Crowdfunding Collection #178

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #178, including every tabletop rpg project started between 08/01 and 08/15.

Following a small, one week break, the Collection is back, featuring 18 games and quite some cool other projects. Thus, let’s get to ‚em.

Let’s start with the dieselpunk ttrpg CARBON GREY. The setting explores a war-torn, alternate universe version of 1910, offering quite some conflict. The illustration look cool, and the setup with a box, accessoires and even minis is nifty. I feel somewhat tempted to get in myself, though take a look for yourself. If you are more into steam than diesel punk, or love both, Cloudrunner: Fate of the Skies offers a setting by videogames like Skies of Arcadia and Guns of Icarus. You’ll find that it uses the Fate Condensed system for the gameplay and the project looks quite solid.
Heading over to the fantasy games, let’s start with the elephant in the room, that’s Avatar Legends. Being the official ttrpg to both tv series/IPs Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legends of Korra series, Magpie Games choose Powered by the Apocalypse as the system to go with. You can estimate how the game will by the information provided by the project, and the quickstarter. I did categorize the setting as „Fantasy“, which might be a strech, yet summarizes imho the possibilities from playing within the „quite fantasy setting“ of the first Avatar to the „industrial / steampunk fantasy of Korra“. The project offers a broad variety of stuff next to the core books. Several adventures, a sourcebook, dice, a map, and other stuff is available and offered as a very fairly priced package. Plus, the system will be supported with more sourcebooks in the future. Next to that, the Kickstarter is blowing everything that came before out of the water, in regards to funding. More than doubling the previous most successful ttrpg book project – with more than two weeks to go. I am a fan of the series, trust Magpie Games with their projects, the project is really competently made, am a fan of the series, thus I am sooo in. You should check out the project, even if you haven’t seen the series – it’s imho a really cool thing. If you like straight up classical fantasy, check out The Black Hack Second Edition – Redux. The OSR style game is quite well known, and thus I just recommend to check it out. Fan of the game will find that it offers a nice box set, and it should be a cool entry into OSR style games for newcomers.
If you’d like to play games akin to the kid adventure series, as brought back to fame with Stranger Things, take a look at Don’t Tell Mom & Dad. The game offers quite an interesting d20 system, with stuff like a Scared-o-Meter and other interesting things, that you can check out on their project description. If you like your Urban Fantasy heading more into the direction of Pokemon, take a look at Monster Wrangler. The game allows your character to have a „monster“ as a pet, tame it, train it and have it fight other monsters. I like d10 pool system, in which you try to amass successes, though that might be my V:tM love speaking. Anyway it’s a cool project worth having a look at.
Onto the Science Fiction games, Omega Horizon got you covered if you aim for big, Space Opera style games, with factions at war. The d6 pool system, as presented in the video, sounds really cool, well and if you are not that much into crunch, the book offers a more cinematic alternative. I am actually consider backing it, and thus it gets my recommendation. Then there’s RAYGUNS & ROBUTS, offersing a rules lite system focusing on Atomic SciFi. The 48 pages strong zine doesn’t leave room for chatter, and the zine does not only offer a small ttrpg, but can be used as a sourcebook for all kind of games.
You won’t find any guns, I think, in the Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG. The heartwarming game focuses on tales and adventures told by anthropomoric animal people, with a focus on conflict resolution aside traditional combat. It’s still D&D 5E compatible, and looks really cute and fluffy. Check it out. Mausritter: Box Set & Adventure Collection offers the opportunity to play similiarly cute critters of the mouse variety. The classic and well etablished ttrpg gets a nice physical box, along with new adventures. Though you can check out the ttrpg itself for „pay what you want“. Another clean cut recommendation.
Among the solo ttrpgs, let’s start with KINLESS. A solo adventure for Mörk Borg, which doesn’t require the core book to be played. Fascinating. As is Golden Mart. A solo rpg in which you play employees of a convenience store, who has to keep the shop running – despite the apocalypse taking place right outside. Interesting.
Then there’s Deep Space D-6: The Long Way Home a game which leans more onto the gamebook side of things, despite being able to be played as a solo rpg. I like the presentation, and might back it at a later moment. If you are interested in straightup gamebooks, Innsmouth: The Stolen Child got you covered. Set 15 years before the events of Lovecrafts novel takes place, the character will explore a mysterie. Whether they survive, die or probably go mad, it’s up to the player.
Then there are a bunch of games, which had me confused whether the project is ttrpg enough to be counted as such, or like a trap. Not really knowing what to do, I put them together in a small category. The Northwood Fables claims to be a rpg, yet has all the set dressing of a „Krimi Dinner“ (crime dinner). You get 6 murder mystery settings each featuring 10 characters, narrator booklet, audio track, a dinner receipe, a (alcoholic) beverage receipe and fitting art works. Yet, apparently got scripts? Which makes it a bit of a Larp? Well, if you are curious, take a look. I noted The Death Race, because of its strong link to Mörk Borg. It offers OSR style rules and a setting about, well, deadly races, and might played standalone or be integrated into a Mörk Borg ttrpg session. Which imho puts it in this twilight zone. With the game Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread I think it might be a dungeon crawler? Though it looks more ttrpg like, than all the other dungeon crawlers I noticed. Thus, it made the list. DUNGEON DEGENERATES offers basically the same question „dungeon crawler or ttrpg?“. Yet, it looks a bit more ttrpg-y than Arydia, with the characters having D&D attributes? Anyway, the look is quite nice, and reminds me of psychedelic OSR illustrations.
There are, of course, many more, cool and interesting projects. The zine The Oracle Isse 14 – Venetia, City of Masks offers a fantasy setting inspired by, well, Venetia. The cool presentation had me back it. If you like Call of Cthulhu, you might be happy to learn that Delta Green: The Conspiracy finances a new edition of the famous sourcebook. Well, and I do like the sparkling dice of the Dicebound Volume 2 projects and I am intruiged by the d6 designes of the Z dice.
You’ll find these, and many more worthwhile projects, here:

