Crowdfunding Zine-Kurzübersicht #159

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Es gibt eine frische Crowdfunding Zine-Kurzübersicht #159 (Zeitraum: 17.01 bis 07.02).

Mit der dritten Zine-Quest gibt es unglaublich viele Magazin Projekte, mit Rollenspiel Thema, die gestartet wurden. Es sind ganze 126 Projekte, davon rund 57 vollständige Spiele. Da es weit jenseits dessen ist, was ich vorstellen kann, mag ich diesmal direkt zur Übersicht übergehen.

Die vielen Nicht-Zine Rollenspielprojekte findet ihr hier:
Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht #159

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings

10 Rollenspiele
3 Vampir Rollenspiele
4 LGBTQIA+ Rollenspiele
2 Traum Rollenspiele
3 High Concept Rollenspiele
2 Politische Rollenspiele
3 Comedy & Satire Rollenspiele
7 Science Fiction Rollenspiele
7 Fantasy Rollenspiele
3 Fantasy-Mix Rollenspiele
3 Horror Rollenspiele
2 Mecha Rollenspiele
8 Solo & Tagebuch Rollenspiele
5 Settings
3 Systemagnostische Settings
7 Ergänzungsbände
6 OSR / OSE Ergänzungsbände
3 Systemgebundene Ergänzungsbände
6 D&D 5E Ergänungsbände
2 MÖRK Borg Ergänzungsbände
2 Science Fiction Ergänzungsbände
2 NSC & Monster
3 Hilfen zur Abenteuergestaltung
4 Hilfen zur Magie
2 Locations
4 Abenteuer
6 OSE / OSR Abenteuer
1 D&D Abenteuer
2 DCC Abenteuer
1 Systemneutrales Abenteuer
3 Meta-Betrachtungen
3 Regelmäßige Veröffentlichungen
3 Karten
1 Zine Minispiel

Das Sternchen
star Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützt habe.
(star) Zeigt an, dass ich ein Projekt unterstützen würde, hätte ich mehr Geld.

Das Rot-Punkt System
Ist ein System zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen:

red red Das Projekt hat nur noch Stunden bis zum Abschluss
red Das Projekt hat 7 Tage oder weniger bis zum Abschluss

Die Angabe gilt jeweils ab Veröffentlichung der Crowdfunding Kurzübersicht und wird nicht nachträglich ergänzt.

Das Häufchen
Ist ein Emoji zur Kennzeichnung von Projekten, die ich persönlich schlecht finde. Dies kann thematische, rechtliche oder strukturelle Gründe haben.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 Das Projekt ist meiner Meinung nach Mist (Schrott)

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings Englisch

Zine Rollenspiele

red The Witch, The Wolf & the Wedding: A Story Telling RPG

red Englisch
A one session tabletop RPG zine for 2 to 3 players flavored by Slavic and Germanic folklore and fairy tales.

The Tower and The Garden TTRPG #Zinequest3

A TTRPG about surviving in the shadow of the Iron Tower. Part of Zinequest!

Project 8Ball (Zine Quest 3)

A Game of Weird Conspiracy

red Two Summers – a ZineQuest game

red Englisch
A diceless RPG where you play the same characters 30 years apart, as they live two summer adventures as teens and adults!

Gruesome Ghoulies™ RPGzine

The spooky role-playing game of cartoon hijinks. Be a Ghoul. Solve Mysteries. Drive a Hot Rod. Play in a Rock & Roll Band.

TORQ: rallyraid roleplaying

Race along the open road of a weird world to stitch together its people and places in this mixed board/roleplaying game.

red Journeylands #1

red Englisch
an adventure game e-zine ☀️ roadtripping beneath a psychic sun ☀️ solo or group play

red The Knights of the Road

red Englisch
A Tiny Role-Playing Game of High-Flying Adventure in a Monster-Infested 1920s

Ninja City: A DCC RPG Zine

A role playing game tribute the 1980’s Ninja explosion, built upon Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.

Cast Away

Do you have what it takes to brave the wilderness? See for yourself in the new tabletop survival RPG by The Afterthought Committee.

Vampir Rollenspiele

star Low Stakes (Zine Quest 3)

star Englisch
A Game to Play in the Shadows…inspired by What We Do in the Shadows

star The Sun’s Ransom – #ZineQuest3 RPG

star Englisch
A TTRPG where you play as vampires working to restore the sun in a world gone dark.

star Bloodheist

star Englisch
A tabletop RPG zine about desperate thieves and despicable vampires.

