Archiv für 03/01/2017

I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 27 Dec to 02 of Jan.

If your wondering what’s it about. Well, I do try to spot every rpg crowdfunding project (rpg tabletop, story games, larp and related stuff) within the time period and list it. Along with a small summary and a brief impression. I used to do those collections in German, yet following upon a suggestion, I thought it would be worth checking if there’s interest in an english edition.

While I cover most rpg projects, I tend to skip on miniatures, as its a topic where am mostly clueless about. The flags preceding the crowdfunding links indicate the language, if there’s a second flag it refers to the country. The rest should be self-evident.

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings

1 GoFundMe project

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

1 Larp corebook
1 Supplement
2 Adventure
3 Various projects
1 Story Game

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White Wolf veranstaltet im Rahmen des World of Darkness Berlin Fan Festival ein Szenario (Abenteuer) Wettbewerb! Der für alle, bis zum 06.01.2017 für den ersten Entwurf, offen ist.

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