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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 17 Jan to 30 Jan.
Thanks to a quite ghastly cold the publication got a delayed and the collection contains a total of 37 active crowdfunding projects. Most of which are either totally cool or at least very interesting, whether its new games, campaigns, accessories, dice or other projects.

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

7 New RPGs
3 New RPGs based on …
1 Gamebook
1 Secondary literature
1 Supplement
2 Campaigns
6 Adventures
1 Adventure (Short KS Campaign)
5 Dice projects
5 Accessories / Aides
2 Music projects
3 Various projects

Französisch French crowdfundings

1 Online project

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings

1 Larp project

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings Englischsprachig

New RPGs

Dusk City Outlaws is a game in which characters, who each do belong to one of eight criminal cartels, perform heists in Dusk City.
Which does put the game, in my opinion, in the tradition of games like Blades in the Dark (Duskwall) or Dishonored (Dunwall). Next to obvious inspirations from films like Oceans Eleven or TV shows like Leverage.
The setting is a, comparably normal, low fantasy city. Given the presentation I would put the charm of Dusk City somewhere along a, kind of modern, Italian renaissance. With the addition that magic is, in a limited fashion, possible and presented.
The system is designed by one of the authors of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and should allow for a narrative and rather light style of play. With some nice tricks to make it accessible. One being that players do get all the information they need to play on their character sheets. Another one being that to excessive planning gets prevented by imposing a time limit. Which probably can be ignored if you and your players fancy a lot of long planning.
Once one backs the project the alpha set of the rules are accessible for download. They contain everything needed for play. Alongside handy information like how to replace the games special dice by common d8 or d10.
The game is right up my alley and I am in for it since day one. Thus I grant it a big, fat recommendation.

Untitled is a rules light tabletop system which allows for fast world building and offers a sleek system.
The, to my knowledge unique, aspect of the game is that character progress doesn’t happen as much via abilities and XP, but by acquiring titles. Which is one reason for the games eccentric name, as fresh characters start without a title and hence are untitled.
While the game sports the look, imho, of an OSR game or a game from the eighties, the actual mechanics are inspired from D&D as well as Dungeon World. Offering a rather contemporary approach to the design.
The book does sport a slender page count of 70, yet offers everything one does need to play. As an unconventional accessory  one might obtain a baseball  cap with a fanny pack mounted on the visor.
Anyway, while I am not convinced by the visor, I am do fancy the idea, as well as the low entry price and I am in.
I do recommend to give the game a chance.

Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny (RPG) is described as a immersive story building game.
The description is solidified as the game does involve the players heavily from the start of the game, the creation of the narration as well as what they would like to experience with their character. Thus the player do determine their ‚dream‘, the goal which will finally be addressed. Next to that they will design ‚milestones‘, basically topics for chapters that will be played before the dream is achieved.
The idea might sound overly conceptual, yet the authors present the principle clearly in a small video.
Next to the collaborative design of the actual themes the players will have, quite conventional characters. Dreamchasers uses a 2d10 system for task resolution.
Those dice will be used to roll under the soul skill in question and the fitting ability & skill. Aspects like tags, relationships, belongings and the like might help with the role. With most of the fields drawing from how the players imagine their character, being freeform field, opposed to offering set descriptors. Whether the roll was successful or not, the narrative will take an interesting turn in events.
The system is nicely explained in another brief video.
Next to the collaborative adventure design, the fascinating system the Kickstarter presents the game and the game material as very cool looking stuff. It does as well do good with a compelling designs of the rewards, which is accessible and quite affordable.
Thus I recommend the project, like a lot. Specially if one fancys story games. I myself do feel quite tempted.

Yarr! The Pirate ArrPG Hardcover : Make 100 Edition would like to finance a hardcover edition of the game.
Yarr! itself is a pirate RPG available at DriveThruRPG. It highlights appear to be its accessibility while being suited for beginners and veteran players alike. Systemwise it seems to fitted with a rather traditional system, one described as close to the OGL/d20.
Next to the hardcover PoD the project aims to bundle all material available as well as add some new illustrations.
Even though the Kickstarter presentation is a bit brief I do recommend the project.

