Crowdfunding Collection #133 – Part 1 of 3

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #133 – Part 1 of 3, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/02 and 02/09 up till 8pm.

The collection is a bit delayed, because I am currently dealing with some personal stuff and because of the massive amount of projects – that’s 44 full games! Next to that, to make it a bit digestible, I split the collection into three parts:
Crowdfunding Collection #133 – Part 2 of 3 – Zine Quest
Crowdfunding Collection #133 – Part 3 of 3 – Zine Quest

I’d like to start with the Blacksad role-playing game by Nosolorol. They did release the original Spanish version of the game based on the popular comic series, and aim now to finance the English translation. For those who don’t know the comics, they offer a neo-noir setting in which anthropomorphic animals populate cities and a cat detective. The game uses a fast, simple d6 system and, well, I marked it. If you’d rather play humans, and would like to play people who go after the various supernatural plagues of urban cities, you should take a look at the second edition of Hunter: The Vigil. The Chronicles of Darkness game enables you to play various tiers of hunters, from two wayward brothers up to whole organisations. Onyx Path Publishing is a very reliable creator and I do recommend it. Then there’s Deviant Evolution, which isn’t about the new deviants that Onyx Path will present. Instead it’s places its deviants in the future where they’ll have to venture out and explore. The game uses the Prometheus system, which can be previewed in a lite version on DTRPG.
Then there is Altered Carbon by Hunters Books. The cyberpunk game is based on the Netflix and book series by the same name. People can switch their bodies (sleeved) as they like, or rather as they can afford. The setting is very cool – I liked the show – and the system doesn’t seem to be to bad. Plus, the publisher will be creating the 5th edition of Werewolf the Apocalypse. Which puts me from „interested“ to „backer“ – take look. Omega Horizon is another take on the cyberpunk genre, which adds piloted mechs. I like the idea, the system sound solid enough, though I couldn’t spare the cash.
A project I do honestly love and champion hard is Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS. The game is a mixture of a roleplaying game and dungeon crawler boardgame with way more social aspects. Basically a „gamebook boardgame“. I met it at SPIEL 2019 and loved it so much that I started supporting it on the spot. The game mechanics are simple, accessible and fun. I usually don’t give a rats ass about miniatures, but the 40mm ones are very beautiful. The game material, alas only preview one, was very cool. If you want to try it yourself, check out the two free online preludes on TableTopia – they showcase the basic mechanics. Then there are lot of miniatures – Vampires! Werewolf! Ananasi (Werspider)! Bloodlines 2 character and many more -, coins, dice bags and not to expansive V5 metal dice (15 dice for ~38$).
I am in, twice! Check it out!
There are cool other ttrpg related projctes to. For example the Decuma deck of cards. Which offer really nice cards to R&D settings and campaigns. I couldn’t resist. Though I did manage my willpower roll on Coins of the Tarot. The coins look cool, but my budget says „nope“. There are cool dice projects like The vintage bone dice and if you like PFRPG you might like to checkout the video game Wrath of the Righteous. There is a nice Spanish notebook with Cuadernos & Dungeons and the French game Aria looks very, very cool.
You find these and many more cool projects here:

Englisch English Crowdfundings

3 Role-Playing Games
2 Cyberpunk Role-Playing Games
1 Hybrid Role-Playing Game
1 Setting
5 Sourcebooks
4 Adventures
4 Dice Projects
3 Accessoires
2 Deck of Cards
1 Enamel Pin
3 Various RPG Projects
1 Videogame

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

1 Notebook

Französisch French Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
1 Artbook

The tiny star
star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system
The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

Englisch Englischsprachige Crowdfundings Englisch

Role-Playing Games

(star) Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game

(star) Englisch
A roleplaying game based on the noir fiction of the Eisner-award comic by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido.

Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition tabletop roleplaying game

Help us to create a traditionally printed, hardcover, edition of Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition, and then get it into stores!

Deviant Evolution Core Rulebook

An exciting new table top role playing game from Promethium Books. New world, new system, new legends. Evolve your game.

