Crowdfunding Collection #159

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #159, including every tabletop rpg project started between 01/17 and 02/07.

With the ZineQuest event in full swing, there are no fewer tha 233 ttrpg projects. I split them between „normal“ (107) and „zine“ (126) crowdfunding projects. In this collection, you’ll find the normal ones.
Considering the quite massive amount of projects running, I will skip over an attempt to summarize some, and direct you to the collection to browse at your convenience.

You will find the „ZineQuest“ projects started, within this blog article:
Crowdfunding Zine Collection #159

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

2 Roleplaying Games
1 Sourcebook
1 Ended Projects

Englisch English Crowdfundings

5 Roleplaying Games
2 Cyberpunk Roleplaying Games
4 Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 XY-Punk Roleplaying Games
7 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 Solo Roleplaying Games
6 Settings
8 Sourcebooks
4 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
2 D&D 5E Tavern Sourcebooks
4 Adventures
3 MÖRK Borg Adventures
4 D&D 5E Adventures
8 Dice Projects
3 Dice Projects (d20s)
2 Coin Project
2 Dice Tower
2 Accessoires
4 Deck of Cards
1 Soundscape
2 Pluschies
1 Enamel Pin
4 RPG Apps
4 Various RPG Projects
1 Mini Game
8 Ended Projects

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game
1 Sourcebook
1 Campaign

Französisch French Crowdfundings

2 Roleplaying Games
1 Campaign
1 Accessoire

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

The tiny pile

Is an emoji to flag projects I personally consider abysmal. Whether it is due to aspects of theme, structue, copyright or other reasons.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 The project is, in my opinion, bad (a piece of dung)

Deutsch German Crowdfundings Deutsch

Roleplaying Games

Monsterjagd! – ein Rollenspiel für kleine und große Spürnasen

Ein Familien-Rollenspiel rund um Monster, Mut und Miteinander!

Fragments – Pulverdampf

Ein Pen and Paper Rollenspiel auf der Welt Thêl Bor.


red (star)Die Schwarze Katze – Fasar – Brüchiger Frieden

red (star)Deutsch
Fasar – Brüchiger Frieden ist eine Erweiterung für das beliebte Rollenspiel Die Schwarze Katze. Jetzt mit Hunden und Fenneks als spielbare Charaktere.

Ended Project

DCC: Panik auf dem Purpurplaneten

Der Purpurplanet: Stämme von Tiermenschen führen endlos Krieg unter einer sterbenden Sonne. Gewaltige Todesurme beherrschen die Wüste, verseuchte Winde pfeifen durch uralte Krypten und Pilzwälder gedeihen im sonderbaren Licht.
Uralte Technologien versprechen ein langes Leben … oder einen schnellen Tod.

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Roleplaying Games

star Our Shores: An RPGSEA Compilation

star Englisch
A celebration of some of the best work in the RPGSEA scene.

The Monastère de Saint Gastronomie

A comprehensive, light-hearted adventure set in rural France.


A role-playing social deduction game about pulling off the heist of a lifetime.


Mech Bustin‘ Gang Warfare on a dying planet. For use with Mothership RPG.


A primeval science fantasy RPG inspired in Heavy Metal comics and psychedelia.

Cyberpunk Roleplaying Games


An OSR/DIY compatible cyberpunk RPG.

The Gaia Complex – A Game of Flesh and Wires

A cyberpunk roleplaying game of corporate violence, artificial intelligence and vampirism. Welcome to 2119.

Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Lighthearted, a Magical 80s RPG

You’re a Prep, Jock, Geek, Rebel, or Outcast, like in The Breakfast Club, except you are just about to start magic community college!

SCP The Tabletop Role-Playing Game

The SCP Tabletop Role-Playing Game

star red Summon Skate – an Indie Japanese RPG Translation Project

star red Englisch
Solve the mystery. Skate your heart out. Save the world.

Backwater: Southern Gothic Horror (TTRPG)

Survival horror tabletop roleplaying game set in post-apocalyptic Louisiana, Mississippi, and southern Arkansas. Original game system.

XY-Punk Roleplaying Games

XENOSCAPE – Extreme survival Sci-Fi RPG

Englisch /
Are you ready to discover the secrets of Materia, a green and deadly raypunk world?

