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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #142, including every tabletop rpg project started between 05/10 and 05/17.

A week late, because I have had a turbulent life, the translation of the issue #142.

There are quite some cool projects, though I decided to start with The Troubleshooters. The game is inspired by and presents the optic of franko-belgian comics of the 60s, including the pulp action style and setting. It is being published and produced by Arkhane Asylum Publishing, a French ttrpg publisher, with access to cool illustrations. The game uses a precentile system and you can checkout its quickstarter. Next to this game, the Tiny d6 system family receives a new entry, or rather update with the second edition of Tiny Thunderscape. As the name suggests, the system is rather light and d6 based, and the game offers a fantasy steampunk setting. The makers are very experienced in running successful campaigns, and I recommend it. If you prefer more classic fantasy, you should take a look at the SURVIVE THIS!! project. It’s a d20 system that combines an OSR approach with modern mechanics. Plus, the description offers a lot of insight for those interested.
Then there are cool settings. For example the world of Trudvang, in all its glorious illustrations, which is adapted to be played with D&D 5E. If you like the tale of Frank Baum, are into pirates and Savage Worlds, you should check out Battle for Oz: Pirates. Dwellings & Driveways: Keep on the Cul-de-Sac! is a module that raised my interest, as it offers quite mundane adventures. It looks cool and I like the idea, I am sold on it once it is available in Germany. I am as well intruiged by the Roll & Play supplement, which adds some variety to your games in general, as well as Dauntless, which provides characters, backgrounds and more for 60s pulp settings. Maybe you want to add some „rocks“ into your game? In this case you should check out the Mineralogy Manual – and might scold me for calling those rocks. I am really tempted by the MONTANA MOSS dice. They got moss and other plant thingies inside and I really like the,. The Deck of Many Animated Spells tarot set or the artbook Dark Romanticism for Shadows of Esteren are cool too..
You’ll find those and many more projects here:

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7 Dice Projects
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1 Virtual Game Table
3 Various RPG Projects

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