Crowdfunding Collection #32

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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 07 Feb to 22 Feb.
Thanks to me procrastinating last week and a few days of delay as I got involved in nasty arguments over the internet the total of crowdfunding endeavors is up at 42. Of which astounding 16 projects try to finance fresh core rulebooks.
Among the projects are games like Song of Swords focusing on tactical battles, a Western game called Print the West, Mutant: Mechatron offering a new addition to the MY0 series, LexOccultum an impressive RPG from Sweden, The Watch as well as Bedlam Hall as cool PbtA offsprings and many more cool projects.
Next to all the the cool tabletop RPGs I’d like to highlight Lotería de Muerte, a charming game from a creator from Mexico-City.

As the translation of the Crowdfunding Collection took a while, sadly three projects ran out of time before I could publish it. You’ll find those at the end. I would as well point out that the Pillars of Eternity project only got till 25th left.

Englischsprachig English Crowdfundings

7 Fantasy tabletop RPGs
2 Swedish tabletop RPGs (in English)
2 Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPGs
3 Various tabletop RPGs (Western, Story game, SF)
1 Game Book
3 Supplements
6 Dice Projects
4 Cards & Maps
2 YouTube Series
4 Various Projects
2 Other kinds of games

Französisch French Crowdfundings

2 Core Rulebooks

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings

1 Core Rulebook

Englischsprachig Finished Projects

1 Fantasy tabletop RPGs
1 Weird-Military tabletop RPG
1 Other kinds of games

Englischsprachig English Crowdfundings Englischsprachig

Fantasy tabletop RPGs

Song of Swords: Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a tabletop RPG with a stern focus on gritty, tactical combat at the one hand and story based character development on the other.
The setting places the player characters into the Tattered Realms, upon the continent of Vosca which is home to some classical races like humans, dwarfs, elf as well as goblins but does host some more unique. In regards of genre the game offers a low fantasy approach.
The systems aims to offer the capability to develop ones character along the lines of the story and not as much by grinding for XP and the like. Thus you can slay a lot of goblins, but you don’t have to. The game does work with a d10 based pool system and has characters taking and dishing out wounds opposed to counting down CP.
The whole system, in an alpha stage, is available at the project page in the form of a PDF stretching over 335 pages.
I do like the setting and system but am most awed by the presentation. The presentation of female characters in cool armors, battle ready, being a normal part of the army is sooo cool. And it doesn’t even make a fuzz about it. It is just like it is. Which, along with the video, that got my quite hyped.
I am very much considering to back the product and may do so later.
I do thus recommend Song of Swords a lot, really a lot. At least take a look, it looks nice.

There’s a Game in this Book 1.5 is a new edition of the game.
The biggest feature of the tabletop appears that every character concept one can come up with is valid and actually playable. Whether its a classical warrior, a dream demon possessed assassin or a spell slinging socketpuppet and more.
The system revolves around a d12 and should be adaptable to ones own needs. To support players in that the project offers a companion book by the name of ‚Now What?‘. Which holds instructions and tips how to hack the system.
The creators are experienced, the video is really fun and raised my mood and the price is very fair. Which is why I do recommend it in full.

Tales of the Warrior Princesses is a game based on and compatible with the D&D 5E SRD.
The player gets to play one of eight princesses, which are tasked to defend their land of Everather against intruding villains. The eight characters are based on classic fairy tale princesses, some which are mostly known thanks to the works of Disney. The game itself is apparently the revised edition of the game originally gekickstartert in 2015.
Next to the game the project aims to fund a supplement with eight adventures (one for each princess) each spanning three acts.
The project is charming, lest to me, the account is experienced in doing successful projects and thus I recommend having a look at it.

Graveyard of Heroes would like to revive the nostalgic feel of ones first tabletop experience without going back to the OSR but using a system of their own design.
The experience is described as not knowing all Monsters including stats still being out for exploration. Graveyard of Heroes offers all one needs in one book. It sports class free character creation, an open creation system for various races, eight ready made races out of the ordinary, a character development based on quests instead on XPs or loot and a ton of fresh Monsters.
The setting apparently is weird, yet not as weird as Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
I do recommend the project.

PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE is actually rather a project that wished to finance the next entry in the Pillars of Eternity CRPG series.
Yet with reaching an impressive 2,4 millions the creators decided to offer a Pillard of Eternity Starter-Set and promised the development of a full tabletop RPG. With of course mechanics that differ from the CRPG as the GM ain’t a machine.
The Starter-Set is included in the $49 digital all-inclusive package and can be added for $7 to a normal pledge. The $49 set does add a tabletop RPG related cookbook on top.
Imho something quite cool and a clear recommendation!
Though watch out, the campaign ends tomorrow (25.02)!

Dunjens Escape The Tower would like to fund a cards and dice based ‚tabletop RPG‘.
In regards of the game, its basically a dungeon crawler set in a prison tower with up to 15 level. Next to the campaigns claim I couldn’t spot any further RPG elements, resulting in its low position in the Fantasy tabletop RPG category.
Yet what totally disqualifies it in my opinion is that the title graphic apparently got lifted from Prince of Persia. Thus no recommendation.

DREAMEngine Alpha, a Character and Adventure Creation Guide is a project by Austin-James Longstreet.
The project likes to fund a universal tabletop RPG that’s at least according to the author since quite a while, a few years, in the making spanning several hundred pages.
Which is about all the project really says in certain. Spending an astounding amount of words of not telling anything and confusing me what actually to expect. The video ends somewhat abruptly and am not sure, … might be thanks to lacking English skills of mine, … but I think the authors mumbles a ’suckers‘ at the end.
So I clearly don’t recommend the project. Even if I misheard it I have no faith in the project at all.

Swedish tabletop RPGs (in English)

LexOccultum – Role Playing Game is the new (Swedish) award winning game by the publisher who translated Trudvang.
The game explores 18th century France as a setting. Yet it doesn’t really put a historical lens on it but  instead mixes the age of flintlock pistols with a lot of mystic and occult stuff. Without getting as deep into horror as „Kult“ does,… even though one of its slogans is that the 18th century is darker than ever. The character will be able to explore secrets, fight with vampires and werewolves and delve through the intrigues and intricacies of secret socieries.
The game does come in three books.
First Lex Libris, a 170 paged book for game masters. It will have explanations regarding the system, wounds, combat, a bestiary as well as a lot of advice how to be a game master.
Second Alter Ego, a 126 paged book for players. It will offer anything needed for character creation. Skills, derivative skills, areas of influence, a system about vanity and chick, disciplines, specialties, traits, equipment and gear … really everything one needs.
Third Roi de Rats, a 150 paged campaign. The campaign should offer a nice introduction to the setting and lead the players to various place in Fance.
Systemwise its described as BRP-clone, though I guess a better comparison would be Trudvang as its apparently a BRP clone without d100 but d20. The game offers up archetypes like Occultist, Highwayman, Vagabond, Soldier, etc. and character traits like Health, Charisma, Perception, Intelligence and so on. Skills are divided in ”General skills”, ”Disciplines” and ”Specialties” and a skill value is measured from 1-20.
There are two aspect of the game design standing out. At once it will cover influence over and in various factions and the development of influence. The other aspect is that the game judges how ‚en vouge‘ a character is, how modern, detailed and classy his outfit and have NPCs react accordingly.
The Kickstarter project offers extensive information in regards of system and setting and decorates it with nice illustrations. As little side note, apparently the game was called „Götterdämmerung“ before the translation, thus sporting a German name (the translation would be Ragnarok).
I do consider the price tag of roughly $65 for all three books, stretch goals included, very fair. Even with the shipping as detailed in the FAQ. While I could resist Trudvang am not sure about this enticing darling and guess I will both the willpower roll in the days to come.
Hence it gets a big recommendation from my side.

Mutant: Mechatron – Rise of the Robots Roleplaying is the newest game by Fria Liga, the creators behind Mutant: Genlab Alpha as well as Coriolis.
As hinted by the title the game will add upon the Mutant Year Zero line. The setting focus on robots which had been left behind when the normal humanity disappeared. At first the automated processes continued to run and the robots weren’t aware of the lack of overseers or the futility of their actions. Yet then suddenly something happened and the machines awakened.
The machines had to notice the creators were gone, stuff they created ended up rotting or catching dust, all around them was just decay to be found and given a conscience they do now have to decide what to actually do with their existence.
How to or if to organize, in which to believe in, to go looking for humanity or what ever is up their mind. Apparently they can as well get out and meat the humanoid mutants of Year Zero or the animals from Genlab Alpha.
The game offers the probed and customized rules and mechanics as known from the series and the inclined backer will find a very nicely illustrated book in his hands. Fria Ligan got a lot of experience in delivering books in time and the price of roughly $67 for such a phat set of material is cool with me.
If one would like to get a look at their other stuff, during the Kickstarter other Mutant games are at a 20% discount in their shop.
Thus I totally recommend checking the project. Specially if you like SF with robots.

Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPGs

The Watch RPG is the most recent project of Andrew Medeiros, author and designer of games like Urban Shadows and The Forgotten.
The Watch offers a low fantasy setting in which various clans were involved into a war with each other. The conflict did somewhat ended when a force which is called the Shadow arrived like a force of nature. It corrupted the fighting men to its side and forced them against their own. Leading the clans to overcome their difference to unite against the Shadow.
The Shadow did affect mostly men, as well people identified as men, while women and people who identify as women have had a bigger resistance. Thus it’s up to them to get out and push back against the threat.
In regards of its system The Watch introduces mechanics about camaraderie, being jaded, weariness and mission moves. Camaraderie is a currency that might be used to support other that should reflect shared experiences. Jaded works somewhat like corruption in Urban Shadows, it unlocks special abilities yet once to jaded and the character is out of the game. Weariness focuses on short time stress or exhaustion, it builds up rather fast and once a threshold is reached the character will lash out at his comrades. The mission moves will help to resolve the missions, that shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes, and provide for a lot of material for the aftermath.
Another characteristic of The Watch is that a game should follow a campaign of roundabout 10 to 12 sessions. Which still should offer a lot of replay value as many aspects are determined by the players in a cooperative world  creation process. An interview with Anna Kreider at GnomeStews does provide some more insights.
As hinted by my setting description the game aims to address certain, more or less, political challenges revolving gender and clearly takes a stand against ‚toxic masculinity‘.
Which I consider an interesting approach at the one hand. At the other hand, in strictly my opinion, it does somewhat counteract the inclusive approach the designers are aiming for as it affects people identifying as male. I do as well consider other kinds of toxic behavior, which I experienced to a great extent, no less problematic.
I do still totally recommend the project. That’s if you can handle tabletop games addressing politics.

Bedlam Hall – A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game is a game that has you play the servants to Victoarian family of nobility.
The nobility isn’t exactly ones Dowtown Abbey standard crowd but more like Addams Family or Monster inspired. Leaving a mess after conjurations, strange masses, occult researches and other eccentric Victorian past-times. All the while, while the servant body, in a more Dowtown Abbey style is a bit at each others throat vying for a better position and more prestige.
The mix is quite amusing, does look fun and I personally feel somewhat reminded of Maid. Just with a grown up cast, more morbidity and without the genre convention of that particular anime genre. Which is a win, imho.
Systemwise PbtA has been adapted in regards of various aspects. Characters got a dark, personal secret which is something for others to discover and exploit. Something that makes the daily chores a bit more difficult. The characters got something like a ‚dirty move‘ which is apparently a bit like pulling the nuclear option; keeping everything in swing and interesting.
I do heartily recommend the game for fans of fun games, Dowtown Abbey and the Addams Family and who do like the humor of series like Lemony Snickets – A series of unfortunate events.

Various tabletop RPGs (Western, Weird-Military, Story game, SF)

PRINT THE LEGEND: A Tabletop RPG of the American Southwest is a game which places the players in the year of 1866 in the Wild West of New Mexico.
In regards of setting and genre the game does offer very straight forward Western. Thus one will herd the cattle, lead them to their destination, defend ones homestead, rob banks, catch bandits or fight against attacking Native Americans. The game aims at portraying live during postbellum times without getting to mechanically complex.
Systemwise its a d% or well 2d10 system. It does use d4 up to d20,… I guess for damage. The game is set to be rather deadly, as a way to highlight the daring-do of the first settlers.
The project might not follow some of the standards for political correctness, yet it appears to be very well and competently made and Wild West, specially without being weird, is a kinda fresh setting. Plus the 168 page book in digest size doesn’t cost much.
I do recommend giving the project a chance, it looks good.

