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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Zine Collection #161, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/15 and 03/03.

This collection contains about 82 ZineQuest projects, which is completed by 76 „normal“ crowdunding projects.
As the collection spans a bit more than two weeks, some projects have ended. You’ll find the ended projects at the end of the list. Considering the many projects, I only highlight those I backed or marked for consideration.

In regards of the ZineQuest, I would like to highlight and recommend the work by Emily McGlawn. She collected all ZineQuest projects from marginalised folks into one google document. Which offers the added information, which of these projects funded, and which didn’t.

I personally find the psychedelic artwork of Aether Operations RPG intruiging, and hence marked it for future considerations. Then there’s Little Katy’s Tea Party, a game about helping a girl to grow up. I like the „Alice in Wonderland“ look, and thus might go down that rabbit hole. Focusing on boys and mans, I actually backed BLOOD FEUD. A game all about vikings and toxic masculinity. A quite interesting topic. As quite some contrast, I might chip into Necrojerks. The players take the role of said jerks, some undead one, and do their evil bidings. The illustration of Contemplation got me contemplating whether or not to back the zine,.. which is usuable as a solo game, micro rpg or NPC design aide. Last but not least I backed DM Yourselves, which promises help in regards to turn any adventure into a solo experience to enjoy. You’ll find these, and many more projects in here::

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

1 OSR Setting

Englisch English Crowdfundings

5 Roleplaying Games
5 Drama Roleplaying Games
8 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
8 Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games
4 Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
1 Superheroe Roleplaying Game
3 Two Player Roleplaying Games
2 Animal Roleplaying Games
6 Solo & Journaling Roleplaying Games
2 Solo Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
2 Gamebooks
4 Settings
7 Sourcebooks
6 System SpecificSourcebooks
3 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
3 DCC Sourcebooks
2 MÖRK BORG Sourcebooks
2 OSR Sourcebooks
1 Adventure
2 D&D 5E Adventures
2 Trophy Adventures
1 Meta Project

21 Ended Projects

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

The tiny pile

Is an emoji to flag projects I personally consider abysmal. Whether it is due to aspects of theme, structue, copyright or other reasons.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 The project is, in my opinion, bad (a piece of dung)

Deutsch German Crowdfundings Deutsch

OSR Setting

Abenteuer in Myra – Rollenspielhandbuch – #Zinequest

FUNDED! – MYRA als Kampagnenwelt – eine Einführung – Weltbote Extra

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Roleplaying Games

red (star) Aether Operations RPG

red (star) Englisch
A psychedelic adventure RPG in an art-forward unfolding format as part of ZineQuest 3

redred Gratitude: A horror game

redred Englisch
A game that examines gratitude through the lens of body horror.

red (star) Little Katy’s Tea Party – ZineQuest

red (star) Englisch
A tea-drinking indie tabletop role-playing game about doing your best helping a girl grow up.

red FONT – a story game of hope and loss

red Englisch
An RPG about journeys into a strange otherworld, seeking a miraculous power

After World

A weird and wacky ttrpg zine about a post-apocalyptic world after nuclear fallout

Drama Roleplaying Games

redred star BLOOD FEUD – An RPG about Honor, Power and Toxic Masculinity

redred star Englisch
You portray men struggling to uphold their honor. In the end, you will see what that struggle has cost both them and their community.

The Last Will and Testament of Gideon Blythe

A keepsake game about family legend, lineage, and the burden of destiny, for ZineQuest 3.

Hometown Holiday- TV Romance RPG

A beginner-friendly romcom RPG based on Hallmark movies

red Pro Patria Mori

red Englisch
A ZineQuest 1-Shot Micro-RPG that examines the horrors of World War I.

redred Hardboiled: A Private Eye Roleplaying Game

redred Englisch
A Hardboiled Detective RPG zine

Fantasy Roleplaying Games


A tabletop fantasy adventure RPG centered on a village community.

red All Magical Creatures Great & Small: A Zinequest Game!

red Englisch
A storytelling game for 2-4 players about magical creatures and their faerie healer, by the creators of The Magical Repair Shop.

red (star) Necrojerks

red (star) Englisch
Pacifica City needs new heroes after the old ones were killed. Unfortunately, what they’ve got are a bunch of Necrojerks.