Pathogen: Unclassified a roleplaying game (RPG) is a post apocalyptic RPG in which roughly 91% of the overall population fallen prey to a mind eroding parasite.
Most of them degenerated to mindless, crazed creature who feed of the flesh.
A small percentage developed a hive mind and is able to perform coordinated action.
An even smaller percentage of infected managed to retain their identity and mind and, while suffering from severe physical and mental challenges, got psychic abilities.
The blame for the whole situation falls, likely, to Gaia Life Solution a GMO & Pharma corporation that’s been astonishingly well prepared when things went south and controls most of the safe havens.
In regards of its system Pathogen uses d8 up to d12 and offers a fast and fun conflict resolution. I would suggest to check the video of the designers, it does run about 14 minutes, yet the explanation given is evocative and good.
While I don’t consider the setting innovative I do like the system and thus recommend the project.

Chimera is a new game whose focus appear to be rather on the system then on the setting.
While the Kickstarter does present some quite nice illustrations, who suggest a fantasy setting, it doesn’t really provide a lot of detail. Having the rule design shine as the heart of the project.
The rules are designed to grant the players quite a lot of control and transparency in regards of designing and developing their characters next to the narrative superstructure.
The rules might be adjusted in regards how detail ed they are. Like it is possible to utilize a magic system with access to up to 20 fantasy elements (like fire, ice, light, time and more) while not being mandatory.
At its core the player will build pools of d6, who’ll explode, and try to beat a target number. The combat system is inspired by system like Iron Kingdom, D&D and Pathfinder. Yet it does offer innovations like ‚Moves‘ that the characters might perform according to their action points, as well as a ‚Health Bar‘ which should allow for a more dynamic and interesting tracking of the characters well being than the standard health points.
I do consider Chimera an interesting project, that has a lot of heart in it, and recommend checking it.

The Ultimate Apocalyptic Planet – 77 Worlds RPG James M Ward is a project that does confuse me, a lot.
It aims to finance the „The Blasted Earth“. The place is described as „the ultimate apocalyptic planet“, which got to be this way thanks to aliens visiting 315 year ago and laying waste to the land. The survivors are challenged with surviving the ruins and face, somewhat, with the question what actually happened to the other 76 planets bearing human colonies.
In regards of the system, the game utilizes cards. Every player should have a deck, red cards are good, black cards aren’t.
I personally don’t get the project. Like am not sure what the players will do, who their characters will be, what they will strive for or how the system will play and feel. Am not even sure to which extent James M Ward will be involved with the project. Whether he will write rules, fluff or just the note as presented on the main page.
Thus I do recommend to examine the project yourself.

New RPGs based on …

Alas for the Awful Sea: Myth, Mystery & Crime in 1800s UK is a game based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system.
The setting will immerse the player in to the 1800s in the UK. The characters will form a ship crews, sailing along the shores, landing from time to time and trying to pull through difficult times. Which involves trying to navigate various political questions, being confronted with crimes, having to battle the shortage of resources and handling the ever present believes in form of myth and legends.
The game designers do plan to enable this immersion with the aid of their knowledge as history majors, as well as drawing from the rich folklore from the Scottish Hebrides.
In short, I do think it might be a bit like „Sagas of the Icelanders“ with a different location.
The PbtA system has been adapted to be a bit more slender on the one hand. On the other hand the authors created a modular, narrative encounter system. The design intent was the observation that constant improvisation might come at the cost of addressing themes in an engaging, somewhat serious/dramatic fashion. Thus handing the GM a possibility to design encounters beforehand and line them up might soften the issue.
While I personally do consider the setting ‚just‘ interesting am quite curious about the the system. Plus, the game is quite affordable.
Hence backed it and I do heartily recommend it.