Englisch English Crowdfundings

2 Diesel-/Steampunk Roleplaying Games
2 Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games
2 Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
2 Animal Roleplaying Games
2 Solo Roleplaying Games
2 Gamebooks
4 Hybrid (Roleplaying)Games
2 Settings
3 Magazines
7 Sourcebooks
4 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
3 Adventures
8 D&D 5E Adventures
3 Dice Projects
3 D6 Dice Projects
4 Accessoires
2 Digital Platforms
2 Map Projects
1 Web Serie
2 Enamel Pins
3 Various RPG Projects

Deutsch German Crowdfundings

1 Roleplaying Game

spain Spanish Crowdfundings

2 Roleplaying Games
1 Deck of Cards

The tiny star

star Indicates that I backed the project.
(star) Indicates that I would have backed the project, have I had more money.

The red dot system

The red dots in front of the flags rely on the following information:

red red The project is within hours of ending
red The project is within 7 days or less of ending

The indication is based on the release date and time of the crowdfunding collection and isn’t updated.

The tiny pile

Is an emoji to flag projects I personally consider abysmal. Whether it is due to aspects of theme, structue, copyright or other reasons.

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 The project is, in my opinion, bad (a piece of dung)

Englisch English Crowdfundings Englisch

Diesel-/Steampunk Roleplaying Games

CARBON GREY: The Role-playing Game and Omnibus

A war-torn dieselpunk RPG reviving the classic D6 System by West End Games for a new generation.

Cloudrunner: Fate of the Skies – Steampunk Fantasy RPG

A steampunk fantasy TTRPG inspired by games like Skies of Arcadia and Guns of Icarus.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

star Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

star Englisch
An officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

red The Black Hack Second Edition – Redux

red Englisch
To reprint The Black Hard Second Edition Rule Book and Boxed Set

Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Don’t Tell Mom & Dad

A TTRPG where players map their town and create a gang of kids to save it from supernatural foes, because if they don’t, no one will!

Monster Wrangler

A monster-training tabletop roleplaying game!

Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

(star) Omega Horizon TTRPG

star) Englisch
A new tabletop roleplaying game with an original mechanics system, set in a dystopian future.


A Rules-Light Retro Atomic-Sci-Fi RPG Zine from Planet X Games!

Animal Roleplaying Games

Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG

A heartwarming new tabletop roleplaying game – where every adventure comes with a tea pairing!

Mausritter: Box Set & Adventure Collection

Sword-and-whiskers roleplaying, in a box set and brand new adventure collection.

Solo Roleplaying Games

KINLESS – A Mörk Borg Solo Viking Adventure

You are an outcast… sent away to die alone in the cold night. Will you survive long enough to return and get your revenge?

Golden Mart

A single player role-playing game about customer service and the apocalypse.


Deep Space D-6: The Long Way Home RPG Gamebook 2nd Edition

A newly enhanced update to The Long Way Home solitaire gamebook. More planets, more missions, more story!

Innsmouth: The Stolen Child – A Lovecraft Gamebook

A branching narrative gamebook set in Lovecraft’s Innsmouth, 15 years before the story – find the child and get out – or die trying!

