Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #194

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Es gibt eine frische Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #194 (Zeitraum: 13.03 bis 29.03).

Ihr findet erneut viele interessante Rollenspiele und weitere Bücher wie Material. Wenn ihr Projekte, die in dem Zeitraum gestartet wurden und noch laufen, vermisst meldet euch einfach.

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings

3 Rollenspiele
5 Fantasy Rollenspiele
2 Urban Drama Rollenspiele
4 Urban Fantasy Rollenspiele
2 Superhelden Rollenspiele
3 XY-Punk Rollenspiele
1 Hybrid Rollenspiel
4 Settings
4 Ergänzungsbände
6 D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände
2 D&D 5E Bestiary Ergänzungsbände
5 Abenteuer
4 D&D 5E Abenteuer
3 Mörk Borg Abenteuer
6 Würfel Projekte
4 Accessoires
4 Plüschige Würfel-Accessoires
3 Kartendecks
2 Karten Projekte
1 Enamel Pin
3 Apps
1 Klangwelt
5 Weitere RPG Projekte

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings

1 Rollenspiel
1 Abenteuer

Das Sternchen
star Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützt habe.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, hätte ich mehr Geld.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, würde es zu mir liefern.

Das Rot-Punkt System
Ist ein System zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen:

redred Das Projekt hat nur noch Stunden bis zum Abschluss
red Das Projekt hat 7 Tage oder weniger bis zum Abschluss

Die Angabe gilt jeweils ab Veröffentlichung der Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht und wird nicht nachträglich ergänzt.

Das Häufchen
Ist ein Emoji zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten, die ich persönlich schlecht finde. Dies kann thematische, rechtliche oder strukturelle Gründe haben.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 Das Projekt ist meiner Meinung nach Mist (Schrott)

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings Englisch


Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast

A slice-of-life legacy tabletop role-playing game about a found family and their magical home.

Dandies & Dandyzettes

A Regency Role-Playing Game

The Biggest Praxis Kickstarter

A series of games for the Praxis roleplaying series. Odin’s Eye II. Carcass. Devil’s Maze. Harpy Fields. and others.

Fantasy Rollenspiele

Disaster Hamsters 2.0

Play as hamsters and other tiny critters in this epic TTRPG book — featuring 5e mechanics, a huge campaign setting, and an adventure!

Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders + Cypher System RPG

Two different games, one great world! A campaign-based dungeon-crawl board game and an RPG system to go on endless adventures!

Westlands, a 2D6 System RPG Core Book – $1

We’re creating Westlands, a 2D6 system sword and sorcery RPG. Get the core book for $1.

redred The Dungeon Gits

redred Englisch
A Dark Fantasy RPG

Nuovarden – An Original Sci-Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Invoke powerful manifestations as you explore a vast and dangerous landscape full of mystery and lore. Featuring a robust d4 system!

Urban Drama Rollenspiele


A mystery game of courtroom drama for 4 players

Dark Nation: A tabletop role-playing game

Uncover the truth, struggle for justice, pay the price

Urban Fantasy Rollenspiele

(star) The Real Thing RPG

(star) Englisch
Officially based on the music of Faith No More, this TTRPG is a Powered by the Apocalypse adaptation that is simple and gritty.

(star) Fight to Survive

(star) Englisch
Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart

Deimos Academy

A GM-less, collaborative horror roleplaying game in a coloring book, about adults returning to their creepy old boarding school.


The Tabletop Game of Interdimensional Horror

Superhelden Rollenspiele

Staged Heroism RPG

A Comedic RPG of Super-Heroics, Super-Villainy, and Failure at its Best

Wyrd Street: D20 TTRPG System

A D20-based action-adventure TTRPG about lower class heroes fighting for the people they love.

XY Punk Rollenspiele

(star) Between Clouds – A Roleplaying Game of Flying Beasts

(star) Englisch
Between Clouds is a colorful, queer, biopunk RPG about a family of misfits navigating the open skies atop their beloved flying beast.

(star) CBR+PNK: Augmented

(star) Englisch
A tabletop RPG for one-shot cyberpunk action using streamlined Forged in the Dark rules.

Steam & Punk

Englisch /
Un gioco di ruolo da fine ‚800

Hybrid Rollenspiel

Rad Zone Totality – The 1-2 Player Roll and Write RPG Game

The Updated and Complete edition of Rad Zone the roll and write, print and play game set in a harsh post apocalyptic future


Aquatic Adventures

The definitive old school underwater sourcebook

Tempest: A Seafarers Sourcebook | Nautical expansion for 5e!

Experience the dark mystery of a pirate-filled maritime campaign setting with Tempest, the ideal buccaneers companion for DnD 5e!

