Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #197

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Es gibt eine frische Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #197 (Zeitraum: 15.05 bis 12.06).

Nach einer größeren Pause ist die Kurzübersicht zurück und deckt diesmal fast einen Monat ab. Da ich keine Zwischenstände habe, kann ich leider nicht sagen, welche Projekte abgeschlossen wurden. Dafür gibt es dank eines Hinweis von einem Nutzer (Banjo the Clown) von jetzt ab auch die Finanzierungen.

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings

4 Rollenspiele
4 Fantasy Rollenspiele
2 Post-Apokalyptische Rollenspiele
3 Sentai & Superhelden Rollenspiele
3 Urban Action Rollenspiele
1 2-Spieler Rollenspiel
1 Solo Rollenspiel
1 Spielbuch
4 Settings
4 D&D 5E Settings
3 Ergänzungsbände
7 Systemspezische Ergänzungsbände
8 D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände
2 D&D 5E LGBT+ Ergänzungsbände
2 D&D 5E Bestiary Ergänzungsbände
3 Abenteuer
2 DCC/MCC Abenteuer
2 OSR(IC) Abenteuer
9 D&D 5E Abenteuer
9 Würfel Projekte
2 W6 Würfel Projekte
4 Accessoires
1 Kartendeck
3 Software Projekte
1 Actual Play
2 Enamel Pins
2 Token Projekte
5 Weitere RPG Projekte

spain Spanischsprachige Crowdfundings

3 Rollenspiele
1 Solo Rollenspiel
1 Abenteuer

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings

3 Rollenspiele
2 Rollenspiel Übersetzungen
1 Ergänzungsband
2 Abenteuer
2 Actual Plays

Schwedisch Schwedische Crowdfundings

1 Ergänzungsband

Das Sternchen
star Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützt habe.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, hätte ich mehr Geld.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, würde es zu mir liefern.

Das Rot-Punkt System
Ist ein System zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen:

redred Das Projekt hat nur noch Stunden bis zum Abschluss
red Das Projekt hat 7 Tage oder weniger bis zum Abschluss

Die Angabe gilt jeweils ab Veröffentlichung der Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht und wird nicht nachträglich ergänzt.

Das Häufchen
Ist ein Emoji zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten, die ich persönlich schlecht finde. Dies kann thematische, rechtliche oder strukturelle Gründe haben.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 Das Projekt ist meiner Meinung nach Mist (Schrott)

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings Englisch


star Shakedown City

star Englisch
Collaborate to build a decadent city populated by shady characters, fighting a battle for power. A GMless worldbuilding prompt game

(star) redred Yokai Hunters Club

(star) redred Englisch
A rules-light tabletop role-playing game about hunting yokai with your friends in the Japanese summer of 1995.

Beasts and Basements: Easy Tabletop Gaming for Kids!

A streamlined Tabletop RPG for kids that is not only fun but teaches socio-emotional skills and creative problem solving.


The table top RPG where YOU are the MONSTER! You are what goes bump in the night.

Fantasy Rollenspiele

red Mystic Days: Changing How You View Medieval Fantasy RPG’s

red Englisch
Introducing the Roll Off System! One hit can kill you and magic can be worse than that! Not a game for the faint of heart.

Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Roleplay in the Four Kingdoms! Take on perilous quests, raise an army, & defend your Kingdom from the malevolent forces of The Tower.

The Magic Nexus: A TTRPG by Diana Farris

A game book rooted in supporting underrepresented communities through illustrations, and providing a sandbox of content to play with.

DRAGONS Throughout the Multiverse (40th Anniversary Edition)

NOT JUST ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT DRAGONS -an entire 5e TTRPG add-on system w/NEW Worlds, Creatures, Races, PC Classes & High-End Gameplay.

Post-Apokalyptische Rollenspiele

red Vermin 2047 – Survival Kit: A Post-Apocalyptic RPG In 2047

red Englisch
Vermin 2047 is the new role-playing game created by Studio Agate, the studio behind the most internationally awarded French role-playing games (Shadows of Esteren, Fateforge).

