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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 09 Jan to 16 of Jan.
Following a calm start into the fresh year crowdfunding is back in full. Presenting many, interesting projects. Ranging from Anarchy an RPG set in 1135+, to Elite, to impressive dice, cool looking GM screens, interesting magazines, funny comics, a card game that got me hooked and many more noteworthy projects.

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

6 Corebooks
1 Supplement project
1 Setting project
3 Dice projects
2 Dice accessories
2 Online magazines / blogs
4 Various projects
3 Board- and card games

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings Englischsprachig


Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game is a science fiction tabletop RPG based on the MMO by the same name.
In this version, while keeping much of its charm, the Elite universe isn’t as much defined by several dozen attempts to dock your ship at a station and dying. Instead the creators set an emphasis on the vast and interesting Sandbox, filled with opportunities to walk ones own path and leave a distinct mark, make an impact.
One of the setting premises is that basically everyone, at least from the middle class and up, got a spacecraft of their own. Providing a lot of people with vast travel opportunities and options to freely trade. Which is furthered by a liberal approach, the existing of very big mega corporation and quite a laissez faire stance in regards of stuff like weapon ownership. Bringing quite some challenges along as well. Like having a massive divide between poor and rich. Corporations spanning planet and system wide etablishing a ruthless, exploitative system. Having planets led by armed revolutionaries, which enforce their, rather special, vision of freedom. Next to rampaging crime rate and piracy in general.
Every player characters will have a space craft of their own. Like every, single character has a space ship. No more infights who’s the captain. Everyone’s is a captain. This pretty little ship might be equipped and enhanced. At a certain point maybe traded for a better, newer or more fitting space craft.
Next to the ships every character got a history and backgrounds which, from my understanding, are formed during character creation with a lifepath system. Which should provide some quite unique and interesting results. A karma system should enable to be action heroes when it counts. There’s a mechanic to reward cooperating with a partner. Apparently the game offers an abundance of devices, vehicles, all kind of equipment and more. There are as well rules for space, vehicle or direct combat. The option to have some downtime play in which the character generates income next to adventures.
Different rule variants shall enable different, if not all, play styles.
The game master will find an optional random generation system. To create adventure, whole planet systems – including their inhabitants – and more on the fly.
When it comes to rolling the system asks for a d10, modified by abilities, to aim at passing a target number. The quickstarter provides nice insight into what to expect.
Last but not least there’ll be a bunch of supplements to make the game even better.
The project really gets me hyped. The only little con, for me, is the reward structure and the prices. Yet still am like sooo brief before backing.
The project is well worth having a look at and I grant it a full recommendation.

Age of Anarchy RPG is a game set during the historical anarchy period of England (1135-1154).
The time period is under the heavy impression of the death of Heinrich I, which created a power vacum and resulted in quite lasting civil war and turmoil. Not only did Stephan and Matilda fought for the succession, quite a lot of people, mostly nobles, tried to use the situation and obtain power as well as station.
The players do assume the role of characters who follow one of these nobles, a patron. They pledged their fealty to that person and their fates are intertwined. Whether the noble raises or falls, the PCs will follow. To prevent the noble from falling and thus avoid their own demise the characters will try to improve the nobles position. Find him allies, place traitors at his enemies places, obtain information, smuggle or procure goods and a great many other tasks.
In regards of the system the game uses the „Perpetual Motion Machine“. Which should enable the players to not only design the setting together, their niche of the setting at least, but as well their patron.
It will grant the characters ‚immersive‘ traits. Problems that may create challenges to overcome,  passions who will help to collect ones strength after a arduous task and professions as well as path that shall create connections to the setting.
The author did describe the system as a mixture of ‚powered by the apocalypse‘ and ‚Fate‘. Offering backers a deeper look into the system once they pledged.
While I, personally, are not as enticed by a setting I consider medieval, I am really curious about the patron idea and the system. Already with some ideas how to apply the system and principle to a setting of my own.
I am actually so wowed that I pledged to the project just right now.
I do thus recommend the project wholeheartedly.