City of Winter

A handmade scroll and map unfurl to reveal a fantasy story game of one family’s quest to find home in a city of strangeness and wonder

red Crawler

red Englisch
A fantasy RPG about extraction, extinction, and blowing up a pipeline.

red Outlaws ‚N‘ Owlbears

red Englisch
A zine sized RPG set in a fantasy west.

red Our God Is Dead

red Englisch
Your god has died, but nobody else needs to know that! Fake miracles and fool the masses in this comedic fantasy role-playing game.

D6xD6 Dungeons! Zine Edition

A Fantasy Zine Quest RPG

Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games

redred Phantom Trade

redred Englisch
A pamphlet-sized TTRPG of ghost hunting in the 1980s.

Virtuemancy: A Zine-Powered TTRPG of Saving The World

Help us fund the physical release of this award-winning game!

Fever Dreams #ZineQuest

A short RPG zine about holding back the apocalypse in a world where unfulfilled emotional needs spawn supernatural disaster. #ZineQuest

red Descendants of Darkness

red Englisch
A table-top roleplaying game for Zine Quest 3.

The Well – An Immersive, Narrative RPG in #Zinequest form

A handmade zine with a low prep, long-form roleplaying engine and sample campaign.

bystanders (ZineQuest)

A GM-less world-building game where the players tell the story of ordinary people trying to survive extraordinary circumstances.

The Heroes of Radness: Camp Tenderpeak

An RPG zine about adventures at a summer camp for young heroes-in-training!

red Project Cassandra: A ZineQuest 3 RPG

red Englisch
A ZineQuest RPG about Cold War psychics fighting to prevent an apocalyptic vision from coming true

Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

redred CONSTANT DOWNPOUR, a Retro Sci-Fi RPG ZINE #zinequest3

redred Englisch
Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s “The Long Rain”, players face foes and a near-hopeless environment that slowly whittles away their sanity.

red Reliquary: A Science Fantasy World-Building Tabletop RPG

red Englisch
A tabletop roleplaying game about exploring a far future megastructure and finding the relics left behind by humanity.

red What Once Went Wrong (Zine Quest 3)

red Englisch
A time travel RPG of altruism and discovery inspired by Quantum Leap

Three Legs Bad – A Tripods inspired Sci Fi RPG

A futuristic Science Fiction and Fantasy RPG

Superheroe Roleplaying Game

redred Agents of BAMF

redred Englisch
A RPG Zine about super-agents in a world of weird science, mystical threats and super villainy

Two Player Roleplaying Games

red A Divorce of Druids

red Englisch
An I-Cut ✂️ You-Choose ✂️ Print-And-Destroy ✂️ Craft-RPG-Game ✂️ Web Subscription Zine ✂️ for 2 players

red Viam, until we meet

red Englisch
A game about two destined to meet. A long distance, short story-game to be player by two as days pass. A B/W A4 zine for #Zinequest.

red Shipwrecked

red Englisch
A co-operative journaling game of teamwork and escaping a desert island.

Animal Roleplaying Games

Yee-Paw! High Raccoon

An indie tabletop rpg about wild west critters in zine format

redred Mutants in the Now: a Modern-Mutant-Animal Zine RPG!

redred Englisch
Mutants in the Now is a #ZineQuest RPG inspired by a mutant animal RPG of the 1980s! Let’s poke some goop and mutate all over again!

Solo & Journaling Roleplaying Games

red (star) Contemplation – A zine of personal discovery

red (star) Englisch
Zinequest 3: A unique zine with three uses. It can be used for self journaling, as a micro RPG game or as a character development tool.

redred Courier – a solo RPG zine

redred Englisch
Deliver packages across a dangerous landscape while building your reputation and becoming a legend.

red Introduction to Practical Demonology: A Weird Schoolbook

red Englisch
A lightweight solo creative writing RPG in the form of a bizarre school book on Demonology.

A Mending

A solo keepsake game about a journey to visit a dear and distant friend, using sewing, map-annotating, and story-building mechanics.

redred Fat Self Care: Volume 1

redred Englisch
A multi-path, slice of life solo game about taking care of yourself when you are fat for Zine Quest 3.

The Hero’s Journal: Istoria Magic Academy

A journal that turns your goal into an adventure, one where you’re the hero.