Sig: The Manual of the Primes is a project by Jason Pitre, aiming to transform the previously funded setting Sig – The City Between into a full fledged system in its own right.
In regards of the setting, Sig is a city at the nexus of a multivers. A place where humans, creatures and entities, from very different planes, met and create a cultural melting pot. Thanks that aspect the game is described as to be a cosmopolitan, planar fantasy RPG. A place from which adventures and heroes might venture into different planes to prove their meddle or fulfill tasks.
In regards of its system it’s based on Spark. A game that focuses on improvisation and collaboration.
The game should end up with a page count of 240, fully colored illustration, a hardcover and should bundle everything needed to play.
Jason Pitre is a an experienced author, game designer and Kickstarter creator. The setting is already available and the project description offers an abundance of detailed information. Including a collection of Lets Plays and the like.
I heartily recommend the project.

Wearing the Cape: The Role Playing Game is a superhero game using Fate Core based on the series of novels by Marion G. Harmon.
The novels, sporting the same name, currently covers a total of eight books and, according to  Amazon has a following. Though, according to the video presentation, the game should as well be able to be used as a generic superhero system.
In regards of Fate it’s pointed out that the system has been chosen, thanks to the opportunities and freedom that comes along with aspects. Enabling the players to create powers of their own device for their characters. Opposed to being constricted by a set list of powers and maybe even forced to compromise on ones vision.
I do consider it a cool project, specially for superhero enthusiasts, ardent Fate players or fans of the novels.


Englischsprachig & Französisch
Autumn Snow 2: The Wildlands Hunt would like to fund the collector edition, read hardcover, of the continuation of the „Autumn Snow“ series.
The gamebook has the player assume the role of a new Kai initiate, who has to prove him self in the world of Magnamund – by the late Joe Dever, famous thanks to the Lone Wolf gamebook series.
Next to the actual book, that will be translated to French and is available as such, the Kickstarter aims to finance extra artwork by Gary Chalk. Basically next to the book. Trying to raise a total of $5.000 with the three highest rewards. A quite novel practice.
I do recommend the project for gamebook enthusiasts.

Secondary literature

How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck is the newest project by Goodman Games.
At the one hand it does unite 25 authors to offer their tips & tricks of roundabout 160. It aims to cover quite a broad variety of of genre, systems, styles and would like to offer help that’s usual for a lot of tabletop games.
Of course with the caveat, implied by the term ‚adventure module‘, the publisher, as well as the selection of authors, that the focus is likely onto the more classic and traditional games. Like D&D, Traveller, Savage Worlds, RIFTS and many more. Probably a bit less on games like Fate, Apocalypse World or games from the story game tradition.
At the other hand, next to the titular „How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck“ book there will be a book called „The Adventures Almanac“. From my understanding a book stuffed to the brim with adventure hooks, … as well as apparently some quite funny cartoons.
In general, I am fascinated that Timothy Brown is part of the project (Ulisses North-America) and would like to point out that the book is available at cheaper rewards than $29,99.
I do consider it worth checking out and recommend doing so. Even if one is maybe more in the story game corner.


Book of Metal offers a supplement for D&D 3.5 as well as Pathfinder, focused on the theme of Metal music.
The author aims to enrich the games um bards who can raise the Dead and smash foes with their instruments.
Where one might play a dark gunslinger who gains his power directly from the nine hells. A cybernetic killer machine. A warrior who summons Valkyries to fight. Where one might use the power of ones organ – voice or guts? – for brutal, arcane rituals.
Fighting iconic, metal monsters. Having a abundance of magic items at ones disposal.
The creator does offer a demonstration how to make bards more bad ass by presenting a corresponding Level 11 prestige class.
The financing is focused to pay for the illustration of the PDF book.
I guess it’s worth checking out if you’re a metal enthusiast.


Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep Magic would like to update the popular campaign setting and make it accessible for 5th edition D&D.
Midgard by Kobold Pressvon Kobold Press is a high fantasy setting, based upon east and middle European myth and folklore. Thus one will find Kobold gangs, clockwork magic as well as ghoul empires. In the west there’ll be sanity grinding aliens, to the east Baba Yaga rides through the night, the south is bleed dry by vampire princes and in the north there are giants and troll devastating the lands.
The backers are offered up to three books.
At the one hand the „Midgard Campaign Setting“. Detailing on 300+ the countries, locations, city, rulers, heraldic, gods, pantheons and an abundance of adventure hooks.
At the other the „Midgard Heroes Handbook“. The book offering players all they need to know about races, variations, archetypes, backgrounds, weapons, equipment, magic and more. Enabling them to play trollkin, ravenfolk, kobolds and other creatures.
Last but not least there’s „Eldritch Lairs“. A colledction of brief adventures, for a quick start into the world of Midgard.
The first two books will be as well available for the Pathfinder RPG.
If your still looking for a cool setting for D&D 5E or would like to take a look at Midgard, this Kickstarter is the way to go.

One Hundred Dungeons: A Make/100 Dungeons project is a project focused on the collaborative(!) creation of a classic mega dungeon.
Thus the backer will get access to a variety of different design elements to design one level of the 100 deep dungeon. The various parts, vector graphics, maps etc., will be provided as *.EPS and *.AI files. Which I was made to believe will require some skill to be used.
I do consider the project quite interesting and do recommend it to enthusiastic illustrators, designers. Even though I think it’s a bit strange to basically pay to contribute. Yet still its the first really cooperative Kickstarter project I noticed, save from the regular „hey, please do some free proofreading“ stuff, and as such worth to be checked.


Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, adventures for Call of Cthulhu offers an anthology of a total of 19 One-Shots.
The various scenarios are introduced on the Kickstarter page, including their title as well as a brief description. Offering a quite varied menagerie of themes and are solidly set in the genre of Horror, addressing a mature audience without relying on shock value or over sexualization.
The various stories are written by a quite impressing list of experienced authors. The creators themselves proven to be capable in creating Call of Cthulhu scenarios and an anthology like ‚The Things we leave behind‘.
I do freely recommend the project to Cthulhu Fans as well as those who are interested into urban fantasy / urban horror games.

Off the Beaten Path, Forest Excursions would like to offer the game master some assistance in case of player strolling off the adventure and into the woods.
Basically by providing the backers with at leas 20 one to two page long adventures. With the option to get those system neutral or with rules for Sword & Wizardry. The players might find villages, catacombs, ruins and other interesting places on their detours.
The creator can look back on successful previous projects, as well as on a Patreon, from which this Kickstarter spawned.
Forming Off the Beat Path into a project I do like to recommend.

Make 100: The Monster offers three things in one.
First, a story the author has written and illustrated when she’d been just 8 years old. It will fill the first half of the book.
Second, the same story re-imagined by the author as a grown up person. Thus written to fit the Horror genre with some decent illustrations. Filling the other half of the book.
Third, the haunted mansion that serves as location for both stories, offered as a tabletop dungeon (system neutral). It will be fitted in the middle.
I do like the idea and the creator did already prove to have concluded a successful Kickstarter. Thus, go check it out.

Winter Eternal – Tabletop RPG Adventure Module is an adventure for D&D 5E as well as 1E and the like.
The adventure has been inspired by the freezing temperatures of Wisconsin and is set in the world and setting of „Lands of Lunacy“ (Review). While it could be played with any variety of characters, it apparently is the most fun to play with clerics or other divine inclined character types. In general its made for groups of 3 to 6 players and level 3 characters.
The presentation is quite convincing, the creators are experienced, the adventures actually written and thus a clear recommendation for fans of D&D..

