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Those who interacted with me, or followed my activities, might have noticed that my favorite Vampire Clan in Vampire: The Masquerade is Clan Giovanni. Which is indeed my favorite Clan by far.

Giovanni Clanroman Cover-Ausschnit

While I don’t examine all the things I favor in regards of why I do like them, I did contemplate my inclination towards the Giovanni as well as examined my perspective.

There might be several reasons why I did that.
The fact that I did receive the question „Why did you, and how could you, chose this Clan as your favorite?“ several times in various version. The aspect that people will highlight a negativ viewpoints of the Clan; which might draw or invite the conclusion that it is immoral to chose it as ones favorite. The personal aspect that I do enjoy pondering my favorites, which most recently expressed itself by the fact that I remembered the 4th of April better than I did the (German, Roman Catholic) customs regarding Easter Monday.

The Scope

Whatever exactly compelled my examination and the precise reasons, I would like to share it with this little series of blog articles. It is planned to span at least three more entries following this ones, with one theme planned for each. Yet if I should feel the need to expand it, I will continue the series.

About the ‚Why?‘

At the one hand, I do love writing. Whether it is for my two blogs or via social media. I would say I am a quite communicative chap.

At the other hand, my dedication of Clan Giovanni had some major effects on my life.
For example, my interest in the Clan got me into engaging with Larp.

Independent Alliance - Clan Giovanni und Clan Setite in Las Vegas - Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the MasqueradeIt happened back in 2015, when By Night Studios just have had their newest edition of Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Maquerade published. They did announce the Las Vegas: By Night convention and published the teaser for the Blood & Betrayal 2 Larp.
I don’t remember the precise wording, yet it amounted to something along the lines of:
„The future of the Independent Alliance will be decided in Vegas, at the hand of the players:
Whether the IA prospers or falters. Whether it expands or stagnates. The fate of the Clans involved. The results will be canon“.
Up till then I didn’t Larp, and to be honest held a fair share of reservations and prejudices against the activity. Yet, the Independent Alliance involved the Giovanni and I just wasn’t going to sit by idle and watch them potentially be ruined from afar.
Thus I dropped the previous attitude, registered for the event, booked a Las Vegas vacation, attended and played. If they were meant to go down, I’d at least be there to stay witness. They didn’t and the Larp experience was absolutely fantastic, one of the best I had up till now, and thanks to the event I kept playing Larps – voluntarily. Plus, Las Vegas was way cooler than its reputation – it even has nature and non-neon, non-plastic places and more.
Given this experience, writing a small blog series about my passion for the Giovanni, appears as something quite natural.

Last but not least, I kind of announced it previously on the social media webs and I consider it a fun activity to get started on April 4th.

Please Engage

I do welcome thoughts, comments, questions and even challenges to my writing and views in regards of the Giovanni. I am always curious to hear those and I am likely to engage in comments.

I do will aim to keep the blog articles and the discussions focused on the aspects and things I like, opposed to those I don’t like. Not because I am coy or dishonest, but because I believe that it forms a better foundation for exchange.

In general, please keep the discussion nice and civil. My enjoyment and fandom of Clan Giovanni isn’t meant to supercede or take away from your enjoyment of other aspects of Clan Giovanni, other Clans, aspects of Vampire: The Masquerade or other game lines.

Changing Opinions & Views

Though, having said that, I would as well like to state upfront that while I am open and welcoming towards discussions, I don’t think am very likely to change my mind, at least not in a mayor way.

Some might perceive it as me being headstrong about the topic, which might be true.
Yet, I would liken it to reading ones expressed love for lemon ice cream, and the various reasons why they love it, and expecting to be able to reason them out of their love for lemon ice cream. Maybe reason them into a love for really dark chocolate or even just change their love for one of strawberry or chocolate ice cream.
It can happen, it is just not very likely.
There is as well the chance that the lemon ice cream lover does actually do like strawberry or chocolate ice cream as well, maybe just not as much – and maybe they hold an entirely different opinion about really dark chocolate.

Likewise I will try not to indulge in getting upset about failed conversion attempts either. I know, it can be hard. In regards of dishes,… especially if you personally love one and really can’t stand another. Though, I do promise to try.

Logo des Vampire Clan Giovanni - G wie Giovanni

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