Solo Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

redred E.V.O.L.V.E #ZINEQUEST3

redred Englisch
A zine of rapid A.I development and world domination

Captain’s Log

A Journaling Solo SCI-FI RPG Campaign. Use either of the two separate modes to shape your own space adventure. #ZineQuest


Procrastination Day

A temporal loop Comics-RPG-Gamebook.

red Zine Quest 2021: The Wizard’s Grimoire

red Englisch
Issue 1 of a new zine! You’re an ambitious wizard with a grimoire beyond your arts. Unlock it and discover the wizardry within…


Kitchen Knightmares #Zinequest

A voice chat-based hidden role game for 5+ players based on This Discord Has Ghosts In It

Follow / Following…

Two zines for #ZineQuest: a game about psychogeography, and activities for navigating the geography of the psyche.


red Silk Hollow City Guide (A Traveler’s Zine for Bugs, by Bugs)

<a href=“red „>
<a href=“red “ target=“_blank“ rel=“noreferrer noopener“>Silk Hollow City Guide (A Traveler’s Zine for Bugs, by Bugs)

red Englisch
An RPG travel guide about the big hollow log in the forest, and the bug folk who live there. Annotated by Lyle, a very lost adventurer.

red Lifted – Vault 01

red Englisch
A setting for Champions Now RPG and other Superhero TTRPGs.

red Blackvale: A Fantastical Pittsburgh Campaign Setting

red Englisch
In the future, what was once Pittsburgh is still a City of Champions. Welcome to a city of coal and coin, a city of black and gold…

The Goblin Manor of Anstruther-Mogg #Zinequest


red star DM Yourselves

red star Englisch
A system for playing published RPG adventures SOLO or DM-less with friends

red At Your Peril: A Practical Guide to Curses in TTRPGs

red Englisch
A zine to help guide everyone who wants to get more fun from curses in their tabletop roleplay games either as a GM or a player

Colloquial Monsters

A RPG zine about escape, community, and expression. Played using any old cards that you already own: TCG, Tarot, even Uno.

Mari Zellout’s Gay Survival Guide

Bewilder your friends with the dubious bestiary of a greedy disaster lesbian. #Zinequest

red A Catalogue Chimerical

red Englisch
A zine of 144 system agnostic magic items found in Pentola

Dungeon Master’s Little Black Book

A pocket-sized booklet of random tables for Dungeon Masters. Plus a blank version of the book that they can record new ideas in.

redred ✏️ 6 ZINES to create YOUR own (RPG) CAMPAIGN 📖 🐉

redred Englisch
They help you brainstorming your fantasy and develop your own RPG adventures. Even on the road : ) 6 Zines + Stretch Goals +Print@home

System Specific Sourcebooks

redred Fractured Unity

redred Englisch
An unofficial supplement for Blades in the Dark about revolutionary Skovlanders in Doskvol still fighting the Unity War.

red Bones to Dust, Dreams to Rust

red Englisch
A zine of additional material for Apocalypse World: Burned Over, including Playbooks, Hard Zones, and more.

The Magical Land of Yeld starter set!

A starter set for the all-ages fantasy RPG The Magical Land of Yeld!

The Era Zone 2021 (Zine Quest)

A continuation of the zine devoted to all Era d10 games. We aim to produce 4 Zines in 2021 with campaigns, items, GM tools and more!

red Character Collections for The Fantasy Trip

red Englisch
Ready-to-play individual personalities for The Fantasy Trip.

red Grogzilla #2 – Son of Grogzilla!

red Englisch
A TTRPG zine from D101 Games for ZineQuest 3

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

red The Band of Misfit Boys: A D&D5e Zine

red Englisch
Meet the Band of Misfit Boys, an all-male, queer adventuring party ready for any setting!

redred Mag of Holding for 5e

redred Englisch
A stunning D&D 5e magazine crammed with new creatures, spells, items, encounters, NPCs, subclasses, backgrounds, and other DM tools.

redred Melkim’s „The Art of Drinking“

redred Englisch
A small 5e PDF supplement with rules for drinking, drunkenness and beverages. For a smaller price than a beer in your favorite tavern.

DCC Sourcebooks

The Tome of Debasement- DCC RPG compatible zine

A DCC RPG compatible zine of evil priests, and spells for your games.

redred The Inn in the Forest – DCC RPG Zine & VTT Pack (Zine Quest)

redred Englisch
Multi-session, time-traveling horror adventure by Daniel Bishop. New Dungeon Crawl Classics patron, artifacts, spells, monsters + more.

red Macabre – Volume I [ZineQuest]

red Englisch
A horror zine for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game.