Companions’ Tale—an epic game of map-making & storytelling is a story game project by Laura Simpson.
The game places the player characters in the roles of companions to a hero on his classical heroes journey. You will play to find out how the journey progresses, which feats the hero will display and may reflect on your own deeds as a companion.
In regards gameplay and design, how the game will prompt the players to literally draw out the map as the journey progresses, I feel remembered of Dawn of Worlds; a game with a kinda similar map making approach. The author does point to the game The Quite Year by Avery Alder (Monsterhearts), which appears to be a good fit as well.
Mostly as Companions’Tale does, like The Quite Year, utilize cards in the game mechanic. The OneShot Podcast offers an actual play example and hence a closer look at how it works.
I do consider the project to be interesting and thus grant it a clear recommendation.

A Strange Box is the freshest Kickstarter project from Monte Cook Games.
It aims, just like with the Numenera Box Kickstarter, to present a similar box to their game The Strange.
The box is a nice, refined piece of design and the massive rulebook will be sliced up into in better digestible pieced. Cards, maps, lavish art-prints, tokens and everything that one would need for playing The Strange  will be added as well.
The fat all-inclusive offer will be spiced up and extended by Stretch Goals and has a price tag of $120 plus some shipping. Which all things considered is a fair price. MCG does offer the empty box for $20, in case you already got the core book and stuff.
I do recommend the project to people who would like to get started with the Strange and Monte Cook Fans. Judging by my own, still factory wrapped, Numenera box it might not serve well as something like an long term investment ^^;

Game Book

The Maze: A First-Person Perspective Puzzle Book would like to fund several gamebooks that basically do offer a labyrinth.
In total there should be 12 different books with mazes of varying size. The mazes are designed to offer 5 x 5, 7 x 7, 9 x 9 or 12 x 12 rooms and there will be three of each room-grid-size.
The mazes themselves are designed to be rather neutral. So that either the player can imagine some description or the game master may shape various dungeons. In this regard the book should offer a base to pull up an instant maze when needed.
I do like the idea, yet the absence of a PDF reward as well as the pricing for the book reward may lead to the projects failure. I still would recommend having a look, and maybe be inspired to create a gamebook app to auto-generate something like this?


The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus is an extensive supplement for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition which re-introduces the time of Romans as a setting to experience cthuloid horrors.
To quote the project, you may take your Call of Cthulhu game back in time to the Age of the Antonines, The Golden Age of Imperial Rome. Battle sinister cults, unspeakable horrors, and alien gods across the Roman Empire, from the misty shores of Britannia to the bustling markets of the Arabia, deep in the forests of Germania and across the stacks of the Library of Alexandria, from the Pyramids to the Parthenon, from the Colosseum to Hadrian’s Wall, from the trading ports of North Africa to the coast of the Black Sea. Adventure, glory, death, and madness await.
Thus even though one still needs the Call of Cthulhu core book the supplement extends from being a simple re-skin of the system. It offers a revamped skill list, new professions, optional rules, and a drastically overhauled combat system. For which you’ll find examples right on the Kickstarter page.
Golden Goblin Press is an experienced Kickstarter creator and the project looks very solid.
Hence I do confidently recommend it for Call of Cthulhu fans.

The Book of Passion (OGL 3.75; Mature Audiences) is a book all about passion, love and sex by Christina Stiles and Misfit Studios.
Spanning about 208 the book will offer new options for almost classes of the OGL 3.75 main system (Pathfinder?). Thus there are rules for sex, option for base classes as well as feats and traits. The book will cover topics like pregnancy, magic, sexual society and sex & religion.
It will be inclusive to the LGTBQ spectrum and the video, as well as the kickstarter pages, offers a save for work hint on the illustration.
The whole thing is fully colored and available as PDF as well as a physical book.
I might have felt inclined to snark at it, yet the project is well done, Christina Stiles an experienced creator with a good reputation who’s been open to all kinds of questions regarding the book.
Thus I do recommend to check it out.

Rotted Capes: Survivor’s Guide, vol. I is a supplement for the superhero game Rotted Capes.
For those who missed the Kickstarter for Rotted Capes, the game enthusiastically mixes the superhero genre with the one of the zombie apocalypse and produces a fun setting.
The supplement is currently about 48 pages and offer stuff like new sources of power like cosmic, mystic, supernatural, fresh archetypes like alien, android, anthromorph, demi-god, along with mertis, flaws skills. Next to power modifiers, various gadgets, artifacts and sorcery.
The books aims to function as a tool books, leaving it to the group in question which parts to use.
For Rotted Capes players as well as superhero and zombie enthusiast worth having a look at.