The Realm of Gaian Enoch – Starter Edition

A Fantasy Role Playing Game of Post Apocalyptic Horror

Sentai & Superhelden Rollenspiele

red Magi-Knights: The Roleplaying Game

red Englisch
The 5e Magical Girl and Sentai tabletop roleplaying game!

Lifted Vol 1: Indomitable RPG

A people with superpowers roleplaying game Primed by Cortex.

See Issue X — A Narrative Superhero RPG

A narrative tabletop RPG about superheroes and their convoluted backstories.

Urban Action Rollenspiele

(star) Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights Story Telling RPG

(star) Englisch
A Story Telling Role Playing Game with music at its very heart of the fun!

red Everyday Heroes™: The Roleplaying Game

red Englisch
Everyday Heroes™ TTRPG- a 5e version of d20 Modern – Highlander, Pacific Rim, Rambo, Total Recall, The Crow, Kong Skull Island & more.

Gangs of Titan City: Grimdark Urban Roleplaying

A grimdark urban roleplaying game, with faction-focused, consequence-heavy mechanics from the creators of Best Left Buried.

2-Spieler Rollenspiel

There is a Light at the Edge of the World

There is a Light at the Edge of the World is a two player play-by-post game that invites you to a barren landscape dominated by a lighthouse that awaits.

Solo Rollenspiel

red Secrets of the Vibrant Sea RPG

red Englisch
A solo tabletop RPG about exploring a fantastical ocean


UYD#2: Framed (Gamebook/Solo RPG)

Can YOU clear YOUR name while avoiding a killer! A mystery gamebook with multiple endings & solutions for highly varied replayable fun!


Eorldom of Gar

A Setting Guide along with a Campaign over Four Adventure Books. Early Bird Pledge for the first 48 Hours.

redred Earthdawn 4th Edition: Grand Bazaar

redred Englisch
Venture into Throal’s Grand Bazaar, not just a destination for retail therapy anymore! But it’s also still that.

Savage Urth The Role-Playing Game

An original Prehistoric & Stone Age fantasy setting. PF2 and 5e inspired system.

Savage Battlelords

The Battlelords of the 23rd Century setting for Savage Worlds

The Atlas of the Latter Earth

A gazetteer of the fantastic future for the Worlds Without Number fantasy RPG

D&D 5E Settings

red Bloodpunk: A Dark Setting and an Adventure for DnD 5E

red Englisch
Now, blood has a whole new meaning. Come get swept away in the adventure and use the guide to find your way in these dreadful lands.

Adventurer’s Agency

Life is stressful. Game night shouldn’t be. Welcome to a 5E campaign setting where player absence is built into the story.

Terramyr Compendium: A 5e Creature / World sourcebook

8 One-shot adventures, new deities, races, classes, monsters, companions, and pets set upon the world of Terramyr!

Guardians of Agthor—RPG Adventure Setting for 5E Campaigns

Exciting fantasy adventure setting filled with new monsters, NPCs, class archetypes, and more for your Fifth Edition roleplaying game.



Introducing SKYREALMS! A system-neutral RPG fantasy sourcebook and coloring book, full of misty floating islands and weird creatures.

Critters & Companions

A system-neutral fantasy bestiary featuring 30 farm animals

A Game to Remember – Volume 1

50 Story & Session Arcs for the Busy Game Master

Systemspezische Ergänzungsbände

Beak, Feather, & Bone: Claw Atlas

More of the hit map-labeling RPG and worldbuilding tool.

Backroads: City of the Arc

Backroads: City of the Arch is the first expansion for the Backwater: Southern Gothic Horror tabletop roleplaying game

CY_Borg: Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die

Vehicle combat and chase rules for CY_Borg//MÖRK BORG

Mythos Monsters: 80+ eldritch evils for Pathfinder 1E & 2E

Add a touch of horror to your Pathfinder 1E or 2E game with this bestiary of 80+ cosmic horrors, mythos minions, and Great Old Ones!