Savage Company: Machines of War

A dieselpunk mecha wargame fully compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e and the Pathfinder roleplaying game.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Everway Mythic Roleplaying Game

The Silver Anniversary Edition is a significantly revised and expanded version of the Everway tabletop RPG and Fortune Deck

red Patchwork World 6th Edition RPG

red Englisch
A roleplaying game about fantasy, change, and strangeness.

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

A bombastic heavy metal-inspired RPG of epic proportions. Bust out the D4’s, turn up the volume and live out your rock fantasy!

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds

Explore Pathfinder’s world of Golarion as never before with Savage Worlds

HEOROT – Role-Playing in the World of Beowulf Beastslayer

A rules-lite RPG inspired by the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and the mythic world of the Viking sagas.

OURCHILDREN – a narrative RPG journey | make100

Explore a mysterious world where time reemerges from the flow of past and discover the secret behind it, building your unique adventure

Realms of Peril

A classic fantasy adventure game designed for West Marches campaigns, with a focus on old-school, fiction-focused gameplay.

Solo Roleplaying Games

red red Memory Decompression

red red Englisch
A solo survival miniatures gamebook.

Destiny’s Role 3: Red Monsoon

The 4th adventure gamebook in the Destiny’s Role series


Crystalpunk Campaign Setting for 5e

A magic-fuelled future for 5e tabletop role-playing, including a unique new world, new character options, and much more!

Under the Seas of Vodari – Aquatic Adventuring for 5e

Dive into a world full of action and adventure set beneath the waves of Vodari or your own 5th Edition campaign world.

Iron Frontier Campaign Setting for 5th Edition

A gothic western setting for 5th Edition. New player options, lore, mechanics and more!

Dormenvale The Sleeping Valley

Introducing Dormenvale: The Sleeping Valley – A new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition eldritch/magi-tech style MMO living world setting


red Englisch
The Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game setting for 5e.

Atlantis: Frost and Flood

A primeval setting with novel races and adventures designed for play with both Dungeons & Dragons and GURPS systems.


Quest: Fantastic Characters and Wondrous Treasures

A major new expansion to the Quest roleplaying game, including a huge new Character Catalog, Treasure Catalog, and Limited Edition Book

Xanadu – A Nibiru Roleplaying Game Expansion

Journey into the monstrous city-states of Antumbra and unveil new memories, in this expansion for the ENnie nominated sci-fi RPG!

Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos for Scion 2E

Two new pathways for Scion Second Edition! Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos

Fantasy Adventure Homebrew Guide

Homebrew Guide for Dungeons and Dragons and other Adventure games. This book/ e-book will be essential for anyone creating their story

Traveller: Mercenary Campaigns in the Far Future

A new expansion set for Traveller introducing Mercenary companies into your campaigns.

Dirty Bowbe’s Roadhouse Presents: Catpocalypse Meow

We are creating Dirty Bowbe’s Roadhouse Presents: Catpocalypse Meow, a cat themed role playing games supplement for OSR Games.


A sourcebook and expansion for The Company: Corporate Survival Horror RPG

Lost Legacy: Racial Handbook

A racial handbook for the Pathfinder Role Playing game that features fully tested custom races from my own personal campaign setting.

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

Magnum’s Tome of Unshackled Spells

A book of original DnD spells for 5th edition casters and DMs

Incredible Creatures

A book of over 100 art-inspired monsters for fifth edition.

red red Archetype Anthology: A Dozen Subclasses for D&D 5th Edition

red red Englisch
Dual-wielding tempests, bladesong, pugilists, and planar explorers – a collection of new archetypes for your 5th Edition game!

Monsters of the Wilderness for 5th Edition

A wizard can change the world for better…or worse. 100 new monsters affected by a strange curse for your 5th Edition game.

D&D 5E Tavern Sourcebooks

The Seeker’s Guide to Twisted Taverns

A 5th Edition supplement filled with fantastical premade taverns, inspiring story hooks, and lovable NPC’s.

Incredible Inns: Fantastical Inns For Fifth Edition D&D

A collection of dazzling Inns for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, all with pre-made one-shot adventures, staff, patrons, and more!


Torg Eternity – Orrorsh [ENG]

Can you survive the terrors of the latest Torg cosm?