Dimgaard Vol. XV – 5E DnD Adventures continues the series of adventures by Dan Haas.
The kickstarter campaign does offer 10 adventures, spanning over two campaigns.
On the one hand the Dimgaard campaign will be continued with four adventures for level 15 characters. At the other hand the Grand Lich Saga will be started with 6 adventures. Offering material for characters of level 3 up to 20.
Next to the adventures an encounter as well as a champion (CR 0 to CR 20) gallery will released.
I do consider the adventures by Dan Haas to be very solid and trustworthy. He did a quite astonishingly amount of projects and delivered on them. Thus I do recommend the project to D&D 5E players.

The Freelancing Roleplayers adventure Three-pack offers three different adventures.
Each of them sporting a different theme, genre and system.
„The Terror of the machine“ will be a classic dungeon for D&D 5E (OGL), including puzzles, traps and monster. Among the the latter a golem. The adventure takes place in the town of Majentic, a more detailed description of the setting, I guess fantasy, is missing.
„Internal Conflict“ will be an adventure in which the players assume the role of one of the personality aspects of a guy calles ‚Manny‘. Who happens to wake up from a coma with a serious trauma, amnesia next to an apparently dead women. The adventure will utilize a system developed by the authors.
„The Beast of Broly“ will be an investigative adventure. Relying on the sharp wits of the players. It’s set in contemporary times, does offer pre-gens and uses a diceless freeform system. The latter information isn’t provided at the kickstarter, but something I learned when I asked.
All in all I do think the idea for the package is nice. Though personally I don’t really fancy the design of the Kickstarter. Even though the illustrations are nice.
I recommend to check it out on your own and form your own opinion.

Adventure (Short KS Campaign)

3 Days in Bergholt! is a Kickstarter campaign that only spans three days and will conclude at 04.02. 2 AM CET.
The projects aims to create a 80 page spanning city adventure set in the town of Bergholt. The adventure for the Castle & Crusaders RPG should be printed and shipped within 6 weeks to the participating backers.
Troll Lord Games and the project creator Stephen Chenault are quite experienced in running Kickstarter projects and did prove their mettle with previous short campaigns.
Thus I do recommend checking the project.

Dice projects

Spyn: decision-making made fun! offers gyroscopes that can be used as dice.
The spyns are marked as d2 with Yes/No, Me/You, Later/Now or d6 with classic pips, With the new pip design sadly already taken.
They do come with a nice wooden stand.
I really do like the elegant, cool design. In general I am a fan of gyroscopes and those are some of the coolest looking ones I’ve seen on kickstarter. The only downside is that they do ask $24 for one spyn plus shipping.
Still, go and have a look.
[I missed the project in my last collection, hence it will already conclude on 03.02]

D30 Super Heavy Solid Metal 30 face Dice For Tabletop Gaming offers what the title announces.
The dice, sporting a site of 30mm / 3cm and a weight of 130g, are bigger then the usual d20. Probably as they are made of cast zinc alloy with a plating finish.
I do actually like the design, specially the lilac one, and thus recommend the project.

Hero: Aluminum dice inspired by super heroes :) offers six sided dice in five colors as shown.
In regards of unique aspects, well like demonstrated in the picture the pips are connected and the edges are sketched..
I do like the design actually. Even though its the first project from the Taiwanese creator the Kickstarter looks well made. Including the ‚risks and challenges‘ section. While personally I consider $23 for two dice a bit steep, I do recommend you to have a closer look at the project.

Mojie Dice offers d6 with smileys.
Which, probably thanks to the Zeitgeist, are called emoji, hence the title. The dice are available in the colors white, green, yellow and ‚glows in the dark‘ (milky green). They might be obtained as standard plastic dice or with a nickel plated zinc alloy.
I guess the design is fine and the dice are actually cheap.
Thus it might be worth checking out, given you’re a dice enthusiast.

Deep Space D6 Dice Game System offers a game a longt with quite a lot of fitting six sided dice.
The dice are available in six different colors with as many different symbols. There’ll ve 100 dice per game set and the creator aims to create 100 games to go along.
I do consider it an interesting project, even though my focus is on the dice.
The rewards including the physical game are all up. Thus you might only back the project for the rules as PDF.