AAE Guide & CORE V2.0

Pets, sidekicks, and more encounters to use in your CORE RPG games! Also, all-new Pegasus Engine CORE RPG v2.0

red Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica

red Englisch
Pan Pacifica continues the Year One storyline for Torg Eternity!

redred Stardrives: A Starfinder Compatible Shipbuilding Toolkit

redred Englisch
Stardrives presents four alternative methods for launching your starship from star to star that feel distinctive from one another.

D&D 5E Ergänzungsbände

redred Hardbound Support – 5E Starter Set 1.5

redred Englisch
A Second Printing with massive improvements! More Maps, More Minis, a proper Box, physical DM’s Guide, DICE and more!

Herbarium: A Botanical 5e Supplement

A supplement for 5e players inspired by botanical folklore, mythology, and herblore.

Thanis Rae’s Tomb of Reflections

A 5e supplement book bursting with creatures, planes of existence, exotic races, subclasses and much more for you to delve into.

Haemo’s Writing on Trolls: A Foul D&D Supplement

A foetid pamphlet of troll content: abominable magic items, a player race with two heads, a table with a thousand trolls and more!

Incredible Items

Art-Inspired Magic Items for Fifth Edition

Injuries & Vile Deeds: Injury Systems for 5e – and more!

Tactical and descriptive Injury systems for PCs and their enemies, plus 200 new character options, terrifying monsters, and villains!

Over the Next Hill: 5 Plug-In Settlements for 5E

Five plug-in locations for your 5E game with in a short softcover booklet!

red The Traveler’s Guide to the Rogue City of Drachzee

red Englisch
A ‚zine-size 5e supplement of playable demons and devils, heists, and a port city whose criminal queenpin sold her soul to the devil.

D&D 5E LGBT+ Ergänzungsbände

25 Queer NPCs for 5e

Diversify your roleplaying games with lovable NPCs!

Adventuring With Pride: A Queero’s Journey! LGBT+ 5E Book

The third instalment in the award-winning LGBT+ RPG supplement series for D&D Fifth Edition.

D&D 5E Bestiary Ergänzungsbände

Endless Realms: Creature Compendium 5E

Explore the Endless Realms Creatures, in this massive 5E Compendium with over 240 creatures.

Monstrous Foes for 5E

A D&D 5th edition compatible RPG Monster Bestiary


Backroads Adventures: Three Miniature American-Gothic Horror Adventures

Backroads: City of the Arch is the first expansion for the Backwater: Southern Gothic Horror tabletop roleplaying game, and it funded on Kickstarter in June of 2022.

Till Death Do Us Part

A Solo Adventure for The Fantasy Trip

redred The Epiphany Club and the Great Library of Alexandria

redred Englisch
A Steampunk campaign for RISUS: The Anything RPG

DCC/MCC Abenteuer

redred The Valley Out of Time series for S&W DCC MCC Part 3&4

redred Englisch
The Valley Out of Time is a series of ‚zine-sized adventures borrowing heavily from classic dinosaur art, books, and movies.

redred Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower

redred Englisch
The classic tabletop RPG adventure returns for the 5E and DCC RPG rules sets!

OSR(IC) Abenteuer

Watchtower on the Hill

A revised re-release of this highly acclaimed original OSRIC/1e/2e compatible OSR fantasy role-playing game adventure.

Mix & Match Mini Adventures

36 mini TTRPG adventures, designed to be used straight from the book or randomly combined to generate countless adventures

D&D 5E Abenteuer

The Lost Message (5E)

A Fifth Edition DnD roleplaying mystery adventure like no other.

Murder in the Shielding Peaks

A Freebone Vale adventure of mystery, murder, and demons.

The Haunted Woods: a D&D 5e adventure

The Haunted Woods is a short Halloween-y Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition adventure, intended for 5th level players.

The Ballad of Sir Redmayne

Recommended for experienced Dungeon Masters

Pieces of Eight – Five Piratical Mini-Adventures for D&D 5e

Mini Adventures: Pieces of Eight is a collection of FIVE ready-made nautical themed sessions for parties levels 5-10, D&D 5th Edition

Reign of Discordia 2nd Edition

Interstellar Adventure in the Ruins of Empire (for the 5E and White Star game systems). Funded in the first 12 hours!