Monkey, the Roleplaying Game of the Journey to the West implements the titular book into a roleplaying game.
The game will be rather at the story game spectrum of RPG and is card based. Using those to resolve everything from fast Kung-Fu style fights to heated debates.
In regards of ‚what to actually do‘, the players assume the roles of immortal creatures fallen from grace. They’ve been commanded to accompany a mortal monkey on its way to India. Upon which they should find hidden, Buddhist scrolls as well as prevent ever attacking demons to kill their companion.
The project is aimed at financing the second edition. Which will be enhance the artwork by switching the previously used stock art with custom, handmade, fresh artworks. It will as well improve and streamline the rules.
Some more information is offered on the authors blog „Monkey Magic – 23 Days of Monkey„. The creator has some Kickstarter and RPG design experience and I do like the presentation. Though more, easy digestible, information about the game would be a plus.
I do recommend the project.

Dime Adventures: Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying offers cinematic pulp action for so inclined gamers.
Who’ll be presented with a world with infallible mystics, where dinosaurs roam the land, where aliens are in the sky, where the dead may rise and where modern times and developments press hard into the alternative version of 1904.
The player characters are cinematic heroes. Daring adventurers, brilliant scientist, dashing fencers, infallible mystics, rich dilettantes, hard-boiled detectives, masked fighters and more.
The system used is the „Saga System“. It apparently utilizes cards for conflict resolution. Enables cinematic fights with space for a narrative or tactical approaches. The character creation should be fast and result in pulp-worthy heroes. The chase-system is described as be exciting. The setting crafted with quite some level of detailed.
Everyone who’ll back will get access to an Update containing the whole rules and world as plain text. As the project aims to fund illustrations and layout. The creators appear competent and are experienced.
Thus I grant the project a fond recommendation.

Heritage: The Legacy, A Tabletop Roleplaying Game offers a high fantasy game that uses d12 and does away with the limitation by class archetypes.
Next to that the player may chose from 9 playable nationalities, where each will influence the character in a different fashion. They’ll have more than 40 weapon styles to choose from, each style with  unique abilities. They may choose among 7 different schools of magic and 40+ spell components to create their own spells. With last but not least providing the players with a social system to resolve conflicts.
The project and game does give the impression to be created with quite some heart into it. Thus I recommend d12 or fantasy enthusiasts to have a look at it.

Stellar Frontiers is a science fiction game.
The game is almost exclusively described in lengthy videos. The settings is described as „Game of Thrones in Space“. The Gameplay apparently focuses on the player characters trying to create a colony, which comes with the need to move out to gather stuff and adventure. System wise its a percentile. d100 system and uses quite a lot of tables. Offering not only group but solo play as well.
The core books have been written and need to be digitized. Though the creator does struggle a bit with modern tech, and thus originally planned to distribute the PDF per postal mail (to the US only). I won’t recommend the project.

Supplement project

Middarmark is an extensive supplement for the Torchbearer by ‚The Burning Wheel‘.
Middarmark by Scandinavian myths, legends and folklore.
It does offer the player many different adventure hooks to propel, start into a full-fledged campaign. It offers stylish maps, complete with settlements, legendary lairs, harrow places and more.
Next to information regarding a hero cult of young lords. As well as spells, magical items, monsters, new classes, rules for weather, equipment and many more aspects of the game.
On top of the game content it got quite some impressive, fresh illustrations.
I recommend the project. Specially for Torchbearer enthusiast. Maybe as well for those interested in Scandinavian folklore.

Setting project

Retribution RPG Setting for Savage Worlds offers a supernatural fantasy for the fast, fun and furious system.
The setting of retribution places the players onto the world of Agador. A place where creatures from different plains, might happen to interact with it. Thus offering some new character types, next to the classic variety that SW grants.
One might assume the role of a „necromancer“. Who aren’t the classical villains but might act as ghostbuster and uphold the order. There are „unjailers“ who will help ghost to part with their fetters in the world of the living, so that they may pass one. Another role to assume would be the profession of an „exomancer“. Who don’t interact with previously living creatures, but those from other planes who happen to come across Agador.
There are several key points described in the Kickstarter. For example one might play a ghost, maybe assume the role of one after a previously living PC bites it. The combat system got enriched by spiritual parry and spiritual toughness, to model the ghost/spirit aspect. One may chose the level of grit and there are fitting hindrances and edges for the setting.
The Kickstarter provides further details and talks a bit more about the setting as well as the visions of the authors. Who do have some experience designing stuff for Savage Worlds.
I do recommend the projects if your a Savage (Worlds player) or interested in ghost-themed settings.

