NPC character sheets – Spanish

You’ll find the original document including both sheets in one PDF at Google Drive.

  1. […] Custom character sheet PDFs for V5 (New and Updated!) […]

  2. Nerdbert sagt:

    I was just in the process of updating my character sheets, when Teylen wrote this article. In the meantime, some of the links are old or unfunctional. By now, the character sheets are available in 4 languages (english, german, french, and spanish).

    Here is a working link to main folder with all different version:

    Keep in mind, that I keep updating the files, so check back regularly for updates.

    • Anonymous sagt:

      Any way we can add some blank pages to the fillable forms? I would love to have some typed up notes that I can grow as the game progresses. And I would like the pages to have the same border and fonts and such as the rest of the sheet. At the very least, a form that isn’t password protected so we can make our edits would be nice. Thanks for putting together these awesome sheets!

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