The Castle in the Outlands D&D 5E mini-campaign

A 5E campaign for characters level 5-7. Players unravel the mystery of their castle through time and the elemental planes of existence.

Servants of the Lich King: Quests for 5E

Digital book of 10 adventures compatible with fifth edition!

Nellie’s Nursery – a 5E DnD Adventure Module

The ghost of a child with supernatural powers still haunts the halls of her disturbing life sized dollhouse.

Würfel Projekte

(star) The Enchanted Vault & Other Dice by Everything Dice

(star) Englisch
Brand new wood & resin dice vaults. Our signature sharp edge dice in brilliant new designs. All handmade with a touch of magic.

Minor Arcana – Tarot themed RPG Dice & Deck by Critical Kit

A series of hand finished dice in luxury packaging designed by Tim Roberts of Critical Kit, themed around Minor Arcana tarot.

A One-of-a-Kind Multi-Cornered Double Cone Dice

We have another option in addition to the square polyhedral dice: the polygonal double cone dice.

Undead Dice: Skeleton Head & Hands Carve on Solid Metal

Witcher summons an underground undead army to aid your fight. Animated engraving & heavy handfeel take your D&D party to the next level

Bicolor Sharp Edges&Classic Dice

Beautiful sharp edge Dice Sets for DnD and other tabletop RPGS. Discover hidden treasures, Bright, innovative dice design

red Cutting Words: Literary Inspired Sharp Edge 14pc Dice Sets

red Englisch
Custom Sharp Edge 14pc Dice Sets with a Custom Designed Display Box

DUO DiCE – More Than Just Dice

The new dice design that gives a new look, new experience of rolling and multiple ways of calculating dice result.

Oddball Dice

Dice with odd numbers of faces with even odds

DVG – Reprints and Dice

Games needing Reprinting and New Bullet Dice!

W6 Würfel Projekte

DIVERSA DICE: Four Metals in One Die

CNC machined metal dice assembled from seven pieces

redred The Official Munchkin Bookmarks Campaign of Ocean Dice

redred Englisch
Six Munchkin promotional bookmarks for use with our newest series of six-sided dice!


The Dice Crypt 2.0

A resting place for your dice.

The DND & TTRPG Gaming Vault Collection

From player to GM, create and customize your DND storage experience with our series of hardwood, hand-crafted, gaming vaults.

redred Dungeon Dice Bags

redred Englisch
An all new line up of Black Oak dice bags themed after dungeon dwelling monstrosities! Trusted quality and new looks — with fangs!


The Wooden GM Screen


Deck of Many Things, Art Pack

A high quality rendition of the legendary Deck of Many Things magic item, focusing on original fantasy art of diverse women

Software Projekte

Eternal Tabletop

The next generation of virtual tabletop applications!

Traveling Tabletop Tavern

A DnD LFG app where nerds and geeks from all around the multiverse can come together and find people to make stories with!

red ScryMaster: Remote Tabletop RPG Delivery

red Englisch
A completely customizable open source delivery system for remotely hosting your own Tabletop RPG

Actual Play

Old People in Dungeons!

If you could play Dungeons & Dragons with your grandma, would she heal you or pick your pocket? Find out!

Enamel Pins

D&D (DnD) and Pathfinder D20 Classes: Fantasy Enamel Pins

A selection of beautiful D20 dice enamel pins to show off your rolling luck (if any) and some class pride!

redred Witchy / Role Playing The Broom & The Katana Enamel Pins

redred Englisch
35mm Silver Plated Hard Enamel Pins

Token Projekte

red Printed wooden tokens

red Englisch
Board game tokens for game upgrades

red Awaken Mirror Runes (Talisman)

red Englisch
A rune set awakens the power of the magic mirror and raises the accuracy of divination to an unprecedented level. For Tarot lovers too

Weitere RPG Projekte

Play it PROUD! LGBTQ+ Themed Miniatures for RPGs and 5e

Play it PROUD! is brought to you by LGBTQ+ Talent and features unique minis and an adventure zine for 5e! Digital AND Physical Rewards!

