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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #150, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/31 and 09/20.

Following some personal challenges and the godawfulm bad new WordPress editor, I am back with none fewer than round about 100 new rpg projects. Let’s get to them.

I personally took a fancy to the game Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants. The game puts you in the role of human hunters, who with the help of Fae, take actions against undead, vampiric tyrants who are a blight upon humanity. The castlepunk setting is intruiging and I do like the Forged in the Dark system, which is why I backed the project enthusiastically. Take a look for yourself. If you like to design the setting you’ll be playing in yourself, you might want to check out The BOLT RPG. Upon backing the project, you’ll be getting access to a prelimary version of the rules. The Best Left Buried rules light rpg offers a preset fantasy horror game, with rules that seem rather unobstrusive. Maybe you are interested in the American Revolutionary War, and having an OSR game set in it? In this case Freedom Flag should be right up your ally whereas Laser Ponies offers a fun game for the whole family.
There are as well some games, with rather contemplative topics, for example Hero Too: Super Edition. Which addresses messy trans experience with an added challenge by being superhero powered. It uses the ARMOR system. Providing a solo-game experience in which you do some journaling. Sounds cool & I would recommend having a look as it needs more support. Epitaph on the otherhand is a GM-less game that explores the life of a person after they passed on. Which is as intruiging a topic, as it is ~ in my opinion, somewhat heavy. I still recommend having a look.
There are of course quite some fantasy ttrpgs as well. For example the 3rd edition of Open Quests, which offers an update to the d100 system game. Then there is Darkest Days, which took the radical-Christian comics as inspiration to create the game, that tries to spread ttrpg as much as possible. Cool. If you like a d20 game, check out Fires of Athelen. It highlights the realistic system based around locations and a cool approach to sorcery. Next to looking nicely. Fans of Monte Cook should check out the Diamond Throne RPG. It provides you with the titular setting and realizes it with the Cypher System. Then there’s .dungeon, which bridges science fiction and fantasy by offering a Shinsekai setting. Thus you play in a fantasy world of an MMO – essentially a setting within a setting.
Thus, bridging over to SciFi games, Light Strikers is a game inspired by anima and Saturday morning cartoons. I feel that Heavenscape: Exordia sports a similar colorful universe, or rather multiverse, despite the project being black and white. It does use „normal“ dice from d4 up to d100. The same as the ttrpg Planetbound does, which calls its system EDGE (Every Dice Gets Exercise). The characters end up stranded on one planet, coming from various universes. It looks interesting, and is funded, just take a look.
If you like cardbased games, check out Wretched. The game in zine form, has a science fiction setting, and appears to be somewhat close to the horror of Alien and similar works. Then there’s Parselings, a setting that combines near future with fantasy element. It has an interesting presentation and while it is played with cards, the GM might roll dice. Last but not least there is Atma, a card based rpg in a box, which offers fun 2 hour sessions. From the looks of it, it combines superhero elements with near future aspects.
Then there are some games that are either hybrids or storygames, that I still think do fit. Like The Sickened, in which you curse people with illnesses and try to save your own. FUTURES is a storybased, narrative game about imagining a better, well, future. Then there’s Everbane, a card game with some rpg elements.
There are of course plenty more noteworthy elements, like the Into the Dark zine with a lot of tipps and advice. Scion: Demigod does offer a 3rd setting for the Scion universe, in which the player play half gods on their way to full godlyness. There are really cool sets like the Fancy Pride Stone Dice or the Handcrafted Sharp Edged Dice. The Spellbound GM Screen looks really fancy, and I could not resist the Reckless Deck: PSYCHE set of cards. They are a brilliant tool for (N)PC creation, and I highly recommend the project. There are nice notebooks like the Refillable Leather Notebooks For Gamers & Geeks and soundscape for Vampire and Victorian Gothic Horror.
You’ll find these, and many, many more here:

Englisch English Crowdfundings

5 Roleplaying Games
2 Contemplative Roleplaying Games
5 Fantasy Roleplaying Game
3 Science Fiction Roleplaying Game
3 Cardbased Roleplaying Game
3 Hybride Story- & Roleplaying Games
2 Magazines
2 Settings
3 D&D 5E Settings
5 Sourcebooks
4 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
3 Monsterbooks
10 Adventures
9 Dice Projects
3 D6 Dice Projects
2 Coin Projects
2 Accessoires
2 Dice Tracker Accessoires
3 Diceboxes
2 Cardboxes
1 Deck of Cards
3 Enamel Pins
4 Notebooks / Charactersheets
3 Apps
2 Soundscapes
5 Various RPG Projects

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

3 Roleplaying Games

Französisch French Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Games
1 Sourcebook

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

Italian Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

Closed Projects

11 Projects

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Roleplaying Games

star Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants

star Englisch
A castlepunk Forged in the Dark roleplaying game. Mask up. Spill Blood. Drink the Rich.

The BOLT RPG Engine

The lightning-fast RPG system! Fast and tense action, setting-agnostic rules, and flexible hacking tools.

Best Left Buried: Deeper

A new version of the rules light fantasy horror roleplaying game, Best Left Buried.

Freedom Flag

An historical themed OSR Roleplaying Game – Set during the American Revolutionary War

Laser Ponies: An RPG for Everybody

An all-ages tabletop RPG of magical ponies who shoot lasers from their eyes!

Contemplative Roleplaying Games

Hero Too: Super Edition

A single player journaling RPG about being a teen superhero and messy trans narratives.


Tell the story of a life… starting with how it ends. A GMless tabletop story game about the memories we leave behind.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

OpenQuest 3rd Edition

D100 Role-Playing Made Easy

Darkest Dice

Role playing for the Masses

Fires of Athelen – Tabletop RPG

Fires of Athelen is a new d20 Tabletop RPG with an authentic locational combat system and a unique sorcery magic system. 1/Sept/2020

Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne RPG

We’re bringing back Monte Cook’s acclaimed Diamond Throne setting as its own RPG powered by the Cypher System


A ttrpg that imagines the tabletop as a virtual space, like an MMO.

Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

Light Strikers – The next gen of story-driven RPG

A new multi-platform, high fantasy & scifi TTRPG system & campaign setting inspired by comics, anime, novels, and retro cartoons.

Heavenscape: Exordia

A player-driven narrative tabletop experience across the multiverse.

Planetbound™: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Where characters from across the Cosmos have been inexplicably trapped on a single planet. Will you escape Planetbound?

Cardbased Roleplaying Games

red The Wretched: Second Printing

red Englisch
Bringing The Wretched back into print.


Parselings is a deck-building Tabletop RPG

Atma: A Roleplaying Card Game

A full-fledged RPG in 2 hours. For roleplaying novices and experts alike.

Hybride Story- & Roleplaying Games

The Sickened

A tabletop survival game about medieval magic, medication, and witchery

FUTURES | A Transformative Storytelling Game

Imagine and share your stories of alternative future worlds.


Trick your opponents, steal their loot, duel them & send monster on them. Use any means necessary to take advantage of your adversary.


Into the Dark – Fantasy RPG Magazine and Adventure

A special edition fantasy RPG magazine featuring a system-neutral adventure, DM/GM advice and lots of content for your own games!

Judges Guild Deluxe: Dark Tower, Caverns of Thracia, & More

An oversized compilation with The Caverns of Thracia, Dark Tower, rare Dungeoneer zines, and more from the Golden Age of Role Playing!


Dead End

A zombie apocalypse themed survival horror setting for Savage Worlds.

Iugon, The Grand Cross of Four

An original, fully fleshed out high-fantasy setting for use with the Pathfinder 1e system.

D&D 5E Settings

Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting for 5e DnD

Will you see through the glitzy and glamorous charade or fall prey to Heckna’s everlasting torment?

Titanholm – Steampunk RPG (OGL)

Explore the world of Titanholm and embark on a whimsical adventure immersed in a volatile mixure of science and magic.

The Churn Campaign Setting for 5E

Welcome to the Churn, A world created to meld Fantasy, Science, and Modernity together.