Dice Projects

HOLLOW DICE is the most recent project from the creators of the Cubble dice.
The project aims, as the name tells and the picture demonstrates, to create sixsided dice which are hollow inside.
The idea is nice, the design enticing. Thus a straight up recommendation from me to dice enthusiasts.

Engraved Gemstone Dice: Amethyst, Opalite, and more! offers a variety of engraved dice made of gemstones.
Currently the choice is between synthetic Opalite, Blue Sandstone, Tiger Eye and Amethyst. The dice are available as  d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20. With the option for the d6 to have pips instead of numbers.
The creators are experienced, the dice look nice, go check it out.

Halfsies Dice – World Tour is a quite interesting dice project.
In their first, already concluded, step the creators send out 50 dice prototypes to be photographed all over the world.
The second one is this project, where project can choose which prototype will become regular dice and produced in bigger quantities. The dice themself are two colored and one might get a set of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20.
In regards of the vote there’ll be 5 categories with separate introduction videos and videos per dice. Currently the phoenix as well as the gamma set are available.
I do think its a very inspiring imitative. The creators are successfully attempting to create a positive community, offer a direct form of interaction, the dice look their part and the creators are nice and competent as they did it before.
Thus, it gets a clean cut recommendation from me.

Leather Dice Cups from CrowScratches aims to fund dice cups as displayed on the picture.
The dice cups are of a decent size, stable and one might choose from six different colors and five different impregnations.
The price of $45 might bit a bit steep, yet I think they do look the part. Hence a sound recommendation to check it out.

Cubism : Maestro would like to finance a ‚magic trick‘ dice set.
Thus one can get three cups with a black outside and red insight, looking like standard cups, in which one might put dice in without them coming out.
Next to that it offers various six sided dice. A blanco dice, two miniature dice, three normal sized loaded dice and three big loaded dice.
The project looks cool, the creator has experience and I recommend to take a look. Specially if you want to surprise your fellow players.

Critical Smells – RPG Inspired Candles with Chessex Dice offers its backers four different scented candles as well as a dice set and dice back. Those who invest a lot of money will get a box on top of.
At least if you live in the USA, foreigners got to take a pass. Though even if you are an American you might like to check the critical review in Tenkar’s Tavern. tl;tr the combination fixed dice per candle might suggest they aren’t the best dice and the smell variety isn’t great either. It did as well miss out on candle for clerics, one of the few classes that actually does light candles regularly.
Thus you might check it out, yet I’ve seen better scented candles with dice projects.

Cards & Maps

Hex Kit would like to create a software for PC, Mac and Linux which should enable the user to create maps with a hexagon grid.
The design focuses on a fairy-tale like watercolor style. Though there are as well presets for space maps and the like. The software appears to be already working, easy to use with commendable results, demonstrated in a video by the creator.
Next to the option to create stunning cards Hex Kit offers at the one hand a ‚fog of war‘ functionality, at the other hand to save some text info at each hex field and last but not least an export to *.png function.
The system requirements are rather low and even though it is the creators first project I do recommend it with confidence.

Ilanthar is creating Maps and Worldbuilding is a Paterion project which, as it spells out in the title, focuses on maps as well as setting material like e.g. monsters.
The card style shown is cool, as are the monsters.
Thus it gets a straightforward recommendation.

Treasure Decks for 5th Edition – Only $12! offers 5 different decks each sporting 52 cards.
The sets are divided by CR – 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12, 13 to 16 and 17 to 20 – and thus should be able to offer various loots fitting to the power level of the group and the foe overcome.
The cards it self offer four different loots, that can be determined by rolling a d12 and thus offering variety as well as modelling differing rarities.
The artwork and design of the cards is pleasant, the price of $12 okay and the creators are experienced. Which culminates in me recommending the project.

Dungeon Master is a project by „Lego Ideas“.
Basically its a survey by Lego whether there is interest in a veeery cool Lego Set that can be used for dungeon building. Where the answer has been a „Yes!“ by ten-thousand voices!
The project itself is not exactly a crowdfunding, … rather a crowdmeasuring. Testing how much interest exists. Thus taking part didn’t cost money but just a registration and small questionnaire.
The project is basically done, as one apparently can’t vote, yet I think it might be worth having an eye at. Plus probably some clicks only reinforce the existence of interest in such a set.