LGBTQIA+ Rollenspiele

(star) Lichcraft | An RPG about Trans Necromancers

(star) Englisch
An RPG zine about trans people waiting so long for healthcare that they decide to become liches. Made for #Zinequest3

The Trans Rage Trilogy by Glaive Guisarme Games

A trio of angry trans zines by an angry trans girl.

City of Flesh

A tarot-based femmecore roleplay zine set in the rotting womb of a dying colossus.

Exquisite Polycule: True Love Edition

A gmless rpg for creating a polyamorous love story

Traum Rollenspiele

Through Ultan’s Door

A tabletop rpg zine that takes you beyond the veil of sleep!

red Weirdwood

red Englisch
A Roleplaying Game of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Darkness In-Between. (#zinequest3)

High Concept Rollenspiele

Major Arcana – #ZineQuest3

A Zine Quest anthology of 22 warm, whimsical, and weird one-page rulesets for games and experiences, each based on a tarot card.

Thursday RPG – Zinequest

A tabletop role playing game of time loops, drama, and learning from your mistakes.


An rpg zine game about shaping fate inspired by playing card divination.

Politische Spiele


A punk-centric role-playing game set in the dark past of 1983. #zinequest3 #zinequest

red REBEL SCUM The Anti-fascist Space Opera RPG ZINE

red Englisch
An explicitly ANTI-FASCIST RPG about a War in the Stars… told in dice & a unique action figure style. Powered by polymorph!

Comedy & Satire Rollenspiele

Operation Thingamajig- A comedy RPG (Zine Quest 3)

A roguelike RPG where a slipshod team of Anomalous Containment Foundation personnel are pitted against a randomized supernatural entity

red The 13th Fleet

red Englisch
A Forged in the Dark Tabletop Sci-fi RPG of Dark Humor and Treachery. #ZineQuest3

Pistol Packing Bondage Nuns from Dimension Sex

A satirical RPG of latex angels vs. monstrous manifestations of Godless Secularity – set in the apocalyptic environs of a blighted 2021

Science Fiction Rollenspiele

Mage to Order (#ZineQuest)

A tabletop roleplaying game zine about magical maintenance workers in a sprawling, technomantic city.

Bounty Hunter – A TTRPG

A fast, easy-to-play TTRPG for all experience levels of players set in a custom sci-fi world of Bounty hunters!

Scrap Rats RPG

A crew just trying to get by in a rough galaxy. A Level 0 system built around 5e OGL.

Wandering Steel – A ZineQuest 3 RPG

Fight for meaning in the rubble of corporate malfeasance.


Glitchspiel is a rules-free tabletop roleplaying zine for running radical, transformative cyberpunk games.

red Rascals – an RPG Zine

red Englisch
Rascals: An RPG zine of high stakes sci-fi action and adventure.

red A Complicated Profession, a sci-fi RPG zine for ZineQuest

red Englisch
Create a ragtag crew of ex-bounty hunters, then start a new life hosting space cruises. A GM-less, storytelling TTRPG for 3-5 players.

Fantasy Rollenspiele

red Swordpoint: A Swashbuckling Zine [ZineQuest3]

red Englisch
A swashbuckling zine, written with d100 OGL mechanics.


A 30+ page zine for quick and dirty dungeon-crawling. A two-page RPG system. And more than a few dungeon generation tools.

GrimBlade: A Grim Fantasy RPG [Zine Quest]

A light and fast-paced roleplaying game of adventures and stories set within an implied grim fantasy world.

Definitely Wizards: A Game About Not Being a Wizard

A rules light fantasy TTRPG about faking wizardry for Zinequest 3

red SKÜLLBOX: Dungeon, Mayhem, Magyk TTRPG Zine

red Englisch
A complete tabletop roleplaying game contained inside a 40-page zine where floating skulls defend their dungeon from wannabe heroes.

Dodeca RPG – #Zinequest3

Dodeca is a d12 based old school style role-playing game with narrative character creation and world building.

red Back Again from the Broken Land—ZineQuest

red Englisch
A fantasy RPG about small adventurers sharing stories on the long walk home. Inspired by Tolkien, Powered by the Apocalypse. Zine Quest

Fantasy-Mix Rollenspiele

red red The Unquiet Earth: A Fate Adventure in the Sengai Jidai

red red Englisch
A 30 page kaiju fighting, citizen saving zine adventure for the Fate role playing system.


A science fantasy adventure TTRPG about rebuilding a shattered world.

This Night on the Rooftops

A TTRPG Zine, Industrial-Fantasy Coming-of-Age

Horror Rollenspiele

Contorta RPG

Horror in Appalachia! Contorta is a token-draw RPG designed to be playable around the campfire and under the night sky.