The Red Opera RPG

5E Campaign and Setting in a City Where Warlocks Reign Eternal


Scion: Demigod – Book 3 for the Scion Second Edition RPG

Scion: Demigod – Book 3 for the Scion Second Edition Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Write Comprehensible Rulebooks

Writing Tools: Performance List of Features (PDF), Research Supplement (PDF), & Dissertation (PDF)

Delve Second Edition – City of Gnarling

A City Book for Delve Second Edition

Trails Through the Skies

An airships focused supplement for Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 3 for OSE

A third collection drawn from some of the stuff I’ve been cooking up on Patreon and Subscribestar.

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

Book of Cults for 5th Edition

A collection of classes, adventures, items and monsters for D&D 5e. PDF, softcover, hardcover or leather bound.

Ice Elves

A new race for your games. 5e Compatible.

Monsters of Murka: Restaurants and Retail

A satirical 5e campaign supplement and resource book expanding the world of Monsters of Murka with new items, subclasses, and monsters!

SKULLKICKERS: Caster Bastards and the Great Grotesque

We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Skullkickers with a new story and a companion tabletop RPG adventure!


The Deck of Monsters for Monster of the Week

53 original, non-appropriative, ready-to-use monsters for the PbtA hit „Monster of the Week“! Draw a card and start the hunt!

Captain Hartchild’s Guide to Rare Dragons

Bizarre Behemoths & Reclusive Wyrms for 5th Edition

Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium for 5E

200 monsters & NPCs + exclusive archetypes, rules, and playable species for your campaign, by the most awarded French RPG studio.


red red Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD DCC and MCC

red red Englisch
Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD for DCC and MCC

Into the Fey – A Fifth Edition Module for Levels 1-5

A 5th edition compatible adventure module themed around the Fey and featuring new creatures, magic items, and spells.

The Scarlet Citadel: A 5th Edition Dungeon of Secrets

A classic multi-level dungeon for 5th Edition gaming, a place of dungeon crawling, treasure looting, and morphing battle maps!

Tales of Rolcaria: Dark Trinity – A 5E Setting & Adventure

A new Dungeons & Dragons adventure, compatible with DND / D&D 5E that explores the vast new world of Rolcaria.

SideQuests 3: Easy Adventure Modules for Fifth Edition (5E)

The third collection of acclaimed one-shot adventure modules for Fifth Edition, designed to instantly implement into your campaign setting!

The Devil’s Bridge: A 5th Edition Slavic Adventure

A haunting tale combining Slavic folklore with classic DnD fantasy. Inspired by myths & legends ingrained in real historical locations.

Glimmering Crypt of the Ioun KIng

A weird fantasy adventure module compatible with 5E.

red One Last Thing

red Englisch–5#/
A dead friend’s soul needs one last thing done before it can rest, but what? For 5e D&D, S&W, and PF

Lost Tomb of the Bitchin‘ Chimera – Dead Milkmen RPG Module

An official Dead Milkmen themed RPG module by Andrew Ervin. 5e compatible and system-neutral.

The Palace of 1001 Rooms, Chapter Two

The Guesthouse

Dice Projects

Fancy Pride Stone Polyhedral Dice Sets

Take pride in your gaming

Handcrafted, Sharp Edged RPG Dice

by Dicebound

“Bloody red sea” transparent dices with red coral core

The dice with the taste of sea

The Hallowed Harvest: Halloween Themed, Sharp Edged Dice

Handmade Halloween Dice, Module, Dice Box, and Enamel Pin

Sweet Shop Dice Collection

8 delicious looking dice sets inspired by classic sweets

Norse mythology dice – Viking Saga

A brand new line of Norse mythology dice, that brings the old tales to life!

Poly-Dwarfs, Handcrafted STL & resin dice set from Riot Dice

7 Artisanal handmade and hand-painted dwarven polyhedral dice for RPG. Self-print option available

Dwarven Dice

A set of solid metal dice with Dwarven runes for a flavorful RPG experience

ALEA! Collectable RPG Dice: HIDDEN FOREST edition (Phase 03)

A collectable series of dice for role playing games inspired to nature, elements, mith and folklore!

D6 Dice Projects

GM’s Dressing Dice – Locations and NPCs

We are back to bring you the „GM’s Dressing Dice“ part 2, an essential tool for both aspiring and seasoned world-building game masters.

