Crowdfunding Collection #192

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #192, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/13 and 02/27.

In the past two weeks 110 projects have been started and are still live. There are plenty of cool ones and I recommend having a look.

Englisch English Crowdfundings

5 Roleplaying Games
6 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
4 Grim Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Games
3 Mörk Borg insp. Roleplaying Games
4 Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games
5 SciFi Roleplaying Games
2 Science Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 Roleplaying Game Anthologies
2 Solo Roleplaying Games
1 Two Player Roleplaying Game
3 Gamebooks
3 Settings
2 D&D 5E Settings
5 Sourcebooks
6 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
2 OSR/OSE Sourcebooks
6 Adventures
2 OSR/OSE Adventures
2 DCC/MCC Adventures
9 D&D 5E Adventures
6 Dice Projects
2 Spezialized-Dice Projects
2 Dice Towers
6 Accessoires
4 Map Projects
1 App
1 Enamel Pin
4 Various RPG Projects

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game
1 Sourcebook
1 Adventure

Französisch French Crowdfundings

3 Roleplaying Games
1 Setting

 Italian Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings

1 Sourcebook

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed a project, would it offer an option to ship to Germany.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

The tiny pile

Is an emoji to flag projects I personally consider abysmal. Whether it is due to aspects of theme, structue, copyright or other reasons.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 The project is, in my opinion, bad (a piece of dung)

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Roleplaying Games


(star) Englisch
Groundbreaking Tabletop RPG that teaches Sign Language (ASL and BSL included)

(star) redred Esther and the Queens

(star) redred Englisch
A Purim-themed Jewish tabletop roleplaying game featuring Queen Esther, carnival games, lots of drama.

The Fall of Home

Your home is gone. The ruins, and your memories, remain. A diceless, collaborative storytelling TTRPG for 2-5 players.

Ocean Tides, the Physical Edition for #ZiMo

A GMless tabletop game of entanglements at sea based on Mobile Frame 0: Firebrands.


Picaroons is an adventuring tabletop roleplaying game for picaresque adventures; take on the role of a Picaroon, a rogue who must rely on their wits to make their way in an uncaring world.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

(star) Zin Never Dies: The Roleplaying Game

(star) Englisch
Enter a fantasy world inspired by classic Japanese animated films, fairy tale charm & folklore darkness…

Old-School Essentials Fantasy RPG Box Sets

Two deluxe boxes of monsters, magic, wonder, and peril. 100% old-school rules, 100% modern design.

One Particular Harbor

A game of pirates, sailors, mermaids, and making messy entanglements.

red Eon: Troll & vättar och Tre äventyr

red Schwedisch/Englisch
Four books to the tabletop role-playing game Eon.

redred Dungeon Local 001

redred Englisch
A reverse-dungeon crawling RPG about taking back your home from meddling adventurers and tyrannical overlords. Part of Zine Month 2022!

All Bastard

In a busy tavern, Heroes from across the realm gather around a table to share tales of their latest Hunt, noblest deeds, and the Bastards that got in their way

Grim Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Games

(star) Zweihander Fantasy Horror RPG Starter Kit

(star) Englisch
Everything you’ll need to play Zweihander RPG in a beginner-friendly box.

Darkest Days

Darkest Days is a dark fantasy TTRPG where players embody heroes of old, returned to save the realm

Grim Harvest

Grim Harvest is a hybrid dungeon crawler boardgame/ttrpg for 1-5 players (it can also be played solo), set in a gloomy world on the brink of disaster.

Astro Inferno

A beyond Grim Dark TTRPG of Epic violence & Fantastic despair.

Mörk Borg insp. Roleplaying Games

d6 ARKFORT etc: GM-less pocket RPGs

d6-only GM-less pocket RPGs—based on DARK FORT & MÖRK BORG

Yigderra TTRPG | a Mörk Borg Hack

A whimsical trash-verse rpg built on the bones of Mörk Borg’s rules light system.

ORC BORG – brutal chaos powered by MÖRK BORG

Fight, steal, yell and party in a doomed spaceship on a collision course with heaven

Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game

Spin epic Mythos tales of cosmic horror across the Weird Century in a complete, stand-alone roleplaying game powered by the AGE System!

(star) Hellborn

(star) Englisch
A Tabletop RPG of sin and second chances, set in a modern Hell


Entering into a Nightmare infested world, where the supernatural prey on humanity and mankind must struggle against the forces of evil.