YouTube Series

The Amaranth Murders – A Tabletop Web Series would like to finance a Let’s Play / Actual Play of their group.
The group isn’t  supposed to be filmed constantly, but instead the actions of characters are meant to be illustrated with comics / small animations.  The concept is actually cool and nicely explained in their video.
The system of their choosing is Vampire: The Masquerade, the setting will be the 90ties and the game follows a humorous approach to the theme. It apparently is about a coterie who isn’t competent at all but nevertheless tasked by the prince to apprehend a murderer..
The creators got some experience with making podcasts and make a nice impression. As it’s basically just a recording of a group playing I would hope / assume it’s fine IPwise.
Thus I recommend checking it out and backed it myself.

Lego Batman: You Choose the Adventure would like to fund a YouTube webseries in which the viewers can take part in the decisions how the story will progress.
Which, as the name suggest, is bound to happen with a Lego Batman and apparently inspired by the Lego movies.
A charming project idea, yet I am afraid it may receive a copyright strike should it get successfully funded.

Various Projects

Le Morte d’Arthur & The Arthurian Concordance would like to transform the work of Thomas Malory in regards of the Arthur saga into a book as well as a Comic.
The project aims for three books. The first is a 750 pages strong hardcover covering the whole myth. The second one the first part of the comic by John Matthews and Nimue Brown, begin a softcover spanning 120 fully covered pages. The third book is titled ‚The Concordance‘ and offer a companion to dig deeper into the layered depth of the Arthus myth. Exploring various characters, places and other aspects of the tale.
The project itself is executed by Stewart Wieck and his publishing house Noctural Media and sports an impressive, competent team of contributors.
I do recommend the project even though I personally would like to see projects like Aquelarre, Hellywood and the like finally be fulfilled. It still should be of vast interest of players of Pendragon or Prince Valiant. (Both games can be added to ones pledge, though Prince Valiant isn’t done yet)

Today I Draw Dragons would like to fund a drawing book with the theme of dragons (d’uh).
The project caught my attention as I featured some other drawing book thing recently, and it got quite some people interested, thus I noticed this one.
In regards of ‚Today I Draw Dragons‘, the line art looks solid and the PDF reasonably priced. I do think it’s a project well worth checking out if you like drawing books.

Fantasy Forge would like to basically create a new and better Roll20.
A platform that enables people to play tabletop RPGs online.
The project shows compassion and the design document is actually nicely done, yet not totally convincing. In general I don’t believe that it’s possible to create a project of such scale given its just a single developer and the time frame is a year. It didn’t help that the calculation misses the 10% Kickstarter cut of the funds raised.
Thus I can’t recommend it.

The Annals of Game Night: Catalog your Game Night is the second project of the makers of Annals of Game Night Projekt, that I mentioned in the Crowdfunding Collection #27 beginning of the year.
Given that the project is basically just a notebook it predecessors appears to got a lot of issues with the text, according to the comment section. Apparently the physical books from the first Kickstarter haven’t been shipped or at least didn’t reach the backers.
Thus I consider this attempt quite fishy and would suggest against it.
If you need a notebook I would recommend getting a neat, normal one.

Other kinds of Games

Lotería de Muerte – Lottery of death is a fresh project from Mexico-City.
The project aims to fund a very well designed and illustrated card or rather bingo game. Thus the player got a sheet, cards will be drawn, and one tries to get a certain pattern.
Again I would like to point out how amazed am by the illustration and design of the card. As hinted by the preview picture the motives appear to be traditional, mexican drawings displaying various ‚animated‘ skeletons.
The project presentation is professional. I do like the video, the style and the explanation. Which happens to be in, rather slowly spoken, Spanish – English and French subtitles are available.
The pricing of the game is fair as the 250 Mexican Dollars for the game equal about 15 USDs. Shipping, at least to Europe, is as well within reason.
I really do like the project, did support it and very much recommend to take a look and back it.

