Mit ‘Giovanni’ getaggte Beiträge

Those who interacted with me, or followed my activities, might have noticed that my favorite Vampire Clan in Vampire: The Masquerade is Clan Giovanni. Which is indeed my favorite Clan by far.

Giovanni Clanroman Cover-Ausschnit

While I don’t examine all the things I favor in regards of why I do like them, I did contemplate my inclination towards the Giovanni as well as examined my perspective.

There might be several reasons why I did that.
The fact that I did receive the question „Why did you, and how could you, chose this Clan as your favorite?“ several times in various version. The aspect that people will highlight a negativ viewpoints of the Clan; which might draw or invite the conclusion that it is immoral to chose it as ones favorite. The personal aspect that I do enjoy pondering my favorites, which most recently expressed itself by the fact that I remembered the 4th of April better than I did the (German, Roman Catholic) customs regarding Easter Monday.

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