The Griffon’s Saddlebag: Book 2

The anticipated sequel with over 500 game-ready magic items, player options, settings, and more for 5e. Give out better treasure!

redred Castle Vordanrok

redred Englisch
A highly-detailed 5e castle setting


Tome of Adventure Design

A system-neutral sourcebook for designing fantasy adventures, usable with 5e D&D and other fantasy roleplaying tabletop games.

🛡️Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes – GM guide for Any RPG

Remarkable Guilds is your game master guide for roleplaying valiant fantasy guilds and factions. Compatible with any fantasy RPG.

Ken St Andre’s Monsterary of Zimrala

A Fantasy Bestiary for Any Role Playing Game and the Monsters! Monsters! RPG.

Secrets From The Black Palace – MÖRK BORG Zine

A twenty-page zine detailing d20 Deadly Tools of the Shadow King’s Court .

D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände

The Herbal Journal of Cicely Longbottom: a DnD supplement

A book of 100+ plants, recipes, monsters, poisons and plots that’ll spark adventure and add detail to your worlds!

redred The Oracle Issue 21 RPG Magazine

redred Englisch
Bringing you 5e compatible content including adventure, magic items, NPCs, creatures and more!

red Armaments of the Luminant Age

red Englisch
A Book of Weird Fantasy Arms & Equipment for Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Pathfinder 2nd Edition

red Dyson’s Book of Swords

red Englisch
An illustrated collection of 50 magical swords for use with all editions of the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

Blessings, Healing, and Peace for Ukraine

A collection of healing spells, rewards, magical ceremonies & monk archetypes for your D&D 5E games.

red Complete Thaumaturgic Codex 5e

red Englisch
More than 100 new spells and magic items for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

D&D 5E Bestiary Ergänzungsbände

Bergin’s Book of Beasts – DnD 5e

200+ new beasts and new beast-flavored subclasses for your DnD 5e adventures.

The Tiny Tome of Living Spells

A new small compendium of weird Spell Monsters for the 5th edition D&D for $1USD. (5e DnD) Dungeons and Dragons.


Adventure Begins Here

A guide to beginning campaigns with 8 introductory scenarios for your TTRPGs. Perfect for new GMs or tables with new players.

Smoking Wyrm Monograph 2: The Hangman’s Garden

A timeless DCC introductory adventure!

The Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos

An RPG adventure for TROIKA!

Station XENO – A Sci-Fi Horror RPG Module

A suspenseful SOLO/CO-OP adventure in a dangerous research station, made for the Death In Space Sci-Fi Horror RPG

Hell Comes to Bogtown

A menace grows in the swamps of the Wicked Fens. Can our heroes root it out?

D&D 5E Abenteuer

(star) Adventures in ADHD

(star) Englisch
A 5e module to learn about ADHD in a fun easy way while adventuring through the Feywild.

An Unexpected Wedding Invitation (5e)

A Jane Austen-inspired Romance and Mystery Roleplaying Adventure for Fifth Edition (DnD/RPG)

The Heart of Chentoufi: Adventure in Luke Gygax’s Okkorim

5e compatible scenario from Luke Gygax – the Son of Gary Gygax. Luke played Melf, authored Gaxmoor, Founded Gary Con and now Okkorim!

redred Adaptable Encounters for D&D5E – $1USD Into The Wild Edition

redred Englisch
Two new sets of unique encounters for your favorite TTRPG

Mörk Borg Abenteuer

TRAPPED SOULS – Mork Borg Compatible

One shot add on scenario , meant to be played with Mork Borg

the Sepulchre of endless Dread

A Mork Borg inspired dungeon, filled to the brim with stylized death and destruction. Prepare to lose your minds and your lives!

red Dungeoneer’s Black Book | A Mörk Borg Supplement

red Englisch
A collection of dungeons not suited for the feeble-minded.

Würfel Projekte


Magnetically Floating and Functional Dice Sets

1985 Games Presents: Sharp Edge VHS Dice

Sharp-edge resin dice like you’ve never seen before. Take a journey to the ’80s with 1985 Games VHS Dice.

The Revenge: Hollow Pirate Dice (Relaunch)

Hollow Metal Pirate Dice

Caged Dragon Dice & More

Metal Hollow Caged Dragon Dice, Spherical Dragon Dice and Limited-Edition Dragon Gaming Mat.

Town of Click Clack Dice

The Town of Click Clack needs your help Adventurer! Unlock awesome 8-Piece TTRPG Dice in this campaign.

Milo’s Amazing Dice – Relaunch

Incredible patent dice with multiple values that literally change the game. 11 reward games selection (some classic, some new)


Crystal Ice: Polyhedral Dice Stands

Crystal Resin Stands for Polyhedral Dice Sets

The Academic 133+ XL

It’s time to bring my own deck box to the table, the one of my dreams. Gamegenic and I designed a box with all my must-haves and wishes

„Stacked Dice“ Dice Tower (STL files for 3D Printing)

You’ll never lose sight of this not-so-subtle dice tower. Drop your dice into the top for a random roll. For tabletop games.