Dice projects

Rose Gold Metal Dice Sets With Skull Case offers zinc alloyed dice with a nice „rose gold“ color plating.
The backer might chose from a variety of font colors, whether to have a set of 7 or 10 dice, as well as from a plethora of skull accessories. Ranging from a skull leatherette box, a wooden skull box, black or white skull dice bags or a skull dice mat.
It ain’t cheap but looks good (skulltastic xD).
Thus I happily recommend the project.

D12 Trap Dice offers 12 sided trap die.
Which can be used which ailment befalls the poor hero sods. Whether its sonic, a pit, a snare, dagger/sneak attack, arrows/skirmish, acid, bashing, lightning, fire, evil, holy or ice.
Next to all those most unfortunate events the project provides with six sided dice to determine how hard it hits.
A cool idea, in my opinion, and well worth having a look at. Specially if you like dice.

DoppelDice offers three d6, contrary to the picture of the same color, who can be used to emulate d2 up to d100.
The emulation works by the four symbols present on each side. That needs to be added up according to the aimed at dice size. The creatore explained in an update in greater detail how it works.
I do consider it a recommendation for dice enthusiast or those interested in math. Though the project may face challenges reaching its quite ambitious goal. Given the look of the dice.

Dice accessoires

Dice Base: Master – RPG, Dungeon and Tabletop Screen offers a quite massive GM screen with basically all one needs.
It has up to four, massive panels. Ready to have stuff pinned to them. It can be used to place dice, got a storage system and a small dice tower (the flume). Next to sporting some sleek engraved things for the players to look at.
The whole thing is produced and kickstarted by the „dice giant“ Zucati. Thus even though it costs a hefty $100 plus shipping in the smallest / simplest version, I recommend the project.

D20 Prize Candles with Metal Dice Sets Inside! offers 5 different d20 formed, differently scented candles. Though not-scented versions of the candles are available as well.
The candles will burn for about 2 hours and will reveal a set of real dice once they are done. I personally like the design of the candles, the dice, the fact their scented and the idea. Yet alas, at least currently, the price tag is a bit to steep for my personal candle enthusiasm.
The creators got experience with different, similar Kickstarter projects and, if the candles are pledged for as a present, there appears to be a good time they’ll arrive in time.
Hence a project totally worth checking, in my opinion.

Online magazines / blogs

Keep on The Heathlands is creating Articles about Inclusivity in Gaming
Is a project aiming to keep the blog Keep on The Heathlands funded. Enable the columnist and writers to receive a compensation for the time and work they provide.
The blog does cover a variety of topics all about roleplaying, whether its tabletop or LARP. One will find experience reports, reviews, thought pieces and more. Next to the blog aspect there are podcasts as well as the Reach-Out Role Playing Games project. Which aimes to create fun roleplaying material.
The whole blog upholds the viewpoint of inclusion. Aiming to make the hobby accessible for all and offer different insights.
I do consider it a cool project, enjoyed most of the project and do recommend to check it out and offer supporting.

Steve Kenson is creating Superhero Gaming Blogs
Is a project by Steve to continue his blog project „Re:Animated“. For which he has planned to examine the first season of „Young Justice“ and offer insights into how to use the different episode for tabletop as well as other aspects of the episode. The background for the tabletop analysis will be Mutant & Masterminds as well as Icons. Who’ve both been designed by Steve Kenson.
To get an idea how the series did work, whether its to ones liking, he does invite backers to checkout his blog
I consider it an interesting project that I do gladly recommend. Specially for fans of superhero RPGs..