Rorschach Dice

Six-Sided Rorschach Test Dice (16mm)

Rainbow Game Dice: A Happy Way to Play

One-of-kind wood gaming dice with a colorful flare!

Coin Projects

Call to Adventure: Metal Coins, Condition Tokens, & Counters

Real Metal Hero Coins for all 12 Classes in 5e along with Metal Condition and Counter Tokens – good for any tabletop role playing game!

Condition Coins – Metal Status Marker Rings for D&D

Condition ring sets for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Track your status and conditions on miniatures with these metal rings.


Limited Edition Spellbound GM Screen

Fall under the spell of this stunning limited edition GM Screen in your choice of Curly Maple, Classic Walnut, or Gorgeous Rosewood.

Dice Drop Earrings: Designed for Dungeon Delvers

Time to add earrings to your dice collection.

Dice Tracker Accessoires

Dice Thrones – Luxury boxes for those precious dice!

Gorgeous single, double or quadruple set dice boxes, specially designed for those of us that like our dice organised and ready to roll!

Arcane Spectacles: Hardwood Spell Trackers + Die Hard Dice

Save erasers and show off your gorgeous dice! Simplify spell slot tracking for your adventurer or party! Compatible with D&D 5e!


Character Crate 2.0

Minimal, Sustainable, Dice and Miniature Storage with Integrated Dice Rolling Tray. From the creators of the original Character Crate

Hellraiser inspired dice boxes

Get yours in time for Halloween! Available empty or with sets of Acrylic OR Metal Dice

Wooden Treasure Chest Dice Box: Pyrography Pen Art

Wooden treasure chest dice boxes using soldering iron (pyrography) artistically created mythical creatures and pirate quest depictions


Deck Organizer System

New Deck Organizer System (D.O.S.), organize game cards effortlessly! Interlock as many trays and sizes as needed for your games!

Rampage Games – Minature Deployment

A budget friendly tabletop miniature gaming storage solution that makes shelf storage and transport to games easy! (Vertical Trays)

Deck of Cards

star Reckless Deck: PSYCHE

star Englisch
The card deck that takes a deep dive inside your character’s MIND.

Enamel Pins

Enamel Pin of Honey Bee D20 Dice

Enamel Pins Game Dnd TRPG

D&D D20 Class Pins

Hard enamel pins inspired by classes from Dungeons & Dragons. Rep your favorites with these beautiful pins and in-game boons!

Notebooks / Charactersheets

red Reusable (Wet Erase) 5e Character Book ver 3

red Englisch–encounters/reusable-wet-erase-5e-character-book-ver-3
Our third and final iteration of an Infinitely Reusable 5e Character Info Booklet for all your 5e Adventures!

Leather and Gold D&D 5e Campaign Journal

A vegan leather campaign journal packed with character sheets, equipment pages, dotted/plain paper, and lined pages for notes.

Refillable Leather Notebooks For Gamers & Geeks

Hand crafted leather refillable notebooks to enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

THEORYCRAFT: Character Development Planner

Because playing is only 1/2 the game! Theorycraft & optimize your character concept within this amazing Character Development Planner.


Demons And Dice: Mini Builder

Design and create your own custom miniatures, for your favourite role-playing game or wargame, using this app and your 3D printer.

red Meanders 5: Lovecraft Mythos Maps

red Englisch
Digital Modular Tabletop RPG Map Series inspired by HP Lovecraft. Set 1 – The Town and Surrounds of Dunwich.

The Token Vault

A browser based token creation and manipulation tool for DnD, Pathfinder and other VTT games. A must have tool for any Game Master!


Vampire and Victorian Gothic Horror Soundscapes

Over 24 hours of Vampire and Gothic horror soundscapes to use with games and online performances. Cthulhu, Zombie, AD&D & Werewolf.

Dark Places: TTRPG Horror Audio from Plate Mail Games

20 professional horror audio tracks for use with TTRPGs of any genre.

Various RPG Projects

GREEN +PLUS GREAT MORE! RPG safety cards & check-in system

The „just redundant enough“ cards and calibration tools to give your roleplaying the safety net you need to amp up the drama!

