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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #68, including every tabletop project started between 02.04. till 02.12.

Within the collection you’ll find a PbtA game called Vagabonds of Dyfed. The games combines various mechanics inspired by games like Fate, Blades in the Dark and more, to create an OSR gaming experience. Which sounds interesting. Then there’s Age of Æther combing the Age of Enlightenment with the Industrial Revolution to create a Steampunk Fantasy Setting. Which is supported by a newly developed pool based system. Well, and then there is Quest, which pitches the survivors of a world spanning war against aliens intruders and features a d6 based system. If you are a Fan of Savage Worlds Fans you might like to take a look at Kung Fu Animals – it sounds and looks fun.
Though my personal enthusiasm is focused on Strongholds & Streaming. A book which will help you integrate the titular strongholds – which might be temples and other stuff – into your D&D5E campaign. Plus you’ll support the newest streaming project of Matthew Colville. Well, and you can get gemstone dragons. Am so in… as are many people. Elevating the project to the second most successful tabletop RPG KS!
Yet am at least a bit intrigued by Limitless Encounters 2 as well. It looks well and the concept is cool. Last but not least there’s Page Quest: Season 1. Which, as I have to admit, might be more a boardgame (dungeon crawler) than a tabletop rpg, yet am curious..
Next to those projects you’ll find plenty of supplements, adventures, dice stuff and more, just take a look:

Englisch English Crowdfundings

4 Role-Playing Games
1 Solo-Adventuregame
1 Setting
3 Supplements
2 Adventures
1 Dice Project
2 Dice Accesoires
1 Soundscape
3 Various RPG Projects
2 Play Mats
2 Tokens & Minis
2 Other Games

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game

The tiny star
star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system
The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Role-Playing Games

Vagabonds of Dyfed RPG: OSR meets PbtA

An unholy union between OSR principles and PbtA mechanics. A modern take on fantasy rpgs compatible with the classics.

Age of Æther

An historical steampunk fantasy RPG where the Age of Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution engage Fantasy Sword and Sorcery action.

Generations & NuÆther Followup

A follow up funding campaign for two, independent, small TTRPG books.

A Quest on the edge of extinction in a war between worlds

Centuries of war between the Viahem and the Mesohem left the world broken. In the aftermath, Invaders from space begin the war anew.


(star) Page Quest: Season 1

Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts is the biggest SOLO, PnP, Adventure where you can find deep story and challenging gameplay.


Kung Fu Animals (Save the World) for the Savage Worlds RPG

A Savage Worlds roleplaying game about butt-kicking mutant heroes protecting the world from an array of diabolical threats!


star Strongholds & Streaming

star Englisch
A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we’re raising money to livestream my next campaign!

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

A book of tips and tricks based on the experiences of thousands of Gamemasters to help us prepare and run fantastic roleplaying games.

Limitless Encounters 2 – 100 DnD5e encounters

100 new DnD 5e encounters for all levels in 10 different environments. Includes over 20 new monsters, and several skill challenges.


Off the Beaten Path, Desert Excursions

A minimum 26 page book, filled with one to two page adventures usable by any system. Based on the Patreon project by NomadGaming.

On Ouisconsin: A 5E Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

A campaign for 4-6 characters, starting at Levels 1-2

Dice Projects

Pip dice (CNC pattern)

Classical CNC Dice in new design for tabletop games and collectors.

Dice Accesoires

Hex Chest Mini Dice Boxes and Pebble Dice

Go small and go home: tiny dice with tiny dice boxes

The Wyrmwood Adventurer’s Arsenal

Storage for dice and miniatures, a rolling tray and a pencil make the Wyrmwood Adventurer’s Arsenal the perfect tabletop RPG companion.

Deadly Dice Enamel Pins

It’s a critical hit! Fear not adventurer — you’re sure to be the star of your party with these floral RPG dice-themed enamel pins.


The Midgard Audio Collection

The Midgard Audio Collection is 50 fantasy tracks covering locations all over Kobold Press‘ Midgard setting.

Various RPG Projects

Troika! Initiative Cards

A beautifully illustrated deck of cards with instructions on how to use them as a universal RPG initiative system

Tabletop RPG chat! Roll for initiative everywhere!

Use your cellphone to play D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, and every game you want!

Crit Role Charms

The first pre order for the Critical role charms!

Tokens & Minis

Tabletop Tokens: Premium Plastic Tokens for Tabletop RPGs

Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap

Fantasy RPG Pre-Painted Miniatures

Role 4 Initiative’s premier release of several sets of pre-painted 28mm plastic miniatures. Great for D&D, Pathfinder, and other RPGs.

Play Mats

DOJO Play Mats, thematic playing surfaces for card games

A Kickstarter for play mats featuring thematic, simple ink wash artwork. Usable with any card game and many other tabletop games.

14 x 24 Space Themed Game Mat for any Card or Board Game

Make this space themed game mat a reality. I designed the exact play mat I wanted for tabletop miniature game play,now lets get it made

Other Games

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics – Action/RPG Video Game

Fight the Nazis AND the spawn of Cthulhu in this exciting action/strategy/RPG game set in the award winning Achtung! Cthulhu universe.

Wibbell++ : 6 games exploring words, letters & language

The 6 games feature co-operative word-building, shouting, shape recognition, storytelling, creativity in language and analysis.

spain Spanish Crowdfundings spain

Role-Playing Game


Nuestro propósito es sensibilizar, a través de juegos, a jóvenes y adultos en las posibles situaciones actuales que pueden vivir las mujeres

Admission TicketAdmission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included

) I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

) I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.

Discussion at the RSP-Blogs Forum

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