Dice Making Set Up

I would love to make dice and be able to sell them and/or give them away for special occasions. I have so many ideas for Dice.

red Morgana Trio: Starship Miniatures & Maps

red Englisch
Starship miniatures and 18×24″ deckplan poster. Three small ships for Starfinder and other sci-fi games.

Tabletop Hawaiian Shirts

Comfortable Hawaiian style shirts with fun Tabletop Gaming themes

The Darkness of Diggory Finch Book Two: The Twelve, and dice

The 2nd novel in the small town, modern cosmic horror series is nigh, plus handmade RPG dice tied into the story.

spain Spanischsprachige Crowdfundings spain


Las Excelentes y Magos de las finanzas: los juegos de rol

LAS EXCELENTES y MAGOS DE LAS FINANZAS: Dos juegos sencillos, rápidos, cargados de humor y en un formato fácil de llevar.

El Sistema D13: El libro básico

El libro definitivo de El Sistema D13. La mayor aventura jamás jugada en un volumen lleno de rol, humor, emoción y… ¡Dados!

Zweihänder, el juego de rol sombrío y peligroso

Zweihänder es un juego de rol con todo lo necesario para jugar aventuras sombrías y peligrosas en mundos de baja fantasía oscura.

Solo Rollenspiel

BOLTA LINE :: Juegos de Rol en Solitario ::

Primera entrega de nuestra nueva linea de juegos de rol en solitario: PACK Skyworthy + Shinobi.


Crónicas del Ocaso: Aventuras en Nexaria

Un compendio de aventuras que llevará a los héroes a recorrer diferentes regiones de Nexaria y a desentrañar sus secretos.

Französisch Französischsprachige Crowdfundings Französisch



Incarnez les agents secrets de l’Empire Inca

Game of Rôles – Collection

Deux jeux de rôle originaux, un beau livre & un jeu de stratégie qui aurait pu s’appeler « les échecs 2 ».

Les Légendaires

Le jeu de rôle adapté de la célèbre BD de Patrick Sobral

Rollenspiel Übersetzungen


Subterfuges, infiltrations et coups de force dans un univers med fan bouleversé par la découverte de milliers de cristaux de télépathie

ROOT le jeu de rôle

Le jeu de rôle basé sur le célèbre jeu de plateau Root: Conflit dans les sous-bois


Bestiaire fantastique Dalgotem

125 pages de voyages et d’aventures, au cœur d’un riche univers !


Chroniques Lossyannes

Bienvenue sur la page de campagne du livre Chroniques Lossyannes, le nouveau livre supplément du jeu de rôle Les Chants de Loss !

Tylestel – Les Campagnes Titanesques

Les campagnes mythologiques pour Tylestel

Actual Plays

La Bonne Auberge – Saison 3

Dans La Bonne Auberge, les plats sont délicieux, les boissons fraîches et les financements… participatifs !

Noob, la saison ultime !

La fin de la web-série Noob en apothéose avant une métamorphose ?

Schwedisch Schwedische Crowdfundings Schwedisch


Dunder & Drakar: Ut ur dunklet kom de

En efterlängtad expansion till Dunder & Drakars basregler med en massa nya alternativ för spelare.

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

Über die Aufnahme von Projekten

Es gibt zwei Wege wie Projekte in die Liste kommen.

) Ich versuche aktiv alle neue Projekte zu finden. Unter anderem über meine Crowdfunding Suchliste, aber auch durch die Beobachtung von Gruppen, Communities, Foren, Newsletter und dergleichen mehr.

) Ich bin darauf angewiesen das Ihr, die Leser, mir mitteilt wenn ein neues Projekt startet, das in die Liste passt. Beispielsweise weil ich manchmal Projekte übersehe oder sich Plattformen (Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, …) schlecht durch suchen lassen oder ich sie nicht kenne.

Das Projekt sollte etwas mit Rollenspiel zu tun haben, schon gestartet, noch nicht erwähnt und zur nächsten Veröffentlichung noch am laufen.

Wenn man mich anspricht, nehme ich auch gerne Projekte auf, die normalerweise außenvor bleiben (z.B. Veranstaltungen oder Miniaturen bezogene Projekte).

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