MÖRK BORG Sourcebooks

redred The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum, for Mörk Borg

redred Englisch
A third-party Mörk Borg accordion book of new powers. This unusual format work will only be printed one time!

red MÖRKAL KOMBORG: A Tournament of Death for MÖRK BORG RPG

red Englisch
ONLY THE END CAN PREPARE YOU for a bone-crushing, blood-soaked tournament of death in MÖRKAL KOMBORG, a MÖRK BORG zine + solo game.

OSR Sourcebooks

Aetherjammer: OSR Space Adventure

A guide to incorporating interplanetary exploration and space combat into your OSR campaigns.

redred Dreaded Diseases & Amusing Afflictions

redred Englisch
A zine made for #zinequest containing maladies both mundane and magical. For use with Old-School Essentials and similar OSRs.


red Sticks & Stones – ZineQuest#3

red Englisch
An official story for the Locus Horror roleplaying game.

D&D 5E Adventures

Evershift: An Ascension Adventure

Find your path amidst eternal enemies in this 5th Edition compatible romp through the Feywild. #ZineQuest

red Gorilla Warfare: Talking Apes for 5E! #ZineQuest3

red Englisch
A Zine Quest containing a handful of side quests to have your players encounter tribes of Talking Apes! WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!

Trophy Adventures

red The Lord of Wolves – A Trophy Gold Incursion for Zine Quest

red Englisch
An incursion of loss, desperation, and hunger for the Trophy Gold rpg system.

red The Academy Chrysalis

red Englisch
A fantasy incursion into Dark Academia – explore the ruins of a magical school shattered by academic hubris. For Trophy Gold.

Meta Project

redred Zineography – A Bibliography of Zine Quests

redred Englisch
A meta-zine index and review of all the RPG zines in Zine Quest 1, 2 and 3. Includes fun statistics and weird commentary!

Ended Projects

Wait, That’s a Game?!

Four zine RPGs inspired by „impossible“ media

Crush! Two micro Zine Quest RPGs in one!

Two micro zine RPGs about kaiju. And secrets. For 1 – 2 players.

Daemonologie: A Field Guide for the Devil’s Dice

The basic ruleset for becoming a 17th Century intermediary in the deadly dice game between the Devil and King James. #ZineQuest3


A mini rpg zine about being SCIENCE KNIGHTS for Zinequest 3.

Zinequest: A Fantastic Longing For Adventure

„A Fantastic Longing For Adventure, or Young Tim Hutchings Tells You How To Live“ an autobiographical game zine

Dear Great Cthulhu, PLEASE Stop Giving Me Superpowers

A tabletop roleplaying game about superpowers, cosmic horror, and the importance of community. #Zinequest3

The Collector – A ZineQuest project

A solo storytelling game inspired by Warehouse 13, The Librarians and Artefact, made for ZineQuest 3.


A fantasy sea-faring RPG designed for solo play.

This is Spacebase A solo adventure for Zine Quest 3

A solo quest with more twists than a barrel of pretzels, with characters, maps, NPCs and secret inventory codes. STL Droids included.

MechaZine: a zine about giant fighty robots

All the mecha combat you’ve come to love from Heroic Journey, but in zine form!

The Dragonwilds

A classic fantasy hex-crawl campaign setting designed for West Marches play. For use with Realms of Peril & other OSR games.

Fauna of the Luminant Age

A Weird Fantasy Bestiary for Pathfinder 2nd Edition


A tongue-in-cheek magical gossip magazine. #ZineQuest3

Adam Bell’s #zinequest Mini Zine Bounty Board

commission a mini-zine from me and i’ll make it for you


A tabletop rpg zine about the apocalyptic long 16th century for ZineQuest 3.

Dungeon Plumbers

Inject your games with weird psychedelic dieselpunk elements. Rules light and new-old-school.

Traveler’s Trunk: Magical Emporium Zine

Traveler’s Trunk: Magical Emporium is a black and white zine of 30 new items for Fantasy RPGs.

Drok’s Trove of Wonders

50 new magic items to add to your 5th edition game for Zinequest! #ZineQuest3

RPG Elements

Mimic Sword, Boomerang, Origami Master and much more. DnD 5E and Hexagon RPG compatible. Part of Zine Quest 2021

Halflings and the Hive

Revised and expanded Halflings and the Hive, a system agnostic adventure workbook RPG zine.

Peril at Frost Manor

An Agatha Cristie inspired mystery set in a dying world compatible with Mork Borg.

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included.

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.

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