Hybrid (Roleplaying)Games

The Northwood Fables

Combining the fantasy of rpgs with the format of murder mysteries, The Northwood Fables is a series of six fantasy mystery games.

red red The Death Race

red red Englisch
Crazy OSR rules and setting for two parties challenging each other to a deadly race. Compatible with Mörk Borg.

Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread

An open world, campaign based, cooperative fantasy role playing board game for 1-4 players. All miniatures come Pre-Painted!


The Dark Fantasy, Weirdo Art, RPG in a box board game from GOBLINKO.


Codex of the Mind – A Complete Psionics System for 5E

Written for the Arcanis Campaign Setting but easily adapted to any other campaign setting.

Over the Next Hill 2: 6 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game

6 more settlements which can be inserted into your 5th Edition game!

J. Halk Games Presents: The World of Durmin

The World of Durmin: A campaign setting for Old-School Roleplaying Games


star The Oracle Issue 14 – Venetia, City of Masks

star Englisch
RPG Magazine – System-neutral content, (5e compatible) suitable for all fantasy RPG game systems

The Night Market

A fantasy black-market where you can buy anything from bottled dragon fire to a vial of liquid regret. Suitable for any TTRPG.

Broken Luck

A 28 page full-color zine supplement for the Space Fantasy tabletop RPG Troika!


The Return of Octhorrorfest and Hidden Hand of the Horla!

Old-School Essentials Compatible Rules and Adventure: Octhorrorfest, 2nd Printing, Hidden Hand of the Horla, 4th Printing

Delta Green: The Conspiracy

A gorgeous, 25th-anniversary edition of the original DELTA GREEN, the classic RPG sourcebook of horror and conspiracy.

Forbidden Lands RPG – Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch

A double feature for the award-winning Forbidden Lands RPG – fight murderous monsters and explore the demon-infested lands of the west.

Ruin Masters – Bestiary

Bestiary for Ruin Masters – Classic Dungeon Crawl

The Night Companion

This sourcebook for Night Shift: VSW RPG blows the doors off! New classes, species, magic, monsters, core system options, and more!

red Purgatory | A Mörk Borg Supplement

red Englisch
Classes, Proficiencies, Encounters, and Death Locations

XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery, 2nd Edition

The Cure for the Common Game

D&D 5E Sourcebooks

Tome of Heroes: 5th Edition Character Options for Your Game

New 5E options to level up your heroes with new subclasses, variant races, high magic, and a treasury of new gear! Adventure awaits!

Relics of Magical Mystery: 5E Magic Items

Magical relics collected in a complete box set of card decks, a Limited Edition Tome, an exclusive Signature collection, and more!

Epic Legacy Hero’s Handbook

Remaster and expansion of the Epic Legacy system – bringing the Core Rulebook to its zenith.

red red The Wailing Fen

red red Englisch
A 5e location supplement for level 3-5 characters. New monsters, locations and more!


Demon-Bone Sarcophagus

An adventure for Old-School Dungeons and Dragons. Hopefully the first of three.

The Towers of Dr. Xill & The Years Between

A 2nd level DCC/MCC adventure & a supplement with new relics and system to create and tell the story of making higher level characters,

Wightchester: Prison City of the Damned

A ‚citycrawl‘ adventure of dark fantasy, in a city overrun by the undead.

D&D 5E Adventures

FloofQuest – Hassle in the Quagmire – 5e, Swords & Wizardry

Hassle in the Quagmire: An introductory Swords & wizardry and 5e adventure of wizard Floofy Familiars Trying to save their swamp!


A 5E fantasy roleplaying adventure filled with fungus, puzzles, and peculiarity.

Night at Bloodmoon Cairn

A rogue-like horror dungeon for 5e’s 2nd tier adventurers.

Eldendale Harvest

A harvest themed set of maps with 2 One-Shots and a 1st-3rd level adventure to enjoy with your 5E game nights!

Criminal Contracts For D&D 5E

Digital book of 10 adventures compatible with Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition!

Terror at Wulf’s Head

A Norse-themed adventure for 5e and Swords & Wizardry. Travel fast to rescue the Wulf’s Head miners!

Uncharted Lands: Book & STL Collection

A New Lost Adventures 5E Supplement & All-In-One STL Collection

Instant Encounters 5E – RPG Module (PDF & STL 3D miniatures)

Printable, ready to play 5E encounters with pre-supported 3D models (dragons), descriptions, DnD rules, pawns and dungeon battlemaps.