Infinite March

A zine-sized tabletop roleplaying game of time travel and cosmic horror

The Worst Days: A Horror RPG

A Tabletop Horror RPG about being young and confronted with monstrous evil.

Mecha Rollenspiele

Academia T.I.T.Á.N.

High School Mecha Panic RPG. A game about teen students trying to cooperate while they learn to pilot giant mechas and save the world

MechTek: A Tabletop RPG for Zine Quest

A tabletop role playing game where you mix-and-match parts to build your own mech and fend off invading alien forces!

Solo & Tagebuch Rollenspiele

Hibernation Games: 5 Journaling RPGs for Solo Play

A #ZineQuest anthology of single-player pen-and-paper games by Lucian Kahn, Jeeyon Shim, Anna Anthropy, Viditya Voleti, and Will Jobst.

Menagerie of the Void

Guide ancient, unreasonable machines to preserve a strange assortment of alien beings. A #ZineQuest single-player game.

The Lighthouse At The Edge Of The Universe – Solo RPG

A solo journalling game about running a lighthouse on the edge of the universe.

Hope is Not a Plan (ZineQuest 3)

Hope is Not a Plan is a a solo journaling RPG about the existential dread of professional project management

red 12 Years

red Englisch
Hex crawl & dungeon crawl solo or more roleplaying game. Handcrafted for those with a taste for arcane obscurity.

Where Mystery Dwells

A FitD-ish solo & duet catacomb crawl stuffed full of procedural tools!

Spacebase – A solo space quest for #ZineQuest3

A cool solo gamebook style adventure with added twisty-turny mechanics for long play satisfaction. All aboard The Big Lemon.

Bucket of Bolts, a solo RPG zine

Build a spaceship and play to find out how it changes as it passes through the hands of many different captains.

Zine Settings

red The Vast in the Dark – Exploring Ruins in an Infinite World

red Englisch
A zine about exploring the dark and alien megastructures of an infinite realm.

MarrowScar: A TTRPG Setting Zine

A weird west setting with elements of fantasy, steampunk magi-tech, and a light sprinkling of eldritch horror undertones.

Underways Dew Drop Mountain a Wild Lands RPG Setting

Explore a fantasy world of moles, bats, and glowing mushroom troops in this new setting for Wild Lands the fantasy critter TTRPG

Gator Brigade – A Choose Your Own Adventure Zine

A Lark Through A Decrepit Underground City Crammed Full Of Dangerous Shakedowns And Ominous Characters. Made For Zine Quest 2021.

red The Last Valley: an OSR setting

red Englisch
This secluded valley has remained hidden from the world for centuries, overtaken by a corrupt cult. What will become of it?

Systemagnostische Settings

Curse: The City of One Thousand Martyrs

A systemless RPG zine for ZineQuest 3, exploring the maledicted city of Curse.

All Must Bow – #ZineQuest3

A system-agnostic cosmic horror setting of ancient evil entities and their champions adrift in an entropic space opera universe.

The Thawing Kingdom

A system-agnostic, fantasy RPG zine: a kingdom emerged from its centuries-long icy sleep!


(star) The Tattoopunk Antebible

(star) Englisch
A punk anti-bible for a Tattoopunk world

A State of Being: Bonds, Backgrounds, and Rumors.

A TTRPG Zine detailing a system-agnostic Worldview, Party Bond, and Concept systems to replace traditional alignment systems.

A Diabolists Guide to Role Playing Games

A multi-system TTRPG supplement zine about dealing with demons.

red red Witchy Things

red Englisch
6 Spells, 6 Items, and 6 Creepy maps. What else do you need to become a witch? 5E compatible

Tales of the Glass Gnomes

Discover the elusive Glass Gnomes, a recluse community of glassblower living in the desert. A lore zine for #zinequest3.

Gili’s Guide to Fantastical Plants

A Zine Quest 3 Plant Guide for Fantasy TTRPG Games to Bring More Life to Your Imaginary Worlds!

Last Orders! Craft Ales for Fantasy RPGS

A system-neutral compilation of flavourful beers and ciders for fantasy TTRPGs, for Zinequest 3!

OSR / OSE Ergänzungsbände

red Lowlife

red Englisch
old-school tunnel warfare zine

Lands of Legends – SIX Zines for #ZineQuest3

An OSR toolkit in SIX zines to spark your fantasy sandbox with 500 unique areas and 500 special encounters, in five different flavors!

Into the Wild

A supplement for wilderness exploration and domain management for OSR-style tabletop games.