The Burning of Carbex: A Mothership RPG Compatible Adventure

A three-part adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. A parasite is mutating its hosts and threatens to spread across the galaxy

Saving Cha’alt

Venger Satanis‘ short adventures for the eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse, OSR + 5e D&D campaign setting Cha’alt.

The Old Mine – RPG Adventure. Dungeon Battle Maps + Minis

The Old Mine – An Adventure in Ionia River Valley (Dungeon Battle Maps, Regional Map, Dwarf Miniatures and more for your RPG).

MÖRK Borg Adventures

Tower of Scoundrels, a Third-Party Mörk Borg Adventure

A short adventure packed with a 7″ vinyl record of atmospheric tunes. Use the record sleeve as a GM screen! Includes two booklets.

The House of the Hollow

A horror filled mansion-crawl compatible with MÖRK BORG – the award winning role-playing game.

red The Vaults of Torment: Blood is Fuel

red Englisch
A Sick Dungeon for Mörk Borg.

D&D 5E Adventures

The Black Lotus of Thalarion: A D&D 5e Dreamlands Adventure

The heroes are sent into the Dreamlands to seek the black lotus of Thalarion. A Mythos D&D 5e adventure for level 5-7 characters.

The Folio: Black Label #4

A dark fantasy adventure module for both AD&D and 5th Edition mechanics

The Exodus of Wolfbane, The RPG Adventure, Reborn in 5E!

An epic RPG campaign of tragedy, survival, and redemption, reborn in 5E! Featuring custom mechanics and full-color illustrations!

Book of Bounty and Treasure Hunts for D&D 5E

Printed book of 20 DnD adventures compatible with the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons!

Dice Projects

Sea Glass Dice – Frosted Glass Dice Sets for RPG Gaming

Unique glass dice inspired by sea glass. Beautifully designed collectible dice with an ocean aesthetic.

Metal Heart Unicorn Dice with Rainbows and Dreamy Clouds

Metal dice engraved with heart shapes and effects for collections, dungeons and dragons, tabletop, rpg, and board games.

Legendary Light – Resin Dice with Sharp Edges

The Legendary Light dice is hand-made. Radiating a mysterious light at the core, it looks like a jewel.

Handcrafted Ancient Myth TRPG Dice Collection By InfiniDice

D4-D20 | Drop Your DM Rolls With The Wrath Of The Gods! InfiniDice Are A Wonderfully-Priced Way To Add Some Might To Your Collection.

MAJIK DICE – The Jewels of Arabia

Handcrafted, Sharp Edged Resin Dice for RPG and D&D Board Games

Make 100: Lucky Dice – Adventure in Japan

Hand-crafted dice inspired by Japanese symbols of luck and good fortune

Make 100: Dragon Soul Dice (Swirly, Liquid Core, Spindowns)

Chonky, Oversized, Liquid Core, Handmade, Sharp Edged, Spindown, Life Counters

Die of Destiny. Take your combat to the next level!

Roll the die. Seal your fate.

Dice Projects (d20s)

Roll with Pride! Make 100 project

D20 soaps in the colors of your favorite pride flags! Estimated June (Pride month) delivery!

The Elemental Dice Collection by LadyDM

Artisanal Handmade Dice inspired by the Elements and Nature February 2021 Exclusive Dice

Our February Exclusive Dice – CottonCandy

Coin Projects


12 Collectible Norse Mythology EDC Coins / Game Tokens.

MAKE 100 – D2 Challenge Coins

Choose your own veneer! Handmade in Canada. Made of Steel Core Canvas. Includes progress clock for tracking up to 8 units.

Dice Towers

Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory

A set of custom dice for the DnD fireball spell.

Tabletop Gaming Vault and Dice Towers

Amazing products to enhance your Tabletop Gaming experience.


Dice Rolling and Storage to Die for

Laser engraved TTRPG dice gear!

Live-Edge Dnd Dice Tray

A one of a kind, live-edge dice tray made from carefully chosen figured hardwood and distressed genuine leather

The Origins – Exquisite & Functional Board Game Table

A stylish, durable, and affordable board game table that converts into a stunning dining table.