Tome of Summoning: The All-In-One 5e Reference System

A beautifully illustrated reference system of creatures and NPCs to streamline your DnD 5e game.

RPG Counter Toolkit

A fantasy counter set for your favorite RPG’s. 1-inch square die-cut counters. Usable on both square and hexagon game mats.

The 2021 Gaming Calendar

The 2021 Gaming Calendar is the eighth annual gaming calendar produced by Scott King!

Deutsch German Crowdfundings Deutsch

Roleplaying Games

Mythos World

Im Rollenspiel Mythos World deckt ihr die Schrecken der Großen Alten auf, erforscht Kultplätze in den unberührten Wäldern Neuenglands und werdet in den elektrisierten Metropolen der 1920er Jahre mit uraltem Horror konfrontiert.

RuneQuest – Rollenspiel in Glorantha

RuneQuest – Erforsche eine Welt voller Mythen und Magie!

Alte Männer beleben Alte Spiele – Traveller

Traveller – Abenteuer in der Fernen Zukunft ist eines der ältesten Rollenspiele. Mit diesem Crowdfunding beleben wie die erste Auflage dieses Science-Fiction-Rollenspiel-Klassikers

Französisch French Crowdfundings Französisch

Roleplaying Game


Jeu de Rôles des voyageurs & conquérants d’un monde medieval fantasy artisanal et origina


Lore & Legacy : Atlas et Campagne

Un supplément de Jeu de Rôle explorant l’univers science-fantasy d’Empyréa

Schwedisch Swedish Crowdfundings Schwedisch

Roleplaying Game

VINDSJÄL – Rollspel i en färgstark och främmande värld

Ett äventyrsrollspel med fokus på frihet, upptäckarglädje och kamratskap – i en optimistisk spelvärld med utomeuropeiska influenser.

Italian Crowdfundings

Roleplaying Game

Valraven: Le Cronache del Sangue e del Ferro
Un Gioco di Ruolo di sanguinose battaglie e di compagnie mercenarie in lotta contro un oscuro destino

Closed Projects

The Gaia Complex – A Game of Flesh & Wires

A cyberpunk RPG in a world of corporate conspiracy, street violence, vampirism, cybernetic enhancement and artificial intelligence.

Weird Tales Presents: Pandemonium Noir

The Unique Tabletop Roleplaying Game

The Storymaster’s Tales : LIVE Quests

Online LIVE interactive fantasy game-theatre shows. Bringing the Storymaster’s Tales roleplaying boardgame to life.

The Book of Collected Rumors, for use with Fantasy RPGs

A collection of over 100 rumors, each a single page, for GMs of fantasy RPGs to use as inspiration when planning a game session.

65 Enchanted Trinkets for D&D 5th Edition

A collection of colorful minor magical treasures to spice up your game without breaking it! 14 days only!

Vengeance Stalker!

Adventure hooks and background stories for use with fantasy RPGs.

Raven Wood: The World of Gandarr

Tabletop gaming accessories for every level RPG adventurer

Character Builder: An enamel pin collection

A set of fantasy race & class hard enamel pin designs that can be mix and matched to represent your tabletop RPG character!

Role playing fantasy game maps, new amazing style!

This Kickstarter will include new kind of rpg maps and arts to create the best RPG experience ever.

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE)

Le jeu de rôle générique Fast, Fun & Furious !

Jotunheim – rollspelet

Ett rollspel i ett fornnordiskt miljö med inslag av viktoriansk steampunk, med stort fokus på äventyr, upplevelse och interaktion.

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.

Admission Ticket
  1. Hallo Teylen,
    vielen Dank für 150 Crowdfunding Collections! Das muss bei der Gelegenheit einfach mal gesagt werden.
    Ich hab durch die Mühe, die du dir immer machst, schon einiges entdeckt, das mir ansonsten wahrscheinlich durch die Lappen gegangen wäre (mein Geldbeutel würde sagen „leider“…), und der regelmäßige Blick in deinen Blog gehört zu meinen festen Ritualen.

    Viele Grüße

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