Wizard Funk 3

Wizard Funk 3: a zine about Old School D&D

red Wild Blue Yonder

red Englisch
A fantastical Zine Quest 3 travel guide designed for use with Old School Essentials or Basic/Expert classic fantasy rules..

Maximum HP RPG #005 – KOBOLDS Zine Quest

The old school zine, for the new school world. Maximum HP #005 – KOBOLDS! Joining Zinequest 2021 with 1E extras.

Systemgebundene Ergänzungsbände

red Terror of the Stratosfiend #3 : A DCC RPG #ZineQuest Zine

red Englisch
an EVEN NEWER Tentacle and Sorcery zine for the DCC RPG #ZineQuest (we’re back)

Zine 3 Pack of Futuristic Post-Apocalypse and Fantasy

Your choice of 3 zines! For use with DCC RPG, MCC RPG, and Old-School Essentials. Co-production by Horse Shark Games and Psychoda Press

The Grind Turn 3: Hell or Highwater

A Towns & Treasures Supplement of High Adventure for Torchbearer RPG!

D&D 5E Ergänungsbände

Choose-Your-Own Skills

Variant rules for 5e Dungeons and Dragons for Zinequest

red Love’s Labour’s Liabilities – A 5e RPG Zine Quest

red Englisch
A 5e RPG Zine About Love. PDF Version Delivers on Valentine’s Day!

red Bimblebottom’s Book of Bits and Bobs

red Englisch
The ramblings of an eccentric gnomish artificer stuffed into a zine for Fifth Edition

Tales from the Dungeon – Secrets – RPG Zine

The third edition of Tales from the Dungeon, a RPG zine compatible with the 5th edition of the worlds most popular RPG.

Glirky Gleboldt’s Guide to Glorious Grub

A supplemental guide to cooking fantastical foodstuffs for your 5th edition game.

red Mysteries of the Mists – Zine Quest Edition

red Englisch
Unleash horrifying monsters and versatile magic items for use in your dark 5e adventures (ZineQuest 3)

MÖRK Borg Ergänzungsbände


Stitch together 400 chimeric abominations! A third-party bestiary supplement for MÖRK BORG RPG.

Glimpses of a Dying World – A zine for MÖRK BORG

Savage creatures, foul diseases, abhorrent rituals and other horrors for the end of the world.

Science Fiction Ergänzungsbände

red red Gamma Zine, Issue #3

red red Englisch
A fanzine dedicated to old-school post-apocalyptic and science fiction role-playing games. For the 2021 Zine Quest KS project.

red Into The Black

red Englisch
A SciFi Zine containing short stories, maps, character concepts, and TTRPG adventure stubs.

NSC & Monster

The Sonders

A system-neutral RPG zine outlining a collection of persons and their circumstances that brought them to where they’re at.

The 2020 Bestiary

A compendium of 20 tabletop ready monsters inspired by the events of 2020 – a year we can’t forget – A YEAR WE HAVE TO FIGHT.

Hilfen zur Abenteuergestaltung

One Hour TTRPG Prep – Zine Quest

Prepare your game’s next great adventure in only an hour.

red A Small Collection of Flowers & Entanglements

red Englisch
Eight (8) templates to help you organise adventures – a zine for Game Masters

A FEAST OF BLOOD | ZineQuest 3

A highly detailed tool compendium to enrich your RPG adventures | ZineQuest 2021

Hilfen zur Magie


A limitless alternative to your tabletop RPG’s spell list.


A magical tradition fit for The King.

Meguey’s Miscellany of Mending

A compendium of fixes for the prepared adventurer, fit for your daily carry or your wizard’s library. Made especially for ZineQuest3.

red red Magic and Shit: Weird Fantasy for Your OSR RPGs

red red Englisch
A high octane zine smashed full of weird magical items and artifacts for your OSR fantasy roleplaying games!


Scoundrels: Make Your Game Criminal

(star) Englisch
A set of three zines with NPCs, locations, tables and rules to inject a strong crime-theme into your sci-fi (or modern) game.

red The Haunted Hamlet – and other hexes

red Englisch
Four low-prep modular locations to drop into your game (Zinequest)


The Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade (Zine Quest)

The Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade is a series of short, deadly adventures. Crypts created out of her hatred of tomb raiding adventurers.

The Legend of Gallow’s End RPG Zine

A zine to guide you through a one-shot sky pirate adventure! #zinequest

The Drain

A level-0 funnel adventure through an occult battlefield for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. #Zinequest

The Lair of the Manticore (ZineQuest)

A Micro-Dungeon Adventure and mini-campaign setting for Savage Worlds, 5e, Swords & Wizardry, and Tiny D6


red The Island of the Excellent: A Hexcrawl Zine

red Englisch
A system-agnostic island locale and hexcrawl for your tabletop roleplaying game of choice.

red Stories from the Slough

red Englisch
Stories from the Slough is a fantasy hex-crawl adventure set in a strange swamp for zinequest 3. 19 hexes, 2 dungeons, and more.