Accessories / Aides

The Wyrmwood Magnetic Game Master Screen would like to finance a real intricate and well thought out game master screen.
The screen is modular with magnets holding stuff in place. One might choose different panels, add-ons, dice towers as well as a small cabinet.
The panels are designed to display various rules, artworks without a lot of work. Offering some plastic window to enable the GM to make notes. Some panels are even able to be turned, to reveal notes and panels to the players.
The add-on thing do offer a nice initiative counter.
A dice tower might be added to either sides and enables hidden, as well as public, rolls.
A cabinet does store miniatures in cute little lades.
The whole thing is hand crafted and does have a quite sleek design, specially compared to the game master system from Zucati. Plus, given the modular nature,  as well as the options given in regards of different woods, the price is actually reasonable.
Thus it gets a straight forward recommendation.

Fall of Magic: 100 Foxes offers basically cloth bags for the the tabletop RPG „Fall of Magic“ and is inspired by the ‚Make 100‘ promotion.
Fall of Magic itself is a narrative system that uses a scroll as game map. The game has been financed via Kickstarter and delivered. Alas one batch of scrolls ended up not going out, thanks to a rather minor mistake. Those scrolls will be dismantled and turned into unique, cool looking cloth bags..
As shown in the picture they do offer room for playmats (maybe a small book?), pens and some coins. I do love the idea and the design. Thus I recommend to check it out.

Make 100: Chronicles RPG Kit offers four old-school booklets that should assist in the preparation, design and transcription of tabletop sessions.
„Malloy’s Alamanac“ tries to enable the GM to create adventures on the fly. It offers various tables in regards of calendar topics as well as for NPCs. With its heart piece being the encounter tables. Those should be able to adjust from low fantasy (Lord of the Rings) up to high fantasy (Forgotten Realms)-
„Imaginarium“ tries to support the GM when designing dungeon as well as the tactical aspect of the adventure. Hence it offers 6 blank dungeons with rooms for annotations and descriptions, adventure design guide lines, 12 sheets for encounters, 3 for campaigns (PbtA style) as well as sheets to track secrets, plot hooks and notes.
„Session Planner“ offers the GM a book to track up to 25 sessions in a kind of diary..
„Game Diary“ addresses the players and enables them to basically do a campaign diary.
I consider it a cool idea and recommend to check it out. Though as a warning, thanks to the „make 100“ promotion the possibility to participate and get a set of books are limited.

Make 100: „Scroll of Eldritch Convocation“ RPG Art Scroll offers hand made, artistic scrolls.
The scrolls could be used as a stylish prop for Cthulhu rpgs, whether Larp or tabletop, or incorporated into a cosplay. The design does look quite cool and enticing.
Thus, if you are a Cthulhu enthusiast, I recommend to check the project.

Dark Obelisk: Extended Pregenerated PCs for Pathfinder RPG offers quite a lot of Pregens for Pathfinder.
The projects speaks about characters 11 core classes, 8 base classes as well as 3 alternative classes and adds up to 192 archetypes.  With variations for different levels.
I myself have almost no idea how pathfinder works, how useful such a list is and what the quadruple thing is really about. Yet the creators appear to have managed some Kickstarter projects in a good fashion and got PFRPG products out there.
Thus I do recommand PFRPG enthusiasts to have a look.

Music projects

Numenera Audio Collection from Plate Mail Games is a project by Michelle and Wes Otis to produce background music for Numenera sessions.
The tracks will be ‚loops‘. Thus ten minutes long music pieces, fitting to run in the background, which can be seamlessly put on repeat. If the project funds the backers will receive up to 80 tracks, with 40 more tracks to be unlocked by achieving stretch goals.
The loops are tailored to locations found in various Numenera books.
You might check out which locations from an overview or listen into some example tracks to get an idea of what you’re in for. Plate Mail Games have proven themselves to be very experienced and reliable Kickstarter creators and music track composers.
Thus a straight recommendation for Numenera players, as well as those among you that like to spice up their games with music.