Escape! is a Dutch project to finance an Escape room.
The twist at that is that it isn’t meant as a solid place, but a scenario that one can run at home. The backers will be provided with a manual as well as tips how to create various props and thus be able to run it with friends.
The creator does offer an example scenario to provide those with a general interest with an idea what to expect.
I do consider the idea neat, it’s quite inexpensive and thus do recommend it.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Core Rulebook

MINDJAMMER : Aventures transhumanistes au Second Âge de l’espace is a project by Studio Deadcrow.
Who, as the title reads, would like to finance the French translation of Mindjammer. Which is a Fate Core (fr) game focusing of transhumanist science fiction.
The project does wow one with it’s presentation and the vast play material offered in an opulent display. Though the promise the picture makes will only come true in full if every stretch goal has been achieved.

Dimensionautes is a modern tabletop RPG by Patrice Mial.
The players will assume the role of a character who lives in one of five dimensions. Those dimensions are, ever since the creator disappeared, in a certain disarray. Strange stuff happens along the divides dimensional borders and bizarre phenomenons occur. Which both are for the characters to be tracked, analysed, explored and counteracted.
It’s a d10 System and the players will have to design their characters in regards of race, class as well as their home dimension.
The project is less of an opulent eye candy than Mindjammer, though it still looks good and the idea seems nice.

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings Schwedisch

Core Rulebook

Historiska Äventyr i Göteborg is a roleplaying game by Björn Flintberg and the publisher Eloso in corporation with the city museum of Göteborg.
The game will have the player characters discover the period from 1400 to 1700 and focuses on an historic approach. Along with the game three’ll be three different scenarios ready to be mastered.
The game is designed with the intend to appeal to players under the age of 20. Yet it should be as well accessible to older gamers who look for an entry game.
Most of the rewards will only ship to Sweden, yet I think it’s still worth having a look and of ones support.

Englischsprachig Finished Projects

Fantasy tabletop RPGs

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game offers a simplified d20 system.
Basically the authors were avid pathfinder gamers, yet couldn’t keep up with the product release schedule and started to wish for something more accessible, thus SagaBorn came into being.
One can check out a first draft over at DTRPG. Next to that, it offers seven playable races (Elf, Dwarf, Helf-Dwarf, Human, Elfling, Faun and wild Elfling), eight classes (Fighter, Barbarian, Bard, Rogue, Ranger, Wylder, Luminar and Archeon) and a simplified skill system. There are eight skills, feats have been replaced by point based talents, the rules for non combat encounters have been simplified and class restrictions regarding spells lifted. Magic is instead basically done by a Mana bar. As long as you got Mana you can do anything on the spell list.
The creators appear enthusiastic, capable and the project is nicely designed.
Thus a clear recommendation for Fans of Fantasy tabletop RPGs.

Weird-Military tabletop RPG

Dark War: Retribution. Military-Horror from Mark H. Walker mwould, at the one hand, like to fund a book focused on a third world war including Vampires and Lycans; at the other hand he plans to release a tabletop RPG along side.
The game by the name of ‚Dark War‘ uses the setting as described within the books and aims at new as well as experienced players.
The characters, who are presented with an example, got five attributes among which the players may distribute 4d4, 2d6 and 2d8 with now attribute having more than two dice. Next to the attributes a character will have two perks and wild cards should enable cool actions.
Rolls are against a target number of 4 and may involve some modifiers.  Combat is handled on a 21 x 21 grid thus enabling tactics like flanking and terrain considerations of while still only being semi-abstract.
The rule book will offer two scenarios inspired by and somewhat following the book. Though the scenarios will be a bit more strict as normal and the author outright states they ain’t sandboxes.
In regards of design Greg Porter, designer of macho women and guns, is involved and will help in the process. The artwork looks solid. The PDF is available at $30 and the book starting at $25.
I am personally a bit surprised how interesting the project came across to me on a closer look, and recommend checking it out.

Other kinds of games

Broken Contract Rulebook Relaunch is a miniature based board game with some small tabletop rpg elements.
In regards of setting; there were settlers who ventured into space with colonization in mind, yet after awakening from cryo-stasis, found them self enslaved and forced to mining labor. The players do assume the role of a ‚breaker‘, basically mining slave who decided to leg it through the mine into freedom, chased by the black squadron.
Systemwise it is a miniature based board game that utilizes cards and apparently has some legacy elements. Thus if one tries to go full Rambo on an escape attempt it will increase the security in the next game. Next to that the roleplaying elements appear to focus on the possibilities during action encounters, maybe as well the possibility to fit the standard scenario to ones own requirements.
I do consider the project well worth checking it out.

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