Various projects

Life of the Party: The Realities of an RPG’er is a project by Travis Hanson. Who’d like to publish his daily comic strip, all about roleplaying, in a book.
The projects offers insights into the style as well as the humor. With quite some strips to be read. I, for myself, do enjoyed the art style and had a few laughs already.
The author has quite some Kickstarter experience and the rewards are at a good price.
Hence it has my heartfelt recommendation.

Dungeon Dealer – Maze Deck 2 offers a deck of cards to create a dungeon on the fly.
One just needs to roll a d20, draw a card and é voila. The layout of the room is printed on the card, the direction its facing determined by the roll, including suggestions for monsters, treasures and stuff found in rooms.
The creator is quite experienced. As the name suggest its a followup Kickstarter project and his other Kickstarter has been delivered as well.
Thus, a clean cut recommendation.

ECHO ARCANA Cyberpunk Tarot Book by Echo Chernik would like to fund an artbook by the artist.
The artbook is set to contain at least 78  Tarot cards, whos Cyberpunk design is clearly inspired by Shadowrun. Given the artbook approach the cards will fill up a site each. If I understood the project correctly. Furthermore the book will offer some insight into the meaning and design of the cards. Spreading the book out to contain more than 100 pages.
A clear recommendation to Shadowrun and Cyberpunk enthusiasts.
Specially as  the card designs can be checked out before hand.

David Okum is creating Print and Play Paper Minis and Worldbuilding/ Role Playing Game
As the project title already informs, it aims to enable David Okum to create Paper Minis at the one hand, and at the other to continue worldbuilding for a variety of settings.
The core setting offers classical fantasy in the spirit of D&D. Systemewise it should be compatible with different OSR rules like e.g. Sword & Wizardry. Next to Davids own OSR games.
There are two successful Kickstarters by David who further the good impression from this Patreon. I consider it a neat, little project, well worth checking out.

Board- and card games

The Rise of Mafia is a Mafia themed card and dice game. In which one has to play his hand right to assume the position of Don.
The rules are presented in a neat fashion and appear to be easy, not to much, but fun. In general one will  draw from a stack of event cards and buy properties as well as businesses. There are some „bad“ cards that might be counter attacked with „good“ cards. One might draw an event, either influencing game play or offering a fun mini-game.
Next to the cool gameplay I am quite enticed by the game material as well as the overall charming presentation. I do really like the design of the wooden box, which I consider quite elegant. Yet the black box is also quite charming and cool looking.
The creators do listen to feedback and the game will see some adaptions. Like bigger card slots, so the cards can be sleeved. Bigger game money, so it’s easier to handle. Even though its their first project they do appear to be competent.
Given a range of $20 to $25, for the black box, the game appears to be reasonably priced. With the shipment from Slovenia being about $8, for everyone, appears to be okay.
I am really looking forward to the project and do hope it will fund. It is the second project I pledged to this year and the first „not a RPG“ game I pledged for since quite some time.
I totally, fully and with enthusiasm recommend the project. Please, consider it :)

Khan of Khans family game is a quite colorful, cute, fast and family friendly card game by Chaosium. That offers Glorantha as its setting.
The player will assume the role of a Khan from one of the tribes of Prax. As such they lead raiders to the rich plains of the Dragon Lands, trying to get the biggest heard of cattle. If they succeed they’ll be named Khan of the Khans and win the game.
The game looks nice and functional and has Monte Cook Games („Recommended“) as well as Mark Rhein*Hagen („Awesome game!“) agreeing that it’s a cool thing.
Thus I, as well, do give it a strong recommendation.
Though I find the lack of duck-people in the artwork presented a bit irritating ;)

Extraction (Post Apocalyptic RPG) Scavenge, Fight, Survive 
is a board game. The goal for the players is to survive with their characters long enough that they can be saved (23 rounds) and get successfully to the extraction point (7 rounds).
The game utilizes a rather basic looking board, as shown at the end of the KS video,  and offers 1 to 4 players 10 characters to chose from.
Given that I couldn’t spot any pen & paper, LARP or other roleplaying elements I assume the game to be just a board game. Going by the information given not one that impresses me in any manner.
Thus the project is listed for the claim in its title and sake of completeness.

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