Forgotten Ruin – The Role Playing Game

Set in the wildly popular novel universe of Forgotten Ruin, take on the role of a special forces team as they battle to tame the Ruin!

SciFi Roleplaying Games

Freelancer’s Guide, a scifi deckbuilding RPG system

A guide to playing Freelancers in a mega-corp controlled galaxy with a deckbuilding RPG system that uses playing cards.

LAST SENTINELS: a mecha RPG zine

Tell the tragic story of a doomed mech pilot as they protect their remaining people from a relentless foe.

Orbiters Local 519

An industrial sci-fi dungeoncrawler RPG built for the open table.


A team of Bad-Ass Androids save the day, with every tough decision becoming more human along the way. No RNG just resource management. Do anything, not everything

Heavens of Khepri

Heavens of Khepri was the hottest Scifi MMORPG on the market, but not to you. To you, it is home, it is a prison, it is purgatory.

Science Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Attack From Space: The RPG

Knights -vs- Alien Invaders – An epic showdown powered by the LUMEN system. A ‚Zine Month Roleplaying Game!

Other Earths – A d6 Science Fantasy TTRPG

The Multiverse is under siege by an elven empire. Fight for survival in a city of refugees and beyond.

Roleplaying Game Anthologies

Equinox: A Storytelling Game for 1-6 Players

Using Tarot cards, six-sided dice and your imagination, create and explore a fae world of turmoil and adventure!

The Clawhammer Compendium 2021

A bundle hosted by Clawhammer Games with content from 90south, Alice V., birb_nerb, Clawhammer Games, Jacob Allyn, Michael Bacon, stargazersasha, ✨Beth Jackson

Solo Roleplaying Games


A solo roleplaying game about exploration, discovery, and finding your place. Inspired by the world of Dune.

Colostle – The Roomlands

The adventure continues in this expansion to the solo RPG journalling adventure game, Colostle

Two Player Roleplaying Game

I Have the High Ground

A collaborative two-player dueling TTRPG of banter, posturing, and capes


The Last Oath

This is a single-player role-playing full illustrated gamebook, (Fighting Fantasy style). Created by me (Lucas Rolim) and will be delivered in June.

Only The Dead Will Hear Your Screams – A Horror Gamebook

Only The Dead Will Hear Your Screams is a new horror themed gamebook where you play as an investigative journalist.

Hotel „Belle Vue“ – Sci-fi detective gamebook

Find the right solution.


Rackham Vale: Paintbox Edition

Fantasy Adventure from the Art of Arthur Rackham…Upgraded!

redred Hell on the High Plains: A Deadlands Booster Campaign

redred Englisch
New setting material and accessories for the original Weird West setting. Powered by the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game.

The Elven Renaissance

The land of the elves is timeless and enduring. Or so it was. This original roleplaying game setting reimagines the elven homeworld.

D&D 5E Settings


FatesEnd Furhaven – 5e Setting, Beginner RPG & 3D Printables from the Animal World of Aloria.

Benji’s Guide To Rentooki Island

A 5e island setting for Game Masters and Players full of all sorts of new monsters, races, items and more!


Gregor’s Guide to Gates, for Use With Fantasy RPGs

A 36-page, 4″ x 6″ hardcover collection detailing 25 different ways to travel between worlds. Created by Philip Reed.

Splat 3: Touched

Essays on bringing intimacy and romance into your TTRPGs

Beasts of the Outer Swells

A system-neutral RPG zine about fearsome sea monsters of the Rainy City, a doomed fantasy metropolis where the rains never stop!

Mechs In Motion

Real-time Strategy combat for Lancer RPG

Grasslands | Volume 1

A stunningly illustrated fantasy adventure novel with TTRPG supplements

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

It’s Tough to Be a God (5e)

Rules for divinity; create, play, & destroy the gods for 5th edition TTRPGs. New playable races, divine beasts, & more!

Epic Legacy Tome of Titans – Vol. 2

The Expanded Guide to Epic Foes for Epic Legacy – 5th Edition Beyond 20th Level!

Cyran’s Magnificent Walking Marketplace

A new supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, exploring and expanding the world of commerce with new classes, races, and rules.

Magicians Menagerie

A collection of 5e-compatible unique spellcasters for inspiration and implementation.

red Dreamkind

red Englisch
Unleash the magic of Imaginary Friends and Nightmares in your games! Supplement for fantasy role-playing games. Compatible with DnD 5E.

MyThicc Encounters: Smutty 5e Villains

A collection of 5e villains with a lot to love.