Make 100: Background Music for 5E Character Backgrounds aimes to create 13 pieces of music for the same number of D&D backgrounds.
The backgrounds that will receive the musical treatment are: Acolyte, Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Hermit, Noble, Outlander, Sage, Sailor, Soldier, Urchin.
The projects presentation is a bit, outlandish, in my opinion. Yet the author, composer offers the opportunity to peak into his works and the tracks are up for just 3 bucks.
Thus, if you like music, you might like to give the project a chance, take a look.

Various projects

Watchful Eyes and Monster Taxidermy for the Adventurous Home offers to prep fantasy creatures as wall decoration.
Thus if your animal friendly, maybe even vegan, yet always wanted to have a trophy starring down at you from your wall, I guess that’s the project to go. Probably as well if you like to have the cold, dead, fixated eyes of a dead creature starring down your bedroom, living room or entry hall.
I do consider the project quite bizarre, yet equally cool. Thus, go check it out.

Breakfast Cult: the Visual Novel is video game based on the Fate powered RPG Breakfast Cult.
The project looks nice and competent. Even as it is the creators first project. Plus I would imagine that ‚visual novels‘, basically text adventures with static images, aren’t to difficult to make.
Hence I recommend to check it out, for sure for Breakfast Cult players, though as well as video game enthusiasts and Fate fans.

Status Report! is a small social deduction game I noticed.
It apparently addresses a rather small number of participants, compared with the likes of Resistance or Werewolve. In regards of the game one player will assume the role of captain. The other players assume the role of different ship system, one of which is dangerously corrupt and aims at destroying everyone. The goal is to single out the corrupt AI and save the day.
In my opinion its a nice, charming idea and worth having a look.

Französisch French crowdfundings Französisch

Online project

ACTION JEUX – Découverte du site ludique attempts to create an online platform to organize french speaking players.
Whether from France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland or other countries. Offering a place for everyone whether it is tabletop RPG, new board games, Larp, Escape Games, traditional board games or similar game or play activities.
I do consider the idea commendable and like the presentation. I recommend supporting it, given your interested in such a platform, even though it has already made its goal.

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings Deutschsprachig

Larp project

Riesenspiel Köln 19.03.17 aimed to finance its second run of the Riesenspiel-LARP in cologne.
The first run along with its Kickstarter was a success, covered by the German online magazine in the article Projekt „Riesenspiel Köln“ by Andreas Hüttig.
The game offers a science fiction scenario where Aliens made contact with earth. The players assume the roles of diplomats, scientist or aliens and have to deal with the threat.
In regards of game design its a mixture of LARP – in regards of costuming and assuming a character – war game – in regards of the global threat – as well as it got boardgame elements – in regards of science and research.
I do consider the project quite exiting. It has reasonable entry frees. The creators are quite invested in the project. Even though the Kickstarter has already concluded you might consider participating. Given you don’t mind a game played in German.

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  1. Tod Foley sagt:

    Do you only track Kickstarter projects? How about Indiegogo or Patreon?

    • Teylen sagt:

      I do actively track primarily Kickstarter projects as well as a European platform and some publishers platforms. Basically all the links listed here:

      In regards of IndieGoGo I do see it as a challenge / problem that they won’t allow to search for ‚recently started‘ and got rid of the project end date. Which, at least for rewards based crowdfunding, I don’t like.
      Patreon offers a similar challenge in regards of the search.

      Thus I only mention those Patreons and IndieGoGo projects I come across via fB advertisement or groups, G+ communities or other news channels (mention of webboards etc.). While I haven’t heard of a fresh IndieGoGo tabletop related project, I came across quite a few Patreons and featured these.

      I am as well always thankful if someone points me to a project I missed :)

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