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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #158, including every tabletop rpg project started between 01/12 and 01/17.

This Sunday the collection is back to its regular schedule, the number of projects isn’t as big as before, yet there are quite some nice ones among those started. Let’s get to them.

The game Dungeon Bitches pretty much had my attention with its name. As suggested by the title, you’ll be playing female or non-binary characters exploring and existing within a dungeon; in which they might feel more at home than within the outside world. The ruleslight game, that’s based in Powered by the Apocalypse systems, focuses on drama and relationships. The artwork is quite unique, and I’ll be trying to fit a physical edition into my budget. The game End Times has the characters engage in time travel to prevent one apocalypse, likely to be followed by the need to prevent another one and another one. Though it is less the characters in person travel through time (save from normal living) but rather their conciousness. The quite interesting setting can be played and explored by using either a Powered by the Apocalypse rules set or the „ORC 2.0“ system. Thus, enabling different approaches. In Coils of Chaos the apocalypse apparently has already taken place creating rather chaotic fantasy future. Which is fascilitated with the „Crux Engine“, using d4 dice which consequently can be upgraded to bigger dice.
If you are looking for a game more on the storytelling side of RPGs, check out Tapestry. You apparently lay out cards with buzzwords on them out akin to a domino game, and create the story along the impulses given. Which I consider quite fascinating.
This time around, I’ll be highlighting two Patreons as well. Let’s start with Nerdbert. He creates beautiful custom character sheets for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition, which I previously featured on my blogs. Considering I featured them, it is suffice to say that I do like and cherish them, and thus back his endeavor. You can get even more character sheets via the patreon of OldMightyFriendlyGamer (OMFG). His V5 sheets are quite stunning, and thus I joined to offer some support of mine as well. Hence my recommendation to check out both patreons.
You find those and a more, cool, worthy, projects here:

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