Cyberpunk Role-Playing Games

star Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game

star Englisch
Official tabletop RPG based on the hit neo-noir cyberpunk Netflix series and award-winning novel of the same name.

Omega Horizon

An innovative space-age tabletop roleplaying game with cyberpunk and space-western elements, plus piloted mechanized warframes.

Hybrid Role-Playing Game

star Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS

star Englisch
A thrilling co-op adventure set in the World of Darkness. An unforgettable story-driven board game for 1-4 players.


The Black Iron a 5th edition Dark Fantasy Setting

Bringing a world of Survival Horror to 5th edition


Advanced Occult Guide, a Starfinder-Compatible Project

A compilation and expansion of Everybody Games’s popular Occult Skill Guide series for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

Dice Roll Dungeons & Denizens – Encounters & NPCs for DnD

A double collection of both Dice Roll Dungeons and Dice Roll Denizens for DnD 5E, Pathfinder, and fantasy RPGs.

The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E

A brand new approach to crafting, and hundreds of new magic items, for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

red Random Results 5e Quickstarter

red Englisch
A compendium of 500+ themed ideas & writing prompts to inspire game masters to craft epic dnd adventures & tell unforgettable stories!

Bestiary of Asia, Rune-stones of Rage and Logic

Create third party material for dungeons and dragons which promotes multiculturalism (non european fantasty) and STEM through gaming.


Adûl, City of Gold: A D&D 5e Adventure

An original D&D 5e level 6-8 adventure: The adventurers discover a map to Adûl, the mythical City of Gold.

Missing in the Mines: A 5th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons Module

An Original Fantasy Setting and Adventure for 1st – 4th Level Characters designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Pre-Generated Character with Miniatures and Solo Adventure

Give your character a reason to adventure

Maelstrom Domesday: The Domesday Campaign

Maelstrom Domesday: The Domesday Campaign

Dice Projects

The vintage bone dice designed for the next generation

The next version of bone dice is Elegant & Unique | full colour | Strong, Durable | Unique drilled markings

Aztec gods

Super DnD dice set for your tabletop games

The Mystical & Chaotic Gemstone Dice – Pegasus Dice

One of a kind fusion polyhedral dice for board games & campaigns. Featuring fused hybrid dice materials & our laser cut wall art!

Mutant Murder Hobo Dice

Glow-in-the-dark d20s in four different radioactive isotopes.


Fractal And Laser Engraved Dice Sleeves

Hardwood dice sleeves with fractal wood-burning or laser engraving.

Dual Tabletop D&D Dice Vaults

A place to keep your awesome dice, minis, and more!


Beautiful Cards deserves a beautiful home. Deckboxes for your games cards with useful accessories.

Deck of Cards

star Decuma: The R&D for your RPG

star Englisch
A tarot-inspired card game that helps the GM and players collaboratively create all the important details for their TTRPG campaign.

Coins of the Tarot — Metal Coins for tarot readings

Complete 78 coin tarot set with 78 card companion deck

Enamel Pin

Sassy Dice Hard Enamel Pins

Sassy D20 hard enamel pins

Various RPG Projects

Hardbound Support – 5E Starter Set (LMOP)

Custom Minis and Maps, in direct support of the 5E DnD Starter Set adventure.

A D&D Story: The Perilous Adventures of the Phandalin Five

Dungeons and Dragons: An Animated Story

Mythical Creature Keychain Charms

Carry a buddy with you on your new adventures!


Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

A new isometric single-player RPG set in the Pathfinder universe – an indirect sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

spain Spanish Crowdfundings spain


Cuadernos & Dungeons

Cuadernos artesanales ambientados en juegos medievales como Dungeons & Dragons y complemento.

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Role-Playing Games

Aria (Game of Rôles)

Le jeu de la série Game of Roles imaginée par FibreTigre

WÜRM 2e édition

Aidez-nous à financer la 2e édition du jeu de rôle préhistorique et fantastique !


Encyclopédie du Petit Peuple

Fées, Nains, Elfes et Lutins

Admission TicketAdmission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.



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