OSR/OSE Sourcebooks

(star) The Voayafe appendix

The Voyage appendix is a „zine“ in the format of a collection of index card gaming aids intended to flesh-out aspects of voyage and exploration in minimalist OSR role-playing games, that lack such a system, or to add to an established system.

Gig Economy

200 retainers and hirelings for Old-School Essentials and OSR games


(star) What Stalks the Foggy Cobbled Streets

(star) Englisch
A zine with tables to inspire gothic horror tabletop adventures in the vein of Poe, Shelley, Stoker, and Radcliffe.


A multi-system RPG zine that takes you to several fantastic locations and unveils exotic creatures

Overworld – Tabletop RPG Monster Manual Zines

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda – Available in 5e, System Neutral, and SURVIVE THIS!! rules formats.

Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale

A brilliant DCC, 5E, and OSR jungle adventure (and more!) from Purple Sorcerer Games, influenced by the folklore of S.E. Asia

redred The Banshee of Billfort – DuckQuest RPG Adventure Zine

redred Englisch
Uncover the macabre mystery of Billfort Keep! A duckly humorous adventure set in the wondrous, wacky world of AquaLoonia. #ZIMO2022

Hard Wired Island: Stories From L5

Scenarios and campaigns for the Hard Wired Island RPG. Core book PDF available as an addon!

OSR/OSE Adventures

DNGN: Weird-Fantasy Megadungeon Zine

A risograph printed adventure zine for use with Old-School Essentials and other OSR systems.


A whimsical, weird, and dangerous dungeon module for Old-School Essentials

DCC/MCC Adventures

Dungeon Crawl Classics 100: Music of the Spheres is Chaos

An epic boxed dungeon crawl that spins on four separate axes. You won’t mistake this for any other adventure, anywhere, ever.

The Valley Out of Time series for S&W DCC MCC

The Valley Out of Time is a series of ‚zine-sized adventures borrowing heavily from classic dinosaur art, books, and movies.

D&D 5E Adventures


10 One-Shot Adventures for DnD / 5e & OSR fantasy TTRPGs in a 160-page hardcover book!

Crucible Magazine

A monthly magazine for 5e in print, PDF and Foundry VTT; packed with adventures, 4 pg comic, interviews and more:

The Marvelous Mimic Mansion – A 5E adventure

More Mimics than you’ve ever seen in this level 3 to 5 adventure for 5E. Attention: the module itself may bite.

One-shot Dungeons for 5E – 1€

Five ready-to-use dungeons for D&D 5E

red SideQuests 6: More Easy Adventures for 5E Dungeons & Dragons

red Englisch
More easy one-shot adventures for Fifth Edition, designed to pick up and play directly from your existing campaign and game world.

Song of the Nehmet – 5E Fantasy Horror Module

An apocalyptic dark fantasy adventure module for 5E.

Roosticorn Adventures 5e Adventure

The Hunger God of the Darakhul Part One: Darakhul Awaken

red The Sands of Despair: a D&D 5E and PF side trek

red Englisch
A short side trek adventure, compatible with D&D 5E and Pathfinder, for a party of about 6th level.

The Fortress of Shadow – for DnD 5E RPG – only $4

The Fortress of Shadow is an Exciting 5E D&D Compatible Adventure for 6-9th Level Characters.

Dice Projects

The Elder Dragon Dice Collection

A unique collection of zircon dice for your magical role-playing needs!

Cracked Stone Dice Collection with Giant 40mm D20s

Stone Dice Collection with Giant 40mm D20s

Silhouette Astrology Dice

A set of handcraft astrology dice made by natural crystal.

Gashadokuro: The Skeleton Spectre Dice

Unique dice inspired by the giant skeleton yokai from Japanese folklore.

Dice set to fight the Ancient Ones

I want to create nice dice set to fight with Great Old Ones. Designed with passion in Poland. Produced by professionals in Poland.

Handcrafted 8 set Resin Dice for Tabletop games

Getting into the art of dice making with resin. Decided to make my own unique version of dice and to hopefully get other to enjoy them.

Specialized Dice Projects

Quickstarter: DECIDE

A twelve-sided whiteboard dice to help you make decisions and get creative !

AutoCrit D20

For all those times a „19“ just won’t cut it.

Dice Towers

(star) red Frost Phoenix – A Sculptural Dice Tower

(star) red Englisch
An epic and unique Sculptural Frost Phoenix Dice Tower made from special translucent and tinted resin.

