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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #152, including every tabletop rpg project started between 10/11 and 10/25.

After two weeks I am back with a fresh collection. I am not yet sure when I can do the next one, whether or not I can keep them up regularly, as I’ll be at a clinic for some time. Yet, let us dive right into this one.

Let’s start with a project I backed with great enthusiasm and passion: Thirsty Sword Lesbians! It is a game Powered by the Apocalypse system, which explores conflicts in a fantasy setting and the personal drama between the protagonists, and antagonists, that goes along with it. Right in the style and vain of series like SheRa or Revolutionary Girl Utena! The project nailed down the town, the playbooks themselves are inspiring, the preview looks promising and I trust Evil Hats ability to deliver. Plus, you’ll be supporting a diverse team of talented people. Check it out, it’s worth it! Making the vague theme of princesses a bit more concret you might like to have a look at The Excellents RPG. The game has an explicitely family friendly approach, offering adventures in a Cartoon world with a an extra portion of princesses. The game uses the Polymorph System, got some ENnies already and its financing a third print run. I’d say it is well worth having a look. Mud: A Golem Memoir takes a way more serious approach as in this solo-rpg you’ll be exploring life as a Golem. The zine sized game does explore challenging topics like the feeling to be out of the place in ones own body. I consider the game fascinating and I am tempted to back it. If your looking for a quick game with friends, check out Three-Step Plan. The game aims to offer one-shots and sports a character creation system in which you define the motivation and goal of your character first. The project does offer insight into various aspects of the game, and it might be worth having a longer look. If you are into creating your own worlds, instead of just characters, the reprint of the UNBOUND RPG will have you covered. Though you gotta be fast.
Fans of fantasy games should take a look at WanderSquares. Conceptwise it is somewhat between a gamebook and a ttrpg. The world gets laid out with cards and you check a book what will be happening on the tile in question. An interesting project, though my curiosity got spiked by the evocative artstyle. If you like out to explore dungeons Perilous Roleplaying has been covered. You’ll be creating the dungeon as you play and the game can be played with or without a GM, just as you like it. Then there’s EvenRa, offering a Fantasy world of its own, including races, creatures, classes and a dice system of its own. All explained in detail on the project page. I’d place After: Emerging from the Fall right between Fantasy and SciFi. The D&D 5E powered game explores the world in the far Cyberpunk future, after some apocalypse, that turned quite fantas-y It cools quite interesting, take a look.
If you are looking for a purely Cyberpunk game, check out Carbon 2185. A successful campaign will finance a fresh print run with a seriously updated core book. I remember seeing the game on Dragonmeet last year, and I do recommend it if you like Shadowrun or Altered Carbon! You might as well get so Anime inspired SciFi by pledging for Sengai Jidai. A Fate game, covering material from Sailor Moon, X/1999 up to Serial Experiment Lain, with an extra dose of cyborgs and Kajiu. Including a unique and beautiful artstyle! Take a look and support it, the project does need some more backers and would deserve them. I am personally looking forward to Drakar, as it uses not only d6 but dominoes as well! With a setting somewhere between Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Expanse I am hooked. I marked the microRPG for review and may pledge for it.
Fans of gamebooks should take a look at Haunted Tower – a mix of a classic gamebook and a comic with quite a Halloween vibe. For a more classic approach you should have a look at the The Iron Uprising: Wanderer Gamebook+. It will set you up with adventures involving cybered up dwarfs.
There are plenty more exciting and cool projects. For example the RS²: Roleplaying Social Relationship System zine, that provides tools to manage all those pesky relationships. I backed it. You might add music to your game with sourcebooks or rather materials like TRPG Tweaks. Well and the adventure Putrescence Regnant brings literal music to MÖRK BORG exploits – as it contains a vinyl. There are cool dice like the Birds of ParaDice or the Candy Heart d6 Dice Set. If you like to track your stats, check out The Amulet of Life. Well, and you can prepare to get festive with the Mythroll Armory’s Adorable Dungeon Christmas Ornaments.
You’ll find these and many more cool projects here:

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