Smells Like D&D

Add an extra dimension to your tabletop games with these location inspired candles and matching dice sets.

Plüschige Würfel-Accessoires

D&D Fabric Designed by Express Your Fandom

Fabric for making D&D desirables. The fabric will be released on Spoonflower and can be used for making products to sell.

Dice Goblin Plushie!

Store your dice in style. I promise it will give them back . . . maybe . . .

Familiar Dice Trays!

Gorgeous dice trays, with inner storage, in the shape of your favourite familiar creatures!

RPG Animal Acquaintances

RPG crochet animal figurines to accompany to the previous RPG Crochet Companions series


CRIT Effect (Spells & Magic) FRIGHT Effect (Fear & Phobias)

Enhance your 5E & RPG for your spell casters and apply more EPIC adventure options into your game. Custom dice and card effects.


A collection of NPCs and Locations for use with fantasy RPGs.

Psychic Enhancement Cards – ESP Deck

Enhance your Extra Sensory Perception with this enhancement deck

Karten Projekte

red Nero: Starship Map & Miniature

red Englisch
Deckplan posters and cast resin miniature. A massive freight hauler for Starfinder & other sci-fi RPGs.

Dungeon Rolls – old school maps, instantly

Dungeon Rolls create instant rooms and corridors so you can play your favorite grid based games anywhere.

Enamel Pin

Black Cat RPG Series 3 – Hard Enamel Pins

All new black kitty hard enamel pins for tabletop role playing game fans! based on 13 RPG classes and a Game Master!


ARcana: Augmented Reality Platform for TTRPGs

Bringing the table back to tabletop gaming!


A Tabletop RPG Platform for PC and VR. Play any TTRPG like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), or homebrew your rules!

The Unofficial Castle Ravenloft 5e – TaleSpire Edition

Lets get Castle Ravenloft professionally recreated in Talespire, THE 3D Virtual Tabletop program!


A Long-Expected Soundscape

An Immersive Audio Soundscape accompaniment for reading J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and other fantasy adventures!

Weitere RPG Projekte

The RPG Tracking System ft. Paladin Woodworking

A magnetic and modular character tracking system for D&D 5E!

The Tabletop Gamers Drink Companion – Personalised Drinkware

A selection of personalised to order drinking accessories to accompany you and your party on your travels.

The Origins Season 2: The Gaming Coffee Table

Our innovative gaming coffee table expands to accommodate all-size games while retaining a standard coffee table footprint!

Minimalist Miniatures 2.0

Minimal PC, NPC, & Monster tokens for TTRPGs and VTTs

D&D Voice acting and Game Mastering

Wanting to create, voice and run D&D games. Trying to give the world of D&D my creative mind, Also working on my own edition.

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings Französisch



Un jeu de rôle moderne et novateur vous plongeant dans la banlieue la plus sauvage de France.


Trinités – Alpha & Omega

Trois campagnes pour Trinités : Codex da Vinci, Et in Arcadia ego, Millénium

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

Über die Aufnahme von Projekten

Es gibt zwei Wege wie Projekte in die Liste kommen.

) Ich versuche aktiv alle neue Projekte zu finden. Unter anderem über meine Crowdfunding Suchliste, aber auch durch die Beobachtung von Gruppen, Communities, Foren, Newsletter und dergleichen mehr.

) Ich bin darauf angewiesen das Ihr, die Leser, mir mitteilt wenn ein neues Projekt startet, das in die Liste passt. Beispielsweise weil ich manchmal Projekte übersehe oder sich Plattformen (Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, …) schlecht durch suchen lassen oder ich sie nicht kenne.

Das Projekt sollte etwas mit Rollenspiel zu tun haben, schon gestartet, noch nicht erwähnt und zur nächsten Veröffentlichung noch am laufen.

Wenn man mich anspricht, nehme ich auch gerne Projekte auf, die normalerweise außenvor bleiben (z.B. Veranstaltungen oder Miniaturen bezogene Projekte).

  1. Banjo sagt:

    Hallo Teylen,

    ich hab gestern etwas auf Itch gestöbert und bin dabei wieder auf Itchfundings gestoßen:
    – MiniBX von Lucas Rolim (
    – Chalice von Monkey’s Paw Games (
    – The Ballad of Johnny Candlefingers von Sealed Library (

  2. Banjo sagt:

    Nächstes Mal denk ich rechtzeitig dran, dass mein Kommentar mit mehreren Links wegen Spamschutz in der Moderationsschleife hängen bleibt. :)

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