Pillars of Stone: Elementals

Dice Towers and Minions – Earth, Fire, Water and Air, compatible with openLOCK.


Stackii: Game Storage & In Game Organizer

A Modular, Stacking Storage & Game Tile System for RPG, Tabletop & Board Gamers

Dice Boxes and Dice Trays By Ravenwood

Exceptional Craftsmanship for Your Gaming Table

Meyklorian Lock & Key Dice Tower-Tray Hybrid

Meykloria Gaming is proud to present attractive & practical tabletop gaming tools that enable continuous gameplay without losing dice.

Caver & Cube Familiar Minis, Books, and the C20 (Cave D20)

Massive Cave Familiars Players Can Inhabit and Battle Like Medieval Mechs. System neutral and ready to slay. Books, Minis, Dice + more

Glowup Gaming Accessories

High quality Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons gaming accessories from hard wood: fluorescent theme.

Dragon Backs- Pewter Game Tokens for Table Top Gaming

Hand-cast, custom painted pewter games tokens for table top gaming – DnD – MtG – RPG

Map Projects

D&D 125+ Digital fantasy maps for tabletop games

Huge collection of fantasy digital maps for tabletop RPG’s

red Customizable Fantasy World and Region Maps for Tabletop RPGs

red Englisch
More than 40 world & regional fantasy maps of all kinds for role-playing games and 5th Edition.

Triple Tilemap Package + NPCs, Enemies, Items and D&D Story

This package contains 3 sets of 50 tilemaps with forest, dungeon, and castle themes. Plus some characters, items, and DnD story events.

TTRPG Map pack #2

Pack of 11 maps with 8 of them containing night versions. A total of 19 encounter maps for just £1.


Tabula Sono Virtual Tabletop

A simple and out-of-the-way 3D Virtual Tabletop for all Tabletop RPG games and systems. No downloads, no installs.

Enamel Pin

Dragon Cows Enamel Pin Series

A Series of enamel pins, stickers, and dice inspired by D&D! Come meet the cute little dragon cows!

Various RPG Projects

Hero Pencils

Bring more sword, axe and magic to your tabletop roleplaying adventures with weaponised pencils.

NPC Tracker

Magnetic Character Tracking System with Swappable Portraits for Organizing NPCs in Tabletop RPGs

RPG Classic Monsters: Gelatinous Cube. D&D Coaster #3

D&D inspired Art Served Up as Collectible Art Drink Coasters

Geek Villain Ltd – Neoprene Mats for Tabletop Gaming

Geek Villain’s Kickstarter for our new Neoprene Battle Mats! We will introduce new sizes, hexes, squares and grids to our mats!!!

Deutsch German Crowdfundings Deutsch

Roleplaying Game

star Charmante Schwertlesben

star Deutsch
Wo immer Klingen gekreuzt werden und Herzen höher schlagen, sind die Charmanten Schwertlesben nicht weit!

spain Spanish Crowdfundings spain

Roleplaying Game

Hispania: Incursione Barbárica

El imperio romano llega a su fin. Los bárbaros asolan Europa a sangre y fuego. Lucha para sobrevivir en un mundo azotado por la guerra.



Patrocina la publicación de los suplementos Babilonia Mítica, Roma Mítica y Britania Mítica para el juego de rol Mythras.


Campaña Ragnarok: Juegos de Manos

La primera gran campaña para Ragnarok, el juego de rol de terror contemporáneo. Recorre el mundo para evitar el apocalipsis.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Roleplaying Games

Catakombes Dark Reign Jeu De Rôle

L’Histoire, telle que nous la connaissons, ne relate pas tout…

La dernière apocalypse

Le jeux de rôle post-apocalyptique du moment


Warpland est un monde sauvage, un JDR à l’ambiance Science-Fantasy psychédélique avec un graphisme digne des grandes années de Metal Hurlant.


Le 11ème Univers

Un univers entier et unique avec son histoire et ses personnages, servant de base à des livres et des scénario de jeux de rôle.

 Italian Crowdfundings

Roleplaying Game

S.h.i.t.! Silly Heroes In Trouble! – GdR
Diventa un Avventuriero Sfigato e vivi goliardiche avventure nel magggico mondo fantasy di S.h.i.t.!

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings Schwedisch


Skjut dom i huvudet – Expansioner!

Tre råa expansioner som tar zombierollspelet till helt nya nivåer av äventyr.

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included.

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext,, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

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