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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #179, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/15 and 08/22.

The week saw the lauch of just 3 games, next to a bunch of other ttrpg related projects. Let’s have a look at them.

Let’s start with Stranger Hills, a game which works without the role of a GM, dice or other random elements. Instead players take up character bases, with strengths and weaknesses, and cooperatively create a story, using tokens as a small mechanic. The story is set within a world that experiences the end times, inspired my settings like Dark Sun and Mad Max. To workout stories, and prevent „drawing blank“, the game offers its players a ton of story prompts. It’s a cool projects, and I consider chiming in. Next to that Protocol Squared: Eons by Jim Pinto. The game offers a wholly evolved version of the previous Protocol engine. While the previous version used cards, I am not sure how the new system works. Though considering the pledges, there appear to be dice or cards at used. I would have been tempted, as Jim delivers and I like Urban Fantasy/Horror, yet I really bounced off the claim that the game is the best GM-less game ever. Uhm, if it is, I will pick it up, once its released and the hype train is rolling. Anyways, I would recommend the project to fans of GM-less games and those interested in their design.
The Exquisite Corpse in Maggots‘ Keep is a gamebook, in which you play a reanimated corpse / skeleton thats ordained in quite some jewelery, wondering „Dafuq? Why am awake and kinda alive?“. The book offers the quite novel approach, of being written bei 11 authors! Thus, every choice you made, will be written by a different author, who has limited insight in the previous text. It’s cool, and I am tempted to chime in.
There are of course more cool projects. For example Sölitary Defilement offers printed, polished solo rules for Mörk Bork, I’d back if I wouldn’t need the Mörk core. If you like Hârn, the setting Melderyn Hardcover might be right up your ally. Right up mine, is the The Complete Folio Black Label collection, it’s a combination of illustrations and map design. Dice connoisseur could get into the holiday spirit with the Christmas Tree Dice or enjoy the Heroic Dice Of Metallic Luster. You might like to enhance your game with the RPG Fantasy City Sound.
You’ll find these, and more cool projects, here:

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