Archiv für 31/01/2017

I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 17 Jan to 30 Jan.
Thanks to a quite ghastly cold the publication got a delayed and the collection contains a total of 37 active crowdfunding projects. Most of which are either totally cool or at least very interesting, whether its new games, campaigns, accessories, dice or other projects.

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

7 New RPGs
3 New RPGs based on …
1 Gamebook
1 Secondary literature
1 Supplement
2 Campaigns
6 Adventures
1 Adventure (Short KS Campaign)
5 Dice projects
5 Accessories / Aides
2 Music projects
3 Various projects

Französisch French crowdfundings

1 Online project

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings

1 Larp project

(mehr …)