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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #178, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/01 and 08/15.

Following a small, one week break, the Collection is back, featuring 18 games and quite some cool other projects. Thus, let’s get to ‚em.

Let’s start with the dieselpunk ttrpg CARBON GREY. The setting explores a war-torn, alternate universe version of 1910, offering quite some conflict. The illustration look cool, and the setup with a box, accessoires and even minis is nifty. I feel somewhat tempted to get in myself, though take a look for yourself. If you are more into steam than diesel punk, or love both, Cloudrunner: Fate of the Skies offers a setting by videogames like Skies of Arcadia and Guns of Icarus. You’ll find that it uses the Fate Condensed system for the gameplay and the project looks quite solid.
Heading over to the fantasy games, let’s start with the elephant in the room, that’s Avatar Legends. Being the official ttrpg to both tv series/IPs Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legends of Korra series, Magpie Games choose Powered by the Apocalypse as the system to go with. You can estimate how the game will by the information provided by the project, and the quickstarter. I did categorize the setting as „Fantasy“, which might be a strech, yet summarizes imho the possibilities from playing within the „quite fantasy setting“ of the first Avatar to the „industrial / steampunk fantasy of Korra“. The project offers a broad variety of stuff next to the core books. Several adventures, a sourcebook, dice, a map, and other stuff is available and offered as a very fairly priced package. Plus, the system will be supported with more sourcebooks in the future. Next to that, the Kickstarter is blowing everything that came before out of the water, in regards to funding. More than doubling the previous most successful ttrpg book project – with more than two weeks to go. I am a fan of the series, trust Magpie Games with their projects, the project is really competently made, am a fan of the series, thus I am sooo in. You should check out the project, even if you haven’t seen the series – it’s imho a really cool thing. If you like straight up classical fantasy, check out The Black Hack Second Edition – Redux. The OSR style game is quite well known, and thus I just recommend to check it out. Fan of the game will find that it offers a nice box set, and it should be a cool entry into OSR style games for newcomers.
If you’d like to play games akin to the kid adventure series, as brought back to fame with Stranger Things, take a look at Don’t Tell Mom & Dad. The game offers quite an interesting d20 system, with stuff like a Scared-o-Meter and other interesting things, that you can check out on their project description. If you like your Urban Fantasy heading more into the direction of Pokemon, take a look at Monster Wrangler. The game allows your character to have a „monster“ as a pet, tame it, train it and have it fight other monsters. I like d10 pool system, in which you try to amass successes, though that might be my V:tM love speaking. Anyway it’s a cool project worth having a look at.
Onto the Science Fiction games, Omega Horizon got you covered if you aim for big, Space Opera style games, with factions at war. The d6 pool system, as presented in the video, sounds really cool, well and if you are not that much into crunch, the book offers a more cinematic alternative. I am actually consider backing it, and thus it gets my recommendation. Then there’s RAYGUNS & ROBUTS, offersing a rules lite system focusing on Atomic SciFi. The 48 pages strong zine doesn’t leave room for chatter, and the zine does not only offer a small ttrpg, but can be used as a sourcebook for all kind of games.
You won’t find any guns, I think, in the Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG. The heartwarming game focuses on tales and adventures told by anthropomoric animal people, with a focus on conflict resolution aside traditional combat. It’s still D&D 5E compatible, and looks really cute and fluffy. Check it out. Mausritter: Box Set & Adventure Collection offers the opportunity to play similiarly cute critters of the mouse variety. The classic and well etablished ttrpg gets a nice physical box, along with new adventures. Though you can check out the ttrpg itself for „pay what you want“. Another clean cut recommendation.
Among the solo ttrpgs, let’s start with KINLESS. A solo adventure for Mörk Borg, which doesn’t require the core book to be played. Fascinating. As is Golden Mart. A solo rpg in which you play employees of a convenience store, who has to keep the shop running – despite the apocalypse taking place right outside. Interesting.
Then there’s Deep Space D-6: The Long Way Home a game which leans more onto the gamebook side of things, despite being able to be played as a solo rpg. I like the presentation, and might back it at a later moment. If you are interested in straightup gamebooks, Innsmouth: The Stolen Child got you covered. Set 15 years before the events of Lovecrafts novel takes place, the character will explore a mysterie. Whether they survive, die or probably go mad, it’s up to the player.
Then there are a bunch of games, which had me confused whether the project is ttrpg enough to be counted as such, or like a trap. Not really knowing what to do, I put them together in a small category. The Northwood Fables claims to be a rpg, yet has all the set dressing of a „Krimi Dinner“ (crime dinner). You get 6 murder mystery settings each featuring 10 characters, narrator booklet, audio track, a dinner receipe, a (alcoholic) beverage receipe and fitting art works. Yet, apparently got scripts? Which makes it a bit of a Larp? Well, if you are curious, take a look. I noted The Death Race, because of its strong link to Mörk Borg. It offers OSR style rules and a setting about, well, deadly races, and might played standalone or be integrated into a Mörk Borg ttrpg session. Which imho puts it in this twilight zone. With the game Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread I think it might be a dungeon crawler? Though it looks more ttrpg like, than all the other dungeon crawlers I noticed. Thus, it made the list. DUNGEON DEGENERATES offers basically the same question „dungeon crawler or ttrpg?“. Yet, it looks a bit more ttrpg-y than Arydia, with the characters having D&D attributes? Anyway, the look is quite nice, and reminds me of psychedelic OSR illustrations.
There are, of course, many more, cool and interesting projects. The zine The Oracle Isse 14 – Venetia, City of Masks offers a fantasy setting inspired by, well, Venetia. The cool presentation had me back it. If you like Call of Cthulhu, you might be happy to learn that Delta Green: The Conspiracy finances a new edition of the famous sourcebook. Well, and I do like the sparkling dice of the Dicebound Volume 2 projects and I am intruiged by the d6 designes of the Z dice.
You’ll find these, and many more worthwhile projects, here:

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