OSE / OSR Abenteuer

The Merovingian Hack

An old-school/new-school roleplaying game about adventuring in Merovingian Gaul. For Zine Quest 3.

red Planar Compass Issue 2

red Englisch
Traverse the astral sea discovering bizarre opportunities and dangers in the second issue of this Old-School Essentials zine!

Tomb of Immolation

An exploration of an ancient prison-tomb that has been partially flooded with lava. 5e & OSR formats supported, part of ZineQuest 3

In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe #Zinequest3

A classic fantasy roleplaying adventure zine for Old School Essentials or other OSR rulesets.

Harrowings #03: MUSPELHELL

A Heavy Metal Dwarven Dungeon Adventure to Steal your Soul! Powered by Old School Essentials!

red Flik Silverpen’s Guide to Dragon Town #zinequest

red Englisch
A low-level TTRPG adventure set in the mysterious and whimsical Dragon Town (5e and OSR compatible!)

D&D Abenteuer

Darkest Demons, Devils, and Dungeons [a Zine Quest thing!]

A set of monster and adventure tracts for Dungeons & Dragons.

DCC Abenteuer

BLACKOUT in Crater Valley: a VHS era Slasher RPG

A unique Zinequest RPG adventure set in a small town in the 1980s inspired by VHS era Slasher Films for DCC and old school rpg systems!

red Wide-eyed Terror Zine

red Englisch
Wide-eyed Terror is a tense, 2-hour, stand-alone DCC RPG adventure encounter packed into a short zine.

Systemneutrales Abenteuer

Pungeon Quest: A Pun-Packed Land of Eem Adventure

A system-neutral, randomized dungeon adventure, full of punny riddles, traps, creatures, NPCs, and magic items. #ZineQuest


Splat #2: Adventures in Cyberspace

Essays about TTRPGs, the internet, and remote play


red Englisch
A TTRPG magazine that analyzes games, provides introspective art criticism, and features unique perspectives.

Isometric Blanks

A zine you write on for Zine Quest 3.

Regelmäßige Veröffentlichungen

(star) Accessible Gaming Quarterly, Year 2

(star) Englisch
A zine about accessibility and inclusion in tabletop RPGs.

Dark Scrolls, an OSR/5e RPG Zine

A monthly Zine for OSR and 5e-based role playing games

Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 5 -for use with- OSE

A monster zine for the OSE/DnD crowd. 16 new monsters with lots of fluff to read, adventure seeds, paper miniatures and VTT tokens.


Old Roads

Cover-to-cover, hand-drawn maps for #ZineQuest3

Zine-o-Maps – Zine Quest 3

A zine of maps and locations for your tabletop role-playing games.

Tabletop RPG Battlemaps – Zine Quest 3

Map Madness! A series of battlemaps both digital & printed so that you can play the way you prefer without worry or additional prep.

Zine Minispiel

Roll Them Bones: A Dice Mini-Game Postcard Zine

Roll Them Bones, a postcard zine: receive a Zinequest 3 postcard with RPG-themed dice games. Enjoy these mini-games within your RPGs!

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

Über die Aufnahme von Projekten

Es gibt zwei Wege wie Projekte in die Liste kommen.

) Ich versuche aktiv alle neue Projekte zu finden. Unter anderem über meine Crowdfunding Suchliste, aber auch durch die Beobachtung von Gruppen, Communities, Foren, Newsletter und dergleichen mehr.

) Ich bin darauf angewiesen das Ihr, die Leser, mir mitteilt wenn ein neues Projekt startet, das in die Liste passt. Beispielsweise weil ich manchmal Projekte übersehe oder sich Plattformen (Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, …) schlecht durch suchen lassen oder ich sie nicht kenne.

Das Projekt sollte etwas mit Rollenspiel zu tun haben, schon gestartet, noch nicht erwähnt und zur nächsten Veröffentlichung noch am laufen.

Wenn man mich anspricht, nehme ich auch gerne Projekte auf, die normalerweise außenvor bleiben (z.B. Veranstaltungen oder Miniaturen bezogene Projekte).

  1. […] Crowdfunding Zine-Kurzübersicht #159 […]

  2. […] Crowdfunding Zine-Kurzübersicht #159 […]

  3. […] Crowdfunding Zine-Kurzübersicht #159 […]

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