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I’d like to present my most recent collection of crowdfunding projects, covering projects started between 27 Dec to 02 of Jan.

If your wondering what’s it about. Well, I do try to spot every rpg crowdfunding project (rpg tabletop, story games, larp and related stuff) within the time period and list it. Along with a small summary and a brief impression. I used to do those collections in German, yet following upon a suggestion, I thought it would be worth checking if there’s interest in an english edition.

While I cover most rpg projects, I tend to skip on miniatures, as its a topic where am mostly clueless about. The flags preceding the crowdfunding links indicate the language, if there’s a second flag it refers to the country. The rest should be self-evident.

Deutschsprachig German crowdfundings

1 GoFundMe project

Englischsprachig English crowdfundings

1 Larp corebook
1 Supplement
2 Adventure
3 Various projects
1 Story Game

Deutschsprachig Germans crowdfundings Deutschsprachig


Englischsprachig Deutschsprachig
Replacement for stolen equipment is a project by the artist Vandel, known and involved in the Fantasy RPG Maps: The Wilderness of the Lost Realms project. He suffered through a burglary (during Christmas) and had most of his equipment stolen.
The project should enable him to afford a base set and maybe even be able to get equipment on par with those stole.
Even though GoFundMe projects are more in the realm of crowddonation then founding I do consider it well worth to highlight the project. In hope that a fellow roleplayer will receive the help and support he needs.

Englischsprachig Englische Crowdfundings Englischsprachig

Larp corebook

Role-playing Games in Physics is a project by a High School Physics teacher who’d like to publish his own game.
The book offers a class based character creation, a detailed and extensive armor and skill list as well as straightforward rules. The unique selling point appears to be the aspect that the skill tree is „physics based“. Thus one will aquire new skills by solving physics problems provided in class or with a book.
The idea sounds interesting and the video, featuring a Mannequin Challenge performed by the larp group is unique. Yet, to my disappointment there is barely any information about the setting or the system. Even with the brief system example in the FAQ part it’s rather vague and still scarce in regards of information. Another strange aspects, at least to me, is that all three backers are focused on the two highest reward levels. Maybe some of the students?
It might still be interesting to check it out..


The Gods Have Spoken (5th Edition RPG Supplement)

The Gods Have Spoken (5th Edition RPG Supplement) aims to enrich D&D 5th edition with a whole lot of 28 new Gods spread over 3 pantheons.
The first pantheon, is the one of the Old Gods. Who were and are close to nature. While the creator tried to avoid relying just on the Greco-roman standard and drew inspiration from other sources. The Old Gods, while defeated, are still worshiped by elves and druids.
They got overthrown by the war like Thirsty Gods. Who came across the sea and had an affinity towards pyramids. While they as well had been replaced, their faith and worship is still spread wide among the dwarfs.
The last pantheon is the one of the Bright Gods. Who have yet to be defeated. They did, for some parts, incorporate aspects of the previous pantheons and appear quite structured around the number three.
In regards of setting design the creators put the effort in to make all three pantheons, even those defeated, feasible choices for the players. Who’ll find fitting new options for their classes and races. Putting some meat to the fluff, so to speak.
The creator left an enthusiastic as well as competent impression on me and engaged me with the project. I do recommend checking it out.


The Star on the Shore – A Call of Cthulhu RPG Module is the most recent project of Dark Cult Games and an official Call of Cthulhu product.
The players will find an interesting sandbox, placed in New England during the 20th. The village offered will feature more than 30 NPCs as well as quite some secrets. Some hiding in plain sight, other secrets – darker and more dangerous – hidden.
The adventure modul, while being able to be enjoyed on its own, will be the start of a series of moduls. Dark Cult Games has a quite solid Kickstarter record as well as proven to be able to do cool Cthulhu stuff. As a nice add-on one may acquire insanity dices along with the project.
Quite some cool cthulhu stuff, well worth checking.

The Folio #12 & #13 Taux Trilogy Completion aims to fund the Folios in its title and complete the Taux-Trilogy series.
The Folios are presented to continue in offering lavishly illustrated maps as well as interesting and fascinating artworks. Both of which I don’t get tired adoring. Next to the adventure conclusion for character of level 5 – 7. Providing the GM with everything needed.
While there won’t be any physical rewards for most of the world, Americans as well as Canadiens may enjoy the Folios in full.
Totally worth checking out. As a brief note, the project has a rather short run-time, as of writing this only 8 days remain.

Verschiedene Projekte

The Annals of Game Night
is a small project aiming at creating a small notebook for gamers.
With the previous year wrapping up I notice that quite a lot of gamer not only count their game session, but as well note down the day, system, satisfaction as well as other characteristics.
I would envision such a notebook to be a useful accessorize. Though, as a personal item of critic, … the design gives a kinda inexperienced impression and I find the usage of Memes a bit, crud. Despite that one might like to have a look.

CNC Fat Bases & Meeples would like to use recycled wood to build bases and meeples.
The bases offer the advantage to be of a relative solid hight. Thus offering a chance to move the miniature without actually touching the delicate figurine.
In light of my enthusiasm for Kingdom Death: Monster I find the concept enticing. The creator has experience with Kickstarters.
Thus I’d recommend it. Even though it might already be a thing, don’t know..

The Game of Life Challenges is a nice gamification thingy.
The concept to solve different challenges and jot down points for oneself fits well with me. In general as well as from my experience with Memrise and Duolingo.
The fact that one may raise, or not, STRength, CULture, ENViroment, CHArisma, TALent and INTelligence does place it close enough to RPG to be listed. The PDF is pleasantly priced and I do feel tempted.
In my opinion worth checking out.

Story Game

‚And…‘ a Story Development Game for Children & Adults is story game that’s focussed towards children. At least in my humble opinion.
The project offers a good and rather brief How to Play (7m55). The game concept, as demonstrated, is quite simple. A card gets drawn to select a topic, dice are rolled on a board to come up with questions who need to be answered. The games progresses for six rounds and its wrapped up.
The game isn’t anywhere close to a traditional tabletop rpg. There isn’t a character, no challenges, its quite guided and so on. Yet I personally like the manner in which it encourages kids zu create storys and think it might be fun.
Thus a recommendation for those who are looking for a story game for (their) kids.

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