Dice Projects

Dicebound Volume 2: Sharp Edge & Classic RPG Dice

Bringing unique designer dice to your table

Dragon Eye Dice – The Chromatic Dragon Collection

Using a brand-new creative process, these unique and superior quality dice combine beauty with precision engineering.

The Dice of Death & Dismemberment

Critical hit upgrade compatible with any RPG

D6 Dice Projects

Z dice

Exclusive dice with multicolor anodized aluminum for collectors and board game enthusiasts.

3Dice Series 3: Take your Gaming Dice to the next level

Elevate your gaming experience with our Polyhedral Dice which will outshine your opponents.

Handcrafted Buffalo Magic Horn Dice

Real horn dice with Dark and Light magic symbol engravings. For collections, dungeons and dragons, board games, rpg and tabletop games.


red red Accursed GM Screen Collection

red red Englisch
An awe-inspiring three panel GM Screen featuring a Kickstarter exclusive vampire design with hand applied silver enamel inlay on Maple.

The Crusader’s Kit and Backpack Essentials

A personal, portable Hexagonal TTRPG Gaming System featuring your choices of dice box, dice jail, dice tower, or miniature storage.

Maze-style dice box

They glow radiantly in dark or fluorescent conditions

Styling your table

Custom dungeon Master (DM) screens, dice towers, cosplay stls, and more for 3D printing and game use.

Digital Platform

Arkhaane – Enjoy and Share Unlimited Homebrew DnD Content

The community-based platform that makes using, creating and sharing unlimited homebrew DnD content easy and rewarding for roleplayers.

Ex Libris

A digital platform for cataloguing & showcasing RPG content

Map Projects

HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales for Game Masters

Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales A5 cards for GMs by Gold ENnie award-winning cartographer, Glynn Seal. For fantasy roleplaying games.

Cavern Crawler

Modular cavern battle maps that you can rearrange however you want in order to quickly build caverns for your party.

Web Series

1 For All: The Next Adventure

Three inept adventurers continue to quest for fortune and glory in the next chapter of this D&D-inspired fantasy comedy web series!

Enamel Pins

Weapons of Heroes 2 – Fantasy RPG Enamel Pin Set

The 2nd collection of the Weapons of Heroes Pin Series

Itty Bitty Kitty RPG: An Enamel Pin Collection

Kitties, but on an adventure!

Various RPG Projects

Chronicle Cards II – More Universal RPG Content!

Create memorable sessions in seconds with new Decks, Resin Dice, 3D printable mini and more!


red red Englisch
3″ x 3″ stickers in the strange and frightening image of the Hirelings from The Eldritch Tomb’s EVERY GOD WILL FALL for MÖRK BORG.

2nd „Annual“ BGG 1 Player Guild Challenge Coin

Members of BGG’s 1 Player Guild have come together to produce our 2nd „annual“ challenge coin. The coin will measure 1.75″ in diameter.

Deutsch German Crowdfundings Deutsch

Roleplaying Game

star Supers! Deutsche Ausgabe

star Englisch
Ein Superhelden-Rollenspiel

spain Spanish Crowdfundings spain

Roleplaying Games

Shinobi: Tierras Ocultas

Crea tu propio Shinobi y vive aventuras dentro de un universo inspirado en Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen y La leyenda de Aang con el sistema REND10

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 Tirana: The Beginning

pile-of-poo_1f4a9 spain
Es un juego de rol de mesa en un mundo con gran variedad de razas, estéticas y localizaciones. Apto para todo tipo de aventuras.

Deck of Cards

The Deck of Multiple Things

En los mundos de fantasía nada es lo que parece, esta baraja ilustrada de 22 cartas es en realidad un poderoso objeto mágico.

Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket

How to get into the Collection

There are essentially two ways for a project to be included.

I do try to actually find each and every new project. On the one hand, I do use my Crowdfunding Suchliste (It is essentially a list of links). On the other hand, I do try to keep close tabs on several communities, groups, forums, newsletters etc.

I do have to rely on readers, project creators or fans pointing out projects to be included in the collection. Because several platforms like Patreon, IndieGoGo, Startnext, and more offer no option to enter a search term and look for the newest started project.

If you like to submit a project or your project. There are just a few things to watch:
The project should be somewhat related to tabletop role-playing.
The project should be live and preferably still live when the collection goes up.
The project shouldn’t be included in a previous collection.

Usually, I am happy with any suggestions. It’s as well a method to make sure I include a project which is out of range for my completist approach. As, for example, I don’t include every convention project or every miniature/terrain/map project.


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