Deck of Cards

The Deck of Surprises

New (and hilarious) magical items and effects cards for 5E

Colorful Characters: 100 NPCs for D&D and Fantasy RPGs

A variety of characters with wonderful art, vibrant colors, and detailed personalities that you can drop into your fantasy campaigns.

The Deck Generated Battlemap

Bridgemire Caverns of the Lost

ShadowMyths Preservation Dark Art Deck and Book

A 35-card dark fantasy idea deck and book used by oracle readers, DnD Players, therapists, teachers and writers.


Fantasy Soundscapes Vol 7 & 8 „Town and City“

50 Fantasy Soundscapes for D&D, AD&D, GURPS, Vampire, Pathfinder, Cthulhu and other roleplaying, board games & LARP.


(star) red Owlbear Plush

(star) red Englisch

RPG Crochet Companions

Make 100: Hand crocheted NPC characters for your gaming shelves

Enamel Pin

Dice Unfolded: Enamel Pin

Polyhedral Dice Nets!

RPG Apps

Let’s Role – An immersive and Easy-to-use Virtual TableTop

Play any of your favourite TableTop RPGs directly in your browser, using pictures, pdfs, music, sfx and video.

Shard Tabletop – A 5E Virtual Tabletop and Character Sheet

A virtual tabletop, character sheet, and content marketplace dedicated to 5th edition roleplaying games.

Squire Web App

Stop managing your character. Start playing your character.

The Sci-fi Master’s Toolkit

A Sci-fi map builder and audio manager, plus up to four content packs: Sci-Fi Essentials, Cyberpunk, Deep Space, and Wasteland.

Various RPG Projects

D&Tea: Thematic teas for your RPG

Delicious teas made from high quality ingredients, perfectly formulated for your campaign.


Players of miniature games or role-playing games will create a special atmosphere with fog and a huge musical playlist.

Flora and Fantasy: Fantasy inspired button downs

A line of colorful shirts for RPG fans

Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 5-7

Satisfy your sense of adventure and love of dice with one of our fun countdown calendars! Over 75 all new custom polyhedral dice await

Mini Game

Just Add Dice 🎲 Mini Games – Make 100

Two quick games using your favorite set of dice, great for roleplaying or gaming downtime!

Ended Projects

Stalwart! Heroes of Thoarad

A Table-Top Role-Playing Game inspired by many sources such as the works of J.R.R Tolkein and various mythos.

The Concealment Society

A solo journaling game about managing and hiding the weirdness in this world

Grave Matters, a new skeletal expansion for Mörk Borg

New Uses for Dry Corpses.

Stop The Gririoh!

The sleeping giant has awakened. DnD 5e and Pathfinder compatible adventure boss.

Steve Jackson Games‘ GURPS Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid returns with three new issues! GURPS support for fantasy, modern, and sci-fi campaigns!


New style, new power – AKO DICE III, The custom metal dice with limited edtion dice case/tower [Make/100]

PolyHero Dice – Cleric, Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue

Channel the divine with dice for Clerics of all types. And bless your whole party with new sets for Warriors, Rogues, and Wizards!

0-hr: Tri-TOAD Poster & Starship Sale!

The Tri-TOAD hauler: a brand new starship poster, plus maps and miniatures from previous campaigns at discount prices.

spain Spanish Crowdfundings spain

Roleplaying Game

JuegAventura – Juego de Rol Solidario

Proyecto solidario para niños hospitalizados con cáncer.



Un suplemento adulto para Tiny Supers en el que encarnar a violentos vigilantes y justicieros que protegen la depravada Haven City.


Deadlands: El extraño oeste¡

El oeste más salvaje que nunca! Vuelve el abuelo de las ambientaciones del oeste apoyado por la nueva edición de Savage Worlds.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Roleplaying Games

Oméga – l’univers des Synthétiques

Oméga est un jeu de rôle futuriste post-apocalyptique où les joueurs incarnent des super-machines dévastatrices dotées du programme Oméga, ce qui les rend capables de comprendre les réactions organiques.

Epyllion, le retour

Parce que ça serait vraiment trop bête de s’arrêter là


red Rouge Flamme

red Französisch
֎ Rouge Flamme est une campagne de jeu de rôle qui permet de suivre une compagnie de mercenaires qui se bat pour son indépendance et sa dignité.



Une ceinture de table sur mesure pour tous vos jeux

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included.

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.

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